Fan Fiction

(A/N) This is a Warriors and Legend of Zelda crossover, and basically The Wind Waker. If this is different it's because I don't have the game and/or this is MY version. The Leaders are based off of Aria Snow's (from DISCLAIMER: I think you guys know I'm not Miyamoto or Erin Hunter.



Link- A green tom with brown paws and forelegs with green eyes.

Tetra- An dark blue she-cat with cream colored paws and ocean blue eyes.

Princess Zelda- A light pink silk-furred she-cat with ocean blue eyes

Aryll- A light blue she-cat with sky-blue eyes.

Ganondorf- A black tom covered in red swirl-like markings and has amber eyes.

Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule- A red tom with blue eyes.

Medli- A light brown she-cat with golden eyes.

Makar- A small green tom with brown eyes and white paws.

Powerstar- A red she-cat with striking silver eyes. Is the Leader of Power.

Couragestar- A green she-cat with striking silver eyes. Is the Leader of Courage.

Wisdomstar- A blue she-cat with striking silver eyes. Is the Leader of Wisdom.


A green she-cat stared down at the Starpool, her silver eyes glowing with curiosity. The Starpool showed a green tom, around six moons, padding up to the Watchtower on his island. A red she-cat with the same silver eyes stalked up to the green she-cat and looked at the tom through the Starpool.

"Couragestar? Are you serious?" The red she-cat looked at the tom with scorn. "He's barely an apprentice!"

"Yes, Powerstar. He's definetly the one." Couragestar meowed. "This must be the reincarnation of the Hero of Time! I can feel it."

"Yes," A blue she-cat who had her sisters' silver eyes padded up to them. "This must be the one the Creators of Destiny told us about." Powerstar sighed.

"Very well. If Wisdomstar says he is the one, then who am I to disagree? But I do have one question..." Powerstar turned to face Wisdomstar. "What about the other one? The flame-colored she-cat of the faraway clan?"

"Do not worry," Wisdomstar strode in between her sisters to gaze at the Starpool. "If this apprentice is truly the one, then their destinies shall be intertwined."

Chapter 1 - Young Tom's Birthday[]

A young blue she-cat padded out of her den. "Big brother!" she yowled. She padded in the direction of the Watchtower. "Big brother!" A green tom with brown forelegs and paws was curled up on the Watchtower, sleeping. "Link! I knew you'd be here!" The tom, Link, whipped around, only to relax as he reconized the blue she-cat as his younger sister, Aryll.

"Hey, Aryll." Link meowed. "What's new?"

"Grandma wants to give you a present. She says it's very special." Aryll turned her head in the direction of the den. "You should go see her."

"Alright, Aryll," Link turned toward the ladder. "I'll be right back." Link climbed down and raced toward his den. "Grandma? I'm here!" A cream she-cat, Link's Grandma, turned around. Clenched between her teeth was a brilliant blue collar, the color of the ocean.

"Happy birthday, Link." She gave the collar to him.

"Grandma, don't kittypets wear this?"

"Not this one, Link. It's very special. The Hero of Time himself wore this." Link put it on eagerly. "Now go play with your sister. You'll want to run around a bit before your apprentice ceremony." Link dashed outside and up the Watchtower again. Aryll was looking out onto the sea.

"Will I ever see the world beyond Outset Island?" she wondered quietly. She turned around to face Link. "Oh, hi Link! Nice collar!" Aryll stroked the collar with one small paw. "I got a present for you too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" She meowed, handing out her favorite telescope.

"Thanks, Aryll! Let's try it out!" He peered through the telescope and saw a large brown tom, the postcat, sorting through the letters in his Delivery Bag. Suddenly his sister started yowling in terror.

"LINK! LOOK UP THERE! IN THE SKY!!!" Link pointed the telescope upwards to see a huge bird. In it's talons it held an dark blue she-cat. The bird was moving quickly, as if trying to flee from something. Link turned the telescope to find a ship. Pirates! He thought fearfully. The pirates were shooting cannon balls at the bird. Finally, one hit the huge bird in the face, and it dropped the she-cat.

"I gotta go save her, don't I?"


Chapter 2 - The Forest[]

"Well, how am I supposed to do that?" Link meowed with an edge to his voice.

"Well, you should go to Orca. Hopefully you'll leave with slightly sharper claws." Link looked down at his paws and unsheathed his claws. Aryll was right. His claws were short and blunt.

"Ok. See ya, Aryll." Link would soon regret saying those words. He climbed down the ladder again and headed for his neighbor's den. "Orca?"

"Link! What's the problem?" Link opened his mouth to speak but Orca spoke first. "Well, whatever it is, it is no laughing matter. Have you come for a bit of training?" Link nodded. "Very well." Orca leapt for Link, but Link dodged and slid under the black tom's white underbelly, raking it with his claws. After a few more rounds, the two stopped. They had a few scratches, nothing serious. "Good job, Link! This session is officially over." Link turned to leave to den. He didn't hear Orca say "May StarClan light your path."

Link padded up the path, sqeezing between a line of trees, crossing a bridge with a missing board, and went inside a cave. He found himself in a large forest. Looking around, he saw the she-cat hanging on a branch by her scruff. The branch was piercing it. Ouch, Link thought. He crawled through a hollow log, only to see some weird monster up ahead. Good thing I sharpened my claws on one of those trees. He charged out, yowling, toward the strange creature. The creature tried to knock Link off balance at first, but that was hard, considering his small size. Link had an idea. He started dashing around the weirdo in a circle, confusing it. After the creature was clearly dizzy, Link leapt on it's back and tore at it. The creature crumpled to the ground with a pained howl before disintegrating. Shrugging, Link continued. After leaping over a ledge, Link heard something unusual. He turned to see smaller versions of the huge bird carrying two more of the creatures. For StarClan's sake! he thought. The birds dropped the monsters, and Link used his new move on both of them, finishing them quickly.

"Ugh..." Link turned to see the she-cat had woken up. About time too. The stranger eyes widened as she realized she was hanging by her own scruff. She began to struggle, but the branch, unable to support her much longer, broke and the dark blue she-cat hit the ground with a thud. "OOOOOUUUUCH!!!" She yowled. Link leapt up to face her. The she-cat looked at the collar with slight interest in her blue eyes. "What's with the collar?" she asked. "Well, whatever. So where am I?" Suddenly a loud yowl came from behind her.

"Miss! MISS TETRA!!!" A large, muscular green tom came running from another cave to face the she-cat, apperantly Tetra. "Oh, I was so worried! When that bird dropped you on the summit I thought for sure you'd-" The tom didn't finish his sentence.

"Wait, so that bird dropped me on a mountain? How nice of it!" Tetra meowed sarcastically. Well, aren't you a smart one? Link thought. Tetra turned to the cave the tom came from. "Well don't just stand there, Gonzo! LET'S GO! Time to repay our debt to that mangy piece of crow-food in full!"

"But Miss, what about this kit?" Gonzo asked. I'M NOT A KIT!!! Link yowled in his mind.

"Don't worry about him! Come on!" Tetra raced inside the cave with Gonzo right behind her.

"Wow. These cats are crazy." Link muttered before following them.

Chapter 3 - Setting Sail[]

Link padded out of the cave to find himself in front of that bridge again. Aryll was on the other side, waving her tail in greeting.

"Hello, big brother!" Aryll called out to Link. Link smiled and waved back with his tail. Aryll started padding across the bridge when Link heard a familiar cry. The large bird had returned. It quickly swooped up Aryll and was flying away. "LIIIINK!!!"

"Aryll! NOOOO!" Without thinking, Link hurled himself off of the edge of the cliff, realizing at the last moment that it was useless. He felt claws digging into his forepaw, and the falling stopped.

"Stupid kit! Get a hold of yourself! There's nothing you can do!" Tetra's voice came from above him. As he watched the bird fly off into the distance, he felt one tear fall.

Back on the beach, Link padded up to Tetra as she and her crew were preparing to leave.

"Tetra, can I come with you to find my sister?"

"What!? You want to come with us?" Tetra meowed in disbelief. No, I want to stay and eat some cookies. Of course I want to come! Link thought angrily. "Do you know what you're asking? We're pirates. You know, PIRATES! The terror of the seas!" Oh, I'm so scared now. Link was growing impatient. "And to sum it up, you losing you're sister doesn't have anything to do with us." What?! This has everything to do with you!

"And how do you figure that?" A brown tom, the postcat, confronted the Pirates.

"Hey! What do you want, butting in on somecat's conversation!" Gonzo retorted. Like you were in this conversation!

"Please!" The postcat rolled his eyes. "All I want to say is if you big bad pirates," Link could sense the sarcasm in his voice, "hadn't come to this quiet little island, that poor kit wouldn't have gotten snatched by that bird!"

"And just what do you mean by that!?" Tetra retorted. Mouse-brain! His words are as clear as day!

