T.J Carter is a former resident of Brookside and Ashdene Ridge and is Peggy and Trixy's brother with the three of them have the same mother, but different fathers. T.J has never met his father, he doesn't even know who he is, let alone where he is, whether that be in prison or not.

He appears as an anti-hero in series 4 of Tracy Beaker Returns before becoming one of the major protagonists in series 1 and 2 of the Dumping Ground.


Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 4

T.J moves to Brookside Children's Home with his sisters, Trixy and Peggy. Together they make up the rebellious group the Carters. When they arrive, they start to bully the other residents and suck up towards Gina and the new head care-worker, Ron Harpney.

T.J immediately starts a feud with Ryan when he antagonists him in Ron's office helping him pack and humiliating him in front of everyone by screening a steamy video of him with Amelia. Ryan immediately takes a strong hatred for T.J and his sisters, who then proceed to chase him on the climbing frame. Luckily Amelia and the DG residents fight back.

T.J and Ryan became bitter enemies and occasionally argued, like when Ryan thought T.J stole his Skateboard and when they fall out during a game. However, that day was when T.J found out about Ryan's dad being in prison, which results in the pair bonding and eventually they became best friends.

T.J started to act more nicer to the DG residents since befriending Ryan. Even though he's tough like his sisters, he can be shown to be a bit of a wimp. Like on the camping trip, he refused to go on the nature walk in case any wild animals attack him, although Amy helps to fight his nerves when the pair get lost.

The Dumping Ground: Series 1

T.J is much older and has a deeper voice. He also is seen to now have braces. He very rarely acts like a Carter, except when Peggy leaves to go live with her dad, they all agree that the Carters will live on in the Dumping Ground.

After Peggy's departure, T.J's personality has become more understanding and friendly as he is much more frequently found spending time or helping the other kids, and his anger issues are toned down.

Trixy becomes way more irritated with T.J, mainly because he became such a friendly goody two-shoes and much more of a wimp, like when he was worrying about Mike catching them playing instead of doing their homework.

T.J also is shown not to get along to well with Sarah Allen when she returns, as shown in Telling Tales, when he, Jody, Tyler, Ryan and Carmen are banished to the quiet room. He and all the other kids protest to Mike that he should be the new head care-worker after Sarah leaves again, as to which Mike agrees.

It is also shown in this series that T.J had some sort of relationship with Amy, resulting in them going to the valentine's dance together.

The Dumping Ground: Series 2

In the sixth season,

The Dumping Ground: Series 3



T.J at first was a feisty yet kind-hearted boy. He is close to his 2 sisters, and is a rebellious bully just like them at first and immediately becomes enemies with Ryan. After Peggy leaves the Dumping Ground, T.J has shown to have a more withdrawn character, his spending his time with the other kids. He is also shown to have calmed down and eventually opened up to his sensitive nature & became friends with Ryan. He is often outsmarted by his quick-witted sisters, although he has shown average signs of intelligence. He and Trixy often dream big. He is a main part in Trixy's schemes. He is very protective over Trixy & cares for her even though they fight at times.


Physical Appearance

T.J is an average heighted, skinny boy with white skin, brown hair and brown eyes.


He is mostly seen wearing a pirate cap, a basketball jersey, paired alongside baggy trousers and black gothic platform boots.

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