(Theme Song)

It’s the next generation in LazyTown, New tasks every day, Things are upside down here in LazyTown, Adventures just a minute away!

(LazyTown: The Next Generation Logo Appears In the screen)

Stephanie Narrating: “Swapped”

(Cuts to Stephanie’s house)

Valerie: Guess what my music teacher said Steph!

Stephanie: Let me guess, you passed?

Valerie: Yeah, But even better! The music teacher gave me enough money to create a concert. You and Ashley can join too.

Stephanie: I’ve done a concert before.

Valerie: This time, it will be with your sisters.

Stephanie: So, when are you gonna do the concert.

Valerie: Saturday evening.

Stephanie: Ooh! Evening can’t be good. I gotta ask Sportacus. That’s the time for my exercise.

(Cuts to Sportacus)

(Sportacus Jump ropes)

Stephanie: Sportacus?

Sportacus: Yes Stephanie?

Stephanie: I’ve been thinking, Valerie, my sister has created a concert for all 3 of my sisters. And Saturday, I wanna cut evening workout.

Sportacus: I don’t know what your talking about Stephanie! You can’t just change your routine like that! And You have been spending too much Saturdays and Sundays with your sister.

Stephanie: At least Robbie Rotten is not after me for an entire 5 years.

Sportacus: Are you judging me?

Stephanie: Kinda, I wish you know what it feels like to be me because I’m being more superhero than you!

Sportacus: What?

(Robbie spies on Sportacus and Stephanie)

Robbie Rotten: The wish is yours to keep!

(Robbie grabs his spell book)

Robbie Rotten: Worrob ydob worrob ydob worrob ydob worrob ydob worrob ydob worrob ydob worrob ydob worrob ydob!

(Cuts to Stephanie and Sportacus Arguing)

(Stephanie and Sportacus’s souls merge to each other)

Stephanie in Sportacus’s Body: Really another wish that was not think before making it? I look buff though!

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: Hey, don’t mess with my body. I look like a strawberry girl. It’s time to play with you and your sister’s make up! And maybe, she may not like you anymore.

Stephanie in Sportacus’s Body: I’m gonna break your relationship with Stingy!

(Cuts to Stingy’s pool)

Stingy: The suntan is mine!

Stephanie in Sportacus’s Body: The Hunky dude has arrived!

Stingy: Sportacus?

(Stephanie in Sportacus’s Body dives into the pool)

Stephanie in Sportacus’s Body: Guess this pool Belongs to me!

Stingy: No! You traitor!

(Cuts to Stephanie’s Room)

Valerie: I wonder what’s in Stephanie’s diary!

(Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body walks in)

(Sportacus uses Stephanie’s and Valerie’s make up)

Valerie: Uh Stephanie?

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: I look so fabulous that I can kiss myself.

Valerie: Steph?

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: Yeah?

Valerie: I don’t know why your using too much make up, but I just gotta tell you, don’t abuse your body. You know you wanna look good on the concert.

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: Me too!

(Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body kisses Valerie on the cheek)

Valerie: Wow, I haven’t got a sisterly kiss in a long time!

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: Yeah, Me too! Anyways, bye.

(Cuts to outside)

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: Wow, this make up feels great! Now I look Like a kabuki.

Fan: Hi Stephanie! Oh! What happened to you?

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: Feel like to dress up like a Japanese Kabuki.

Fan: Okay, I’m here for you to give me an autograph! I would really appreciate. I’m a big LazyTown Fan. My name is (Fan’s Name).

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: Sorry, I don’t do autographs! Now scram!

Fan: I know you can’t be rude, because you’re a good girl. Wait. Your Sportacus. Trapped in Stephanie’s Body. I can get an autograph from you! Someday, you’ll be president of United States!

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: No seriously. And how did you know it was me?

Fan: Can’t tell.

(Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body gets scared and Stephanie’s powers react)

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: Stephanie’s powers! Cool! I forgot about that!

(Sportacus tries to zap the fan but he retreats)

Fan: Catch you later! Stephanie!

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: Was that the line? He’s supposed to make!

Stephanie in Sportacus’s Body: Looks like you couldn’t get along with my fan! You look like my mother!

(Stephanie and Sportacus gets caged)

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: An elemental proof cage!

Robbie Rotten: Your gonna stay in here until you get along with each other!

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: So, Robbie was the one behind this! I should have known!

(Sportacus’s Crystal Beeps)

Stephanie in Sportacus’s Body: Someone is in trouble!

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: It’s us you doofus.

(Trixie Walk’s by)

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: Trixie! Help us! We’re trapped in each other’s body!

Trixie: Yeah Right!

(Trixie walks away)

Stephanie in Sportacus’s Body: That could have been our only chance! Wait. I heard Ashley is coming. Watch how it goes.

(Ashley walks by)

Stephanie and Sportacus’s Body: Ashley! Get us out of here and take us to Valerie! Please!

Ashley: As you say so!

(Ashley takes a clip to open the cage and takes Sportacus and Stephanie to Valerie)

(Cuts to Stephanie’s Room)

(Valerie does her homework)

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: Valerie!

Valerie: Yes Sis?

Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body: I’m actually Sportacus in Stephanie’s Body!

Stephanie in Sportacus’s Body: It’s true!

Valerie: Don’t worry! Luckily, I have the spell!

(Valerie takes out her spell book)

Valerie: Worrob ydob worrob ydob worrob ydob worrob ydob worrob ydob worrob ydob worrob ydob worrob ydob!

(Stephanie and Sportacus’s soul merge back into their own)

Stephanie: Sportacus, I’m sorry about earlier.

Sportacus: Me too.

Stephanie: I guess I’m a kabuki.

Sportacus: You can go to Valerie’s concert.

Valerie: How did you get here when your caged?

Stephanie: Ashley helped us!

(Ashley walks in)

Ashley: And I am very trustworthy.

(Cuts to Saturday Evening)

Milford: Ladies, Gentlemen, And Superheroes, The Meanswell Sisters!

(Curtains open up)

Stephanie: 5, 6, 7, 8!

(Meanswell Sisters Plays and Stephanie, Valerie, and Ashley are singing it)

(Crowd cheers)

(The Fan claps his hands)

Fan: Bravo! Bravo! Now do the bing bang!

Sportacus: Not for now!

Stephanie: Yeah, we are getting tired. It’s getting close to 8:08!

Robbie Rotten: We’ll just roll to the credits!

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