"Just be quiet for a moment and I'll tell you!" The postcat hissed. "You know because of my job, I travel much of the time. As a result I hear many things. Have you heard word that all young she-cats are being kidnapped from all regions of the Great Sea?" Tetra looked uncomfortable. "No matter. Whether you heard it or not, she-cats with blue eyes have been getting kidnapped, never to be seen again. And I do believe that that kit had blue eyes...much like you do!" Now Tetra looked extremely uncomfortable. The postman continued. "Now, I don't think it would be unwise to take Link with you, after all, he was the one who saved you from the monsters, so you owe him."

"I don't need you to tell me that!" Tetra turned to Link. "Fine. But you have to say good-bye to your family and friends, 'cause you'll be gone for a while." Link turned and left quickly. He didn't like the idea of traveling with her. Link said his good-byes, then returned to the ship. "You ready?" Link nodded.

They climbed on board. By the time one of the pirates banged the gong, everycat on Outset Island was on the shore, wishing Link luck. Link waved his tail sadly. Outset Island was the only place he'd ever known. Then he turned to see his Grandma watching from outside the den. Link waved to her too, and didn't show any sign of stopping.

"Ugh, how much longer is this going to go on, do you think? Do you have an estimate?" Link turned around to see Tetra. " Are you sure you wanna do this. Seriously, think about it. I can just tell you're going to get more and more sentimental from here on out." Cocky, aren't you? "There's still time, ya know. Are you sure we shouldn't just take you back to your island?" Link turned away from Tetra's gaze and looked to the fading Outset Island, his eyes narrowed. He wasn't going back.

Chapter 4 - The Most Boring Trip Ever[]

Link turned to see what he could do, when Tetra's annoyed voice came from behind him.

"Hey! Kit! You can't just hang out here! You'll get in everycat's way! Go see Niko. He'll find something for you to do."

"Alright," Link turned to stare at Tetra, his eyes burning with anger. "And by the way, I'm NOT a kit!!!" Link turned and went below deck before Tetra could say anything else. Link padded down some stairs into a large room with hanging lanterns and platforms, where a cream tom his age was waiting. "Hi. Are you Niko?"

"Yep!" Niko meowed cheerfully. "Ok, swabbie! I'm going to test you!" Niko pointed to the platforms with his tail. "Let's see if you can get to the other side before the platforms go down!" Niko pressed a switch, and the platforms rose. "If you ever need to reset the time, just press that switch over there." Niko pointed to another switch across the room. Then the cream tom leapt onto the closest platform. "Watch this!" Niko leapt onto one of the lanterns hanging from the ceiling, digging his claws into the rope. Then he leapt onto the next platform, and repeated, until he reached the other side of the room, where the entrance to another room was. "It'll take you at least a moon before you can make it here! One rough moon!" But in 30 seconds, Link was already halfway there. This crazy cat has got to be kidding me! After another 30 seconds, Link was in front of Niko. "Wha- you made it already!?!?!" Niko muttered to himself then turned to Link again. "Tell you what. You can have what's in the treasure chest behind me." Link opened it, only to feel a bit disappointed because it was a bag. With a face.

"LIIIINK! GET UP HERE! WE'VE ARRIVED AT THE FORSAKEN FORTRESS!!!" Finally, Link thought with a sigh, I can get off of this boring ship!

Chapter 5 - Sneaking Around[]

"Link! Up here!" Link looked up in the Crow's Nest to see Tetra. As Link climbed the ladder to the Crow's Nest, he looked up at the blazing stars of Silverpelt, where StarClan were watching. They are all I have left. I've lost my parents, my sister, and I left my Grandma at home so I can go save Aryll. When he finally got to the top, Tetra was eyeing him suspisiously. "What were you doing with Niko?" She hissed. That's none of your business! "Don't tell me you were playing some stupid game...for treasure, were you?" She'll kill me if she finds out, even if it was a stupid treasure! "Well, whatever!" Holy Starclan, that was close! "Take a look over there." Link turned to see an island with a large tower jutting up from it. "That's the cursed isle known as the Forsaken Fortress." Huge spotlights circled the tower. "This won't do. We'll be spotted before we're anywhere near the shore!"

"Heh. You could put me in a barrel and shoot me over there. Like that'll work!" Link turned to see Tetra looking at him with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Oh, StarClan, no..." Then something hit Link on the back of his head, and he blacked out.

Link woke up in a barrel. Wait, WHAT?! Link struggled to pull himself out of the barrel.

"Hey, kit! Relax!" Tetra smiled. "We pirates do this all the time. We're pros; we're gonna launch you good!"

"3!" Oh, no. Launch? He realized his barrel was on a catapult.

"2!" This cannot be good.

"1!!!" Gonzo cut the rope and the catapult launched.

"HOOOOOLLLYYY STAAAAARCLAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!" Link's barrel flew through the air and hit the wall of the Fortress. Pain shot through his paws as he fell into a small pool of water. He splashed out, than took a look as his paws. Under all the blood, his claws were broken. "Mouse-dung!" He hissed.

"Oh, your claws broke? Darn! I'm sorry!" Link felt something poking him from underneath his collar. He pulled out a small , glowing blue stone. Tetra's voice came from it. "Heh. I slipped this stone underneath your collar before you woke up."

"Oh, well that's nice to know. Meanwhile I'm here with no way of defending myself."

"Oh, shut up, kit."

"Okay, first, I have a name. Link. Second, I'm not a kit!!"

"Just go, Link." Link stuffed the stone under his collar. He crept up to some barrels. No, it'll make my chances of stealth slimmer. Staying close to the shadows, he crept his way up the tower, having a few close calls. Finally, his claws no longer throbbed with pain. He began to sharpen them as best as he could, when some spikes rose up from behind him. Mouse-dung! One of the guards, a green version of the monsters he fought on Outset Island, ran toward him with a large blade. Thank StarClan I just sharpened my claws! Using his new leap-and-tear move, Link made quick work of the guard.

Link slipped through the doors to find himself in a bright room with a large ramp spiralling up to the top.

"Big brother!" Link turned to see Aryll in a cage with two other girls. One had brown, patchy fur, and the other was a sort of pink, with long fur. He started toward the cage when Link heard a faint flapping noise. Looking up, Link saw the huge bird decending into the room. Ah, Fox-dung! With a loud screech, the creature swooped down, (in the little space it had,) and picked up Link in its beak. "Link!" Aryll's cry echoed throughout the chamber as the bird carried Link upwards and out of the room.

Link struggled to get out of the fould bird's grasp. "Let me go, mangy piece of fox-dung! I'll tear you to pieces!" However, nothing worked. The bird flew up to the very top of the tower, where a half of a ship laying. On a sort of balcony, a black tom with strange red markings sat, his amber eyes fixed on Link. "What the Firestar...?" Why does this tom look so familiar? The tom's tail twitched, and the bird tossed Link with a loud screech.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Link's vision was growing dark, and before he passed out, the only thing he could hear, or sense in general, was his own yowling.

Chapter 6 - Windfall[]

(A/N) If you haven't noticed, italics, (I hope I spelled that correctly,) are Link's thoughts.

"Link..." For a moment, Link could see the sun and sky. Then it all turned black again.

"Pull yourself together, Link!" Link opened his eyes and stood up. He was on a small red boat with a dragon-like head. "Well? Have you come to your senses?" Link looked around for the voice's owner, but no one was in sight. Then the weirdest thing happened: the boat's head turned around and spoke. "You are surprisingly dull-witted..." Link jumped backward and fell into the shallow water with a startled yowl. The boat laughed heartily.

"I don't see how this is funny." Link meowed, an edge to his voice. This boat looks familiar, just like that shadow cat...

"Ok then. I'm the King of Red Lions."

"Red lions?"

"Oh, shut up. Anyways, I saw you venture into the Forsaken Fortress. Though you showed tremendous courage, such a bold attempt was foolhardy!" Link's eyes narrowed. "You saw him. The black tom who commands that monstrous bird." Monstrous is an understatement. "His Ganondorf. He is the King of Evil, the one the Hero of Time defeated. Ganondorf wanted the powers of a Leader, but the Hero of Time sealed him away, and the Three Leaders enforced the seal. I do not know why the seal failed, but one thing is for sure: unless someone stops him, he will gain the power and revenge he seeks."

"Well, let's go! Might as well since he's keeping my sister."

"Do not be so hasty! I have magical powers, and I can't defeat him, let alone what little strength you possess!"

"Well, you're nice."

"Just shut up and get a sail so we can go after the Three Pearls. The Pearls will then reveal the next stage." Muttering, Link shook himself, then padded up the island. Cats were talking, playing, or just walking around. Link bounded up to a sign that said "Windfall Island."

"Huh. Windfall." Link padded underneath a stone ramp that led to the marketplace. None of the salescats seemed to be selling anything that looked like a sail. He was starting to give up when an older tom's voice came from the stand behind him.

"Hold up, young apprentice." Finally! Someone who knows I'm six moons old and not three!

