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Bubblegum Crisis: The Iron Age is a crossover between Bubblegum Crisis and Iron Man written by the crew at Eyrie Productions Unlimited. It is an evolution/reboot of the earlier EPU story Hopelessly Lost. The Iron Age finds Benjamin Stark, independent reporter and owner of Stark Industries, and his close friend/bodyguard MegaZone going to Mega Tokyo Japan to get some hard facts on the Knight Sabers.

The series currently has three stories, nominally called issues, currently released.

  • Issue #1: "Meet Interesting Singles in your Area" - The first story finds Mr. Stark, with the use of some palm repulsors, and MegaZone helping out Priss Asagiri in fighting off and destroying a rogue boomer. During the fight Priss becomes injured requiring Stark and MegaZone to take her home. While doing so they also remove her hardsuit and, thanks to some poor surveillance by the other girls, easily discover who the remainder of the Knight Sabers are. This leads them to make a deal effectively adding them to the team.
  • Issue #2: "Weapon" - The second story focuses mostly on the history behind how Benjamin Hutchins became Benjamin Stark, user of the Iron Man suit.
  • Issue #3: "This Year's Model" - The third story includes the creation of the portable Arc reactor and the Iron Man Mk. II suit.

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