The Mystery Begins
Season 2, Episode 44
First Aired (CAN) November 9, 2020
First Aired (USA) November 9, 2020
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"First Date"
"The Monster of Sodor"

The Mystery Begins is the forty-fourth episode of "Sodor High School: Thomas and Friends Tales".



"Okay Thomas, no more hiding, no more fibbing. I want the truth, were you jealous of my first date with Leonardo?" Emily asked him.

Thomas sighed as he sat down in one of the chairs in the kitchen and confessed everything, "okay Emily, yes I was jealous of you and Leonardo going out together. It actually hurt me to see that you and he were going out together, but then, when you came home and said you only wanted to be friends with Leonardo, I felt relieved."

"Thomas, do you like me?"

Thomas opened his mouth, but no words came out. Normally in a moment like this, something would pop in and interupte their moment, but this time, nothing did and he was left with his mouth open.

"Thomas? Do you like me?" Emily repeated herself.

He gave in at that point, seeing there was no way he could dodge the question anymore.

"Yes, yes I do Emily, but..." he paused, thinking on how to say it right. After all, he had heard about how some guys confess to the girl they like, and manage to mess it up, "I'm not sure if I'm ready to be a couple just yet."

Emily smiled, "that's alright, we can work at it over time, and see if we really like each other. And if in the end, you just want to remain friends, I'll be okay with that."

This brought about another sigh from Thomas, "good, I'm glad to hear you say that. Now how did the date go?"

"Well I learned one thing, unless I have a large amount of money on hand, don't go into Hugo's Clockwork Buffet, they have some high prices there I can tell you."

Thomas laughed, "I could've told you that."

After the talk, the two teens went upstairs and headed off for their rooms. Emily smiled as she changed into her pajamas, but still, she worried about Thomas. Even with her and Leonardo being only friends, Diesel 10 could return and destory the only boy she truely liked.

Meanwhile with Thomas, he was thinking to himself; "we can try doing things like couples do, but at the end of the day, the facts remain. She's a prinicpal's daughter, and I'm just an average guy. When she goes home, she'll forget about me and this will all be in the past." With that thought in his head, Thomas collapsed onto his bed, without changing his clothes and went off unhappily to sleep.

Days went by, and as it did, the weather changed. It went from sunny and warm, to cloudy and quite cold. This was a sign that autumn was coming in fast.

"Better watch out," Bill and Ben said to the newest Junior High students. "They say that autumn is the spookiest time of the year."

"What rubbish are you two talking about?" asked one of them, who was named Mike.

"Duh, it's at this time of year that ghouls, ghosts and monsters come out, ready to attack anyone who isn't suspecting anything," Bill answered. "Luckily, my twin Ben and I know what to look for, so they won't get us."

The three students looked to the twins, then to each other, "you do realise that Halloween isn't for a few weeks right?" the second boy, who was named Rex, asked.

"If you ask me, they're talking Rubbish. Ghouls, ghosts and monsters indeed, pah!" snorted Mike.

The third boy named Bert looked a little nervous, "but what if there are monsters around here. After all, I've heard stories about monsters appearing around these very grounds, causing destruction to the building and nearly harming students."

Bill and Ben snickered, that was until they heard a familar voice, "the damage was caused by weakened supports in the roof." They all looked to see Thomas and Emily walking over to the group. "As for the 'monsters' as you put it, it was just the smelter class teens working with that grump of a man 'Diesel 10', who's long gone now."

"Uh..." Emily piped up.

Thomas whispered to her, "I know he's still out there, but there's no need to scare the newest students with that knowledge."

Hearing that, Emily nodded her head.

"Now these youngsters are right, it's too soon for Halloween tales Bill and Ben, why don't you instead focus on getting your homework done, and not pull pranks on others?"

"Fine!" they sighed and walked away. But they hadn't gone far before Ben piped up, "but watch out, this is the time of year for nasty storms, and they could still hide strange things. Maybe even a monster."

Thomas rolled his eyes and Emily whispered to the three boys, "if you see anything scary looking, it's probably just Bill and Ben. Don't believe it's a real monster."

"But what if there is a real monster?" Bert asked with a worried tone in his voice.

Mike rolled his eyes, "oh Bert, you'll believe just about anything won't you? You heard the lady, it'll be just those twin's tricks." As if on cue, there came a scream, followed by laughter, "like that one."

Everyone looked to the source of the scream and saw a boy covered in some kind of white liquid, most likely glue. The boy had dark blue hair, a dark blue vest over a yellow shirt and white running shoes.

"You okay there?" Thomas asked.

"Yeah, just got tricked by Bill and Ben, again."

