Tainted Love is a RWBY horror romance fanfic.

Rated: A for Bloody murder, foul language, s*x scenes, and a r**e scene.


When a new student comes to Beacon, a yandere admirer of his snaps and starts killing anyone that is close to him.


(On the road, Team STRQ are driving and looking for a car. They see it up ahead and crash it. When they are there, they get out and look for casualties. They found two adults dead along with 7 female teenagers. However, they find a knocked out 13-year-old boy. Summer checks on him and sighs in relief.)

  • Summer: (relieved) "He's still alive."
  • Raven: (stern) "Let's bring him with us. We need someone like him."

(Summer nods and sedates the kid, who wakes up and struggles but Raven holds him down.)

  • Summer: (smiling) "Sorry kid but you're our family now."
  • Kid: (nervous) "Who are you?"
  • Summer: (smiling) "I'm your new mommy and I promise to love you like family."

(He just falls asleep and she picks him up before getting in the car and they drive away. Summer happily hugs her new child and Qrow smiles at this.)

  • Qrow: (smiling) "Let's name him Oscar."
  • Summer: (happy) "Good idea. Oscar Rose."

(Tai and Raven also smile, agreeing with that name. They take him to Beacon and have Jaune Arc put Oscar in a room. However, they are unaware that a mysterious female student saw Oscar and loved him.)

  • Female Student (thought): (smiling) 'Oh my god, he's so cute. I must have him. (then she noticed Ozpin looking and she growled) They're using him as a weapon? I can't allow that. I will protect him and avenge his family.'

(She then goes to her room and plans to save him. In Ozpin's penthouse, he is in his robe, smoking a cigar and drinking coffee while watching the news. However, a mysterious person in a balaclava ski-mask breaks in and he notices her. He doesn't seem affected by this.)

  • Ozpin: (serious) "Just a matter of time, I suppose."

(He then sees his gun on the table so he pours out his coffee, throws it against the door, and gets his gun. The attacker grabs the gun and shoots the T.V. She then throws the gun away and they get in a fist fight but Ozpin thrown onto the glass table and gets scratches from the broken glass. Then she throws him towards another table. He keeps throwing knifes at her. She then goes over to him and disarms him but he manages to reveal her as Pyrrha.)

  • Ozpin: (chuckling) "It's a joke. It's all a joke. (however, he realizes this is serious but accepts his death and knows this is about Oscar) Oscar, forgive me."

(His blood drips on his badge. Pyrrha then smashes his head on the counter. She then lifts him up and throws him through the window. He then lands on the sidewalk below and died upon impact. His badge then lands next to him.)

Chapter 1

(The next morning, 13-year-old new student Oscar Pine wakes up in the boys' dorm. However, he has no memory of his family or home. He is adopted by Ruby as her younger brother. He then wakes up Jaune and gets a message from NDGO. They give videos of themselves in adult videos. They are stalking Oscar and are using him as a love toy. Then he sees the T.V. and is shocked by the news.)

  • Newsman (on T.V.): (serious) "Former Headmaster Ozpin has died. He was found dead on the sidewalk pavement of his penthouse. His wife has been called and is inviting students and staff to attend the funeral."

(Oscar was shocked by this. In the work place, Oscar is nervous about the killer but is comforted by Pyrrha, the popular girl there. When he looked at her, he felt safe in her arms. Team CRDL are planning something.)

  • Cardin: (serious) "Dinner tonight."
  • Russel: (nodding) "Yeah."
  • Dove: (smirking) "It's time to get away from our love-interests. Gwen won't let me have some."
  • Sky: (nervous) "Yeah, Octavia wants me to be safe out there."

(Octavia comes up and hugs Sky, who smiles at her. However, they hear Jaune Arc yelling at the cooks for terrible cooking. He then sits down and calms down before meeting Oscar Pine.)

  • Jaune: (sheepish) "Sorry about that. I just can't handle bad cooking."

