Fan Fiction
Fan Fiction

Wow Wow Wubbzy appears, being one of the five henchmen to The Lady in Pink.

The Backyardigans movie is a Summer 2013 movie rated 13+ due to violence and swearing. Like Men in Black, the movie focuses on Agent Secret ( Pablo.), who is on the case to stop The Lady in Pink ( Uniqua.) from using her new Crystalizer Ray across the world, making it incredibly freezing. Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin are also in the movie, along with other Nick Jr. stars. The movie is not animated, although the flashbacks in the movie are.


After catching three bank robbers, Pablo, aka Agent Secret, goes to Ms. T, aka Tasha. They both find out that The Lady in Pink, aka Uniqua, is planning to freeze the world with 5 new henchman, including Wow Wow Wubzy and Team Umizoomi. Pablo, along with Austin, set out to stop this evil threat and save humanity, having romance along the way.

Characters and Voices

Pablo- Simon Cowell

Tyrone- Richard Horvitz

Uniqua- Kathleen Turner

Tasha- Taylor Swift

Austin- Jack McBrayer

Milli- Madeleine Rose Yen

Geo- Ethan Kempner

Bot- Donovan Patton

Wow Wow Wubbzy- Billy Crystal

Blue- Tress Macnillie

Director of S.P.Y.- Patrick Warburton

S.P.Y. Agents- Mike Tyson, O.J. Simpson, and Chris Rock

Citizens of London, etc.- Random Actors

Ice- Zilla- Unknown Actor

Old Man Whiskers- Larry King

Ice-Zilla clones- Unknown actors and actress'

Robbers- Ben Stiller, Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey Jr.

Songs and themes

Backyardigans Dubstep/ Rock theme

Mission Impossible

The TRUE Recipe for Disaster

Smooth Drivin' by the Beach

Past of the Lady In Pink

R.I.P. Old Man Whiskers

Team Killerzoomi

Pow Pow Wubbzy

Battle for the Keys


Romantic Sunset

Always Expect the Unexpected

Ice-Zilla Attacks!

Ice-Zilla Returns!

Death of Lady In Pink

R.I.P. Old Man Whiskers ( Reprise)

Medal of Glory

Ending/ Heart Lake Beach


More Coming Soon!