This story is about copyrighted people from the media coming to compete at a campsite in Brazil.


The Plastic Strawberries

  • Carly (iCarly)- Carly is more mature than her friend Sam. Carly has her own webshow, and she has a giant ball of gummy bears on the ceiling of her room. o.O
  • Wyatt (6TEEN)- Wyatt cannot handle nonsense. He likes peace and quiet and coffee. The end.
  • Lilly (Hannah Montana)- Lilly has been crazy to the highest degree ever since she was a baby. She joined The Copyright and the Glory so she could eat at McDonald's for free.
  • Pedobear (common internet meme)- Pedobear loves stalking little girls, especially when they get mixed up on Coca-Cola. He joined The Copyright and the Glory because there might be little girls.

The Bubblegum Foxes

  • Liberty (from Liberty Porter: First Daughter, a novel by Julia DeVillers)- Ever since her father became president, Liberty has become more confident in being in charge. She joined TCATG becuase she thought it would be fun.
  • Thor (Hannah Montana)- Thor is Lilly's pet bulldog. Lilly made Thor join, so if she gets voted off, she could have a backup.
  • Agnes (Despicable Me)- Agnes joined The Copyright and the Glory so she could buy a unicorn.
  • Denmark (from the comics entitled Scandinavia and the World by DeviantArt user, *humon)- Denmark is less mature than his enemies, Norway and Sweden. They both hate him (except for Norway). He joined because he was bored

The Camel Boogers

  • Rico (Hannah Montana)- Rico's parents are billionaires, which is probably the reason he is such a snob. He always acts immature, and uses brattiness to get his way.
  • Blainely (Total Drama Action)- Blainely loves gossip. In fact, she is a gossip reporter. She joined to earn money so she could buy all the brownies and peppermint ice cream in the world.
  • Nalyd (Total Wikia Island)- Nalyd always feels as if he is surrounded by losers, especially too people named Matt and Sunshine (not Sunshien). He joined to get away from those people
  • Sunshien (I made her up when I was bored)- Sunshien has been a wannabe ever since she was seven years old. Her role models are all the famous pretty actresses, but Sunshien is actually talentless. But she believes that someday, somehow, she will become famous and beautiful.


Chapter 1: Dag Flabbit, I Don't Have a Good Title!

Paulo, a green nerdy dwarf, said, "Hi, viewers! My name is Paulo, and I will be hosting a new show called The Copyright and the Glory! EEEEEEEE!!!!"

Four people (Lilly, Pedobear, Wyatt, Carly) arrived at the campsite. "Hi!" said a blonde girl. "I'm Lilly! This place is awesome! If people get eliminated, do they get buried in the backyard?" Wyatt looked at her strangely.

Pedobear was unhappy, looking at Carly and Lilly. "Are there any girls here who are, say, younger?" he asked.

"Yes," Paulo replied. "But they're not going to be on your team."

"Team?!" Carly said in a surprised tone of voice. "There are other people here?!" A plane arrived at the campsite. Four new people (Agnes, Denmark, Liberty, Thor) hopped off. Pedobear looked at Liberty and Agnes, and smiled.

"They're seriously letting a DOG play?!" Wyatt exclaimed. Another group of people (Nalyd, Sunshien, Blainely, Rico) arrive.

"Oh come on!" Lilly yelled. "Not more people!"

"Oh come on!" Rico yelled even louder. "Not Lilly!" Lilly ripped the hair out of her ponytail and attacked Rico.

"Okay," Paulo announced. "The first group that came is going to be called 'The Plastic Strawberries', the second group will be called 'The Bubblegum Foxes', and the third group will be called 'The Camel Boogers'." The episode ended.

Chapter 2: Do I Have To Do The Whole Challenge?

Paulo woke up the campers and announced, "Today, our challenge will be swimming the Amazon river, then, when you get to the end, you will walk to the Taj Mahal! The first team with all their contestants to the Taj Mahal wins!"

"How on Earth do we walk to the Taj Mahal?!" Blainely asked. "We're in Brazil!"

"Um, you walk up Central and South America, swim the Bering Strait, and walk down Asia till you get to the Taj Mahal."

"Wait a sec," Sunshien asked curiously. "We have challenges?"

"Yup!" Paulo replied. "That's the whole reason you're on this show! Now, change into your swimsuits, and get started!"

"It'" Wyatt mumbled when he got in the water. Carly slowly tried to get in the water. Denmark waved to her and flashed her a pretty smile. Normally, Carly would have been flattered, but she was creeped out, since she didn't know anyone there yet.

"Ahhhhh..." Denmark moaned. "The water is so nice...nice to pee in, that is!" A yellow cloud formed around him. Nalyd backed away.

Take charge, take charge, Liberty thought. "Okay, everyone." She said to the Bubblegum Foxes. "We will all stick together when we swim so we can finish first." The team agreed.

Several hours later, Nalyd arrived at the shore. He saw a whole pizza washed up. Oh well, he thought. I'd better take this pizza along in case I get hungry. A few minutes later, the Bubblegum Foxes arrived. "Victory is ours!" Agnes cried out. Thor ran off.

"NOOOO!!!" Liberty cried. She ran after Thor, and finally retrieved him. They ran as fast as they could, and before they knew it, they were no longer in Brazil. They had reached Colombia, where Pedobear bought lamb and venison, to stash in case they got hungry.

"Pedobear?!" Liberty exclaimed. "What are you doing on our team?!"

"Well," Pedobear explained. "I asked Paulo if Denmark and I could switch teams, and he said yes." Liberty sighed.
Agnes gasped. "It's Nalyd!" she said, pointing to a bus. Nalyd was riding in it.

"He's cheating!" Pedobear yelled. Eleven hours later, the Bubblegum Foxes had reached the Bering Strait. They swam across it. Several minutes after they had finished swimming it, a musical note popped up in the corner. "Time for a musical number!" Paulo announced. Pedobear looked at Agnes and Liberty and sang:

I love little girls they make me feel so good I love little girls they make me feel so bad When they're a



The song Pedobear sang

round they make me feel Like I'm the only guy in

town I love little girls they make me feel so good

Then, everyone was called to the elimination ceremony and cast their votes.


  • Denmark: Thor. There can't be a dog on the show!
  • Agnes: Pedobear. He's scary like Santa Clause!
  • Sunshien: Nalyd. I don't like him that much.
  • Pedobear: Nalyd. He cheated.
  • Thor: No vote. Thor can't talk.
  • Blainely: Nalyd. Like Pedobear said, he cheated.
  • Carly: Denmark. He's creepy.
  • Nalyd: Pedobear.

...And then, Nalyd was eliminated.

Chapter 3: Saving Fat Little Babies

Blainely woke up, brushed her hair, and walked out the cabin door to receive breakfast.

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