The Mysterious Shadow
Season 1, Episode 17
First Aired (CAN) 2011
First Aired (USA) 2011
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"The New Year's Brawl"
"Brother and Sister Reunited"

The Mysterious Shadow is the seventeenth episode of "Sodor High School: Thomas and Friends Tales".


A mysterious figure begins tailing Rosie, and Thomas is convinced it's Brad.


By the time school had started up again on the second week of January, Rosie was still feeling as miserable as can be. As a result of what had happened on New Years Eve, she was forced to leave her own home until they can settle things with her older brother; Brad. To that end, Thomas allowed her to stay with him, his sisters, and Emily for as long as she needed to.

One morning, Rosie was talking to both Thomas and Emily while on their way to school.

"I've never been away from home for more than an entire day," she commented, feeling sad. "I sure miss my mom and dad."

"Cheer up Rosie," said Emily kindly. "I'm sure we'll get things between you and Brad straightened out soon, then you can finally go back home."

"Somehow that isn't going to be easy," Thomas sighed unhappily. "After seeing what kind of monster he was, I highly doubt he'll want to talk it out."

Nearby, James wasn't too far away from the three teens. The red-haired boy had noticed his friends walking and was about to call out to them when he noticed something nearby that had caught his eye. A mysterious figure wearing a cowboy hat and trench coat was hiding within in the bushes, and it looked like he was watching over them like a stalker of some sort.

"Who is that guy?" he asked himself. "I don't know if he's a friend or foe, so I'd better not take any chances."

With that thought in his head, he picked up some snow and packed it into a snowball. Once he was ready, James stood up and shouted out to the figure.

"Hey you!" he called angrily. "What do you think you're doing there?!"

Thomas, Emily, and Rosie each heard the voice of their red-haired friend, and they turned around to see him yelling.

"Who is James talking to?" Emily asked.

They soon got their answer when James threw the snowball, and it hit its target; the bushes. This caused the mysterious man to appear out of those bushes. The trio of Thomas, Emily, and Rosie spotted him quickly.

"That's who he was yelling at," cried Thomas, pointing at the unknown. "All right, who are you, and what do you want?"

The man didn't answer him, he just looked over in Rosie's direction. This caused the pink-haired girl to back away while Thomas immediately got into a fighting stance.

"You just don't learn, do you Brad?" Thomas said angrily. "I thought we told you to leave Rosie alone!"

The blue-haired boy was just about to rush in to attack when Emily quickly stopped him. This was because she didn't want her friend to fight whoever that guy was and possibly get badly hurt.

"Don't do it," The dark green-haired girl pleaded, before looking back over to the mysterious man and speaking severely to him. "Now get out of here before we cover you in snowballs!"

James wasn't sure what was going on, but he did make a couple more snowballs. He was soon ready to help Thomas fight this guy. However, the mysterious man didn't even make an attempt to attack. He instead looked at Rosie for a minute before turning and walking away without saying a single word. His non-threatening actions left the four teenagers all puzzled.

"What was that about?" asked James, while walking over.

"You might want to ask Rosie," sighed Thomas. "...and just to let you know, it's not pretty."

Rosie and Emily both nodded grimly. James's eyes widened with shock as they explained to him the events of the New Years Eve party.

"Wow, so that's what happened," he commented, feeling sorry for Rosie. "I knew Brad was a huge jerk when I first saw him, but I never knew he was such a monster towards you."

"Well, now you know," Rosie sighed.

"Should we tell the others?" James asked.

"As soon as we're at school," Thomas replied. "Now come on, we're going to be late."

As they walked away down the block towards the school, the mysterious man peeked out from behind a building. Despite almost being attacked by them, he looked highly pleased.

"At least you have good friends Rosie," he thought to himself, just before walking away.

Later on in Sodor High School, it was lunchtime for the students. Inside the classroom, Thomas, Rosie, and Emily were seen eating and chatting. They were also joined by James, Henry, Gordon, Toby, Donald and Douglas.