Emily had to admit she had never met this boy before, "are you new here?"

"You could say that. I actually used to live on Sodor, but then my family moved to the Mainland and I had to go to the high school there. Then in a strange twist, they discovered they didn't like working there, and I wasn't happy at the other school. Especially with Spencer around, so we moved back and I came here. Er, sorry, didn't mean to go on."

"That's alright, er..."

"Timothy, call me Timothy."

"Well it's nice to meet you Timothy, I'm Emily and this is my, good friend; Thomas. And these guys are...oh, sorry I didn't get your names."

"I'm Rex," said the green haired boy. "The one with blue hair is my brother Bert, and the one in red is named Mike."

"It's silly that I got red and Bert got blue, I liked walking around with green hair."

"Shocking eh?" Rex chuckled and winked at the three teenagers. "Consider how I felt, when we were both green, people couldn't tell us apart. I was often called Mike and he was often called Rex."

"Why you..." Mike waved a fist at Rex.

"Oh knock it off you guys," chuckled Bert. "Sorry about them, they're often like this."

"So we can see," said Thomas. He turned to Timothy, "and how do you know Bill and Ben?"

"They used to be my classmates way back when, and from the looks and feel of things like this glue, some things haven't changed." He sighed as he started walking away, but stopped and turned to get cleaned up, "be careful out there though. If memory serves me right, the storms on Sodor can be dangerous."

"Oh don't worry Timothy, we'll be fine. I mean, it's not like those storms are going to hide some kind of danger we can't see."

Emily groaned, "I wish you hadn't said that Thomas."

After classes had ended for the day, both Thomas and Emily had made their way to Brendam to meet up with three old friends who they haven't seen in a long time; Dash, Bash and Ferdinand. They had barely been there for a minute before they found them, standing beside a log carrying lorry.

"Hello friends, good to see you again," called Ferdinand as the duo ran over to them.

"It's good to see you too Ferdinand, you too Bash and Dash," smiled Emily. "I'm suprised we haven't seen each other in such a long time. If this were a story, it'd be like you were written out."

Ferdinand laughed, "takes alot to write us out dear Emily. No, it's just because we're busy. People are ordering alot of our wood for furniture, homes and all sorts of things. We've been so busy that we've hired two youngsters from Brazil, who looking for work."

"Brazil?" Thomas asked with surprise, "that's a long way's off."

"Perhaps, but they had been living in Barrow for a while and wanted a job they would love. Needless to say, they are both loving their work. Come by sometimes and you'll get your chance to meet them."

"We'll be sure to do that one day," smiled Emily.

"So Emily, have you and Thomas finally confessed?" Bash asked.

"Or are you two still remaining 'just friends'?" Dash asked while making quotes with his fingers.

Thomas looked nervous, but Emily with a smile on her face answered with; "we haven't said it yet, but we're working on seeing if we really do like each other. Give us time and we'll give you an answer."

Bash and Dash groaned, which brought about another laugh from Ferdinand, "you have to forgive these two, they keep betting with each other on your 'relationship' status." Both Thomas and Emily rolled their eyes and chuckled quietly under their breaths, "anyhow, we'll get into chatting in a few minutes, but first, I need to make a delivery down to the china clay pits."

"The china clay pits? You mean the place Bill, Ben and Timothy's parents work?" Thomas asked.

"That's the one. They said something about making new desks, or something like that, but this delivery won't take long."

"Mind if we go with you?" Emily asked. "I've always wanted to see what's beyond Brendam."

"I'd love to take you, but the truck I'm taking the wood in has only enough room for two people, so three of you will have to stay behind."

They looked to each other for a long time, deciding without saying a word. Finally Thomas broke the silence, "good ahead and look Emily, I can stay here with Bash and Dash."

"Are you sure Thomas?"

"Oh yeah I'm sure. Besides, you're in good hands with Ferdinand." His eyes narrowed at that moment, "and I'd rather stay away from Bill and Ben, after the prank they pulled earlier." And he explained to the logging trio of the prank on Timothy.

Bash and Dash looked to each other and smirked, "oh we'd handle them, no problem."

"I doubt they'll be there, but thank you for this chance Thomas," Emily smiled.

"Come on then Emily, let's go for a ride," smiled Ferdinand. Emily nodded and climbed into the cab of the lorry. Ferdinand set it into motion and drove it away towards the pits.

"Be safe," muttered Thomas.

The run down to the pits went smoothly at first, but as they got closer, both Ferdinand and Emily noticed dark clouds coming in, "those are fierce rainclouds, we'll need to be careful when leaving," Ferdinand said.