"Yes, sir?" The tom was gray, and his blue eyes were gentle.

"Listen, I want to open a shop here, so I need to sell an item that is very special to me."

"If it is so special, then I'll take it. How much?"

"80 rupees, please." Link was glad he had collected so many at the Forsaken Fortress. He gave the large tom his pouch, which held all of his rupees. The tom took 80, then returned the pouch and gave Link a sail.

"Thank you." Link started in the direction of the King of Red Lions, but stopped as something caught his eye. They looked like leg-comforters, and were meant to go around a cat's forelegs. They were brown, just like his own forelegs, and had pockets for storage. Those could come in handy. "How much for them?" He asked the salescat, his tail pointing at the leather leg-bands.

"20 rupees. They're on sale." Link gave the salescat his pouch, and was given the leg-bands and left with 10 rupees. Link frowned. I need to get more rupees. He put on the leg-bands. It went all the way down to his paws. Putting his pouch in a pocket on his right leg, and the stone in his collar in his left one. Link then raced down the hill to th King of Red Lions.

"Are you ready, Link?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

"Then, let's get going. The first Pearl is at Dragon Roost Island, home of the Rito Tribe. I will mark this island and Dragon Roost on what will be your Sea Chart. I might as well add the Forsaken Fortress while I'm at it." King of Red Lions somehow managed to pick up a pen -in his mouth of course, where else? -and drew the three islands on the Sea Chart. Link then jumped into the small red boat and put the sail up, letting the wind blow through it. They sailed until they reached an island with a large mountain coming up. Near the top of the mountain was a ring of smoke, and at the very top sat a huge red dragon. They had arived at Dragon Roost.

Chapter 7 - Dragon Roost[]

"Here we are, Link. Dragon Roost." Link jumped off of the King of Red Lions and onto the shore. "Wait a minute, Link." Link turned to face the small boat. The King of Red Lions had something that looked like a silver stick. "This is a legendary baton known as the Wind Waker. It has tremendous power, and I think it will aid you on your quest." Link took the baton and put it under a leather strip over his right paw on the leg-bands. "One more thing, Link. Take a look at your claws." Link unsheathed his claws, and gasped. They looked like they had never been broken, and were sharper then before the Fortress!

"Thanks, King!" Link dashed up the mountain, blowing up boulders with the Bomb Flowers. When he reached a sort of balcony, he saw a familiar brown tom looking out over the sea. The postcat turned and gasped.

"Link!" A smile crossed the brown tom's face. "You're alright! Did...did you save your sister?" Link looked away. The postcat's expression turned to sympathy. "Don't worry Link. She'll be fine. While your here, we might be able to help. I'll tell the chieftain you're here. Oh, and call me Quill." Quill leapt off of the side. When Quill reappeared, his forelegs were wings. Aw! I want wings! Link raced up the pathway the balcony provided. Inside, a large brown tom was talking to Quill. Link approched the tom.

"Ahh, you must be the young apprentice Quill has told me about. Link, is it?" Link nodded. "I see. Unfortunatly, we cannot help you at the moment. We have our own problems. The great Sky Spirit, the dragon Valoo, is raging mad and we have no idea why. This is extremely important as we get our wings from receiving a scale from Valoo. We cannot approch him, and so the apprentices can't get their wings, and our very way of life is threatened. I'm terribly sorry, but my tribe must come first."

"Sir, what about the young prince? Link might just help Komali." Quill said

"He just might..." The chieftain returned his amber gaze to Link. "My son, Komali, is old enough to get his wings. But he has taken Valoo's anger to heart and says it's just hopeless. You might be able to cheer him up. I also have a letter for him. It is with Valoo's young attendant, Medli." Link nodded and dashed for a room to his right. A light brown she-cat, the lightest shade of brown Link had ever seen, was facing him, a letter clutched in her mouth.

"Here you go. Oh, and Link," Link had turned to leave when Medli said his name. "Meet me in Dragon Roost Cavern, at the top of the main cave." Medli then left, leaving a confused Link behind. Link shrugged then went to see Komali. It wasn't much. Link just gave him the letter, Link offered to calm Valoo for him, Komali said that he couldn't and sent him away. End of story. With nothing better to do, Link padded up the ramp to the entrance to Dragon Roost Cavern. Link stepped into the Cavern, and almost got swept off of his paws. What is with this wind? Link wondered as he dug his claws into the ground to keep himself from flying. He realized he was on a ledge, and looked down to see Medli, her claws digging into the ground too.

"I'm sorry for taking you to this dangerous place, but I must figure out what is troubling Valoo. It's just, I can't get up to that ledge!" Her tail pointed to the other side of the room. Medli was right. The ledge was pretty high. "If I can get some wind under my wings, I can just make it!" Link got in idea.

"Alright, Medli. Get on my back, and prepare to jump off. Jump when I say 'go!'" Medli did as she was told. Soon the wind was blowing right for the ledge. "GO!" Medli jumped off and flew to the ledge.

"Thanks Link! And here! It just might help you..." Medli threw an empty bottle down and left, entering the Cavern. Link looked at a puddle near a rock, which appeared to be blocking something. Link then looked at a couple of shriveled bomb flowers behind him, and smiled. He was going after Medli. And he knew just how to do it.

Chapter 8 - Darn Scorpions![]

Link leapt down and scooped up some of the remaining water from the puddle. Then he scrambled up the ledge again and sprinkled the water on a bomb flower. A bomb instantly sprouted. Link picked up the bomb as it started to sizzle. Aiming carefully while balencing the bomb on on paw, he pitched it at the giant rock. The rock blew up on impact and water gushed from where the rock used to be. It soon filled up to reack the hight of the two ledges and Link swam across, having much difficulty, since Link was never a strong swimmer. Link climbed out and continued into the Cavern, not attempting to dry his long fur. As soon as he stepped inside, he could see lava and he could see the heat.

The Cavern wasn't so bad. The only thing that annoyed him (other then the fact that his long fur was causing overheat) was the scorpion-thingies. Especially in one of the lava-geyser rooms. He had a heavy jar of water on his back and was about to throw it at the geyser when something hit him and sent the jar of water rolling into the lava. Growling, Link turned to see an odd-looking scorpion. Ignoring it, he leapt back to get another jar. It wasn't until the third time that Link realized letting the scorpion live was a mistake. In a rage, Link turned on the scorpion.

"Alright, that's it!" He hissed. "I've had enough of this, you darn scorpion!" Link raked his claws down the creature's single eye. It let out a pained hiss and fell into the lava. "That'll teach you to mess with me..." Link went back, grabbed another jug, and continued. Link eventually found an exit outside. He dug his claws into the ground as he felt the strong winds hit him again. This is just as bad as at the Cavern's entrance! Link eventually made it to the top, to find that two green bokoblins were guarding a cage. And in that cage was Medli, scratching the bars and hissing with defiance. Ah, great! I don't have time for such mouse-dung! Link raced forward and scratched one to the death, while the other one kept getting hit by Link hind legs. When the first one was finally dead, Link turned on the other one and raked his claws down it's face. Link then leapt on it and clawed it's back until it fell. Then he heard a bird's cry and Link turned to see one of the smaller birds carrying a pig-like creature Link reconized from the Forsaken Fortress: A moblin. Link realized that this guy wouldn't be defeated as easily as the bokoblins. Link used his signiture move and tore the creature's back. It went down easily. "Oh, yeah!" Link cheered. Medli's prison magically opened. She sighed in relief.

"Thanks, Link! I finally found out what was troubling Valoo. Some nasty creature is doing something to his tail! It's in the room right below. Take this Grappling Hook. You'll need it to defeat that monster!" With that Medli flew down the mountain.

"Thanks, Medli." Link murmured. He went back down and found the key to the boss chamber. "I just hope it isn't like those scorpions..." Link muttered to himself. The lava pit in front of him started boiling, and a huge creature burst out. And it could breathe fire. The worst part? It looked just like those scorpions. Mouse-dung! Link saw Valoo's tail hanging from the ceiling, and got an idea. Before the mega-scorpion could strike, Link got out his new Grappling Hook and shot it at Valoo's tail. Link swung over the scorpion and landed safly on the other side. A roar sounded from above as Valoo's tail swerved madly from side to side, until a huge slab of rock fell on the fire-breathing fiend. It's rock-hard skin cracked. Link did this twice more, until the rock-like skin broke off into shards. Or at least, Link had thought it was the skin. Link realized with fear that it was only it's armor. But Link had a feeling that this guy had a weak point in its eye. Just to test it out, Link used the Hook to grab its eye and bring it closer. He lashed at with his claws and it let out a roar of pain, pulling back from the range of Link's claws. Link was able to do this one more time before the giant boss realized what he was doing and started dodging Link's Grappling Hook. Link's expression soon turned from annoyance to anger and frustration. That was before Link's left flank got singed by the creature's fire breath.