"Rosie," Douglas spoke up. "Hoo auld are ye, if ye dornt min' me askin'."

"Fifteen," Rosie answered. "Brad and George are both 20-years old, and so are finished with school, unless you count university as school."

"Whit wis George lik'?" Donald asked.

"He was horrible to me. He always had a grudge against me because he didn't like having any female siblings," Rosie explained, feeling disgusted with talking about George. "He felt that I didn't belong in the family. Brad was always the kind one, at least until George was sent away, then he became horrid."

"Horrid? I'd say a complete monster," Toby commented.

"That's naw comin' from ye Toby," commented Douglas.

"Well I don't normally say that, but in this case, it's justified."

"Have you heard from George ever since he was sent away?" asked Thomas.

"Not at all. Besides, why would George want to talk to me?" Rosie questioned, now sounding very bitter. "He hated me back then, and I'm pretty sure he still hates me now."

There was a knock on the door leading into the hallway. Thomas answered it, and was relieved to see it was Percy.

"Hey, can I join you guys? he asked.

Thomas smiled. "Sure Percy, you can join us. We're just talking about Rosie's brothers."

Percy walked into the classroom and sat next to Rosie on the left side, taking his own lunch out. Emily meanwhile was seated in a corner, eating by herself and looking very concerned, either with Rosie or herself, I don't know. Either way, Thomas was the first to notice this.

"You've been quiet ever since lunchtime began," he commented while walking over. "Is something wrong Emily?"

"Huh?" The dark green-haired girl looked up, and saw Thomas looking at her with concern. "Oh no. Nothing's wrong."

She was still thinking that 'near kiss' she gave to Thomas on New Year's Eve, and Emily was extremely worried of what Thomas would say if he ever found out. Back over at the main table, the other teens were still discussing about Brad, rather heatedly might I add.

"Personally, if I ever see that Brad again, I'd like to give him a piece of my mind, and it won't be pretty," James said, clenching a fist in the process and pounding it into his palm.

"Me too," added Henry crossly.

"I so agree with you," Gordon stated, looking rather mad as well.

Rosie looked over to the three older boys. "Please you three, don't do something you'll regret," she said sternly.

James sighed in defeat. "Okay then Rosie. We won't do anything. That is, unless he tries to go and hurt you again." It was then he remembered the encounter with that mysterious man earlier in the morning. "Oh yeah, does anybody here know who that mysterious man was that we saw earlier this morning?"

"Who?" Toby quizzed.

"I told you, it's Brad," Thomas stated crossly.

"No, I don't think it was Brad," James shook his head thoughtfully. "If it was him, he would've attacked on sight."

"I think someone else has got their eye on Rosie," Gordon spoke up thoughtfully, having heard of this little story from Thomas and Emily earlier in the day.

"The question is, who?" Henry added.

"At this point, we have absolutely no idea," commented Percy. "But let's hope that whoever it is, he or she is friendly at the least."

"Whatever 'he', 'she', or 'it' was...we'll have to worry about it later," James spoke up while pointing up at the clock. "Lunch is almost up."

After lunch was done, the group of teenagers headed off back to the classrooms for the afternoon classes. Rosie was the first to walk out, and she nearly bumped into Spencer on her way out.

"Hey! Watch where you're..." The rich teen started, before looking and seeing Rosie. "Oh, it's you. What are you up to now?"

"Nothing, we were just talking," Rosie insisted.

Spencer had a look on his face that easily said: 'I don't believe you.'.

"Sure you were," he scoffed, folding his arms. "That's what they all say."

Thomas followed out the door and sneered as soon as he saw Spencer.

"Back off, Spencer! We're not planning anything. As Rosie had said; we were just talking. Which, by the way, is none of your business."

Spencer didn't like being told off by those 'commoners', and thus cracked his knuckles like he was readying to fight.

"I can make it my business," he threatened.

