Fan Fiction
This story is rated NC-17.
There is a lot of swearing, violence, and explicit and adult content not suitable for kids. Read at your own risk.


  • Dr. Chris
  • Sam
  • Dakota
  • Izzy


While Sam and Dakota were going to a concert, their car crashed in the middle of nowhere. Upon entering Chris' house, they were captured and put in a surgery room, along with Izzy. Chris decides to create a new Sex Toy called "The Human Centipussy". What he does is sew Sam's mouth to Izzy's pussy, whilst his pussy is sewn to Dakota's mouth. What that does is have Izzy's cum go to Sam's mouth while their cum goes to Dakota. Hence, Chris has created the best sex toy ever.


  • This story is a crossover between "Human Centipede" and "Total Drama"