(Oscar nods at that. Later, they eat lunch: Oscar is eating the Super Yellow Okumuru Rin Special, Whitley is eating oatmeal, Jaune is eating Chicken Parmesan, Pyrrha is eating a salad, Nora is eating pancakes with ketchup, Ren is eating the Dumplings with White Rice and Chinese Chicken, Ruby is eating cookies, Weiss is eating fruit, Blake is eating Tuna, and Yang is eating Jalapeno Sausages. Ruby and Yang love their new family member. When Oscar eats his special, he looks happy and claims that it melted in his mouth, earning a couple of chuckles. Pyrrha brought up the murders.)

  • Pyrrha: (worried) "So Jaune, you and Cardin argued earlier. What was that about?"
  • Jaune: (shrugging) "He's gonna miss the funeral for a dinner night with his friends."
  • Pyrrha: (angry) "Bastard. (then she smiles at Oscar) So Oscar, I hear you're new."
  • Oscar: (nodding) "Yeah but I don't remember anything. They said my parents and siblings got killed in a crash while I was knocked out in it."

(They decided to drop the subject but Pyrrha knows the truth and wants to help him. He then gets up but runs into Cardin and this angers the older man into beating Oscar up as others try to stop him. Oscar receives a flashback and it's revealed that Tai abuses him at home. Back to the present, Pyrrha comforts Oscar and takes him to the nurse. Nebula was apologizing for her husband's behavior. At night, CRDL don't go to the funeral and instead, they went to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Cardin wore a grey suit with a black tie and ordered a red wine and the Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts, Russel wore a black suit with a green tie and ordered martini and Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce, Dove wore a khaki suit with a cyan blue tie and ordered tea and the Liver with Onions, and Sky wore a dark blue suit with a red tie and ordered water and a bowl of Chili. They are laughing and having fun but get serious.)

  • Cardin: (serious while eating his food) "Have you heard about the murder?"
  • Russel: (nodding while his mouth is full of food) "Yeah, really serious."
  • Dove: (frowning) "Don't talk with your mouth full, Thrusher."
  • Sky: (sighing) "His death is really serious. He was a good man to us and forgave us."
  • Russel: (smirking while drinking beer) "But hey, time to celebrate me getting away from Dew forever. Yep, me and her are separated. I'm a free man."
  • Cardin: (chuckling) "Congrats."
  • Russel: (sighing) "Yeah but she got everything: the apartment, the stuff, and the dog. Ungrateful bitch."

(He then drinks his martini. When they were done with their food and Cardin finishes the last Sprout, he calls for the waiter.)

  • Cardin: (serious) "Oh waiter. Waiter."
  • Waiter: (serious) "Yes, Mr. Winchester."
  • Cardin: (smiling) "That was the finest meal I ever had in my life."
  • Waiter: (kindly) "Why thank you sir. Are you ready for the challenge?"
  • Cardin: (nodding) "Gives us a giant bowl of champagne with four straws."
  • Waiter: (nodding) "Yes sir."

(Sky was nervous but they ended up finishing it before their waitress comes by with a bowl.)

  • Dove: (smirking) "Alright, whoever loses pays the bill."

(They put their credit cards in the bowl and Russel lost, much to his annoyance. He payed the bill and drove them to Cardin's mansion. At the cemetery, Pyrrha smirks evily at Ozpin's tombstone.)

  • Pyrrha (thinking): (smirking) 'It's official, I will be the true savior of this world. It's full of rotten obstacles. Ozpin had ordered Oscar's family to be killed just to use him and the only way to punish him was to remove him from this world. I must marry my sweet Oscar so he will be safe. He shall be mine and mine alone. Even my friends must go but not RWBY. Them and Oscar are the only ones that will be spared.'

(She realizes that CRDL is not at the funeral and thinks she should punish them. She remembered them bullying Oscar and taunting him about not having a family. At the mansion, Cardin goes to his office while the other boys stay in the entrance hall. Russell is at the top of the first stairs and has taken off his green tie, shirt, and jacket, leaving him in a dark green tank-top. He then starts drinking, smoking, and sniffing. Dove and Sky are at the bottom of the steps. Dove takes off his blue tie and Sky takes off his jacket. He gets a call from Octavia and answers it.)

