The Chronicles of Thorn Valley (also known as Thorn Valley Chronicles) is an action adventure science fiction television series. The show takes place after Fantasia in the 100 Acre Wood.

It follows the adventures of Mrs. Brisby - Jeremy - Timmy - Justin - Martin - Mr. Ages - and Batty Koda as they traveled to new places beyond the valley.


Mrs. Brisby and Jeremy traveled to new places beyond their home and encountered some new friends and some new enemies. Their friends and family teamed up to save Thorn Valley from the forces of NIMH. Mrs. Brisby also struggled to prevent her evil aunt The Mouse Queen from conquering the world

Jenner schemed with Fidget the Bat and Pete to capture Justin and take over Thorn Valley. But then - Basil and Dawson joined up with Timothy Q. Mouse and The Brisbies to stop the villainery.


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  • Tom and Jerry appeared in this series as recurring characters
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