The Legend of The Golden Dragon God Emperor, The First Infinite Dragon God & The First True Dragon is a Evangelion / High School DxD crossover.

Shinji Ikari gets a original longinus gear called Divine Gear.

The Golden Dragon God Emperor is sail to be more powerful than Ophis & Great Red but is weaker than their older siblings: Misato & Ritsuko.

Shinji is a servant of Rias Gremory.

Misato Katsuragi & Ritsuko Akagi are the older sisters of Ophis & Great Red.

This story is inspired by The Maburaho & High School DxD Mega crossover story called Magical Devils.

Kazuki Shikimori replaces Issei Hyoudou as the weilder of Boosted Gear and The 10 Commandments Sword from Rave Master.

This is an alternate universe retelling of High School DxD.

This crossover features Medaka Box, Neo Sailor Moon Solar, Gundam SEED, Kingdom Hearts, Looney Tunes Zero, Transformers and InuYasha.

The Alternate Title is called Magcial Devils: The Legend of The Golden Dragon God Emperor, The Crimson Dragon Emperor of The 10 Commandments, The First Infinite Dragon God & The First True Dragon God Emperor


After Shinji Ikari rejects Third Impact & saves the world. He is then killed by a fallen angel, then resurrected as a devil by Rias Gremory. He'll discoverer his guardians connection to the supernatural world and realize his true power within The Divine Gear, because inside it contains The most powerful dragon in existence who is more powerful than Great Red & Ophis.

Team DxD



  • Shinji will be able to Draco's Juggernaut Drive because he is the gear's first wielder.
  • Kazuki is Half Angel / Half Fallen Angel / Half Devil. He can use The Complete Balance Breaker of Boosted Gear during the Kokabiel battle.
  • Shinji could use The Balance Breaker of Divine Gear during teh Rating Game against The Phenex Team. Shinji unlocked the gear's full power during his training with Misato & Ritsuko.
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