  • Sky: (nervous) "Hello."
  • Octavia (on the phone): (worried) "Honey, why weren't you at the funeral?"
  • Sky: (sighing) "Sorry, I just had a dinner meeting with the boys about Ironwood's death and I'm sorry."
  • Octavia (on the phone): (sad) "But I want you with me. I love you."
  • Sky: (upset) "I love you too. Don't worry, I'm very sorry to him."
  • Octavia (on the phone): (upset) "Can I at least sleep with Gwen tonight?"
  • Sky: (nodding) "Yeah, give her a good time."
  • Octavia (on the phone): (sighing) "I gotta go. Bye."
  • Sky: (nodding) "Bye. (he hangs up the phone and sighs in annoyance) Dammit."
  • Dove: (serious) "When are you gonna propose to her?"
  • Sky: (sighing) "After this whole mess is over."
  • Dove: (sighing) "Yeah. Dude, I feel bad for Oscar. We need to stop using him."
  • Sky: (nodding) "Yeah man. I actually want to die so I can be punished."

(Dove nodded but his phone is ringing and he answers it. There is angry chatter from it and he hangs up. In Cardin's office, he is writing on the checks. When he is done, he gets a call from Nebula and answers it.)

  • Cardin: (smiling) "Nebula, hey honey, how are you?"
  • Nebula (on the phone): (angry) "Cardin, where the hell were you?"
  • Cardin: (nervous) "I was at dinner and I'm at work in my mansion."
  • Nebula (on the phone): (frustrated) "You bastard, you skipped out on a funeral just so you can have dinner? What's worst, you dragged Sky into it."
  • Cardin: (irritated) "Oh come on, it's a final meal. Me and the guys never have a night out in a while."
  • Nebula (on the phone): (frustrated) "What about Oscar? You assaulted him."
  • Cardin (on the phone): (shrugging) "That little shit shouldn't have gotten in my way."
  • Nebula (on the phone): (frustrated) "YOU KNOW WHAT?! FUCK YOU! YOU'RE TOO MUCH OF AN ASSHOLE TOWARDS ME AND HIM!"
  • Cardin: (enraged) "FUCK YOU TOO, YOU FUCKING BITCH!"
  • Nebula (on the radio): (offended) "EXCUSE ME?! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU CALL ME?!"

(He hangs up and he sighs before putting the phone away and takes a sniff of some white stuff. At the girls' dorm, Nebula angrily throws the phone away and cries. Gwen and Octavia are worried about their lovers. Gwen is wearing just a bra and sweat pants while Octavia is only wearing a t-shirt and panties with no bra. They are laying in bed together.)

  • Octavia: (worried) "I'm worried for him. I think Cardin's gonna get him killed."
  • Gwen: (smiling) "Don't worry, you'll see him soon."
  • Octavia: (begging) "Please be with us."
  • Gwen: (smirking) "I promise."

(Octavia smiles and they kiss each other. Octavia takes off her t-shirt revealing her breasts and Gwen takes off her pants revealing her butt. They then have (off-screen) s*x in the bed. Outside the manor, Pyrrha disables security cameras and breaks into the mansion. Dove and Sky notice her and take out some swords that resemble each other while Russel takes out twin daggers. Pyrrha lunges into action. She first impales Sky, who screams in pain.)

  • Sky: (in pain) "AGH!"
  • Dove: (shocked) "SKY!"

(After Pyrrha lets Sky's body drop to the floor, she quickly slits Dove's throat, killing him too. After he collapses, Pyrrha then fights Russel but gets the upper hand and slashes her opponent's waist, killing him as well. In Cardin's office, he is typing on his 1999 computer monitor and making a catalog but suffered a virus on his computer, making him angry. However, he hears the noise outside and gets his signature mace ready. Pyrrha bursts the doors open and avoids the blows that Cardin is using. She manages to kick his weapon out of his hands and he crawls over to his chair as she aims a pistol at his head with an evil smirk.)