Link was filled with fury. In fact, he found himself shaking with it. "Alright you stupid scorpion! I've had enough of this! STARSKY!!!!!" Link didn't even know why, but he leapt and found himself soaring. Link raked his claws down the creature's eye and landed on the other side safely. His left paw was drenched in blood. He looked up to see the megascorpion explode into lava. It's head flew off and landed a few feet away from Link, then exploded. Link let out a yowl of triumph as the lava turned into a black mist, and a tornado-like portal appeared in the center. Link stepped out onto the mist and found out it was more like an invisible floor. He raced into the portal, and in a few moments, found himself on the shore. A loud roar came from the top of the mountain, and two cats came out to greet him: Medli and Komali. Komali was kicking an orange ball gently in his direction. Link put a paw over it to stop it while Medli spoke to Komali.

"Don't you have something to say?"

"I'm sorry for doubting you, Link. You can keep my ball; it'll give me the courage to stand up to bad things. I want to be as brave as you!" Link's ears flattened against his head and grew hot. Link gave a half-embarrassed smile. Then his vision went black for a moment, and he heard a she-cat's voice.

"Use the Wind Leader's Wind..."

"Link!" Medli's voice pulled Link from his trance. "You ok?"

"Yeah..I have a question. Do you know anything about the Wind Leader?"

"Sorry, I don't. But it might have something to do with the Wind Shrine." She pointed her tail to an arch that was cut through the mountain.

" Well, I'll see you again sometime, Link...with the best pair of wings ever!!!" With that, Komali turned and raced up the mountain.

"Komali, wait up!" Medli started to go after him, then turned to face Link. "I'll see you again someday, Link." Medli raced up the mountain after Komali, leaving Link with the first of the Pearls: Powerstar's Pearl.

Chapter 9 - Leader of Winds and A Hungry Plant[]

Link brought the Pearl to the King of Red Lions, then padded under the arch to the other side of the island. A small island -- no, smaller than that. It could hold around three cats! -- was in front of him. After wading through the shallow water, Link found two stones. One had writing on it, and the other was broken and Link couldn't read it. Link saw some arrows on the readable stone. Link took out the Wind Waker and waved it in the directions the arrows pointed: up, left, right. The wind changed direction instantly, and a brown she-cat appeared beside him. Link let out a surprised hiss. "Windstar?"

"Yep. I'm the Leader of Wind. Nice breeze you got there." Link smiled and nodded his thanks. The first leader of the ancient Windclan was praising him! "What you just played is called the Wind's Requiem. It changes the wind direction. Use it wisely, young apprentice. Before I forget, could you do me a favor and hit my brother, Cyclonestar, with an arrow or two if you see him? He goes around torturing people with his cyclones because his Shrine Stone here is broken." Link nodded. "Oh, and by the way, that huge leap you did back there, remember the word you said before that. It unlocks the stars..." With that, Windstar faded.

Link hopped into the King of Red Lions and was heading for their next destination, Forest Haven, to get Couragestar's Pearl. Along the way, Link realized why the King of Red Lions and Ganondorf had looked so familiar: his dream, the one he had before Aryll got kitnapped. Link started remembering everything in his dream, the pink she-cat and red tom, the King and Ganondorf, even the prophecy: Time will become Wind, the princess revealed and the Dark King destroyed. But Link also remembered why he didn't want it to come true: at the end, he could see himself, dead. The King of Red Lions brought him back from his thoughts.

"We are here, Link." There were two small islands. One had a river coming from a cave at the top with a waterfall leading to the ocean, and the other was more like a mountain, with vines covering the cliffs at the bottom. Link stepped onto the shore of the river island. A forest scent washed over him, and reminded him of Outset. Eagerly, Link climbed up a tree and leapt on top of the waterfall. Dispite his hunger, the forest scent gave him strength. Link killed the octoroks in the river like nothing and entered the cave. He found himself in a huge forest with a large tree with a face in the middle. Wait..a face?! Link went to get a closer look, and a bunch of goo creatures fell off of it. Link raced over to the creatures and killed them all. A platform rose from below Link and rose until he was level to the tree's "eyes." The tree spoke, but Link had no idea what the tree was saying. Link gave the tree a confused look.

"Oh," The tree spoke normally. "I'm sorry. I just saw your pelt and I was taken back to another time. That is what caused me to speak the ancient tongue. I am the Great Deku Tree, and I am grateful to you for ridding me of those awful ChuChus. Welcome, young apprentice, to the Forest Haven. This is home to the Korok. Show yourselves!" the tree yet out a yowl. "This young cat is not your enemy!" A bunch of small cats with green fur, like his own, leapt from the trees, large leaves tied to their backs. As they floated down, they looked at Link with curiosity. Link looked up to the Deku Tree.

"Thank you for your welcome. Do you happen to have Couragestar's Pearl?" The Korok started whispering to each other.

"I do have the Pearl, but I cannot give it to you now," Link's bright expression dimmed a little. "We must perform a special ceremony that we only do once a moon. If we are late to perform, we might face certain death." Link nodded in understanding. "Are you ready, Korok?"

"W-we are not Great Tree! Something terrible has happened! It is Makar! Makar!" A rather skinny Korok tom floated down on his leaf. Before the Deku Tree could ask, the skinny tom continued. "He flew over the Forbidden Woods! As he grew close to it he-"

"Foolish little Makar!" The Tree cut the tom off. "Link, you heard everything, correct? I apologize for asking, but could you rescue Makar for us, please?"

"Sure. Helping you won't hurt me, will it?"

"Unfortunatly, it might. The Forbidden Woods is filled with all sorts of monsters, including their vile leader, Kalle Demos, a giant carnivorous plant." The Great Deku Tree warned him.

"And you can't fly!" The tom said. "You can't even get there!"

"True...but we can fix that." The Tree seemed to concentrate, then winced as a leaf sprang from a group of leaves, but stayed put. "You can use the purple flowers to get up to the leaf." Link got into the purple flower, and it shot him up to the next platform. It took a little work, it was not easy aiming blind, but Link eventually made it to the leaf. He clipped it to the band on his right foreleg and leapt from branch to branch until he was at the top of the island. Link unclipped the Deku Leaf, tied it around his back, and leapt in the direction of the other island. The wind didn't need its direction changed; it changed by itself. He landed gently in the Forbidden Woods and began his quest. To Link, the Forbidden Woods was cooler than Dragon Roost Cavern. Link especially like the rooms where he could use the Leaf and rooms with the ground that acting like platforms. In fact, the only room Link hated so far was the Spike Plant maze. Link had made it out, but was covered in small cuts.

Now, Link stepped into a smaller room, and something began glowing on the opposite side. To Link's surprise, a giant moth-like creature sprang forth, summoning those annoying spikies. They didn't hurt, they were just annoying and slowed him down; and now was not the time for that. Link waited for the moth to come down before slashing at its wings. They fell off and in a panic, the moth tried to stay away while summoning more spikies. (If you hadn't guessed already,) Link was one to lose his temper easily. Link had almost forgotten his signature move in his fury in trying to kill the StarClan-cursed moth. He quickly dashed around in a circle, trapping the moth instead of confusing it. Link leapt onto its back and tore at it with his teeth and claws. The moth died, and a chest appeared to Link's right. He opened it and found a boomerang inside. In another room with spike-plants hanging from the ceiling, Link found that it could hit 5 targets before returning to him. Yes! He thought as he took down some spike-plants. This is so worth it!

Link soon came to a bright room with a small green tom with white paws standing in the center, brown eyes shining. This must be Makar. Makar started toward Link, but a large plant with a mouth of sorts appeared behind him.

"Makar look-" It was too late. The plant actually ate Makar. It was enough to make anyone sick to their stomachs. The flower Makar was standing on floded into a bud to protect the plant, and vines lifted the flower up and attached it to the ceiling while some other vines looked ready to tear Link to shreds. A growl ripped from Link's throat. "Kalle Demos." Link looked up at the bud, eyes glinting with anger, took out his boomerang and, with his tail, threw it and some of the vines holding Kalle up. It was harder than Link thought. The vines hanging down really got in the way, and the ones he knocked down just seemed to help the others. To sum things up, the vines were pretty effective. One even managed to give Link a large scratch down his left hind leg. Lucky for Link, it was long and not deep. Link was getting more annoyed and frustrated now. However, he didn't want to overuse his "starsky" move. Finally, all of the vines supporting the monstrous flower gave in, and the bud opened, revealing the vulnerable plant. Link slashed at the plant, but was aware of the flower closing in on him. Link moved to more desperate measures, fastening his teeth on the stem of the carnivorous plant and pulling on it. With a large heave, Link tore the plant's "head" off and dashed outside of the flower just in time. The head exploded, and Makar, hit the ground with a huff. The flower opened again and hit the ground, sending up clouds of dust.

"Thanks a bunch!" Makar had gotten up just in time to see the portal appear. Link bounded into the portal, Makar right behind him. They appeared on the platform level to the Deku Tree. Makar looked at his paws in shame. "I'm sorry, Great Deku Tree. I know I should've been more carefull..."

