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This series takes 4 friends and 8 parents into the future darklands. Template:Infobox series


The Kids of this Chronicles[]

  • Rob Bob- A boy who is a master at electronics.
  • Tom Mom-A boy who loves his mom, Karen Mom and loves his dad, Fred Mom.
  • Clara Marra-A girl who likes to play with dolls and pretend the dolls are marrying each other and making the dolls have dates.
  • Alexis Teds-A girl who likes teddy bears and is half Indian.

The Kids' parents[]

  • Todd Bob-Rob Bob's dad.
  • Courtney Bob-Rob Bob's mom.
  • Karen Mom-Tom Mom's mom.
  • Fred Mom-Tom Mom's dad.
  • Sarah Marra-Clara Marra's mom.
  • Aaron Marra-Clara Marra's dad.
  • Preston Teds-Alexis Teds's dad.
  • Amy Teds-Alexis Teds's mom.


  • Zozoars-The main villain in the show.
  • Sosoarz-Zozoars's opposite that is only a villain for only season 1.
  • Kyle Nomicon-The Kids' old friend who is having revenge due for the kids didn't allow him to come to the future.
  • Dr. Nordos M. Lawrence-A robot who wants to turn trees into monsters.
  • Count Fangula-A vampire who followed the kids and parents into the future.
  • Jaggeredzonist-A dragon man that making a evil cure that will make Kyle Nomicon invincible.
  • King Collosus-A big snow man that is going to take over Antarctica and the Arctic circle and the Arctic Ocean.
  • Techno King Auto Possi-A man who wants to collect all knowledge of everyone in the whole entire universe. Also, to have the cookie in Clara's pocket.
  • Ozozoars-A opposite of Zozoars and Sosoarz and is a big meanie.
  • Theif-A person who stole MEGAtron's experiment, the Protopettron.

more will be added throughout the show.


  • Mayor Phillenex-Mayor of the city and world.
  • Maria Phillenex-The mayor's 15th wife.
  • Tanner Phillenex-One of the mayor's boy children.
  • Tyler Phillenex-The mayor's most athletic boy.
  • Sasha Phillenex-The mayor's most creative girls.
  • Sophie Phillenex-A girl who helps hack into stuff like cameras for the kids in this series.
  • Acercomb Wizzyfidget-The CEO and president of one of the most popular company,MEGAtron.
  • Budolph-A talking reindeer that has a blue nose.
  • Old Man Elder man Santa Maria-A old man brought back from the past before the pilgrims arrived in America who was named after that boat called Santa Maria.
  • Slim Clugnut-A guy who gives "Legal" upgrades to items.
  • Bizzar???-A guy who gives out stuff that are rare.
  • Sidney-A woman that gives out ancient pictures of Sydney, Australia.
  • X-A galactic champion everyone in the whole Galaxy.
  • President Wizzyfidget-This is the brother of Acercomb and the President of the galaxy.
  • Kenny Roethlisberger-He is the great great great great grandson of the famous Steelers player, Ben Roethlisberger.
  • Sarah Criss-The theif who was stopping MEGAtron from using the Protopettron. She was once a MEGAtron employee.


Season 1[]

  1. To the future
  2. Enter Kyle
  3. Meet the mayor
  4. The snow day
  5. The theif chase, part 1
  6. The meeting with the president
  7. The Darkland future chronicles: The Bad City of Metropolis vs. Ratchet and Clank:The televison series
  8. The theif chase, part 2
  9. The galactic annual races
  10. Clara vs. Possi