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Chapter 1 is the first chapter of The Nightmare Before MediEvil: Merry Spookmas written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "This is Christmas".


(The story start off in the future of December 2015 on Cambridge, United Kingdom. Professor Darrow and a mysterious bandaged man are at the Department of Archaeology in a small room with two chairs they're sitting on, looking face to face in a interview style.)

  • Darrow: Hi there. Are you here for therapy?
  • Mysterious Man: Yes. We are going to start the meeting right now. Need a camera or a smartphone to get the video set up?
  • Darrow: Filming make me uncomfortable. We'll be fine without the video.
  • Mysterious Man: If you changed your mind, just ask.
  • Darrow: Okay, we'll get started. Tell me how your world changed when the four strangers came out of their own timeline?
  • Mysterious Man: Uh, think think think. *thinking*
  • Darrow: My assistant said you'd promised a story that might be invaluable to my studies. How could I pass that up?
  • Mysterious Man: Oh, i got it. I have been following your work on the 'The Hero of Gallowmere' for many years. It has taught me a great deal. I think it's time for me to give something back! First, let me apologize for my appearance - I have long suffered from an unpleasant... condition. People would find my true appearance quite distracting. And the events that disfigured me also robbed me of my voice.
  • Darrow: And so...
  • Mysterious Man: Perhaps at the point where your study of Sir Fortesque's life descends into conjecture. What really happened to him after his second resurrection? He had defeated Lord Palethorn, restored peace to Victorian London, but then what?
  • Darrow: People have long searched fruitlessly for his final resting place.
  • Mysterious Man: What if it set on the wrong time?
  • Darrow: We know that Sir Dan was aided by the genius inventor Hamilton Kift. Scholars have spent years studying Kift's 'Time Machine' blueprints, but they found no evidence of such a device in his collection.
  • Mysterious Man: We never believed it could really exist. But it did! It was never found, because Sir Dan and Princess Kiya used it!
  • Darrow: Now can you tell us how the future Sir Daniel and his friends warped to your timeline?
  • Mysterious Man: Oh yes. It all started before the war with Zarok. The four time-travelers came to warn me about my future death in the Battle of Gallowmere. As we team up, i never died. History was altered with Zarok being killed in the process. And that's why all of this conflict with Zarok and Palethorn never happen in the first place.
  • Darrow: Oh cool. Can you tell us what the time-travelers life were like?
  • Mysterious Man: Yes. It all started in the future. December 24, 1895. The night before Christmas. A wizard-like sorcerer alchemist was seeking for revenge and trying to take over Gallowmere for the holidays. It started right here where the ruins of Hell are rising.

(Many centuries ago on December 1895 in the depths of Hell, a elf in a black coat is looking into the skulls of the dead skeletons and trolls with a broken armor of Lord Palethorn)

  • ???: Lord Palethorn is gone, then Zarok came back and died again. I am getting tired of losing my chances on other villains stopping that skeleton knight. I'm going to do it myself and take over Gallowmere. *hold his wand with the light warping him out of Hell*

(Meanwhile at Gallowmere in the graveyard area, villagers are seeing graves of death people as one of them is planting flowers in a grave of a viking while some drop flowers on the tombstones)

  • Villager #1: They'll be missed.
  • Villager #2: We miss them.
  • Gardener: The greatest viking who has ever lived. These flowers will make you feel fresh in the heavens.

(A big beam landed into the ground with a wizard-like sorcerer alchemist showing up on the graveyard)

  • ???: Earth, it is. The place of immortal beings.
  • Gardener: Hey! You're disrespecting the legacy of a loss viking! Move out of the tombstone.
  • ???: Hello there fellow. You seem to be lost, scared, tension and confused.
  • Gardener: Back off the dead!
  • ???: Don't make me do this to you.
  • Gardener: Guys, get rid of this fellow stranger!
  • Villager #1: What the heck are you doing?
  • Villager #2: Get out of here.
  • Villager #3: Get lost.
  • Villager #4: Don't make me use the fork on you.
  • Gardener: You heard them.
  • ???: You're going to be out worrying for yourselves. I want everyone to back off, so i can make room to summon monsters around Gallowmere.
  • Gardener: Die you sorcerer!
  • ???: Hear me out by the magic of flames! *burn the graveyard down*
  • Everyone: *scream and run*
  • ???: *summon demons from the portals* Get them my minions.
  • Demons: *roar and kill off the villagers and gardener on the ground*
  • ???: Ha ha ha ha ha. It is i, Keli. The most powerful alchemist and sorcerer in all of Gallowmere!
  • Demons: *bow down to Keli*
  • Keli: Good job my demons. Now we must make way to persevere on revenge of all of Gallowmere. Starting with the legendary hero, Sir Daniel Fortesque! *evil laugh as his powers burn down all the trees*

(Keli and his two demons walk over to the path to start their campaign on stopping the kingdoms of Gallowmere)



(In the town of Gallowmere, it was Christmas season and everyone is gathering around for the holidays. Fruit cakes and steaks are being served on the food court with everyone serving around.)

  • Salesman: Christmas cookies! We got Christmas cookies for sale! Taste like sugar and chocolate chip. Only 50 cent.
  • Bouncer: You seem to have a nice candy shop over here.
  • Salesman: Oh yes. All made and ready to be sale.
  • Bouncer: *place his pennies on the table* I'll take the green one.
  • Salesman: The green and red cookies taste the same. Here you go.
  • Bouncer: *eat the green Christmas cookie* Oh yeah. This used to taste what my grandmother made over the holidays.
  • Salesman: Have a nice day. I hope you come back to try my latest hot dog bites by next morning.
  • Bouncer: Whatever my friend. I'm going to guard track at the saloon.