"It's alright, Makar. The important thing is that you are safe." The Tree turned to Link. "Thank you for returning Makar safely, Link." Link decided not to mention the fact that Makar was eaten. "In reward, I give you Couragestar's Pearl. Thank you again for your aid." Link nodded and put the Pearl on his back in a way so that it wouldn't fall off easily. He was going to leap for the tree over the waterfall when he saw a plump rabbit. I haven't eaten in a while... Link dropped into the hunter's crouch and began to stalk the rabbit...

...Link returned to the King of Red Lions. The sun seemed to be sinking below the waves. It was a beautiful sight.

"How did it go?" The King asked.

"Two down, one to go!"

"Let's go then! We don't have much time, for it seems as if Ganondorf's forces have increased."

"Yeah, well, can I at least get some shut-eye on the way? I'm tired here!" The King of Red Lions gave Link an annoyed look before giving a sigh.

"Very well. Just get on and let's go!"

(A/N) Long chapter, just for you guys! :) For those who own Wind Waker (or have seen it on YouTube) you know what's coming next...split POVs! (bet you weren't expecting that!)

Chapter 10 - What Dreams Can Tell You...[]

"Aww!" Tetra's crew groaned as their last attempt at breaking the stone slab fell into the churning waters. "Mouse-dung!" She hissed. "Now how are we supposed to get Jabun's Treasure?!"

"We could go to Windfall and get some bombs." Gonzo suggested.

Tetra thought for a moment before replying. "Yeah. Let's do that." Tetra smiled to herself as she remembered how quickly the postcat had spilled his guts about Jabun's Treasure. But she had no idea it was Wisdomstar's Pearl, the last of the Pearls Link was looking for. In fact, she had just learned that Link had survived the Forsaken Fortress. With nothing better to do, she padded to her cabin, curled up on her bed, and fell asleep.

Tetra woke up in a grassy field, the wind blowing gently. She looked up to see a blue she-cat with silver eyes looking warmly at her, stars shining on her fur. Tetra opened her mouth to ask who this she-cat was, when her unspoken question was answered.

"I am Wisdomstar, Leader of Wisdom." Tetra could only stare in shock. "You are in the midst of dark times, but a hero will rise. Do your best to aid him on his quest."

"But...who is this hero?"

"I cannot tell you now, for all will be revealed to you soon. But remember the prophecy: Time will become Wind, the princess revealed and the Dark King forever sealed." Wisdomstar's image began to fade.

"Wait!" Tetra scrambled to her paws. "Tell me what you mean!" But Wisdomstar just smiled and faded. Instantly, the grassy field was replaced by tower ruins. A ring of fire kept a pink she-cat and green tom with brown forelegs and paws apart.

"Link!" The she-cat cried. Link? Isn't that the name of that apprentice?

"What's happening, Zelda?!" The green tom --Link -- looked to the ruins just in time to see a black tom with red markings burst out and levitate, amber eyes burning with hate. Tetra remembered something her mother had told her sometime before she died: The Hero of Time fought the Dark King on the ruins of the King's Tower.

"The Hero of Time!" Tetra woke up in her bed. She looked at her birthmark on her left paw. It looked just like the Triforce of legend, but the left triangle was bolder, while the others were dull-looking. As she looked closer she realized that a triangle-shaped piece of the bolder triangle was missing. She was wondering why when a large purple tom came into her room.

"Is everything alright, captain?"

"Yeah...yeah, everything's fine, Nudge..." Even to herself she didn't sound convincing. But Nudge knew better than to question Tetra and left without another word. The Hero of Time...the apprentice...they have the same name...and look exactly alike! Tetra looked up to the picture of the Hero. Could Link, it isn't possible. It's just a coincidence.

"LAND HO!" An excited yowl came from above deck. Tetra turned and left, looking back at the picture one more time.


Link woke up in a forest. A green she-cat with starlight on her fur was standing a few feet away from him, silver eyes shining with pride.

"My name is Couragestar. I have come with a message from StarClan." Link nodded, only his eyes betraying his shock. "Remember your last dream, and the prophecy: Time will become Wind, the princess revealed and the Dark King forever sealed." Odd, Link thought. The prophecy was slightly different last time. This must be the real version. Couragestar continued. "From here on out, remember that the stars are always on your side, and no matter how hopeless it seems, you will always pull through. Never doubt yourself, for belief is the key." Couragestar began to fade.

"Wait! I don't know what you mean!" But Couragestar had already faded. Another StarClan cat, a green tom identical to Link, appeared in Couragestar's place. He was slightly faded, as if he wasn't completely dead. Link reconized this cat. "T-the Hero of Time?" The cat nodded.

"You are correct. I am known as the Hero of Time. Your biggest challenge is ahead. Never lose faith, for it is what helped me seal Ganondorf away the first time. If faith helped me, it will surely help you. Oh, and one more thing..." The Hero lifted his left paw, and Link gasped. The Hero of Time had the same birthmark as him! Even the right triangle was bolder than the others, just like the right triangle on his own left paw! Link cautiously showed his birthmark to the Hero. The legendary cat smiled and put his left paw between himself and Link. Link put his own left paw on top, and his birthmark glowed so brightly, he had to close his eyes to keep himself from going blind. When he opened his eyes, he saw himself and Ganondorf fighting on the top of a tower, water falling all around them, like the sky itself was falling. He saw himself try to dodge one of Ganondorf's attacks, but failed and was flung to the other side of the battleground. Link gasped as he saw himself struggle to his paws and feel a huge wound, awe and fear in his future self's eyes. Then his future self fell back onto the ground and lay still. He didn't seem to be breathing. Suddenly, a voice jerked him awake.

"OW!" Link leapt to his paws and found himself back on the King of Red Lions, safe. The King was looking at him with anger and a hint of pain. "I perfer not to be scratched, thank you." Link looked down at his paws and found scratchmarks in the wood. His ears grew hot with embarassment.

"S-sorry..." Link murmured. "Hey, do you know the prophecy? The one that says Time will become Wind, the princess revealed and the Dark King forever sealed?" The King of Red Lions looked like he was shocked.

"Yes...but how do you know?"

"Dreams. Or are they nightmares?"

"What would make them nightmares?"

"I really don't wanna talk about it..." The King shrugged. Only now did Link realize it was raining. He saw a small island in the distance. The King gasped. There was complete silence for about five minutes. "Um, is that Greatfish Isle?" Link finally broke the silence.

"Yes, but..." When they finally reached the shore, all Link could see was destruction. A few dead bodies were scattered here and there, but other than that Link couldn't see anyone. "We are too late..." The King of Red Lions' saddened voice came from behind him.

"HOY, LINK!" A familiar voice came from above. Link looked up to see a flash of brown. Then Quill landed in front of him. "Hello, Link. I have news from Valoo. He said that Jabun is safe and is hiding behind the island you were born on..." Link was shocked. The brown tom looked away in shame. "I am sorry Link. I thought you were still with the pirates and told them about Jabun. The set a course for Outset immediatly. Thankfully Jabun hides behind a magical stone only bombs can brake. I saw them heading for Windfall." Quill turned. "Goodbye, Link." Quill took to the skies. "May StarClan light your path!"

With nothing else to do, Link sadly climbed onto the King of Red Lions. He changed the wind's direction and set sail. As he looked back to the fading island, Link couldn't help but ask, "Who caused all of that destruction?" Before the red boat could answer, Link growled. "Ganondorf..." Suddenly, Link turned his head upwards. "You rotting piece of fox-dung! If you can hear me..." Link paused before letting out a loud caterwaul. "I'LL FLAY YOU ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!"

"It is just like Quill said. The pirates have stopped here to avoid drawing attention to the townsfolk."

"How?" Link spat. "It's in plain sight!"

"True." The King of Red Lions turned to Link. "Either the pirates are insane, or the cats of Windfall are blind." Link chuckled. "Ok, here's the plan. Find the pirates, find out what the Firestar they're planning to do, then get back here with any needed supplies. Got it?"

"Yep." Link jumped onto the shore and a familiar scent hit him. Tetra... Link followed the scent to the Bomb Shop and heard the dark blue she-cat's voice.

"Looks like this guy isn't selling bombs for cheap..." Oh, StarClan, no... Link dashed to the back of the shop, hoping to find some sort of back entrance. He found some vines that crawled up the wall. Link could see a small entrance. He climbed the vines quickly and stalked through the entrance. He found himself on a high shelf. The pirates were talking below, and he saw a blue-gray tom tied up. That must be the owner of the shop... The pirates were just talking nonsense about what Gonzo did to get Quill to tell about Jabun...


"Miss Tetra, are you listening to this mouse-brain?" Gonzo was looking at Mako, a blue tom with a white stripe down his back, like he had grown three heads. "Can't you dock him pay or something?"

