Tumberiakere Masimba Utete (born 19th December 2000), in South Africa Zimbabwe, changed his name to T.J when he was transported to the Untied States of America.

He has proven to be the most horrific & darkest villain ever in human history and was a mad serial killer, criminal mastermind and malevolent genius, who wanted to kill all the chimpanzees, rule the world and even tried to blow up the entire country of England with nuclear weapons.

T.J died in England on the 21st December 2012 when he attempted to kill the Duke Of Edinburgh & Queen Elizabeth ll which resulted in him falling off a cliff.


T.J is a young black boy, he has black skin, green eyes & black hair. His eyes also have black eyeing’s around them giving him a sinister appearance. His distinguishable trait is the long scar on his left eye.   


T.J is an evil genius; calculating, selfish, power-hungry, sadistic, cruel, maniacal, cold, sinister, capable & insane. Since his brain is no bigger than a cashew nut. This makes him uncannily intelligent & smart & prides himself as “the smartest criminal in the world”. He is shown to be very deranged & irrational, given his appearance.T.J is shown to be a master escape artist when he was able to escape the mental asylum which he was be executed. He speaks with a soft, but sinister tone. But when upset or agitated, T.J will curse and shout in African. He is specifically impatient and temperamental with people & is shown to have a disagreement in many things.

T.J is shown to be unbelievably clever, he was the one who came up with idea to nuke England & was also the one who did all the planning and calculations to get the nuclear bombs shifted from the US to the UK without leaving any trace.

He is shown to maintains a calm and reserved demeanor & was rather patient with the British people. at first, but after they disconnected all the bombs when he attempted to blow up England, his patience limited, leading him to take more extreme actions making him more dangerous and deadly.

T.J is cold-hearted & unsympathetic to a fault. When it comes to getting what he wants, he will never hesitate to remove anyone who gets in his way and is insanely ruthless and cruel to those who get in his bad books & has no qualms about plotting revenge or killing anyone who does. He is very cunning and manipulative, able to solve or talk his way out of almost any situation & can easily outsmart people older than him and used his genius for evil purposes. He plays people like pawns on a chess-board, leading them to do his own dirty-work for him, while he reaps the benefits.

Despite his truly diabolical and sinister nature, T.J was also very careful to craft his public image in a pleasing light, as shown when he arrived in England, he portray himself as a kind, shy, nice guy rather than the violent, sick & cruel person he really is.

He unwittingly saved Scooby Doo, whom the Evil Entity wanted to devour, by offering himself up, because, corrupted by greed, insanity and his hunger for power,


Spring 2011

T.J arrived at England to take over Duke's role. T.J growls angrily after the British people introduced him. They thought that T.J was probably tired after his long journey. So they talked to him later that night. They told T.J that he had his sister, Olivia, lives here, but T.J thought that was a joke so he told them that he has no sister named "Olivia" and they should leave him alone. everyone felt very sad after T.J said that.

He later visits Kim Kardashian (who was filling in for Queen Elizabeth) in her hotel and tells them all of about their plan about killing the Chimpanzees. Soon they found out that Chimp was overhearing them and had to get rid of him tomorrow. T.J then met Olivia (who he still refers to as Maharene) and realized that she's the person everyone's pestering about. He broke poor Liberty and became her master. Later T.J went to London where he set fire to a Hotel where a pair of Chimpanzee brothers were staying, because he is the Chimp killer who hates Chimpanzees and Kim was blamed for it which caused her to say that she will not be able to trust him again and he said that he was her master and that he broke her in the.

He and Wickem planned to escape with Kim when T.J planned blow up England by planting nuclear bombs around England. T.J got an army of 50 dogs to break into the air force base in the Untied States & steal 150 nuclear bombs, shift them to the UK and plant them around England however, the bombs were disconnected by Thomas and people from Ireland and Wickem and T.J ran away. T.J got a flatbed a rushed to find Thomas where he ran him over, injuring him and tried to break him however, Spencer arrived and T.J tried to push him out of the way with no success and Wickem escaped. Everyone was informed about Wickem's death and Kris Kardashian said that the United States government want T.J executed and someone will take him to the asylum and when she arrived, T.J said to Kris that he will always be Kim's master.