(At the mansion, Kiya wake up from the bed and walk to the hallway as she open up the coffin with Sir Daniel inside)

  • Kiya: Good morning Sir Daniel Fortesque.
  • Sir Daniel: Ah. What a day. How long i was asleep for?
  • Kiya: You just woke up.
  • Sir Daniel: Jeez, who turn on the weather? It's freeze as in ice.
  • Kiya: It's the weather. Also, it's Winter season. Christmas is in the air.
  • Sir Daniel: Christmas? Oh girl, it's that time of year where everyone get to be hailed as heroes and open up their rewards after all the hard work they done.
  • Kiya: Mr. Hamilton is waiting for you outside.
  • Sir Daniel: What is he going to offer us this time? Fruit cake?
  • Hamilton: *open the door* Ah hoy there love birds, good morning to you.
  • Kiya: Hello Hamilton. I thought you were going to stop at the end and see us.
  • Hamilton: I just came back to inform you guys that there's a Christmas festival going on.
  • Kiya: Oh cool. I always wanted to go on those since i was awaken by the time of Palethorn's heist.
  • Sir Daniel: A Christmas festival? I thought you meant a Winter Festival with a lot of snow.
  • Hamilton: You guys are going to love this one. Come along and share the joys of the holidays.
  • Kiya: Let's go knight. We got a lot to catch up with.
  • Sir Daniel: I'll be cutting up with a sword to serve some grilled chicken.

(Outside, Sir Daniel, Kiya and Hamilton walk around the town to see Christmas decorations being set up and lights being turn on with a little drop of snow through the cloudy weather)

  • Hamilton: Ta da! We are here!
  • Kiya: It's so beautiful.
  • Sir Daniel: Oh wow. I can cry now. *drop a little tear in his eye* It's beautiful in my eyes. Now it's a real emotional moment over here.
  • Kiya: This remind you a lot of your childhood.
  • Sir Daniel: I was born when we didn't celebrate holidays and i was dead when the world started preparing holidays over the months.
  • Spiv: Merry Christmas!
  • Sir Daniel: Hey there Spiv. Your sword collection is looking fine tonight.
  • Spiv: *show his weapons on his coat* All fine swords and weapons on my coat.
  • Kiya: Wow. They look almost like replicas of them.
  • Spiv: They're real. Just for sale. I also have the blunderbuss and broad sword on the right side of my coat.
  • Sir Daniel: For the Glory of Gallowmere! *hold his sword up*
  • Spiv: I love it. Oh well, i must make my next stop to the weapon shop. I see you guys around. See ya.
  • Kiya: So long Spiv.
  • Winston: Merry Christmas Sir Daniel!
  • Sir Daniel: Aw, who's the little boy?
  • Winston: I made a Christmas card for you. *give the card to Sir Daniel*
  • Sir Daniel: Ooh, let me see. *read the card* "Sir Daniel Fortesque, you are the greatest hero in Gallowmere. I hope you train at the snow fields and cut up a bunch of snow monsters. Love Winston."
  • Winston: Did you like my letter?
  • Sir Daniel: Yes. With eternity and justice for all!
  • Kiya: You look like a fine warrior to me.
  • Sir Daniel: Where is that smell coming from? If my nose was back, i would smell the right thing from the table.
  • Winston: They're selling desserts.
  • Sir Daniel: A desert? With sand on it?
  • Kiya: No. Desserts, like the cherry on top of the cake.
  • Hamilton: I got you guys served with love. Come over to the food market.
  • Sir Daniel: We'll be there.
  • Winston: At least, i finally got my rainbow lollipop.

(At the food market, people are serving food on the table with bread, steak, ham, chicken and fruit cake on the table)

  • Chef: Everything is ready on the table. Feel free to serve some food for yourself.
  • Janitor: Whoever make a mess on the ground, that's okay. I'll clean the ground myself.
  • Everyone: *serve food on the buffet*
  • Kiya: I never tasted anything like this.
  • Sir Daniel: Fresh apple teeth.
  • Winston: If you grab it, it's yours.
  • Hamilton: I love how they made the ham.
  • Kiya: Always crispy like making baked potatoes.
  • Sir Daniel: If i only had a mouth, i'll eat that pumpkin pie up.
  • Kiya: Daniel, you have a mouth.
  • Sir Daniel: It's just the teeth. I should have gotten a real teeth in the first place.
  • Chef: We have drinks of watermelon if you like. We got cranberry juice as well and fresh beers on the cups.
  • Sir Daniel: Good day, sir.
  • Kiya: It's always good to be home for the holidays.
  • Hamilton: Let's sit down on a fresh table right here.
  • Winston: No problem. Always glad to be helping around.

(Sir Daniel, Kiya, Hamilton and Winston sit on the table together with food served for themselves)

  • Kiya: Okay. Let's dig in for breakfast.
  • Sir Daniel: *chew on the steak*
  • Winston: *eat the pumpkin pie* Mmm, so good.
  • Hamilton: I love every bite of the ham.
  • Kiya: Ham is used for sandwiches too as well.
  • Hamilton: It's all thick. I wouldn't use a thick one for a sandwich.
  • Sir Daniel: Tasty meal.
  • Kiya: How is town doing?
  • Hamilton: The town has been wonderful lately. No attacks or wars has gotten into our way since the demons' attack last year.
  • Winston: Man, i was scared of those things more than the criminals.
  • Kiya: We'll proud as a team.
  • Hamilton: I got my latest invention coming up. And it's a new bathtub with a shower.
  • Kiya: Wow. What does this bathtub do?
  • Hamilton: It'll water the whole thing on you, like using a hose to sprinkle water on the flowers.
  • Kiya: I thought we already had one of these.
  • Hamilton: You now have one with the shower inside of the shower being stick on the walls next to the bottom of the bathtub.
  • Kiya: I'll take the bathtub with the shower attracted to it.
  • Hamilton: Thanks for your feedback.
  • Kiya: If Jack Skellington was here, he would have love all the Christmas decorations set up in town.
  • Hamilton: That's what i have been thinking. I wonder how he's doing back at Halloween Town.