Just before a fight could break out, Emily exited the classroom next, and likewise, didn't seem very thrilled to see Spencer.

"Oh sure, just like it was your business when you went and tried to get Mr. Hiro sent to an Asylum," she retorted heatedly. "Don't you try any of your tricks this time Spencer. Unless you want to make a fool out of yourself again!"

"And by fool, I'm talking about your parents getting mad at you, and Sir Topham Hatt forcing you to get a job at the school cafeteria," Percy said very cheekily as he came out from the classroom next.

To add insult to injury, the cheeky green-haired boy then did an akanbe, a childish Japanese gesture consisting of someone pulling down one's lower eyelid to expose the red underside towards someone, often accompanied by sticking their tongue out, directed at Spencer. The rich silver-haired boy huffed angrily at him and walked away without uttering another word.

"Thanks everyone. That was real sweet of you to stand up for me...again," smiled Rosie gratefully.

"Hey, we're all friends, y'know?" Percy winked.

"Come on guys," James came by. "The bell is about to ring."

With that said and done, Rosie, Percy, and Thomas followed along right behind James, Gordon, and Henry, and Emily was right behind them. Donald and Douglas both went a different way to their classroom.

When school was finally done for the day, everyone in the classroom was getting ready to leave as the bell rang. Thomas went over to Percy's desk to talk to him quickly.

"Percy, I need you to do me a little favour; I need you to walk with Emily back to my house and stay there until Rosie and I get back," he said.

Percy gave a smile. "You don't need to say another word Thomas, I'm more than glad to help, but I have to ask; what are you and Rosie going to be doing?"

"Rosie and I are going to her house; she needs to get a few of her things from there. Her mother called earlier today, and said she had some of her things all ready to go."

"Plus you're going to make sure Brad doesn't attack again, right?" Percy asked, having a feeling what his answer would be.

"That's correct Percy," Thomas nodded.

"Well, don't worry. I'll make sure Emily gets home safely."

Thomas felt relieved. "Thanks Percy. I knew I could count on you."

Once Rosie had her homework in her temporary school bag, she and Thomas both exited the school to head for the bus leading to Knapford.

The two teens proceeded down to the block to Rosie's home. As they walked on towards a bus stop, Rosie started to feel scared, like Brad might ambush them and attack.

"Thomas, I'm scared," she whimpered. "Brad could ambush us at any time."

"Easy Rosie," soothed Thomas. "I'm here with you."

Unfortunately, she quickly spotted someone nearby.

"It's him again!"

It was the mysterious man again. He was sitting on a bench reading the newspaper.

"Hey you!" Thomas's voice called out.

The man didn't jump up in surprise, he merely sat up, turned, and looked at the two. While his hat covered his whole entire face, the man's glowing eyes showed no signs of hostility in them. Finally, the man walked away after pocketing his newspaper. Thomas and Rosie were both more puzzled than ever with the mysterious man.

"What in the world is with him?" Thomas asked aloud.

"Come on Thomas, let's get going," cried Rosie, pulling them by their left and right arms respectively.

They ran along until they got onto the bus. Now that they were in the bus, they sat down on one of the back seats of the bus.

"Whew, we made it," sighed Rosie.

"Right on time you may even say," agreed Thomas with a nod.

The doors of the bus closed, and then headed off for Knapford. As the bus drove along, Thomas felt someone holding his hand.

"Um, Rosie?" he whispered, while blushing.

Rosie looked back over to Thomas. It would seem he was blushing and looking downward, so Rosie looked downward too, and noticed something that made her gasp. She saw that her hand was still holding onto his hand. This unknown action made Rosie blush a little bit too.

"Oh, I'm s-so sorry, Thomas, I-I don't know what came over me."

Thomas regained his composure. "It's okay Rosie. There's no need to apologize."

They were silent all the way through Knapford before, at last, they arrived at Rosie's home. The pink-haired girl was nervous as she walked up the pathway to the house, Thomas was following along close behind her, making sure she remained protected.