  • Pyrrha: (smirking evily) "Lights out fucker."

(She then pulls the trigger, turning the screen black.)

Chapter 2

(Octavia is sleeping naked with a naked Gwen hugging her from behind. When Gwen wakes up, she smiles at Octavia and kisses her on the cheek. Octavia wakes up and smiles at her. They go to the couch and watch the news but are saddened by what was heard.)

  • Newsman (on T.V.): (serious) "Last night has been another tragedy because of the death of Team CRDL. Seventeen-year-old Sky Lark had been impaled in the heart, eighteen-year-old Dove Bronzewing had been slit in the throat, nineteen-year-old Russel Thrusher had been slashed by the waist, and their leader twenty-year-old Cardin Winchester had been shot in the head. Their wives, fiance, and girlfriend is being informed."

(Octavia drops the remote in sadness, sits on her knees, and cries over Sky's death. Gwen hugs her but also cries over Dove's death. In school, she sees Oscar and she hugs him as he comforts her. At the funeral, Oscar and Gwen both comfort Octavia as she is given Sky's flag and hugs it while Sky's younger sister and brother are crying in their parents' embrace because their older brother was always playing with them. They know Octavia because she was their babysitter. Dove's cousin also was there for her cousin's funeral along with Cardin's younger sister and grandma. Russel seems to have no family because they moved away and he lost contact with them. His ex-wife Dew didn't care that he was gone. They seem to be looking at Oscar and feel like he could relieve some stress. In Oscar's room, he is sleeping but is then grabbed by NDGO. He is put in Octavia's bed and held down by Dew.)

  • Nebula: (smirking) "We finally have our stress relief."
  • Dew: (also smirking) "Yeah, you get to have four beautiful ladies fucking you."
  • Gwen: (smiling) "Don't worry Oscar, this won't hurt a bit."
  • Octavia: (sympathetic) "It's for your own good."

(Oscar tried struggling out of his bonds as Dew found that adorable.)

  • Dew: (teasing) "Aw, look at him, he's trying. Determined little fucker, aren't you."

(She then went under him and restrained him. Nebula took Oscar's pants off and sat on his groin while a sympathetic Octavia reluctantly puts a strap on in his butt. He wants to scream for help but Dew covers his mouth with her hand and mockingly shushes him. Then Gwen comes over and sits on Oscar's mouth. He then cries but Gwen notices and wipes his tears away with a kind smile.)

  • Gwen: (smiling) "There, there honey. It will be over soon."

(However, Oscar gets a flashback. He gets scared of Raven's anger but she thought of an idea.)

  • Raven: (smirking) "If you relieve my stress, I will love you, okay?"
  • Oscar: (crying) "Okay."
  • Raven: (smirking) "Good boy."

(She takes him to her room and starts violating him. After she is done, she is happy and hugs him.)

  • Oscar: (nervous) "Do you love me now?"
  • Raven: (nodding) "Yes I do. I'll stop hurting you."
  • Oscar: (nervous) "Okay auntie."

(Raven then leaves the crying boy. When they are done, Oscar hugs himself while crying. The girls notice and got worried.)

  • Nebula: (worried) "I hope he's okay. (Octavia feels remorseful and rubs Oscar's hair in comfort. Oscar flinches at them and they realized that they betrayed him. He pushes past them and locks himself in his room. They go to it and knock) Oscar, open the door. Please, we want to talk to you."
  • Oscar: (crying) "No, I hate you."

(Dew kicks the door open and goes to Oscar. She grabs him and restrains him.)

  • Nebula: (guilty) "Oscar, we're sorry."
  • Oscar: (crying) "Stop, let me go."

(They look sad at what they did. Pyrrha came by and heard the noise. She overhears them.)

  • Dew: (annoyed) "Oh come on, we needed a stress relief."
  • Oscar: (crying) "Get off me."
  • Dew: (angry) "That's it. You better be ready for round 2. Get his clothes off."

(He starts screaming for help as they grab and start touching him but Pyrrha angrily got their attention.)