Christmas 2011

At High School in New York, T.J is still alive, but his face is covered so he's pretending to be Noob. He met up with D199 again and he has been for quite a while. Noob(T.J) told D199 that he and T.J(Noob) may be similar, but both of them are completed different. D199 asks Noob(T.J) why his face is covered, because he is disregardful. Noob(T.J) told D199 that he is involved in an accident many years ago. No one fix his face again. He cover it in shame. Two of of his friends lives around in this place and tells D199 not to come in his school. Maybe they run to each other, and then Noob(T.J) calls D199 "Spamcan", and he laughs evilly and walks away from D199. He soon arrives back to his place where Ben and Alison were waiting for him. Alison told Noob(T.J) that Ben is talking about how ugly T.J is. He tells Ben and Alison that they need revenge on England and three hatch a plan to destroy England. Noob(T.J) heard that happens about Sandy Claus where everyone thinks that Sandy is mad. Ben thinks that Sandy Claus is from the North Pole and Santa Claus's helper. Noob(T.J) crossly scolds Ben that Sandy Claus is not from the North Pole and Santa Claus's helper, because there's no Santa Claus. Noob(T.J) hated Christmas, because he is evil person! Ben is so excited to see Sandy Claus tomorrow and Noob(T.J) has a ranged that Sandy Claus is going to stay here until they find a place for him. But Sandy Claus should not go to the museum. The next morning on Christmas Eve, Noob(T.J) is talking to D199 until the Flying Scottsman race passed them. Noob(T.J) tells the manager that Ben and Alison went to see Sandy Claus to take him to the museum. A few hours later, Ben and Alison arrived back to Noob's place to show him that Ben was Sandy Claus. Noob(T.J) saw Ben's face and he stared at him and he knew it was Ben. He asks Alison where Sandy Claus is and she said that the British people and the Flying Scottsman took Sandy away. Noob(T.J) felt very angry and he growls.

Christmas 2012

Noob(T.J) tells Marcus that the things were going well. He told him that he and Marcus had to go to England on December 21st and they will ruined England. Late that night, Noob(T.J) is walking home and he stopped for the red light and next to him was an African American man named Smokey. He is not very happy to see him. Noob(T.J) tells hi that he is Noob the good person. Smokey furiously stares at him and he's gonna know T.J is still alive. Noob(T.J) tells Smokey that he's a washed up cuck, leaving him scared. Then the signal went up and the light turn green and Noob(T.J) walked away from Smokey to go home and sleep with Ben and Alison. The next morning, Noob(T.J) met up with Harriet who asks him why his face covered. He told her that he's involved in the horrible accident from 9 years ago and his face is beyond repair so he hide in the shame. No one can fix his face. Harriet then tells Noob(T.J) that one of his siblings lives in England named Olivia but he tells Harriet that he doesn't have a sister called Olivia. Harriet says that Olivia had a real name, but she can't remember it and Noob(T.J) then tells Harriet he will see her tomorrow. The next morning, Noob(T.J) saw Olivia arrived instead of Harriet and is very angry to see her. He also told Olivia that he is involved in the accident from 5 years ago. Then Olivia walks away to go back to the Untied Kingdom just as Ben arrived. He gasped and shocked when he saw Olivia. Noob(T.J) tells Ben that Olivia is an evil person from a Parallel Universe and is looking for him. Then Noob(T.J) tells Ben that it is his sister and she's from the Untied Kingdom. Then Ben asks Noob(T.J) if he wrote his Christmas list for Santa Claus. He told him that he visited after Ben left this morning. Then Noob(T.J) had his evil plan to go to England in the December 21st. The next morning, Harriet arrived and crossly asks Noob(T.J) why he told her about what happened to him that he had an accident from 9 years ago and told Olivia 5 years ago. Then Noob(T.J) begin to cry, because no one can fix his face, so he decided to tell Luke all about what happens to to his face from 9 years ago and he want to come to England. Then Harriet left, as he left, Noob (T.J) stops crying and he laughs evilly. That night, he and Marcus planned to get rid of the Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth ll since Bernard Jenkins couldn't fire him since he was fired. Noob(T.J) told Marcus they will not go until December 21st and at night, England will end forever. The days past, and It is the December 21st, and Noob(T.J) is preparing to go to England. Ben asks him if he can go with him. Noob(T.J) tells Ben that he may go all by himself. Alison told Ben to stay with her. Ben begin to feel nervous, he begs Noob(T.J) to be okay, because England can be scary. Then Noob(T.J) leaves. At last, Noob(T.J) arrived on England. He then removes the mask, so his driver and fireman did. Now he's not Noob anymore because he had revealed he is T.J! He is back from the dead!.He passes the houses, cross the bridge next to the watermill, up the hills. Everyone saw T.J is alive! and everyone was scared to see him back from the dead! He finally arrived at Eastbourne were waiting. They were scared to see him back from the dead. Olivia thought T.J is scrapped, but he's not. the Duke of Edinburgh demands T.J to get off of his country. The Flying Scottsman demands T.J not to hurt any of them. T.J tells the Flying Scottsman not to underestimate him, because he had his pet dogs. He even tells the Duke of Edinburgh that someone is from his past. He later begins his story about what happened to him last year. T.J says that his friend Alison took him to the mental asylum to get executed, but they suddenly stopped and then he looked and is the real Noob. He asks T.J what happened. T.J tells Noob that he needs his help because he's going to get executed. Noob felt sorry for T.J and asks him what he can do for help. Then T.J tells him that both of them are going to swap places, because T.J is gonna become Noob and Noob is gonna become T.J. Noob begin to feel scared, he begs Noob not to do that, but T.J has no choice, because he need to be alive more then Noob. He begs to T.J which makes him mad. He sends Noob to go and he needs to be dead. And poor Noob went into the asyulm and executed. All the people can see his face and would know he's T.J so they decided to make up for the accident and his face is covered. Everyone was upset because they knew T.J killed Noob. Soon, the Duke of Edinburgh's phone rang and it is Marcus. Then T.J walks off to the Vicarstown Sheds. He soon arrived at the Vicarstow and he called out to Marcus that he already arrived. He soon watches the Duke of Edinburgh trying to rescue Queen Elizabeth ll inside the Vicarstown sheds. Later on, T.J and Marcus took Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth ll and Toby to the highway of the Vicarstown and they have Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth ll tied up onto the track. T.J says that the 21st of December will be the day England will be end forever and there will be the death of Duke Of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth. Marcus says it is only 4 minutes until midnight and he went on to the cart and he and T.J are ready to kill poor Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth ll ! The Flying Scottsman arrived with Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth ll's son Richard Hatt and he ran as fast as he could and he switch the points. T.J went in the wrong track and he tries to tell Marcus to brake, but the brakes weren't working and the rails are too slippy and they are going too fast.They steps onto the cliff and Marcus fall out and he splats onto the ground. T.J is hanging onto the cliff and he started to fall down and before 12:00 comes, T.J falls down, he screams really loud and he landed on Marcus causing the cart to exploded killing both of them and that's the end of T.J. The next morning everyone was informed about T.J's death even Kim Kardashian who was surprised that he had been alive all the time.


