The Band.

The Girls With Glasses was a band made up of Bessie, Beth, Lindsay, Katie, Sadie and Isabella (however Lindsay, Katie, Sadie and Isabella were only in the band alternatively). The Group went cross country, playing in several cities across America. The group played in several episodes of Crackers or Wackers, including We Got The Band, Into The Sponge, Justin vs. Alejandro, Panini Goes Psycho, I Thought You Were Dead!, The Crush On Charlotte, The Big Official Musical and The Final Concert. The Group retired at the end of the series.



I How Know You
That Doesn't Even Make Any Sense!
I Can't Do That, I'm Way Too Nervous!
The Juice Makes Me Out Of Control
Dead Beat Joke
Finn's Taking A Trip To The Dumpster
Big Official Musical
We Can All Make Things Happen

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