"Quit goofing off, both of you!" She spat. "And what the Firestar does that mean anyways? You know what, nevermind. Just stop acting like kits and get those bombs back to the ship! We're leaving for Outset immediatly!!!"

"What?! Miss, we have to leave now? But it's been so long since we've been on shore-" Gonzo broke off as Tetra gave him her shut-up-or-I'll-tear-you-to-shreds look. "I-I mean I'm fine either way, of course! But the guys were so excited, and I don't want them to be upset. You're with me, right?" Gonzo turned to face Zuko, Mako's twin brother, Nudge and his brother, Senza. Tetra smacked her face with her paw, something everycat called a "facepaw."

"You disappoint me, you know that? You saw that demolished island! You saw the senseless destruction! We have to hurry to Outset or the same thing could happen there!" Seriously?! They're that mousebrained?!

"Huh?" Mako padded up to her. "Excuse me if I sound rude, but I think you care more for the island than the treasure Miss..."

"Don't be ridiculous! I want...ya know...the treasure..." She realized that she didn't sound the least bit convincing. She looked up to see a figure spying on them. It retreated, but not before their eyes had locked. They were a familiar green, but had a new light to them... She turned to face the pirates again. "Fine you can have it your way, you big kits." She padded to the entrance, not bothering to look behind her. "But we're leaving at first light, so no sleeping in! Got it?"

"Aye-aye!" Tetra stalked through the mud toward the ship. She saw a flash of green, and was confirmed of the identitiy of their spy. Their spy was Link.

Chapter 11 - Race for the Pearl[]

"What's the password?" Link could barely make out Niko's voice through the booming of the thunder.

"Treasure!" Link could hardly believe how easy it was to get the password. Those two mouse-brains, Mako and Gonzo, didn't have the slightest idea he was there!

"Uh...right! You may enter!" Link padded through the door and down the stairs to where he first met the cream tom named Niko.

"What?! You're alive, swabbie?!" Link smiled at Niko's shock. "Well, about the test I gave you the first time, I have another!" He motioned to where the platforms used to be. Now there were the lanterns left. "And I put a door to the room with the chest. You press the switch to open it. If you don't get there in time you have to start over! If you finish can take the bombs we stole! Yeah!" Niko leapt off of the ledge and climbed up to the smaller ledge on the other side.

"This should be easy..." Link padded up to the switch, pressed it, and leapt for the lantern's rope. He did this for half a minute, until he was facing Niko, smiling at his shocked face. "That wasn't hard. Any other tests?"

"N-no... Ah, go ahead! Hurry though, I don't want to get caught!" Niko stepped aside, and Link padded up to the chest, triumph gleaming in his eyes. Link gave a victory cry as he found that 30 bombs were in the chest. His moment of triumph was short lived, because he heard a familiar "humph." The stone! How could I forget?! He took the stone out of the pocket of his left leg-band and glared at it.

"Huh! You got guts, kit, stealing from pirates. And spying on them too! You must be insane."

"Tetra." A growl ripped from Link's throat. "And before I crush this stone let's go over it again. I'm. Not. A. Kit!!!"

"Hm! No need to get you're tail in a knot! You should be lucky. How'd you survive that bird anyways?" Link didn't open his mouth. "Someone's irresponsive. Anyways, you got lucky. In fact, the only reason you got our bombs was because we left a simple-minded little rat like Niko behind to watch over things..." Niko looked at his paws in shame. "What do you want with those bombs anyways? Don't tell me you're after Jabun's Treasure too..." Link kept his mouth shut. He didn't want to give this she-cat an answer, let alone tell her he was after the same thing as she was. "Ok, I can tell you're in a hurry, so I'll make this quick. We're going to eat our fill of whatever this island has to offer, but we're leaving at dawn. And believe me, you didn't get all of our bombs! You better be quick, apprentice..." These guys don't hunt?! What kind of cat doesn't hunt?!

Link didn't respond for a moment. "Tetra...thanks." I might as well be grateful. No response from the other side, but Link knew she had heard.

"What the Firestar?!" A large octorok had appeared out of nowhere, and a whirlpool had formed around the King of Red Lions. Link let out a frustrated hiss. "Ah, great! At this rate we'll never make it to Outset before morning!"

"Use the boomerang or the bombs and take out his eyes!" The King shouted. Link took out his boomerang and did as he was told. In moments the octorok sunk beneath the waves and the whirlpool disappeared. Link continued to Outset, and noticed that it should be dawn by now.

"Why isn't it dawn yet?"

"Ganondorf must've put a curse. Dawn won't come until someone gets Wisdomstar's Pearl." Link let out a yowl of triumph. "What's so great about that?"

"Do you know what this means? We win! The Pearl is practically ours!"

"True...hey! Take a look at that island! I think it's a fairy fountain!" Link stopped at the island and found a den blocked by a rock. Link blew up the rock and dashed inside. Inside was a sort of fountain, with small fairies darting about. Suddenly, a large pink she-cat appeared.

"Young Waker of the Winds, allow me to aid you on your quest." A large pouch appeared in her paws, and it floated down in front of Link and opened itself. Inside was 30 more bombs.

"Oh, yeah!" Link put his first 30 bombs inside his new pouch and nodded his thanks. Then he took out the bottle Medli gave him and caught a fairy in it. When he looked back, the pink she-cat was gone. Link shrugged and padded back outside to where the King of Red Lions was waiting.

Link had finally arrived to Outset Island and decided to see his Grandma before continuing. He slowly padded into the den to see Grandma, looking sickly. Worry clawed at Link's heart. Then he remembered the fairy. He let it free and told it to heal his Grandma. With a nod, the fairy circled her and the cream she-cat looked healthy again.

"Thank you." The fairy smiled at flew off. Then Grandma woke up, and gasped.

"Link! You're alright! Did you heal me? Oh, you're such a sweet young tom!" Link looked the other way, his ears growing hot. "Oh, that's right...You and Aryll are trying so hard to be brave and I've been sitting here and worrying. I'm your Grandmother! I should be the one protecting you...well, this is all I can give you, but you can put it in your empty bottle." She took the bottle and poured some soup in it. A warm scent told Link it was his favorite: Elixir Soup. Grandma brought back the bottle. "Goodbye, Link. May StarClan light your path."

Link padded out to the King of Red Lions and rode to the back of the island, where he could see a stone slab blocking a sort of cave. Suddenly, a whirlpool appeared. Not again!

"Great. Just great!" Link fired the bombs at the stone slab, and it broke off, piece by piece. When the slab was finally destroyed, the whirlpool disappeared. "Yes!" Link steered the red boat into the cave. Inside, the cave was shining, as if there was a large diamond in the center and the light was reflecting off of it. A large bulge grew in the water and burst open, revealing a large fish. This must be Jabun. Jabun had a large lantern sprouting from his head. The gray-black fish spoke in the ancient tongue with the King, and within a few moments, a blue Pearl fell from the lantern. It floated down into Link's paws, and began glowing. He had Wisdomstar's Pearl, the very last of the three, and Link was ready for the next step.

Chapter 12 - The Leaders' Tower[]

"Today, folks, the weather forecast is rain, rain, and more rain. You'd think because the apprentice, Link, got Wisdomstar's Pearl and Ganondorf's curse is gone that it would stop raining but noooooo, it just had to keep raining."

"Link, please stop."

"Oh, alright." Link had put Powerstar's Pearl and Wisdomstar's Pearl on their statues and was heading to the last statue on Eastern Triangle Island. "So, what is the next stage anyways?"

"It will reveal itself to you." The King of Red Lions said simply.

"Oh, why do you have to speak in riddles? It's hard enough trying to figure out the riddles StarClan gives me and now you? My life is getting complicated."

"Believe me, it'll get more complicated than this."

"Ok, tell me how."

"Oh look, we're here!" They arrived at a triangle-shaped island pointing east, hence it's name. At the center, a rough statue that looked nothing like Couragestar. The statue had one paw raised upwards, that's where you would put the Pearl. Once Link put the Pearl in it's place, rays of light escaped from the statue. Link, expecting it to explode, dashed behind a small rock. However, the statue didn't explode. Link cautiously crawled out from behind the rock, only to be sent flying as the statue exploded. Couragestar appeared and sent a green ray of light shot toward Southern Triangle Isle. The statue exploded there and revealed Wisdomstar, who sent a blue ray of light to the statue on Northern Triangle Isle, which revealed Powerstar and shot a red beam back to Couragestar. A Triforce appeared in the waters and a huge tower rose from the space in between. And Link was heading right for it.

"NOT AGAAAAAIIIIIIIN--!" Link was cut off as he hit the tower. Face-first too. He fell into the water, and examined his paws. He was lucky that his claws didn't brake this time, or crack for that matter. The King of Red Lions floated to his side, and Link climbed in. Thank StarClan this isn't the Forsaken Fortress all over again. It turned out to be worse. It was called The Leaders' Tower, and it was torture. Link yet out a frustrated yowl as the water rose yet again. "This has to be the 15,000th time! I. Hate. This. TOWER!"

