Fan Fiction

Yakov Sverdlov, the story's anti-heroine/protagonist, transforms into a lovely bride and meets BT21.


Tata encounters a tomboyish, yet powerful girl named Yakov Sverdlov. Now, before the encounter, RJ talks to Yakov. He feels shocked by her enchanting beauty. One day, he and Yakov attend the party. RJ implies that Yakov was a feminist, having been creating a congress for her friends Alexandra Kollontai and Inessa Armand. Yakov managed to hide herself from suitors until that very day, where Tata celebrated his birthday. She also encountered Titi, who just found her long lost brother Tata. Tata introduces Yakov to his group. Yakov finally learned that Tata was only for her own good, and devotes herself to writing love letters. In the end, RJ reveals that he invited her to Tata's party.


There is no link, since the writer himself did not have a account. Because of that, there is a transcript below.


  • RJ tells this story in a first-person narrative.
  • This is the first story to ever feature Yakov Sverdlov as a main character along with a cartoon character.
  • This is one of the only few stories to feature BT21 as characters.


I never thought Yakov Sverdlov was this pretty. The first time I heard of her, I almost thought she was as ugly as the evil witch, due to her ugly-looking name. But, when I met her, I could just never get her out of my brain. She was a Shiksa who looked as intelligent as an owl. She had hair as dark as a raven’s feathers, yet she made it curly like an angel. She wore a polka dot shirt and it was so attractive I never paid attention elsewhere.

However, the first time I met her, she said, "Hello, what's your name? You seem like a sheep."

I said, "No, I am an alpaca."

Yakov said, "Where are you from? Who are you?"

"My name is RJ, and I am from Machu Picchu."

"What's that? I want to know right now."

"Machu Picchu is the place in Argentina where my parents raised me. Do you want to know something about me?


"Okay. I hate shaving my fur. But I had to donate my fur there. I still do, unfortunately, for my friends."

Yakov cried. "That's so sad."

"Come on, we will take you to a party."

So Yakov and I went to the party. She once told me about Zhenotdel, a female Congress Club nearby. She once told me, in an interview before the party, "When Inessa and Alexandra told me about Zhenotdel, I just helped them, because if I did not, people would hate me and cry."

Yakov was polite and welcoming of the other girls to the Women’s Congress Club here in the BT21 universe. She was sweet, elegant, and attractive, and any man would want her to be his wife. But years passed, and she managed to escape from her enchanting beauty. She always managed to hide herself, believing no one would come and sail in the sea. The sailor never got to see her charming face; he just kept moving and moving. The charming husband managed to find himself another wife. But that was merely because of her furtive actions.

But one day, Yakov received a suitor. She went to Tata’s birthday party to celebrate his birthday. Instead of wearing her polka dot shirt or hiding, she wore a wedding dress. Her dark hair was curled and had flowers on it. Her glasses were gone. I had given her contacts. Chimmy appeared. He had brushed Yakov’s curly hair and made her look like a bride. It was all perfect. It seemed as if Tata was about to marry her. He wore a tuxedo. She attracted so many that Tata wanted to marry her so badly. He thought, she was the woman I always wanted to support beside me; she is coming with me to become Universtars. However, she bitterly rejected. “He is a kidnapper,” she said.

Despite her rejection, she was so polite that she invited her friends to Tata’s birthday party, even though she had rejected him. She was bittersweet and millions loved her; it even attracted the ladies. When Koya saw her, she just wanted to cry. The beautiful ears of her head fell off immediately. Koya was shocked to see a beautiful girl that she never met in the forest.

Titi finally found Tata. She said, “My Tata! Where have you been, brother?”

Tata said, “Well, you are about to meet my plus one.”

“What’s her name?”

“Yakov Sverdlov.”

“Wow that is the name of the devil. Is she communist? She is surely Russian.”

“She’s my friend. And I don't care if she's communist or Russian, I want to marry her.”

Yakov said, “Who's the alien near you who just called me a devil?”

Tata replied, “That’s my sister. She’s really annoying. After all, she called you nasty names”

During the party, the whole BT21 group wore suits. After all, Koya wanted to be like the strong man Cooky was.

Tata introduced Yakov to his BT21 Gang. He said, “This is Koya. She’s a sleeping koala. This is Mang, he wears a mask. He loves dancing. And here is Chimmy, he is a passionate puppy. Shooky, he is a cookie who likes to make jokes. Cooky, the bunny who likes to work out and draw his eyebrows. And RJ, who was kind to others like you, Yakov.”

Yakov, with a change of heart, said, “You guys are so amazing! I love your amazing team! I would love to joke with Shooky.”

“Then, come with me.”


I was happy. Tata knew I was nice to her. After all, it was I who invited her to Tata’s birthday party. If I never invited her the day before, she would have sat in her house or talked to Alexandra and Inessa about makeup and cosmetics.