Looking up at a rockwall, Emily could only agree with Ferdinand about being careful.

At last, they reached the main office where a woman was waiting for them. She wore a brown suit and black skirt with yellow lining. She also had a name tag which read 'Marion'.

"Perfect timing Ferdinand," she smiled. "You guys sure do deliver when you're suppose to, I'm quite impressed."

Ferdinand blushed, "oh shucks, thank you Miss Marion."

Marion laughed, "Ferdinand, I've told you before, call me Marion." She then noticed Emily, "and who's this with you? Is she your daughter?"

"Not at all, Emily is a friend to Bash, Dash and myself. She and her good friend Thomas are the ones who helped us out last year."


"Yes, Thomas and I got lost out on the water and we ended up on Misty Island where we tried to help them. I mean, we couldn't just stay there and not do something, right?"


Ferdinand meanwhile walked to the back of the lorry where he began to untie the wood. Other workers came over to help, as did Emily and Marion, but Ferdinand turned them down, "it's quite alright, we can handle this my ladies."

Marion blushed, "oh that man. I just can't understand how he lives without a wife. Oh geez, there I go again, talking about everything else but who I am. I'm Marion, manager of the china clay works, it's nice to meet you Miss Emily."

"It's nice to meet you too. Do always talk this much?"

"Afraid so, I'm quite the chatter box. I love talking about anything and everything, especially when it comes to the operations of the china clay works. I love it here, you know."

Emily nodded, and silently thought to herself; "and here I thought James was a chatter box."

Finally, the work was done. Ferdinand and Emily said their good-byes and left the pits. By that time though, the rain had started coming down. It was light at first, but within a minute, it was coming down in bucket loads. The lorry strugged to get out of the pits.

"Darn meddlesome vehcile, our locomotives wouldn't had this much trouble."

Emily looked up at the rock-face. This time, she grew quite scared looking at it, and she had every right to be scared. Rain had weakened the soil in the ground, making many of the rocks fall down into the canyon. At first, they were small enough that they bounced off the roof of the lorry. Then larger chunks began to fall down.

Ferdinand swirved them to avoid the rocks. One fell close to Emily's door, making her jump. However, she did spot something imprinted in the rock, "was that a footprint?" she thought to herself.

Before she could ask to stop so she could look, there came a loud rumbling sound from above. The rockface was coming down, and it was coming down fast. It looked like the end for the duo, until they heard a loud honk from behind. They were bumped from behind and pushed out of the way, just in time. Rocks came down and blocked the only roadway into the china clay pits.

When they were a good distance away, they stopped. Ferdinand climbed out, "thank you, whoever you are!"

The door of the other lorry that bumped them opened and out stepped a person that surprised Emily. It looked to be an adult version of Bill and Ben, but was in fact their father and another worker.

"Wilbert, you brave son of a gun, you saved us," smiled Ferdinand.

"'T'was nothing old friend," smiled Wilbert, "both Ted and I would jump into danger any time, and you know it. Mind you though, that was a really close call though, you could've been crushed."

"Well we weren't, and that's all that matters."

Curious about what she had seen, Emily climbed out of the lorry and made her way back to the avalanche zone, but found her path being blocked by Ted, "sorry there little lady, but I can't let you go any further. It's too dangerous."

"Ted's right, the rain could cause another rockslide. You two continue on while we go back along the railway path to speak with Ms Marion." And on that note, the two men, with umberllas in hand, walked back to Ms Marion. Ferdinand and Emily climbed back into their lorry and drove off, all the while, Emily kept thinking, "did I really see a footprint back there? And if it is, then where did it come from?"

At the docks, they met up with Thomas, Bash and Dash. They had waited patiently, but they did look worried, "why are you guys looking at us like that?" Emily asked.

"We heard there was an avalance in the pits," said Bash.

"And we were worried you guys had..." but Dash couldn't finish as small tears appeared in his eyes.

Ferdinand walked up to the twins and hugged them, "don't you worry chaps, takes more than an avalanche to keep me down. Besides, God was looking out for us, through the wonderful duo of Wilbert and Ted. They could be Reverands if they weren't working in the clay pits. Now enough of this chit-chat, let's go get something to eat and enjoy an afternoon with our friends."

As the group started walking away, Emily spoke with Thomas, "I saw something in the pits."

"What sort of something?" Thomas asked.

"Well, it's kind of hard to tell really, but when Ferdinand was struggling to get the lorry out of the pits, I saw a rock land near us. It appeared to have a footprint on it."

"A footprint, to what excatly?"

"I don't know, I didn't really get a good look at it, but it was big."