"Calm down, Link."

"Calm down? Calm down?! Why should I?! I hate this tower almost as much as Tigerstar himself!" Link spat. Link managed to make it to a large room above the height of the water. It had a sort of Shrine in the center, and a door to Link's right had glowing symbols, which only meant it was open. The doors opened upwards, and Link padded through. "Why, StarClan, why?! First the water, now this!" An abyss with moving platforms; Link's least favorite (next to water rising and falling.) Two Electric ChuChus appeared. Link growled. "I hate you." Link hit them with his bommerang, then finished them with his bare claws. Link continued and made it to a room with a tranlucent rainbow stairs and a platform. Underneath was a regular path over an abyss. Curse these abysses! Link padded across the path to where a black statue stood. As Link approched, blue markings glowed on the statue and it spoke.

"Waker of the Winds, please guide me to my Place of Truth." He means the room with the Shrine. Link carefully guided the statue across the twisting path back to the first abyss room and lifted it onto his back. Two more Electric ChuChus appeared, but Link ignored them and leapt on the platform. He laughed as the ChuChus hurled themselves at him and fell into the abyss.

"Suckers." He leapt onto the other side safely and walked into the Shrine room. The statue jumped off of Link's back and hopped to one of the four slightly raised areas in the room. As it did, a stone appeared on the Shrine and Link padded up to it.Link reconized the symbols on it: Wind Waker song symbols. This time it was left, center, right, center. Link took out the Wind Waker and copied the song directions. The statue spoke again.

"That is the Command Melody. Please use it to guide my kin to their Places of Truth." Link nodded and the statue's glowing marks faded. Link turned to see another door with glowing marks on the left side of the room. Link went that way and found another abyss room with two floating skulls that were on fire. Not good. Link looked up to see some rods on the ceiling. Grappling Hook time. The green apprentice took out the Hook, threw it at the rods, and swung across as quietly as possible, and almost got burned in the process. Stupid skulls!

He raced through the door and found came to a room similar the the one he just past through, only, without the skulls. A statue was on the other side of the abyss, even though it was in the dark and Link could barely see it. Link used the Grappling Hook again and as he landed on the other side, the statue's marking glowed and Link could see it better. It was almost identical to the last one, except this one had curved horns. Now, how to get it past this abyss? Link saw a switch to his left and placed one paw on it. A rainbow bridge appeared, but when he removed his paw, it disappeared. How...? Then Link remembered the Command Melody. He played it, and blacked out standing up. He woke as the statue itself. What the Firestar?! Dispite him not being used to temporarily possesing something, he crossed the bridge with ease. Then he blacked out again and woke as himself. Thank the Leaders! Link used the Hook and swung over to the door, picking up the statue and putting it on his back. The skulls were still there, but Link noticed something. To his right was a door he didn't notice on the way to the statue. Curiosity won over him, and he swung over to the door and entered.

The room had a large suit of armor in the center, something that a knight would wear. Bars closed the door behind Link. Bunch of Mouse-dung! He turned to see the armor's eyes start glowing. Ohhh, StarClan, do not let this be happening... The armor sprang at him, and Link let out a surprised hiss. He kept trying to tear it apart, but the metal was too strong. I can't tear it, but maybe I can rip it off! Link used his signature move, what he now called the "Whirlwind Leap," He started to tear the armor apart. Underneath was black fur. Whoever was in control of the armor panicked as Link tore the last of the armor off.

"Pest! I'll tear you to shreds!" The shadow cat spoke in an eerie voice that echoed.

"I don't think so!" Link let out a war cry and leapt on top of the cat, knocking the breath out of it. He tore at its underbelly, and let out an ear-piercing shriek. Link trust his paw at the shadow's throat, and it went limp under his paws. The bars over the door disappeared, and a chest appeared in the center of the room. After shaking his blood-covered paw, he went over to the chest and opened it. "YES! Throwing Claws!" Link put on the metal paws, pushing the edges of the leg-bands a little to make room for the Throwing Claws. Link unsheathed his claws and pushed them against the metal claws, and sure enough, they moved upwards to perserve them when not in use. He raced outside, killed the skulls, and made the platforms appear with his new Throwing Claws. He then carried the statue across the platforms and into the Shrin Room. Just like the last statue, it hopped off to its Place of Truth on its own, and another door's symbols began glowing.

Link arrived in a small room with a raised golden stone slab in the center. Link climbed it to see lasers in front of him. "Since when do cats know how to operate lasers!? Oh well. Time to take out the Leaf!" Link took out the Leaf and tied it to his back. Then he leapt and floated over the lasers and landed in front of the last statue. The markings glowed and Link played the Command Melody again, knowing that there was no way for him to get out without control over the statue. His statue-self hopped right through the lasers onto a switch and the lasers turned off. Then he turned back to himself and padded up to the statue, picked it up, and carried back the way he came. When all three were back on their Places of Truth, their markings glowed green and a ray of light shot from each of them, lighting up the Shrine and creating a portal. This was different than the Tornado Portals, this one shone a pinkish-purple and sparkled like starlight. It took him to a room with a large face on the wall with some hands with eyes on them. As Link cautiously approached, the glinting red eyes opened and Link let out a startled yowl. The face spoke.

"I am Gohdan, the Leaders' Final Test. If you are the Chosen One, you will prevail." The hands broke away from the walls and blue markings glowed on the head, just like with the statues. Link swallowed nervously.

"StarClan, please help me..."

Chapter 13 - From the Test to the Charm[]

Link first instinct: run around while trying to find out what the Firestar this guy's weakness was. Gohdan opened his mouth and electricity sparked inside. Oh, no. LASERS!!! Link barely dodged as the lasers shot out of his mouth, but to be honest they looked more like balls of SCORCHING HOT ACID!!! In desperation, Link shot a Throwing Claw at one of the hand-eyes. It flickered, died, then the hand went limp. Finally! I'm getting somewhere! Link hit the other hand-eye and it went limp too. Link turned in time to see more acid balls shooting in his direction. Link scrambled out of the way and without thinking, shot a Claw at one of Gohdan's eyes. The giant face roared in pain. Link quickly understood and shot another Claw. Bulls-eye. The face floated to the ground, where Link put a bomb in his mouth to test. As Link raced out of range, the bomb blew up and smoke came from inside of Gohdan. He let out a roar of fury and frustration and floated upwards, the hands no longer limp. Darn you, Gohdan! Why, oh, why did you have to survive that bomb? Link quickly went to work, took out the hands, and hit one of Gohdan's eyes. Something fell from his nose and Link raced up to it to find that it was more Throwing Claws. Yes! I'm gonna need them... He thought as he dodged another acid attack. After the second bomb blew up inside of Gohdan, things started to get complicated. The hands began to try to crush him, and the acid attacks became more frequent. An ordinary boss fight had turned to a fight for life to Link. Even when the head floated to the ground, the hands seemed to "wake up." He barely managed to put a bomb in Gohdan's mouth and run off to the other side of the room before the hands could squish him. This time, when the bomb exploded, the head flew in Link's direction and stopped a few feet in front of him, glowing golden like rays of the sun. Gohdan, hands and all, flew back to his place on the wall and spoke again.

"Young apprentice, you are truly one of the Chosen Ones of Destiny. There are three, chosen by the Leaders themselves. The Chosen One of Power is corrupt beyond repair, but the Chosen One of Wisdom is on your side. Go forth, Couragestar's Apprentice, find her, and save Hyrule." Link nodded, but deep inside, he was more confused than he had ever been before in his life. I'm...I'm Couragestar's Apprentice? What the Firestar does that mean? But before he could ask, the pinkish-purple-type portal appeared. Link stepped inside, and was whisked to the very top of the tower, where a huge bell, at least 50 feet off the ground was waiting. Link noticed its clapper was out of reach and took out his Grappling Hook. He threw it at the clapper and swung himself back and forth, the loud dong almost breaking his ears. He pulled his Hook and went flying over the side of the Tower on purpose. Link landed on the King of Red Lions with a soft thud. Both turned to see a ring of golden light, big enough for the red boat, appear about 80 feet from the Tower.

"Let me guess, another stage?"


Link knew he wasn't dreaming, even though it was really hard to believe. He was actually sinking slowly into the water, on top of the King of Red Lions, and he wasn't drowning, much less losing air. They floated down until they reached a sort of protected area, because Link could't feel water anymore. But everything had turned grayscale, even the water above him. In fact, Link and the King were the only colored objects they could see. Below them was an entirely different world. There were mountains off in the distance, and a castle was below, almost surrounded by a lake. They landed in the castle's courtyard.