  • Mind Control
  • Charisma.
  • Hypnosis
  • Karate
  • Street fighting
  • Brilliant chemist and machinist.
  • IQ level is 150
  • Genius levels of intelligence.
  • Escaped the Mental Asylum without getting attacked or killed.
  • Manged to masque-red as his brother for a year & half.


  • Birth: 19th December 2000
  • Death: 21st December 2012
  • Goal: World Domination, rule England, rule the world, blow up the entire country of England, kill the Duke of Edinburgh & Queen Elizabeth II and kill all the Chimpanzees.
  • Family: Mother: Rose, Father: Tom, Brothers: Noob & 2 others, Sisters: Olivia, Henrietta, Theresa & Trixy, cousins, aunts uncles & grandparents.
  • Allies: Ben (formerly), Alison (formerly), Kim Kardashian (formerly), Kourtney Kardashian (formerly), Liberty (briefly), Lady (formerly), Wickem (formerly), Marcus (formerly), PT Boomer (formerly), Alfred (formerly).
  • Enemies: Britons, Americans & the Chimpanzees.
  • Likes: No one
  • Dislikes: Everyone
  • Fate: Getting sent the mental asylum to get executed & falling off a cliff to his death.

Kill Count

  • 30 Prostitutes - By kidnapping them & then strangling them to death.
  • 2 twin Chimpanzee brothers - Setting fire to their Hotel in London which resulted in them burning.
  • His Brother Noob - Swapping places with him by forcing him to get executed pretending to be him.

Attempted Murder

  • 63 million people in England - By planting nuclear bombs around the cites of England & attempted to blow it up.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh & Queen Elizabeth ll - Tied them to the rails and attempted to run them over only to go down the wrong track and fall off a cliff which resulted in his own death.

Villainous Acts

  • Had annoyed, taunted & outsmarted numerous people.
  • Ruined countless lives.
  • Had brainwashed & threatened numerous people.
  • Made America & World War 3 worse.
  • He brainwashed Kim & Kamila Kardashian
  • Got Chimpanzee 10s brother brutally injured.
  • Kidnapped & murdered 30 prostitutes.
  • Came to England with Kim Kardashian where he manipulated her & made her his personal servant & became her master.
  • Made Kim turn against Kourtney Kardashian
  • Brainwashed Liberty & became her master.
  • Set fire to Langham Hotel in London were he killed a visiting Chimpanzee twin brothers.
  • Got 2,500 nuclear bombs stolen from the US military and shifted to the UK.
  • Planted the nuclear bombs around cites of England & tried to blow it up nearly killing 63 million people.
  • Injured Thomas.
  • Sent to an asylum to get executed where he faked his death by killing his brother Noob & swapping places with him & stealing his identity.
  • Tried to get Sandy Claus executed.
  • Returned to England & tried to kill the Duke of Edinburgh & Queen Elizabeth ll which resulted in his own death by falling off a cliff.


  • T.J is one of the most darkest villains to ever exist.
  • His real name is Tumberiakere
  • His's Theme is Evil March by Kevin Macleod.
  • He is said to be the most evil person to ever be born.
  • His's distinguishable trait is the long scar on his left eye.
  • In 2015 it was revealed that he was Lady's friend back in the early 2000s.
  • T.J is a Black, Sub Saharan African
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