(In another world at Halloween Town, a bunch of creatures and monsters alike are celebrating Christmas, but with Halloween decorations added on in town)

  • Wolfman: *howl at the hill*
  • Attic Snake: *move around the ground*
  • Devil: Merry Christmas!
  • Winged Demon: Merry Spookmas!
  • Jack: Ha ha ha. Season's greetings everyone. I hope the ice doesn't freeze you with all the cold weather around you.
  • Mayor: Merry Christmas Jack, my friend.
  • Jack: Hello Mayor. It's my favorite holiday of the year, next to Halloween.
  • Mayor: Well, there 365 days 'til the next holiday.
  • Jack: Like celebrating a birthday.
  • Mayor: That's right my friend. Anniversaries are very important for a event.
  • Jack: What about leap years? Do we celebrate it on leap years even if it has 366 days?
  • Mayor: Yes. That's a extra day for you, the same year where the mayor election would take place in.
  • Jack: That's right to know.
  • Mayor: Enjoy your day.
  • Jack: Ha ha ha. The greatest mayor ever ruled.
  • Cyclops: Hi Jack Skellington.
  • Jack: Ah ha. You know me as the Pumpkin King,
  • Cyclops: Look what i made on the field. *show Jack a snowman made of teeth and rocks*
  • Jack: A snowman. Or i'll say, a scary man.
  • Cyclops: I did all the hard work to put a lot of effort in it.
  • Jack: I owe you pal.
  • Undersea Gal: Hey Jack. I think Dr. Finkelstein want to see you.
  • Jack: I wonder what he got for me in stock.
  • Undersea Gal: Feel free to check out the scientist.
  • Jack: I'm on my way.

(At Dr. Finkelstein's house, dinner is being held by all of Dr. Finkelstein's friends. They are seen eating ribs for dinner)

  • Dr. Finkelstein: I never tasted anything but this special sauce on the rib.
  • Jewel: It's not bad to me.
  • Igor: Hey Finkelstein, i got the washer machine set up.
  • Dr. Finkelstein: Great work. I can get used into washing my clothes after every day.
  • Mr. Hyde: You're the best scientist around.
  • Dr. Finkelstein: Thank you very much Mr. Hyde.
  • Sally: *pass out the cookies on the plate* The cookies are all served.
  • Dr. Finkelstein: Wonderful Sally. You are cooking up like a maid.
  • Sally: I can get used into cooking and baking.
  • Jack: *show up* Hello there Dr. Finkelstein: Some news you want to inform me.
  • Dr. Finkelstein: Hey Jack. Merry Christmas by the way. Also, Sally got you something special for you.
  • Sally: *show Jack her gummy replica of a pumpkin* This gummy-made pumpkin is all for you.
  • Jack: Oh wow. A gummy made of pumpkins? I thought it would look like jelly at first. But thank you very much. *eat the gummy pumpkin*
  • Sally: You're very welcome.
  • Igor: Ho ho ho, i hope i can make a Gingerbread house sometime at the end of the year.
  • Jack: The year isn't going to fast you up enough to build a house made of gingerbread cookies.
  • Igor: I always got company.
  • Jack: Where is Zero? Zero boy. Come here.
  • Zero: *show up, barking at Jack*
  • Jack: Hey Zero. Who's the little ghost pup?
  • Zero: *bark*
  • Dr. Finkelstein: Such a cute dog. I got a little rubber to show you. Follow me to the lab.
  • Jack: This is your lab. It means we're already there.
  • Dr. Finkelstein: It's actually my house. The lab is on the other side.
  • Sally: Get your facts straight up.
  • Jack: Alright. You have me.

(At Dr. Finkelstein's lab, Dr. Finkelstein show Jack the Soul Rubber on the table as the Skeletal Reindeer is seen on the cage)

  • Jack: Wow. Is that a rubber made of fine jelly?
  • Dr. Finkelstein: You are close. I call this the Soul Robber.
  • Jack: The Soul Robber. Have i used it before?
  • Dr. Finkelstein: I have made every single weapon made of rubber after all these years of working. This Soul Robber will shapeshift into different things and will hold on your wrist to fight against the monsters. Like take the demons and bats for example.
  • Sally: How long can on the Soul Robber last for?
  • Dr. Finkelstein: Forever. Test out this rubber if you may, Mr. Jack.
  • Jack: I'll do my best. *use the Soul Robber to form it to a spike to cut off pumpkins* Oh yeah. I am the master of cutting up pumpkins.
  • Dr. Finkelstein: This may be your best weapon yet.
  • Jack: I'll use it whatever i have to if the big bads show up into Halloween Town and fight them back.
  • Dr. Finkelstein: You have this on you whatever you like. Just feel free to use it in battles.
  • Jack: Thank you Dr. Finkelstein: You always seem to impress me.
  • Dr. Finkelstein: You even get to fall in love with my creation.
  • Sally: We're glad to be together.
  • Jack: One big family together.
  • Dr. Finkelstein: Ha ha ha. I can watch you guys all day than stepping on spiders.
  • Jack: No bad skeleton will stop on me.