"You are probably wondering where we are...but I don't have time to explain. As I said before the Leaders' Tower, all will be revealed to you. I just want you to remember your birthmark." Link nodded to the King of Red Lions, then entered the castle. Link gasped at what was inside. It was grayscale, as usual, but monsters were everywhere, and they weren't moving. They seemed to be frozen in time. Link nervously padded down a couple of stairs, looking from side to side in case a monster started moving. A giant statue of the Hero of Time was in the center of the large room, and in front of it were three triangular-prisms and a Triforce symbol on the ground. Link instantly knew what to do and arranged the prisms on top of the Triforce symbol and the prisms sunk into the ground and became a part of the Triforce symbol. Then the Hero of Time statue moved and a passageway was revealed. Link padded down the stairs and found himself in a chamber with large metal statues that looked like Twolegs. In the center was a pedestal with a charm in the middle that was-- The Master Sword Charm! Link thought with a gasp. This is the Charm that the Hero of Time used to defeat Ganondorf the first time! Link knew he was supposed to pull it from the pedestal, but how the Firestar was he supposed to do that? Link carefully pulled it out, and heard clanking. He looked up to see the swords of the metal Twoleg statues were moving toward the middle, pointing straight out in front of them. All of them formed a swirly design and in the center, a light gray light shone, causing Link to sheild his eyes.

When the light was gone, Link opened his eyes to see color. No more stupid grayscale! The Charm was on his collar now, and Link could see it clearly for the first time. A fine sword with a blue hilt and a Triforce behind it. Just above the Charm, a Triforce glowed on the collar. Link touched the Charm in awe and felt a new power coursing through his veins, a little of the power of the stars. Then he heard clanking from above the chamber. The monsters were in motion again. Darn them! Link slowly stalked up the stairs, knowing that once he got up there, he would be fighting for his life.

"SERIOUSLY?! What is with the lasers?!" Link almost barreled into them. Ok, I need a miracle... He thought as he turned to face the monsters that had surrounded him. "Here goes..." Link let out an ear-piercing war cry and leapt right into the fray. He didn't need to fight as hard as he originally thought. Heck, compared to Gohdan, these guys were like a bunch of twigs! Link defeated them all within minutes. He took some time to look around. He saw a painting of a red tom with blue eyes. The tom from my dream! He looked some more and found a portrait of what was probably the royal family. But what interested him most was the pink she-cat in the center of the picture. Another figure from my dream... But her ocean blue eyes were familiar for some reason...almost as if he had seen those eyes recently...Link reluctantly trotted out of the castle back to the King of Red Lions.

"How'd it go?"

"Just look what I found! The Master Sword Charm!"

"Excellent! Now we must go to the Forsaken Fortress and destroy Ganondorf."

"Then what the Firestar are we waiting for?! I'm going to kick Ganondorf in the face for what he did to my sister!"

Chapter 14 - Back to the Beginning[]


"Ha! I knew he would be here!" Tetra was looking at a small red boat through Zuko's telescope. In the boat was a familiar green apprentice. "Wait a minute! If we don't do somethin' about that bird, Link is gonna get thrown again! Maybe even killed!"

"Pleeeeaase don't tell me you're thinking of going in there." Gonzo said nervously from behind her.

"You call yourself a pirate?!" Tetra spat. "Of course we're going in there! Prepare the others!" She looked back to see Link being chased by six monsters. Suddenly Link whipped around and leapt right in the middle of the mob. Holy StarClan! What the Firestar is that stupid apprentice doing?! Does he want to get killed?! Then Link threw the entire mob off of him and into the water below. How much skill did Link pick up?! No matter, got to go distract the bird!

"Miss Tetra! Mako needs some help!" Tetra quickly took care of the bokoblin troubling Mako and continued racing up the Fortress. "Are you sure this is the best idea?" Gonzo was breating heavily beside her.

"Just shut up, Gonzo! Are you actually questioning your captain?" Tetra's tone turned dangerous at the end.


"Just shut up!" They were getting closer to the bird's nest and came across a sign. "Beware the Helmaroc King..." She read it aloud. "Helmaroc King, eh? Weird name, if I do say so myself." She looked at her crew, who were trembling with fear. She scoffed at the sight. A screech from behind her sent them all running. "To the ship!" She hissed to her crew. They were starting to run out of steam, but the wing-flaps behind them didn't falter. "Go ahead! Gonzo and Senza! Meet me at the prison room! I'll buy you some time!" She whipped around and unsheathed her claws.

"Miss, you aren't gonna-"

"Just go!" She turned to face the approaching bird and heard the retreating pawsteps of her crew. She turned to face the bird and growled. "This is payback for what you did all those years ago to my mother..."


Link was racalling his encounter with the light gray tom named Cyclonestar and how he had taught Link the Ballad of Gales when a shadow cat that looked like Ganondorf appeared.

"Very funny, Ganondorf, making a phantom version of you." He hissed at the broken ship far ahead. He turned back to Phantom Ganon, who had a ball of energy in one paw and threw it at Link. Link knew he should've ran for cover or something like that, but something rooted him to the ground. He quickly reared up and puffed his chest out, letting the energy ball hit his Charm. It flew back and hit Phantom Ganon in the face. He floated down and Link tore at his face. He disappeared and appeared back in the air, readying another energy ball. This time Link had to send his attack back a couple times before he floated down again. It was the third time it got annoying. Link kept sending it back, and sending it back, and sending it back...To Link, it was the 50,000,000th time he deflected it back when it finally hit Phantom Ganon. When Link tore his back, the shadow cat gave a roar of pain and disappeared. It appeared again and laughed evilly before disappearing again. "Yeah. That's what I thought..." A door opened and Link reconized it as the prison chamber's door. He walked through cautiously and saw Aryll again. She smiled.


"Don't worry, Aryll! I'm gonna get you outta here!" He looked at the door and frowned. Twoleg doors. Is Ganondorf that much insane? Link tried for the knob and pulled but it wouldn't budge. Then a familiar voice came from behind him.

"The door won't open that easily!"


"There you go...acting before you think, as usual..." Tetra meowed. Link's eyes didn't betray any emotion. Tetra flicked her tail at the cage and Gonzo and Senza went to pick the lock. Link wasn't even looking at her anymore, just watching those two pick the lock. She didn't mind much, for some reason.

"So," Link said without looking at her. "Did you do battle with the bird?"

"N-no!" She didn't like admitting to being reckless.

"Oh, so those scratches on your chest are for decoration?" He turned and Tetra saw an entirely new light in his eyes. She looked down at his collar and gasped. The Master Sword Charm! How the Firestar did he get it?! Link looked at his collar and understanding lit his eyes. "Oh, this. Long story."

"How is it possible...?" She murmured. Does this mean that the new hero is Link? ...No...It couldn't be...Then Link got barreled over by a sky blue she-cat that was his sister. Link moved out from underneath her and dashed around her in a circle before pinning her. Even Gonzo looked surprised. None of them had ever seen that move before. The two siblings laughed.

"Not to interupt the moment, but we have to go. I bet those kits' fathers will pay a handsome reward for their return." She saw Link roll his eyes. He said something to Aryll that she couldn't make out, but she was pretty sure it wasn't the nicest. Aryll laughed and Link let her go, his eyes warm. "Ya know, I'd usually expect a huge reward for this..." Link tensed. "But this time it's my treat." The green tom relaxed and said goodbye to Aryll, telling her he had to do something.

"You aren't coming with us?" Tetra asked.

"I made a promise to myself, Tetra. I promised myself I was going to give Ganondorf a beatdown." Aryll laughed. Link turned to face Tetra. "Don't worry. I'll catch up with you guys." She nodded and left with Aryll. As she closed the door, she heard a loud screech inside. No! I thought I drove it off! Tetra whipped around and tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. She felt watter lapping at her paws and looked down. Water was gushing from inside. Great StarClan, it's a trap! Tetra had no choice but to climb the wall. How can Link destroy the bird when I could only drive it off? She wondered as she began to climb.


"You!" Link hissed as the water started to cover his forelegs. He looked up at the bird with pure hate. "I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" He raced up the ramp, trying to get a clear shot of the bird's back. The water started to rise faster. and the bird lunged. Link kicked a pot onto it's face and it reared up, shreieking in agony. "That's what you get for taking my sister! And there's more!" Link head-butted a monster so it's weapon speared the bird right below it's throat. "Darn you! So close!" He hissed. He kept running up the spiralling ramp, trying to escape the bird's sight. I can't keep this up forever, and the water is getting closer... Link quickly changed tactics and gave a loud yowl. The bird whipped around to face him and drove its beak right at him. He quickly dodged and the bird's beak got stuck in the wood. What now?! Link couldn't think of anything sensible, but another idea formed in his mind. Here goes... He threw himself at the bird's head and turned so that his back rammed into the bird's helm. It reared and let out a shreik of pain. I found your weak prepare to die! Link kept running up the ramp and throwing himself at the bird's helm when he could. Sooner or later the bird stopped diving for him, so Link couldn't place a final blow. "Come on, coward! You call yourself a servant of Ganondorf?! He must be watching you in embarassment, 'cause you're nothing but a stupid weakling!" His words must've struck a nerve.