Modern Super Sonic.png

Modern Super Sonic Is The Super Form Of Sonic The Hedgehog

Role In TV Series

He Will Appear In Classic Sonic Adventures Along With Classic Sonic And Classic Super Sonic

Physical Appearance

Super Sonic Is Completely Yellow Like Classic Super Sonic But Has Upward Longer Spikes And Quills

Powers And Abilities

-Supersonic Speeds At 105 MPH




-Being Crushed By Something



His First Official Appearance Was Sonic Adventure (1998)

Theme Songs

Open Your Heart-Crush 40 (Facing Perfect Chaos)

Live And Learn-Crush 40 (Biohazard Final Boss Battle)


WWF Aggression 2000 Kane Theme ► "Big Red Machine" By Tha Eastsidaz DLᴴᴰ-1

The Big Red Machine-The Eastsidaz (Theme)

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