"Like one of the animals at the animal zoo?"

Emily shook her head, "no, from what I did see, it looked bigger than any of those animals."

Bash and Dash overheard them, "maybe those footprints are from monsters," said Bash. "Probably from the days of Kings and Queens, and knights, you never know."

"Or maybe," added Dash, "it's a modern monster, lurking around in the pits, waiting to strike."

"Alright boys, that's enough!" called Ferdinand. "There are no such things as monsters. You probably saw something that looked like a footprint Emily, it was storming over there. Lightning's known for playing tricks on the mind."

"I guess you're right Ferdinand, but still..."

The image of that print continued to play on Emily's mind, and as a result, she didn't really say much that night. Thomas ended up speaking for the both of them.

As the group spoke, a man stepped off of a boat. He looked around and groaned, "yep, not where I was suppose to go. Welp, I might as well explore, then see if I can find a way home."

The next morning, long before the sun rose for a new day, Percy was out and about delivering mail to many of the houses in Ffarquhar. It could be tiring to get up early in the morning, but Percy didn't mind. He loved delivering mail and meeting his friends in the town. One of his stops was at Thomas' house. Only one person was up, and that was Emily.

"Good morning Emily. Are you okay? You look tired."

Emily let out a big yawn, "I didn't sleep well last night Percy, I was up most of the night, thinking about something I saw yesterday," and she told him about the footprint. "Bash and Dash said it might belong to a monster, but I'm not really sure."

"Monster? As in, big scary, possibly with big teeth kind of monster?"

Emily yawned again, "I don't know Percy. I need to have a good look at the print again, but they won't let me back in until the rockslide's been cleared away. Thanks for the mail though, keep up the good work."

Percy watched as Emily turned and went back into the house. He peddled away on his bicycle, but after talking with Emily, he wasn't enjoying his run. Everywhere he looked, objects looked like scary monsters. Hay stacks looked like heads, sheets on the line looked like ghosts and pets looked like wild dangerous animals. Percy wanted nothing more than to finish his job and get home as quickly as possible.

A few hours later, he was at Sodor High School along with his friends. But even here, he felt a little uneasy. So uneasy that he wasn't paying to his surrondings. Bill and Ben had snuck up behind him and shouted 'BOO', making Percy jump and yell.

"Oh what's the matter Percy? Scared of a couple of twins?" Bill asked cheekily.

"Build a back bone Percy, and be like us," Ben boasted. "We're never scared."

"Oh really?" snapped a voice, which made the twins jump. They turned and saw Rosie staring firmly at them, "says the duo with one twin who got into trouble during a field trip and cried out for help, with a scared tone in his voice I might add."

Bill and Ben chuckled nervously, then dashed off without another word.

"Sorry about them Percy, they're always like that."

"Yeah...I, I knew that," he said with a shaky tone in his own voice.

Rosie noticed the nervousness, "you alright Percy? Bill and Ben didn't really scare you that badly did they?" Percy shook his head, "then why are you shaking nervously?"

"It's just...oh never mind, it's nothing really," he fibbed and walked away.

Rosie raised an eyebrow. She was even surprised when Percy passed Stanley without saying a word, "what was that all about?" he asked.

All Rosie could do was shrug her shoulders.

Percy continued on down the hallway towards the stairway leading to his classroom. As he did so, James came walking up, "hullo Percy, what's up with you today?"

"Nothing's wrong with me, now drop it!" Percy snapped.

James was taken aback by this. Percy realised what he did, "sorry James, I'm just on edge right now. Emily said she saw something big at the china clay pits yesterday."

"Wait, why was she at the China Clay Pits?"

"She was going with Ferdinand to do a delivery for them. Anyways, on the way, she spotted a giant footprint."

James burst into laughter, "a footprint? That's what gotten you so nervous? Seriously Percy? You need to be tough and brave like me. I mean, if people find out you're scared of a footprint, then you'll become a laughing stock, not that you aren't one right now." And he continued laughing.

"I think if you want to find the laughing stock, you should look in the mirror James."

James stopped laughing and stared firmly at Percy. Percy sighed and continued, "It's not the print I'm scared of, it's what it could belong to. For all I know, it could be the footprint of a monster."

"A monster? No, it can't be. Monsters aren't real."

"You never know James, you never know," and Percy set off, leaving James standing still in the hallway.


  • Thomas
  • Emily
  • Percy
  • Leo
  • James
  • Edward
  • Toby
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Mikey

Donnie Raph (mentioned)


  • Thomas and Emily finally reveal their feelings towards one another, but decide to wait before becoming a couple because Thomas is still unsure about the whole thing.
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