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This spoof for the Hunchback of Notre Dame will be a good idea for AnimanicasGleek thanks to my ideas of creating fanfiction fanmakes of great movies.

Clopin: Tulio

Gyspys at the Beginning of the Movie: Milo Thatch, Tarzan(Disney),

Quasimodo's Father:King Triton

Quasimodo's Mother: Queen Athena

Guy with Spear: Riku(Kingdom Hearts)

Frollo's Guards: Villains

Frollo: Captain Hook

Archdecaon: Mufasa

Quasimodo: Peter Pan



Laverne-Cosette(2012 Les Miserables)

Phoebus-Lewis(Meet The Robinsons)

Achillies: Simba

Esmeralda: Melody(Little Mermaid II)

Djailli: Spike(My Little Pony)

Mustache Guard- Squidward

Guard who hits his Head- Banzai

Frollo's Guard Whipper- Davy Jones(Pirates of The Caribbean)

Ants-Ants(Ant Bully)

Citizens of Paris- Animated Characters

King who Burps-Prince John(Robin Hood)

Guys with Mask- Spiderman, Ice King, Finn, Ash, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Spongebob

Old Man- Pops(Regular Show)

Guys in Red Cloaks- Hyenas, Decepticons, Stormtroopers

Gyspys- Mordecai, Tintin, Haddock, Sebastian, Lumiere, Eilowny, Taran, Cogsworth, Patrick Star, Pumbaa, Ratchet, Clank, Qwark,ETC.

Monster Statue-Toothless

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