"Go on Rosie," Thomas encouraged. "Just knock."

Rosie nodded in fear, and then turned back and knocked on the door. The door opened after a few seconds to reveal... Rosie's mother, much to Rosie's relief.

"Hello Rosie," greeted her mother.

Rosie sighed in relief. "Hi mom. Do you have my things ready?"

"I sure do sweetie," Her mother nodded, handing two packed suitcases. "All your clothes are in these suitcases. And don't worry about Brad, your father and I punished him after you told us what he did to you."

"Thanks mom," said Rosie quietly.

After the pink-haired girl took hold of her suitcases, she and Thomas both walked away. Before they reached the road, they heard Rosie's mother calling out to both of the two teens from the doorway.

"How does it feel living at Emily's house?"

The two protagonists stopped in their tracks while Rosie cringed slightly at the question...but thankfully, she managed to come up with something to tell her mother.

"It's okay mom. Emily and her family are so kind to me!" Rosie turned and replied back to her mother. "They treat me like family there."

What Rosie's mother didn't know was that Rosie was not staying with Emily and her parents. She was instead staying with Thomas and his younger twin sisters (their own mother and father were both still away on their business trip). Rosie really hated to fib to anyone (especially her own parents), but at this point, there was no other option.

"That's good to hear!" Her mother smiled and waved goodbye to her daughter.

Walking down the block, Thomas and Rosie both soon arrived at Knapford Station. There were hardly any trains waiting on the platforms right now. Inside the station, Thomas got two tickets for the branch line passenger train. Afterward, he and Rosie both went over to the waiting room to wait for their train and stay warm.

"So, how long do we have to wait?" Rosie asked.

"Not long," Thomas stated. "Hopefully for ten minutes."

The pink-haired girl soon looked to the other side of the waiting room and gasped at what she saw.

"Um, Thomas?" she spoke up nervously. "I think that same man from before is spying on us again."

Thomas looked and saw that Rosie was right. There, near the back of the room, was the same mysterious man from before. He was trying to hide his face by pretending to read another newspaper he bought, but Thomas and Rosie both weren't fooled in the slightest.

"When will this guy ever learn?" Thomas muttered to himself. "Come on Rosie, we'll wait outside for the train."

He grabbed onto Rosie's right hand, and the two of them quickly dashed out of the waiting room back outside. The man was dismayed by what they were doing.

"They shouldn't have done that," he groaned with a face palm.

He put the newspaper down on the nearby table and slowly followed them outside. Outside the station, Thomas and Rosie were still trying to get away from the mysterious man while waiting for the train to come.

"He's still behind us!" cried Rosie.

Thomas turned their head to look behind him, and saw that his friend was correct; they were still being followed. But like the mysterious man had predicted so accurately, they did indeed had far bigger problems ahead of them. Thomas groaned as he was suddenly punched in the stomach, causing him to double down in pain. The pink-haired girl quickly stopped running to see her blue-haired friend in great pain.

"Oh no Thomas!" Rosie exclaimed in horror.

The attacker was quickly revealed to be an evilly laughing Brad.

"Aw, it looks like I've just harmed another of your loser friends," he said mockingly. "Now I'll finish what I started with you Rosie!"

"Rosie! Run! Save yourself!" called Thomas, looking up at his friend weakly. "I'll be fine, just get out of here while you-!"

"Shut up!" Brad's voice snapped, stomping his steel-toe boots onto Thomas's face, silencing him.

The blue-haired boy started to cry out in pain as Brad went and stomped his foot on his face again and again, digging his heel right into Thomas' face. Rosie grimaced from watching this painful act of sadism from her monstrous brother. Soon, the green-haired young man stopped what he was doing and looked to his 'weakling' sister.

"Now to finish what I had started. You have no guardians to protect you now, crybaby!"