(Back at Gallowmere at the club, the Bouncer is guarding at the door as he let the gentleman come in the door with Sir Daniel and Kiya being in line)

  • Bouncer: Good evening. In you go sir.
  • Gentleman: Thank you very much.
  • Bouncer: *let the gentleman in* You are very welcome.
  • Sir Daniel: *in line* Just stopping by in your club.
  • Bouncer: *stop Sir Daniel from going in* Hold it please sir!
  • Sir Daniel: Huh?
  • Kiya: We were just walking through.
  • Bouncer: You can't come in dressed like that. We've got standards.
  • Kiya: Standards? Are you going to force us to get jobs before coming in?
  • Bouncer: Standards are standards. Just like rules are rules. Everyone must have a membership card, a suit and a beard in order to be in the club.
  • Kiya: We're heroes. You're not letting us in.
  • Bouncer: I must see your membership card. Come back anytime if you have your membership card. No buts and excuses.
  • Sir Daniel: One day when i'm mayor, i'll make some changes to your club.
  • Bouncer: I don't own the club. The boss own it and make the rules.
  • Kiya: We'll be back with the right clothes.

(Sir Daniel and Kiya came back with their dress code on. Sir Daniel has a suit and beard with Kiya dressed as a fancy looking lady.)

  • Kiya: Hey honey bun. You seem to be nervous.
  • Bouncer: Welcome back. You may now proceed.
  • Kiya: Thanks a lot. Next time, bring me a drink of grape.
  • Sir Daniel: Time to go in.

(At the club, a bunch of fancy looking people are talking with bearded ladies and mullock girls dancing on the poles)

  • Mullock King: Ha ha ha. The chief would be so happy if he was living today over the holidays.

(There is a bunch of crowded people with their drinks up as Madam Jo-jo walk with all of her madam friends and gentleman walking by her, talking about many questions)

  • Madam Jo-jo: I was once a saloon girl at the wild west in Texas. Never stood the outlaws against the cowboys, even through they all look like far-walkers to me.
  • Sir Daniel: *show up with Kiya* Hello Miss. Jo-jo.
  • Madam Jo-jo: Sir Daniel Fortesque, look at you. All dressed up.
  • Kiya: You got a great club for yourself.
  • Madam Jo-jo: All of my people love me. You seem to be the master of playing cards.
  • Kiya: I'm not the best card player around. In 30 blocks, they are building up a new casino place that will allow you to play all the cards you want in which will open by February.
  • Madam Jo-jo: You got something to drink?
  • Kiya: No thank you. Just checking by.
  • Sir Daniel: I am the mighty hero of the rocks!
  • Gentleman: We can't understand what you say. *laugh with his friends*
  • Sir Daniel: Hey, you can't be that serious.
  • Mullock King: Madam Jo-jo, the cheese and crackers are being served on the table. Feel free to grab your drinks and a whole bunch of wine.
  • Madam Jo-jo: Oh! Come along people. We got a whole lot of variety to eat.
  • Sir Daniel: Oh boy. Crackers!
  • Kiya: No Daniel. We just ate.
  • Sir Daniel: What? I only ate a half steak.
  • Kiya: That's the whole meal. You probably would have to wait for another hour to try out the latest snacks.
  • Sir Daniel: The first thing i wanna do is go to Halloween Town to visit Jack Skellington and the others. Since it's Christmas season, i hope they give out all the kids to the nice little fellows.
  • Kiya: You got me thinking.
  • Sir Daniel: Who are you asking?
  • Kiya: Come over to the mansion. I'm about to show you a super big early Christmas present.
  • Sir Daniel: Oh cool. I hope it is a new fridge where i can place my sword.
  • Kiya: Ah ah ah. You're close.
  • Sir Daniel: What is it?
  • Kiya: I'll show you.

(Back at the mansion, Kiya show the secret present to Sir Daniel with the blanket covering up the present)

  • Sir Daniel: It's just a blanket. That's the present for the end of the year?
  • Kiya: You get yours. *take the blanket off to reveal a warping machine* Ta da!
  • Sir Daniel: Wow. *take off his suit and beard* What is this?
  • Kiya: *take her dress and blonde wig off* It's a warping machine. It warp you from places to go. So where do you wanna warp to, skeleton knight?
  • Sir Daniel: First place to warp, Halloween Town.
  • Kiya: Alright. Let's go for it. Also, it's like a time machine, but you gotta watch your step when you stand on the platform.

(Sir Daniel and Kiya use the warping machine to warp to Halloween Town. Back at Halloween Town, Jack and Sally are walking into the plains where it's snowing around here with Jack testing out his Soul Robber.)

  • Jack: How unique is this robber? It can change to anything.
  • Sally: Dr. Finkelstein made it with a lot of love.
  • Jack: Like what? Loving a pumpkin and chocolate bar?
  • Sally: It's not that scary to know.
  • Jack: I hope it doesn't melt.
  • Sally: Trust me, it doesn't melt like ice.

