The First Masked Rider
Number 11
Number of episodes: 51
First episode: 1
Last episode: 51
Intro: The First Masked Rider
Adapted from: Kamen Rider Black
Original airing: ?
Chronological Order

MRW Origins: ZX


Saban's Masked Rider

The First Masked Rider is an American tokusatsu fanfic & a prequel to Saban's Masked Rider. It's based on Kamen Rider Black.


A band of aliens called the Mutants are attacking a planet called Edenoi. Luckily, Lexian, the king of Edenoi, sent his son Dregon to fight off the Mutants as the Masked Rider.



Masked Rider Dregon


  • King Lexian - Dregon's father & ruler of Edenoi.
  • Lena - Dregon's beloved sister.
  • Nefaria - Dregon's good friend who's really a spy working for the Mutants!


  • King Kardia - The leader of the Mutants. He appears as a giant evil heart that communicates with the Mutant Generals with telepathy.
  • Skalamar - The legendary warrior member of the Mutants.

Mutant Generals

  • General Trilo - The trilobite-like leader of the Mutant Generals & the most wise & knowledgeable. He can manipulate others by pointing at them. Trilo can discharge laser beams from his fingers & use his feelers like ropes.
  • General Feliphant - A cat/elephant-like Mutant General who is also the tallest. He is usually in charge of the deployment of the Mutants. Feliphant can discharge deadly laser beams from his robotic hands. He also can wield his tusks as weapons.
  • General Pterona - A female white-haired pterosaur-like Mutant General. Pterona can discharge laser beams from her eyes. She can also spin around to create twisters.

Mutant Minions

  • Bat Mutant
  • Spider Mutants
  • Leopard Mutant
  • Silkworm Mutant
  • Flea Mutant
  • Goat Mutant
  • Eagle Mutant
  • Rhinoceros Mutant
  • Cicada Mutant
  • Bee Mutant
  • Lizard Mutant
  • Cactus Mutant
  • Longhorn Beetle Mutant
  • Crab Mutant
  • Mammoth Mutant
  • Rock Turtle Mutant
  • Earwig Mutant
  • Tapir Mutant
  • Black Cat Mutant
  • Aye-Aye Mutant
  • Anemome Mutant
  • Jewel Beetle Mutant
  • Wasp Mutant
  • Ammonite Mutant
  • Coelacanth Mutant
  • Mantis Mutant
  • Buffalo Mutant
  • Slug Moth Mutant
  • Scarab Mutant
  • Armadillo Mutant
  • Squid Mutant
  • Porcupine Mutant
  • Mushroom Mutant
  • Red Salmon Mutant
  • Mole Cricket Mutant
  • Rat Mutant
  • Centipede Mutant
  • Salamander Mutant
  • Cobra Mutant
  • Fly Mutant
  • Stag Beetle Mutant
  • Stickleback Mutant
  • Chameleon Mutant
  • Dogfish Mutant


  • Ecto-Accelerator Belt - A transformation that's been passed down by the royal family for generations. It's used by Dregon to become the Masked Rider.
  • Rider Punch & Rider Kick - The Masked Rider's two finishing moves.
  • Rider Chop - Though not used by the Masked Rider for finishing off monsters, this move can slice through most materials, & it can cut through 100mm of solid steel.
  • Multi-Eyes - The Masked Rider's eyes glow & the functions are to see monsters' movements in the dark & to detect their weaknesses.
  • Sensoring Ears - The triangular structures on both sides of Masked Rider's head glow purple & the function is to hear voices & sounds from far away.
  • Sensor - The Masked Rider's antennae move to detect monsters which are moving too fast to be seen.
  • Electro Stripes - The Masked Rider's Yellow-Red-Yellow bands on his neck & wrists glow to repel any monsters' sticky fluids on his body.


  • Combat Hopper - The Masked Rider's personal motorbike.
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