Rosie was now utterly terrified, and started to back away from her monstrous brother.

"Please Brad. Don't do something you're going to regret," she begged, despite knowing that it was futile to reason with her brother.

"I regret nothing! I'm going to enjoy this!" With that said, Brad started running towards Rosie, intending on finishing her off. Suddenly, an arm appeared and hit him in his chest, making him stop running to look to his left. "Who the heck are you?!"

The arm belonged to the mysterious man. And while his face was covered up, his glowing eyes clearly showed that the man wasn't too happy right now.

"Your worst nightmare pal!" he stated hotly, before looking over to his left. "Hurry and get your friend onto the train. It's coming now!"

Rosie gasped and looked to her right. Sure enough, there was the Branch line train coming in. She then looked back over to the mysterious man.

"But first tell me: Who are you?" Rosie asked.

The man looked down, making sure his cowboy hat hid his eyes from the pink-haired girl's view.

"Just call me a friend," he muttered softly, before raising his voice sternly. "Now go!"

Rosie did just as the man suggested. She went and helped Thomas back up, who was feeling quite injured, but could still stand up.

"I'm fine," Thomas said weakly. "Though I have to admit that brother of yours sure knows how to throw a punch."

"Tell me something I don't know," Rosie replied weakly.

Once the blue-haired boy was back to his feet. Thomas and Rosie both ran (limped in the case of Thomas) off. They entered the waiting branch line train while the mysterious man fought off Brad to buy the two teens some escape time. The vicious green-haired young man was swinging his fist left and right, but the mysterious man kept dodging all of the attacks like they were nothing.

"Will you hold still? I want to hurt you!" Brad demanded, growing angrier by the second.

The mysterious man continued to dodge. "You'll never get the chance, punk!" he retorted.

Over in the train, Rosie had heard what the man said and gasped, thinking she knew who it was.

"It has to be George, he must the one that's fighting Brad," she guessed.

This earned a shocked reaction from Thomas.

"Are you sure Rosie?" he asked.

"I don't know," The pink-haired girl sighed, as she opened the door to one of the coaches. "It could be him."

She and Thomas both got inside. They went over to their seats and watched the fight go on out the window until they heard the guard's whistle blow, and the train pulled out of the station. Outside, Brad heard the train blow its whistle. Realizing that he was tricked, the green-haired young man stomped his feet on the ground in a fit of anger and posed fiercely afterward.

"Curses!" Brad shouted. "Because of you, she got away!"

"That was my intention all along!" The mysterious man responded, winding a fist up.

He punched Brad in the chest, knocking him back some. Furious at being defeated like this, the green-haired young man ran out of the station. Once Brad was gone, the mysterious man eased up and gave a relieved sigh.

"At least she's safe from you now," he said mostly to himself, before walking away.

Thomas and Rosie soon both returned to Thomas' house. While Rosie was just tired out, Thomas was battered and sore from the beatings he had taken. Annie, Clarabel, Percy, and Emily were all waiting inside, and they were horrified at what they saw.

"Oh my gosh!" cried Emily, upon seeing her two friends. "What happened to you guys?!"

"Another run in with...oh, Brad," Thomas grimaced, collapsing slightly from his wounds.

"You look in pretty bad shape," Percy commented. "Let's get the first aid kit and treat those injuries."

Soon, Emily was treating Thomas. All while Rosie told Percy, Annie, and Clarabel what had happened at the station.

"Brad ambushed us outside the station. Thomas got belted down first, and then Brad tried to go after me. But just before he could attack, that mysterious man showed up and started fighting him. I'm not entirely sure, but I think it was my other brother who fought him."

"You mean George?" asked Emily, stopping to look at her friend. "I thought you said he hated you."

"Well, like I said, I'm not entirely sure if it was him," The pink-haired girl shrugged.

Thomas gave a sigh. "Well, whoever that guy was, I'd like to thank him for what he did for us tonight. Plus I want to apologize for calling him 'Brad'."