(Sir Daniel and Kiya arrives from warping with the warping machine)

  • Sir Daniel: Boo!
  • Jack: Oh, holy moly. I did not see you here.
  • Kiya: Jack and Sally.
  • Sally: Daniel and Kiya.
  • Kiya: It been so long since our last adventure.
  • Jack: You're just in time for the holidays.
  • Sir Daniel: We were just having a Christmas party back home. Are you having yours as well?
  • Jack: Yes we all. A bunch of kids will be running around, throwing snowballs at each other with courage, cunning and mischief.
  • Sir Daniel: Just parking our warping machine in here.
  • Mayor: Jack, Sally. Return to the city, we are going to have a town hall meeting.
  • Jack: We were just having a walk.
  • Sir Daniel: Oh, i didn't see you there.
  • Mayor: Mr. Fortesque my friend. How are you?
  • Sir Daniel: Praised to be the holy one.
  • Kiya: Aren't you the same mayor that twist his head around?
  • Mayor: Oh yes. *twist his head* I'm the angry one. Grrrrrrr. *twist his head* Just kidding. Welcome to Halloween Town. Please come over to the town meeting as we discuss a few things about Christmas.
  • Kiya: I thought you guys are already celebrating the holiday.
  • Mayor: There's a lot to discuss. Now please follow along.
  • Kiya: We're going in the town.
  • Jack: Safety's fist. No trips or falls on the poison goo.

(Back at Halloween Town, Sir Daniel, Kiya, Jack and Sally sit down with a lot of creatures and monsters with the Mayor standing on his platform on stage to start the meeting)

  • Mayor: Okay everyone. Thank you for all coming in. It is the time of year again and you know what we're celebrating? Christmas!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Sir Daniel: *cough* Excuse me.
  • Mayor: Thank you. Alright. This month, we're going to share some things around us. Look at all the peculiar decorations around the place. The objects shaped as spheres are just standing around you like rotten apples. What do i mean by that?
  • Sir Daniel: Cut them up and slice them with orange pieces.
  • Mayor: Wrong! Christmas ornaments! They're hanging around the trees with a star on top of the tree.
  • Everyone: Ooh.
  • Jack: These ornaments bring us the spirit in us.
  • Mayor: Do we have any questions?
  • Dr. Finkelstein: I have one. What if there's lost and found items around the area?
  • Mayor: Strange items we don't know. The first time we discovered Christmas, it was very strange to us. We were suspicious and we were confused.
  • Jack: The first time you discover something, you feel strange about a mystery from another holiday the other world celebrate in.
  • Mayor:

There were objects so peculiar

They were not to be believed

All around, things to tantalize our brains

  • Jack:

It's a world unlike anything I've ever seen

And as hard as I try, I can't seem to describe

Like a most improbable dream

  • Mayor: But you must believe when I tell you this: it's as real as a skull and it does exist...
  • Jack: Here, let me show you! *show a present* This is a thing called a present - the whole thing starts with a box...
  • Harlequin Demon: A box?
  • Devil: Is it steel?
  • Wolfman: Are there locks?
  • Harlequin Demon: Is it filled with a pox?
  • Devil: A pox. How delightful, a pox..
  • Jack: If you please... Just a box with bright-colored paper - and the whole thing's topped with a bow.
  • Witches:

A bow?

But why?

How ugly!

What's in it? What's in it?

  • Sir Daniel: That's the point of the thing, not to know!
  • Clown with the Tear-Away Face: It's a bat!
  • Creature Under the Stairs: Will it bend?
  • Clown with the Tear-Away Face: It's a rat!
  • Creature Under the Stairs: Will it break?
  • Undersea Gal: Perhaps, it's the head that I found in the lake...
  • Mayor: Listen now, you don't understand. That's not the point of Christmas Land!
  • Jack: Now, pay attention. We pick up an over-sized sock, and hang it like this on the wall.
  • Mr. Hyde: Oh, yes! Does it still have a foot?
  • Medium Mr. Hyde: Let me see, let me look!
  • Small Mr. Hyde: Is it rotted and covered with gook?
  • Mayor: Um, let me explain. There's no foot inside, but there's candy. Or sometimes, it's filled with small toys,,,
  • Winged Demon: Small toys? Do they bite?
  • Mummy: Do they snap?
  • Winged Demon: Or explode in a sack?
  • Corpse Kid: Or perhaps they just spring out and scare girls and boys!
  • Mayor: What a splendid idea - this Christmas sounds fun. Why, I fully endorse it, let's try it at once!
  • Jack:

Everyone, please now, not so fast!

There's something here that you don't quite grasp

  • Sir Daniel: Well, I may as well give them what they want. *singing*

And the best, I must confess

I have saved for the last for the ruler of this Christmas Land

Is a fearsome king with a deep mighty voice

Least, that's what I've come to understand...

And I've also heard it told that he's something to behold

Like a lobster, huge and red...

And he sets out to slay with his rain gear on

Carting bulging sacks with his big great arms

That is, so I've heard it said

And on a dark, cold night under full moonlight

He flies into a fog like a vulture in the sky...

And they call him the "Santa Claus"...!

  • Jack: Sandy Claws!
  • Everyone: *applause*
  • Sir Daniel:

Well, at least they're excited

Though they don't understand that special kind of feeling in Christmas Land

Oh, well...

  • Mayor: What a performance. You guys almost put out a great show.
  • Sir Daniel: It been so good to be here with you guys.
  • Mayor: Alright. Meeting's over. Everyone get back to work. We still got a lot to prepare for the actual day.
  • Everyone: *get back to work*
  • Jack: At least, we sang our parts.
  • Kiya: You guys still got a wish list for the month?
  • Sally: There's nothing much to say.
  • Jack: Wanna go hang out at the Hinterlands?
  • Sir Daniel: Oh sure. I would love to hang out there with a lot of Holiday Worlds to go to.
  • Jack: We're not going to hang out in these worlds. We're just going to look around.
  • Sir Daniel: We'll follow your way. We'll hang out there.
  • Jack: Great. Now let's keep on moving.
  • Kiya: Whatever you say Pumpkin King.
  • Sally: You're still the boss after all.
  • Jack: That's right. Let's keep it moving.

