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The Chipmunk Tour Saga Closing Ceremony Special is the eleventh (although unrecognized in the official count) and final story in author William Raymer's Chipmunk Tour Saga series of stories. Writing on this story began in 2009 and (as of May 1, 2010) is still in progress.

The story follows William Raymer as he joins the characters on a journey back to the world of the C.T.S. for the wedding of Lizzie McGuire and David "Gordo" Gordon. To pass time during the journey, William interviews key Saga characters, who reveal memories of their time on the journey.

This is done through deleted scenes from Alvin and Brittany: Into the Mystic and the eight official Saga stories.


Chapter 2: Alvin's Memory (Deleted from Alvin and Brittany: Into the Mystic)

Alvin recounts the visit of a very special guest at his and Brittany's wedding reception.

Chapter 3: Kelsi's Memory (Deleted from Come and Follow Me)

Kelsi recounts how she became the chief arranger of the "Chipmunk Adventure 20th Anniversary World Tour."

Chapter 4: Kim's Memory (Deleted from Sitch and Sensibility)

Kim recounts how she and husband Ron Stoppable were selected to succeed Max and Roxanne Goof as Toon Force Power Rangers. After her interview, Kim receives some shocking news...

Chapter 5: Lizzie's Request/Troy's Memory (Deleted from Ohana, Interrupted)

Lizzie and Gordo officially request that William join them for their upcoming nuptials. As the journey to the C.T.S. world begins, Troy recounts how he decided to propose to Gabriella.

Chapter 6: Simon's Memory (Deleted from Wildcat Spirits Forever!)

As the journey to the C.T.S. world continued, Simon recounts how he was asked by Gordo to create the Simudeck program where he will propose to Lizzie.

Chapter 7: Tony's Memory (Deleted from Kingdom Hearts, Part Three: Endgame)

As the journey to the C.T.S. world comes to an end (but before Lizzie and Gordo's wedding), Tony proposes to girlfriend (and fellow NCIS agent) Ziva David before recounting how he got advice from Alvin on how to propose.

Chapter 8: William's Memories As the countdown to the big wedding continues, the tables are turned--and William is interviewed.

(Note: Further chapters will be added to this page as they are added to the story.)

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