The Living Dead 4 is a 1995 horror/thriller film of where a deadly toxin is accidentally inserted into the wine at the John Harvey & Sons wine factory in Bristol, England. As the wine gets shipped to San Francisco, California and gets sorted at liquor stores across the city, the people who purchuse and drink the wine ends up getting poisoned. And as a result of that, the poisoned people turn into flesh-eating zombies and begin to attack other people. Officer Mark Hogus and Officer James Ryant of the San Francisco Police Department respond to the zombie wine apocalypse and as they go around the city, they open fire on every zombie they see, as the tainted wine soon gets recalled in order to prevent more people from turning into zombies. Meanwhile, Roey Plastic makes a cameo appearence in the film as he is shown at the California State Prison watching the news bulletin with all the other prisoners following his arrest by local cops at the end of the third film.

The Living Dead 4
Directed by
Tor Ramsey

{{#if: Produced by|

Produced by
Karen R. Wolf

{{#if: Starring|

Tom Cruise

Kevin Kline
Pierce Brosnan
Craig T. Nelson

Woody Harrelson
Music by
John Hopking
Distributed by
Universal Studios
Release Date
March 24, 1995
Running time
107 minutes
United States
Preceded by
Followed by


This film marks the final major appearence of Officer Hogus and Officer Ryant, however, they would both make a cameo appearence in the sixth and final film of the franchise as they are shown fighting for humanity by opening fire on the zombies.

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