(Sir Daniel, Kiya, Jack and Sally explore the Hinterlands as they walk throughout the woods where holiday symbols are standing on the trees)

  • Sir Daniel: Here we are.
  • Jack: This is where i first explored the doors to the other Holiday Worlds.
  • Kiya: We stuck ourselves in the Thanksgiving world. Remember that?
  • Sally: That was a year ago when that giant man attacked the pilgrims with his demons.
  • Sir Daniel: I cut every demon in half.
  • Jack: Your world is insane with monsters, demons and dragons alike.
  • Sir Daniel: We used to have a evil overlord and a man who found a spellbook from a villain to invade Gallowmere.
  • Jack: We have faced one. You know the ghost in the sheet with the little creatures inside.
  • Sir Daniel: Eek! Don't you say his name with the bugs.
  • Jack: You guessed it. Oogie Boogie.
  • Kiya: Oogie Boogie is already dead. There is no need to face other bad guys for a while.
  • Sally: You got a point there. Why are we hanging out here if there's no other areas around here to go?
  • Kiya: Is there any other worlds we can go to?
  • Jack: Oh yes. There's more worlds around this woods. You never expect what is on the trees.
  • Sir Daniel: *point at the doors of the holiday worlds* Ooh, right there! There's ours!
  • Jack: No. Not that. I mean the other one.
  • Sir Daniel: Aw man.
  • Jack: You're close. Come with me. There's a colorful world we can go to.
  • Sir Daniel: I thought i was always right.
  • Kiya: Everyone have their ups and downs Daniel. You're not the only one who got the wrong answer at the meeting earlier.
  • Sir Daniel: I learned my lesson.

(The gang walk around in the path as more Holiday Worlds are seen with their own symbols at the doors)

  • Jack: As curious, look at all the symbols listed for each world.
  • Sally: We never went to any of these.
  • Kiya: It'll be too much for us.
  • Sir Daniel: I'm going to get dizzy and my head will fall off.
  • Jack: You better not be playing too much board games. Or else, you're going to cause some serious problems.
  • Sir Daniel: *twist head* Man. I better get back to sword training.
  • Jack: Oh wow. Look at this special door.
  • Sir Daniel: It's a rare one!
  • Jack: That symbol is a colorful skeleton with leaves on it.
  • Sally: What about it?
  • Kiya: Is there a holiday dedicated to the future?
  • Jack: No. You're close on that one.
  • Kiya: Hey. How do you know every single world that we always don't know about.
  • Sir Daniel: You never trust us.
  • Jack: I knew about these worlds the other day when i stumble across Christmas Town. I told the Mayor about all the doors leading to other Holiday Worlds. Before you guys came here, there were unique and you guys would have love them if you warped to one of them.
  • Sir Daniel: But, how do we get out in one of the worlds we warped to?
  • Jack: There's always a portal in one of the worlds. Let's give our first look with the door. *open the door as he fall through a portal* Ah!
  • Sally: Jack!
  • Sir Daniel: Whirlpool! Let me jump! *jump to the portal*
  • Kiya: Daniel.
  • Sally: He's really that dumb.
  • Kiya: At least, Jack is smarter than him. Why didn't he warn us before we fall into these dead ends?
  • Sally: Let's check and see for ourselves.
  • Kiya: Okay. *go to the portal with Sally*

(Sir Daniel, Jack, Sally and Kiya warped in another Holiday World. They land on a big bridge with skeletons walking into a big city with towers and leaves flying all over the colorful place)

  • Sir Daniel: Weird landing.
  • Sally: Look at that.
  • Kiya: Where are we? Why are there people dressed in costumes?
  • Jack: Ho ho. You're not in Halloween Town anymore. You are now in the Land of the Dead!
  • Kiya: The Land of the Dead? Does that mean we're dead?!
  • Jack: No. It's the name of the world the skeletons live in. It's more like a afterlife world to them. This world is based on the holiday of Día de los Muertos. Also the Day of the Dead.
  • Sir Daniel: Maybe i'm not the only skeleton around who is going to see the big city around us.
  • Jack: We're just getting started. Come on. It's a big big world out there.
  • Sally: Here we go!

(The gang explore through the city as a parade is being held with floating balloons of pumpkins and tigers on the air. The crowd cheer for the fiesta music being played by the band.)

  • Kiya: Excuse us. Pardon me.
  • Jack: Look at the parade. They're celebrating for the love of dead!
  • Sir Daniel: I am dead! I was killed in battle before i get my hands on Zarok!
  • Sally: Getting killed in battle has nothing to do with the holiday Daniel.
  • Sir Daniel: I was in war before the age of the holidays started.
  • Jack: Will you mind checking out this dance club?
  • Kiya: There's a club for dancers only?
  • Jack: Watch and learn.
  • Kiya: If you say so.
  • Jack: Follow me. All of this beat-bop music is making us go inside of the neon lights place.

(In the big dance club, over five DJs are performing music on the stereos with skeletons dancing and cheering with their lighters up. A two chihuahuas take a look around the food basket of the party stand.)

  • Chihuahua #1: Oi. *dig in the food basket*
  • Chihuahua #2: Uh?
  • Chihuahua #1: *grab the burrito* It's a burrito! *eat the burrito* Yum yum!