Percy had a serious look on his face as he held up his mobile phone.

"Should I tell the others about this?"

But Thomas held up a hand and shook his head. "There's no need Percy, I phoned them on the way here and told them everything."

He was referring to Edward, Toby, Henry, James, and Gordon. Rosie then went upstairs to her 'temporary' room with both of her suitcases. Before Percy left however, he spoke to Thomas.

"Brad really roughed you up quite badly," The green-haired boy commented.

"Maybe, but you don't need to worry about me Percy. I'm okay." he replied. "Rosie should be okay too."

"That's good," Percy replied, opening the door. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah see you tomorrow my friend. Ouch that's smarts."

The next day (which was a Saturday), Thomas, James, Edward, Percy, Toby, Rosie, Emily, Annie, Clarabel, Donald and Douglas were all present inside Thomas' house. The twins kept an eye out for the mysterious stranger and for Brad. They didn't want the green-haired young man getting anywhere near Rosie.

"Na sign o' that tricky de'il, richt Douggie?" Donald asked his twin brother.

"Aye Donald, nor we've seen th' mysterious stranger Thomas 'n' Rosie met yesterday," Douglas agreed. "Tis lik' trying tae fin' a shadow oan a rainy day.

"I think you mean 'A needle in a haystack.' guys," Percy corrected them.

The Scottish twins gave the green-haired boy a firm stare. This caused Percy to chuckle nervously and back down.

"We'll find him though," Rosie spoke up. "Because I would like to talk about him and ask him how he knows me. Who knows, it might be George."

"Well, we won't know until we meet up with him again," said Toby.

It was then that the protagonists heard several knocks on the door. Donald and Douglas both stood near the doorway as the door was opened, ready to grab whoever was trying to enter.

"I know you fools are in there!" said a voice.

Donald immediately grabbed the collar of the person's shirt and then slammed the person into the wall while Douglas went and closed the door. It wasn't Brad however, it was actually Spencer, who groaned in pain from getting slammed against the wall.

"Spencer!" exclaimed Edward.

The silver-haired teen rubbed the top of his head wearily. "You didn't need to do that, you know!" he grumbled in annoyance.

"You just don't know when to stay out of trouble, do you?" James questioned, clearly not pleased to see Spencer.

Then again, none of the teens present were very pleased to see that rich boy.

"Ye're a muckle nuisance!" said Donald. "Is tae leave ye behind I'd be wantin'!"

Douglas stared at his brother. That was the exact same thing Donald said to a bully when they were new to Sodor many years ago.

"What do you want, Spencer?" Thomas demanded. "I've told you before, we're not planning anything against you!"

"I still don't know if you're telling the truth, but that's not the reason why I'm here," Spencer replied irritably. "Let go of me, and I'll tell you everything."

Donald dropped the rich silver-haired boy gently to the ground, but he still had a stern look on his face.

"Talk!" ordered Douglas, his arms folded and waiting to hear the story.

Spencer brushed himself off and began talking. "I'm here because someone asked me to deliver a message to Rosie."

Rosie stepped forward, she was slightly worried about what the message could be.

"What's the message?" she asked.

"Some man in a trench coat asked me to tell you to meet up with him at Knapford Station tonight," Spencer explained. "He also said that your friend Thomas can come along with you. He said he is going to reveal everything about your brother to you guys."

"Thanks for the message Spencer," Thomas said gratefully.

"It was nice of you to help us," Emily added, smiling a little bit.

"Think nothing of it," Spencer replied, before a scowl appeared on his face. "Now tell me what you guys are up to and what you have planned!"

"Och, urr ye!?" Donald blurted out. "Ye'r nothin' but a pain in oor necks, naw beat it!"

Douglas stood close to the doorway with a firm look on his face as Donald roughly pushed Spencer until he was out the door.

With that, he closed the door right in Spencer's face (inches away). Inside the house, the teenagers were all chatting about the message.