  • Pyrrha: (enraged) "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?! (they saw her and got scared. She lunges at them. She beats them up until they start bleeding or get bruises. When she's done, she snarls at them) NOW, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! (they run away in fear and she calms down to check on Oscar) Are you okay, sweetie?"

(Oscar shakes his head no and Pyrrha was horrified to see him all hurt. Jaune came in and was horrified.)

  • Jaune: (horrified) "What happened?"
  • Pyrrha: (crying) "He's been r***d."

(Jaune called 911 and they came to check on Oscar. Pyrrha told them who did it and NDGO was arrested for r****g a minor. The whole school heard and they were horrified. Ruby was crying at what happened to her little brother and Yang got angry about what happened to her cousin. They were told that Oscar was fine but is scared. Pyrrha was worried for her senpai and Jaune comforted her.)

  • Jaune: (sympathetic) "I talked with the police and they said that the girls will be expelled."
  • Pyrrha: (angry) "Good, that's what they get. How could they do this to an innocent child?"
  • Jaune: (sighing) "I don't know but they won't get away with it."

(Pyrrha now knows who to kill next. Those girls hurt her senpai and they won't get away with it. At the police station, the girls were released but were told that they have been expelled. They go to the manor and were thinking about what they did.)

  • Nebula: (annoyed) "I can't believe we got beaten up by that red-haired bitch."
  • Dew: (also annoyed) "And worst, they expelled us."
  • Gwen: (sympathetic) "We had it coming."
  • Octavia: (grumbling) "She was only protecting him."

(They don't care that their actions got them expelled. Then the power runs out and Pyrrha enters with an angry glare on her face.)

  • Dew: (glaring) "What the fuck are you doing here, bitch? Ready for round two?"

(Pyrrha didn't answer but took out her weapons. Octavia and Gwen notice this but accepted their deaths. She lunged at them. She impaled Octavia in the stomach and slashed Gwen across the chest. They both quickly die. She then fought Dew but won and decapitated her. She then fought Nebula and it looked like Nebula was winning with her crossbow/sword but Pyrrha outsmarted her and disarmed her. Nebula begged for mercy.)

  • Nebula: (begging) "Please don't kill me."
  • Pyrrha: (angry) "Did you give senpai mercy? (Nebula looked scared) I'm not killing you yet. I'm taking you with me. Like I told Cardin, lights out."

(She then grabs Nebula's weapon and uses the handle to knock out Nebula.)

Chapter 3

(The next morning, Glynda Goodwitch and James Ironwood were arguing.)

  • Glynda: (annoyed) "Why do you take things to seriously?"
  • James: (also annoyed) "Because there's a killer on the loose and it's our job to find them."

(However, he opens to curtains to find Nebula's corpse hanging from the a roof. They cut her down and call 911. They were horrified to see a smile carved on her face. They find a video and watch it. The video shows Nebula tied to a chair and gagged with a cleave in her mouth. She is coughing and talking through her gag.)

  • Nebula (on video): (scared) "Someone help. I'm scared."

(She then gets terrified when Pyrrha appears but she wearing a hood, a bandana, and some sunglasses to cover her identity. She is also wearing a black coat. She chuckles at how terrified Nebula is.)

  • Pyrrha (on video): (smirking) "Nebula Violette, wife of Cardin Winchester and leader of NDGO. Arrested for the r**e of Oscar Pine."
  • Nebula (on video): (sobbing) "I'm sorry."
  • Pyrrha (on video): (glaring) "Are you really sorry?"
  • Nebula (on video): (nodding) "Yes please, I'm sorry."

(Pyrrha then changes the camera view to her sunglasses as she gets on Nebula's lap and a knife to her mouth.)

  • Pyrrha (on video): (serious) "Would do anything to show your apology? (Nebula mumbles a yes) Would you even get injured just to get forgiveness? (another muffled yes) You know, I almost feel sorry for you. You have a change of heart. (another muffled yes) Hey don't worry, I'm gonna put a smile on your face."