(The gang walk through a crowd of party people in the dance club)

  • Sir Daniel: I can't stand through the noise.
  • Jack: This is how partying works in this world.
  • Kiya: Jeez. Even with the loud music, it's like the club back at Gallowmere with Madam Jo-jo.
  • Sally: It's not that bad to me.
  • Sir Daniel: You're making me wanna dance to the party mix.
  • Jack: Like dancing in the streets. We don't have streets back in our own little world.
  • Kiya: We do have streets in our world. But we don't usually dance with music like these.
  • Sir Daniel: Crazy world out there.
  • Jack: That's the beauty of it.
  • Sir Daniel: Ah ha!

(The gang reach to the top of the colorful town as they see a door to return to the Hinterlands)

  • Jack: Oh well. We all should we getting home shortly.
  • Sally: It been a long day. Isn't it?
  • Sir Daniel: All i see is birds in green colors flying around.
  • Kiya: That's what the world is all about.
  • Jack: *open the door to the Hinterlands* Ladies first?
  • Sally: Oh, thank you so much Jack. Such a kind gentleman.
  • Kiya: You must be giving us some fine service.
  • Jack: Time to head home.
  • Sir Daniel: Okay.

(As the gang enter the door back to the Hinterlands, back at Gallowmere, Keli walk with his two demons all the way to the hills where he see the town)

  • Keli: At last. I finally found the kingdom i'm looking for. Gallowmere. Yes! The greatest kingdom of all time. With my return, i must set up my campaign to destroy the world for the deaths of Zarok and Lord Palethorn. It is time to start the beginning of the end. Demons, will you please hide down while i'll take over the city?
  • Demons: *hide down underground in the shadows*
  • Keli: Now with my quick disguise. *use a hood to walk into the town*

(At the town, a bunch of people are giving out presents to pass around and place them all over the tree as Keli in his hood disguise walk over to the big Christmas tree)

  • Keli:
  • Spiv: Hey there kiddo. Still enjoying the holiday, huh? Am i right?
  • Keli: *ignored Spiv*
  • Spiv: Still a great holiday, eh?
  • Keli: I know what i should do. *thunder strike at the whole Christmas tree*
  • Everyone: *shocked the whole town apart*
  • Spiv: What the? How did you do that?!
  • Bouncer: What are you doing here stranger?
  • Chef: Get out of here or i'll cut your magical hands off.
  • Keli: *take off his hood disguise* Hello all of Gallowmere. Do you remember all the centuries where you faced wars with the monsters and demons? I was one of them. I was never given a holiday spirit for myself after all the crimes i done in Gallowmere. On this day, i will put an end to this world and make my Christmas wish to take over Gallowmere once and for all. *rain storm all over the town*
  • Spiv: Rain storm!
  • Everyone: *scream and run*
  • Keli: *summon the demons* Demons, lunch time!
  • Demons: *fight the citizens, chew up and claw them up*
  • Keli: Ha ha ha ha ha. *control the weather to darkness* Hello darkness, my old friend. It's you and me. We got work to do today.
  • Hamilton: *throw a nutcracker figure at Keli* Hey you! What are you doing here?! Why are you destroying our beloved Christmas?!
  • Keli: *grab Hamilton* You. Tell me where is Sir Daniel Fortesque?
  • Hamilton: You know Sir Daniel Fortesque? Did you two met in school or something?
  • Keli: No. He is the traitor who killed my friend Zarok.
  • Hamilton: Zarok is dead. His spellbook is burned down to flames and you can't find his spellbook anymore. Not even the past!
  • Keli: What a shame. *throw Hamilton to the ground* Tell me where he is. Or else i'll shoot you!
  • Hamilton: Okay, okay! He and Kiya went to Halloween Town to meet Jack Skellington!
  • Keli: Halloween Town. Ah, i knew where the skeleton knight is. Oh well. You will soon be one of my minions in my newly takeover universe. I'll be back! *beam himself to another dimension*
  • Hamilton: Sir Daniel Fortesque! We are in danger! I believe in you!

(Back at the Hinterlands, the gang came back by leaving from a entrance of the Land of the Dead)