"So, what do we do now?" Toby asked, thinking on what Spencer had told them.

"The mysterious man must be thinking that it's too dangerous to meet up here," Rosie said thoughtfully. "That's why he's asking to meet at Knapford."

"So, what are you two going to do?" Emily asked.

After a minute of discussing their plan of action, Thomas spoke up.

"We'll be there. And if Brad shows up, he's the one who's going to regret his decision," said Thomas firmly.

Emily felt very worried for her two friend's safety, and thus approached them...though mainly Thomas.

"Please be careful," she said. "Don't get yourselves hurt or worse."

"The rest of us will wait here for your return," James told Thomas. Thomas and Rosie both nodded, and after getting their winter gear on, they headed out the door and over to the railway station. They were scared, but were determined to learn about the mysterious man, and hear what he had to say.

When they arrived, the station was quiet. There were no trains and very few people were around. Rosie felt frightened by this atmosphere.

"I'm scared Thomas," she whimpered.

"Easy Rosie," assured Thomas. "Just be brave, and we'll be fine."

They walked around slowly and looked around carefully just in case Brad was hiding in the shadows. Thankfully, no one seemed to be hiding in the shadows.

"Hello? Rosie and I are here. Where are you?" Thomas called out.

"Over here young man," replied a familiar voice.

Thomas and Rosie both looked behind them and saw the mysterious man, still wearing that trench coat and cowboy hat while standing just outside of the waiting room.

"Come over here, there's nobody inside the waiting room!" he gestured.

The blue-haired boy and pink-haired girl both walked over to the waiting room and headed in. The mysterious man looked around the station, then he closed the door.

"Were you looking for Brad?" Rosie asked.

But that question made the mysterious man shake his head. "He's not Brad," he said. "That boy that's been trying to hurt you young Rosie, is your other brother; George."

That made Rosie gasp. "What?" She quickly shook her head in disbelief. "No. No you're wrong, my mom and dad sent George away to Military camp."

"No, they've sent the wrong boy there," The mysterious man stated seriously.

"How do you know all of this?" asked Thomas.

As she heard the man talk, Rosie started to realize something about his voice...something faintly familiar to her.

"Wait a minute...I recognize that voice." She walked over and tilted the man's hat upwards, revealing his face slightly, and Rosie was just stunned to say the least. "Oh, my gosh..."

"The brother you have at home is George," said the mysterious man, while his hat lowered to cover his face once again.

Thomas looked rather fed up with their questions being unanswered. He wanted the answers here and now. From there, the blue-haired boy walked over and started to angrily shake the mysterious man by his coat collars.

"Who on earth are you?!" he demanded.

The shaking caused the man's hat to eventually fall off his head, and reveal his concealed face. Thomas then ceased shaking the man and back away from him with a stunned look on his face with Rosie looking equally stunned. The man looked exactly like Brad, except with a scar on his left cheek.

"I...I am Rosie's brother," he stated. "I am the real Brad."

Thomas and Rosie both stared at the man in complete and utter shock. This was something that they did NOT expect at all.


  • Thomas
  • Emily
  • Percy
  • Rosie
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Toby
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Spencer
  • "George"/Brad (Debut)
  • "Brad"/George
  • Mrs. Vulcan
  • Annie and Clarabel (do not speak)
  • Sir Topham Hatt (mentioned)
  • Lady Hatt (mentioned)
  • Dalton (mentioned)
  • Andrea (mentioned)
  • The Duke and Duchess of Boxford (mentioned)
  • Mr. Vulcan (mentioned)



  • It's revealed that the Brad who has been antagonizing Rosie is actually George, with the real Brad being the figure who's been looking out for her.
  • This episode reveals Rosie is 15 years old and Brad and George are 20.
  • Donald speaks some lines of dialogue (a few of which are modified) from the 'Thomas & Friends' Season 2 episode "Break Van" when talking to Spencer.
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