(Nebula becomes terrified and muffles a protest but then screams in pain (off-screen) as James and Glynda wince at how she is getting tortured. When the torture is done, a dying Nebula starts coughing and says her final words.)

  • Nebula (on video): (dying) "Oscar, please forgive me, I love you. I'm sorry for what I did."

(Then she rolls her eyes in pain and passes out from blood loss. Pyrrha admires her handiwork and changes the view to the camera.)

  • Pyrrha (on video): (sighing) "Poor baby, she just wanted to make things right and she got killed before she can. It's also a shame for anyone who wanted to save her. And that's all for you viewers. Bye bye."

(She blows a kiss at the audience and ends the video. At the school, Oscar didn't go because of what happened to him and Pyrrha also didn't go because she stuck with him. He then saw the video and was disturbed to see his own r*****s have been murdered. He started only counting on Pyrrha and developed a crush on her. She saw this and smiled.)

  • Oscar: (nervous) "Pyrrha, I love you and it's okay if you don't feel the same way."
  • Pyrrha: (smiling) "Aw sweetie, that's great."

(She then kisses him and he kisses back. Pyrrha takes her shirt and bra off while Oscar takes his shirt off. They then start cuddling and kissing. They then have s*x and enjoyed it. Pyrrha then had a warm smile on her face as she hugs a happy Oscar on her side.)

  • Oscar: (happy) "I love you."
  • Pyrrha: (smiling) "I love you too."

(Unknown to them, Velvet saw the whole thing and smirked evily. She always hated Oscar for no reason and always framed him for bullying her when he defended her from bullies. She then evily smirked and took a picture. She then went to her team and Coco saw the smirk.)

  • Coco: (confused) "What're you smirking about? (Velvet shows the pictures and Coco smirks) This will ruin that little shit's life."
  • Velvet: (smirking) "Oh it will."

(All of team CFVY hated that kid and decided to ruin his life. At lunch, Oscar and Pyrrha sat next to each other but then Glynda comes to them.)

  • Glynda: (serious) "Will you two come with me?"

(They go with him into Glynda's office and they saw a few others. Glynda and Ironwood had disappointed looks, Team RWBY were angry, and Team JNPR were worried. The other teams were confused.)

  • Pyrrha: (worried) "What's going on?"

(Yang angrily slammed the pictures on the desk.)

  • Yang: (angry) "This is what the fuck's going on."

(Other teams look shocked at the pictures. Flynt and Neon gave looks that said "Damn", Nadir and Rolin looked disgusted, and Team BRNZ looked worried but Team SSSN found it funny and laughed. Team JNPR had various reactions: Jaune looked shocked, Ren facepalms, and Nora smiles at this. Team RWBY also showed their reactions: Ruby went eye-wide, Weiss didn't care, Blake looked jealous, and Yang looked angry. Ironwood sighs.)

  • Ironwood: (sympathetic) "Sorry kid but the age of consent is sixteen. Pyrrha Nikos, you broke your teachers' hearts by what you did."

(Pyrrha looked sad. Oscar was also upset but Coco is annoyed by it.)

  • Coco: (annoyed) "It's just pictures, you'll live."

(Oscar flinched because a flashback shows his father Qrow ignoring his pain caused by Tai.)

  • Qrow: (rolling his eyes) "It's just a scratch, you'll live."

(Oscar was heartbroken by what he said. In the present, he goes to his room. In the bathroom, Pyrrha was getting sad by what happened but noticed Velvet was in one of the stalls and was laughing evily. Pyrrha got angry and wanted revenge. She got out her knife and brown duct tape. She went into Velvet's stall and taped her to the toilet. Before the angry girl can scream, Pyrrha gagged her with the tape, making her more angry.)

  • Pyrrha: (glaring) "How dare you take pictures of me and him. You are such a bitch. (Velvet muffles that she doesn't care and wants to be let go) No. You get what you deserve. (she then stabs her in the tummy, making Velvet wince and scream) Scream all you want, bitch. No one is coming to save you."

