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'The Darkland future chronicles': The new era of Earth is the sequel to The Darkland future chronicles: The Bad City of Metropolis. The galaxy has been took over by Emperor Talidrone Z. Krail.New heroes are then sent to the future where the kids from the original show was to find some help.


The kids[]

  • Chris Clugnut-He is the grandpa of Slim Clugnut and is cool.
  • Kenny Phillenex-The future president of Metropolis and is elected school president. (Not principal)
  • Ted Nomicon-He is the son of Kyle Nomicon and is a fan of wizards.
  • X-A kid who in the future is a galactic famous racer, now he is good in the sandboxes.


  • Emperor Talidrone Zoutouxh Krail -The main villain.
  • Supreme Ultimate Prime - SUP is a robot that tries to obliterate anything that knows any secert of his race.
  • Omega Nitro -He was a gas transformed into a beast in the Great Crash of 2019.
  • Yin Yang Yoxovic -A Ninja master plotting to take over the world and Japan.
  • Metal Konto - The leader of the Meta Wires.

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