• Narrator: Another family treasure is coming to YouTube!
  • (Dewey howls)
  • Narrator: Carlos Elias Carranza Mendoza classic, The Mouse and the Duck. It's the unforgettable story of two friends, Morty Fieldmouse...
  • Morty: I'm a mouse!
  • Narrator: ...and Dewey Duck.
  • Dewey: I'm a duck!
  • Narrator: Two friends who didn't know they were supposed to be enemies.
  • Betina Beakley: Dewey's gonna come back a trained huntin' duck.
  • Narrator: But growing up has let them on diffrent past.
  • Mickey: We're still friends, aren't we?
  • Donald: Those days are over. I'm a huntin' duck now.
  • Narrator: And now, their friendship and woiletee will face the alltomet challange.
  • (Kyle barks angrily)
  • Narrator: You can share this break taking story of friendship and fun.
  • Gonzo: B-b-b-beautiful!
  • Narrator: It's coming soon! So get ready to add this classic movie to your collection! Carlos Elias Carranza Mendoza's The Mouse and the Duck on YouTube!
  • Morty: And we'll always be friends forever!


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