(She then slits the girls throat. Velvet gurgles her own blood before passing out from blood loss. Pyrrha leaves the stall. She then makes fake evidence about the pictures being edited just to ruin her and Oscar. She gives this evidence to Ironwood, who apologizes for not looking into this. Coco cries over Velvet's death and Fox comforts her. At lunch, Yatsu was eating his Russian Piroshki but he was unaware that a certain someone put C4 nanomites in his food. When Yatsu is alone in a hallway, Pyrrha pulled out a detonator and pressed it. Yatsu then blows up into blood and guts. Pyrrha hides as Jaune comes to the area and looks grossed out but Fox and Coco arrive. They blame Jaune for this and he notices before he pulls out a taser and uses it on Fox. However, Coco holds Jaune down as Fox recovers and is about to kill Jaune.)

  • Fox: (glaring) "You're so fucking dead, you little bastard."

(However, a blade appears from the front of his chest. Coco looked shocked but Jaune smiled, knowing who that was. The blade is pulled out of Fox and Coco stands up in worry. Fox looks at his bleeding chest in shock and pain before he collapses to his knees and onto the floor. However, no one is there and Coco holds Jaune hostage.)

  • Coco: (glaring) "Come out and fight or blondie gets it."
  • Jaune: (laughing) "You're one to talk."

(Pyrrha comes behind Coco and grabs her. Before Coco can scream, Pyrrha hand gags her and Jaune smiled at Pyrrha.)

  • Jaune: (smiling) "Nice work Pyrrha."
  • Pyrrha: (also smiling) "Thanks."
  • Coco: (shocked) "Mph?"
  • Jaune: (sighing) "Sorry Coco but you guys messed with Oscar."
  • Pyrrha: (shrugging) "Jaune kind of liked you."

(Jaune gives Coco a kiss on the forehead. Coco muffles to Jaune to help her but Pyrrha snaps her neck, killing her. They shake hands and go separate ways. Pyrrha goes to her room and cuddles with her now boyfriend.)

Chapter 4

(Oscar wakes up but sees Pyrrha sleeping. He smiles at her and she wakes up smiling as well.)

  • Pyrrha: (smiling) "Morning sweetheart."
  • Oscar: (also smiling) "Morning champ."

(She kissed his forehead.)


  • Prologue:
  • Ozpin: Beaten up and thrown through the window of his penthouse by Pyrrha.
  • Chapter 1:
  • Sky Lark: Impaled in the heart with a spear by Pyrrha.
  • Dove Bronzewing: Throat slit with a knife by Pyrrha.
  • Russel Thrush: Slashed in the waist with a machete by Pyrrha.
  • Cardin Winchester: Shot in the head by Pyrrha.
  • Chapter 2:
  • Octavia Ember: Impaled in the stomach by Pyrrha.
  • Gwen Darcy: Slashed across the chest by Pyrrha.
  • Dew Gayl: Decapitated by Pyrrha.
  • Nebula Violette: Smile carved on her face and hanged from a building by Pyrrha.
  • Chapter 3:
  • Velvet Scarlatina: Stabbed in the tummy and throat slit with knife by Pyrrha.
  • Yatsuhashi Daichi: Blown up with C4 Nanomites by Pyrrha.
  • Fox Alterai: Impaled from behind through the chest by Pyrrha.
  • Coco Adel: Neck snapped by Pyrrha.

T.V. Tropes

  • Abusive Parent: Chapter 1 reveals that Tai abused Oscar, chapter 2 reveal that Raven r***d Oscar, and Chapter 3 reveals that
  • Adaptational Relationship Overhaul: Instead of Jaune, Oscar has seven sisters but they're older than him.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Whitley is now much more nicer and is nothing like his abusive father.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Some of the nice people are now unsympathetic and deserve to die. Team STRQ are even responsible for killing the random family and stealing the kid.
  • Asshole Victim: So far, the ones getting killed are not sympathetic.
  • Bigger Bad: Despite being the first victim and lacking any villainous traits, Ozpin is still responsible for the events of the story.
  • Protagonist Villain: Pyrrha at this since she is only protecting Oscar and killing those who deserve to die.
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