The Jolly Brothers

From left to right: Willy and Wally

The Jolly Brothers (named Willy and Wally Jolly) are the childhood heroes of Toto and King Joe and the stars of the 1950's TV show, The Jolly Brothers Show. They first appear as major characters in Brendam: Collision Course and appear as minor characters in Brendam: There and Back Again. They are Brendam's Greatest Defenders of Fun.


  • They are parodically based on several famous cinematic swashbucklers; Robin Hood, Zorro, Puss in Boots, and the Three Musketeers. They use their traits:
    • Wally shoots bows and arrows like Robin Hood.
    • During the Brothers' big entrances, Willy carves a J on a tree like Zorro carves a Z.
    • Both brothers speak in Spanish accents like Puss in Boots.
    • After the defeat of their arch-nemesises, both brothers say "All for one, and one for all!", like the Three Musketeers.
  • Despite appearing as major characters in Brendam: Collision Course, they briefly appear in a flashback at the beginning of the movie and first appear in person during the climax of the movie where they are discovered by Toto and King Joe on their home. They are absent in the trailers (except the final one while having silent roles), but appear in the posters (their younger versions appear on the teaser poster and their older versions appear on their character poster).


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