  • Jack: Ooh wee, we're back.
  • Sally: The land hasn't changed since we got out of there.
  • Sir Daniel: Same old Hinterlands.
  • Sally: Doesn't ring a door bell.
  • Kiya: Did we miss on something while we were gone?
  • Jack: Of course not. Who is going to throw a beam at us and take us somewhere around the planet?
  • Keli: *arrive from a big beam*
  • Jack: I was right all along. We got a stranger in here.
  • Keli: Who are you calling stranger?
  • Jack: Pardon me. I'm sorry, i did not get you at all.
  • Sally: Are you lost? Are you trying to look for a place to go?
  • Keli: Sir Daniel Fortesque.
  • Sir Daniel: What? How did you get in here? How did you know my name?
  • Keli: Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. You must be the hero who killed Lord Zarok centuries ago.
  • Sir Daniel: Yes i did. He was a pain in the neck who controlled a lot of villagers as zombies.
  • Kiya: What are you going to do with him?
  • Keli: After years of failure, i'm striking back into my revenge on fighting the greatest warrior of all.
  • Sir Daniel: What's so great about me? I am in the Hall of Heroes.
  • Keli: Hall of Heroes? You mean a bunch of puny failures who enslaved all of Zarok's minions in the Camelot years?
  • Sir Daniel: What do you say?
  • Jack: Trying to disrespect the dead, huh?
  • Kiya: Stand back whoever you are.
  • Keli: Sir Daniel, we have a match, you are me.
  • Sir Daniel: Now you're making me nervous.
  • Sally: Don't listen to him.
  • Jack: I don't trust this wizard at all.
  • Sir Daniel: Are you going to fight or what?
  • Keli: Let's say, i have a huge passion for demons and i praised them for destroying Gallowmere.
  • Sir Daniel: WHAT?!
  • Kiya: How could you?
  • Keli: I came here to destroy you for destroying Zarok's army. If you can face a devil-like lord, you gotta fight a sorcerer like me.
  • Sir Daniel: Time to lose.
  • Keli: You're going to pay a small price for salvation.
  • Jack: Here we go again.
  • Sir Daniel: *fight Keli*
  • Keli: *use his wand to shoot at Sir Daniel*
  • Kiya: Daniel!
  • Sir Daniel: Auurrggghhh, i hurt my chest.
  • Jack: Let me get rid of this son of a skull. *use the Soul Robbor to form a spike to hit on Keli*
  • Keli: Gah. *shoot at Jack*
  • Jack: *dodge and punch Keli*
  • Keli: You hurt me.
  • Sally: Leave my boyfriend alone! *punch Keli*
  • Sir Daniel: *use the sword to fight Keli*
  • Keli: *power blast all over the trees*
  • Kiya: He's burning down the whole Hinterlands.
  • Keli: Let's play a game of cat and mouse, shall we?
  • Sir Daniel: I'll throw some mice and men on you! *throw a knife at Keli*
  • Keli: *shoot at the knife*
  • Jack: *use the Soul Robber to form a sword to slash Keli*
  • Keli: bastard.
  • Jack: Watch your swearing. I'm going to cut you a nice piece of meat for the skeleton dogs.
  • Keli: You'll see for yourself. *teleport*
  • Jack: Huh? Where did he go?
  • Sally: I never see him teleport like that.
  • Jack: It feel so strange to face a wizard with all of his teleporting skills.
  • Keli: *teleport as he punch Jack*
  • Jack: Ouch! You whooper! How could you?
  • Keli: Prepare to die, undead being.
  • Kiya: *grab Keli's neck* Got you now.
  • Keli: Get off me you creep!
  • Kiya: Sir Daniel, now it's your chance to slice him now.
  • Sir Daniel: Up and away!
  • Keli: *mind control Sir Daniel*
  • Sir Daniel: Ahhhhh. No. I can't see.
  • Jack: Not again.
  • Kiya: What did you do?
  • Keli: *hit Kiya and blast Sir Daniel to the tree*
  • Sally: You're not going anywhere without a apology.
  • Keli: Make me you ragdoll. *float Sally up*
  • Sally: Hey? What are you doing? Drop me down!
  • Keli: Poor little ragdoll. After hundred of years of kids playing with their dolls, it would be great to make a dark puppet out of you.
  • Jack: Leave her alone! *use the Soul Robber to make a cage trap on Keli*
  • Keli: Ah! *his powers are down with Sir Daniel falling down on the ground with Sally*
  • Sir Daniel: Weird landing.
  • Sally: What's going on around here? Why are we fighting?
  • Kiya: *get up* I'm going to warn the others that a new villain is approaching.
  • Keli: Not so fast. *freeze Kiya*
  • Sir Daniel: Kiya! *save Kiya from being freezing through a cosmic wave*
  • Keli: Where do you think you're going?
  • Sir Daniel: You leave her alone.
  • Keli: I warned you. But you didn't listen. Now i'm sending you away! *open a big portal open*
  • Jack: What are you doing?
  • Sally: The big hole is going to suck us all in.
  • Kiya: Oh no.
  • Keli: You're getting out of this world and will be stuck in that world forever.
  • Sir Daniel: Hold on tight!
  • Kiya: Can't hold any longer.
  • Sally: I feel like we're going to fall into that hole.
  • Sir Daniel: Anything but that, here goes the dead end! *he and his friends fall into the hole by screaming*
  • Keli: Ha ha ha ha ha. I finally got rid of Sir Daniel and all of his friends. So what is this Halloween Town? I feel like i'm going to take over the whole town like i did to the kingdom of Gallowmere.

(Sir Daniel, Jack, Sally and Kiya fall into the forest out of the portal. As they crashed landed to the ground, they get up, dizzy and hurt after falling from the portal.)

  • Sir Daniel: *twist head* I can't feel my face.
  • Jack: What a landing. How did we end up in another world without knowing?
  • Kiya: I never seen the Hinterlands looking like this.
  • Sally: We may have crashed to another forest.
  • Sir Daniel: It doesn't look like it.
  • Jack: Oh well. Tough landing. If we're in Gallowmere, we're going back to where you guys warped in.
  • Knight #1: *arrive with his knights riding on horses* Halt!
  • Jack: Halt?
  • Sir Daniel: Hello my friends. We are in truly danger by a new force.
  • Knight #2: Hold back! You're in deep trouble!
  • Sally: What did we do? We just crashed in.
  • Knight #3: Advance!
  • Knight #4: You strangers seem to be looking for trouble, working for some fallen hero like Zarok.
  • Jack: Well, it would appear we've had ourselves a temporal accident.
  • Sir Daniel: Oh no.
  • Kiya: Does it means we're lost in time?
  • Sir Daniel: We're stuck in the past!
  • Jack: Stuck in the past?!
  • Sally: That's impossible. We shouldn't have stuck ourselves in the past time.
  • Knight #4: You strangers are going to King Peregrin's castle. The king would like to speak to you.
  • Jack: Oh well. How are we going to get out in this trap?
  • Knight #1: Monsters are forbidden in Gallowmere. You'll hang before the king for your insolence.
  • Sir Daniel: *gulp* We're dead meat.

(At King Peregrin's castle, Sir Daniel, Jack, Sally and Kiya are taken on the hallway in a crowd with citizens and knights alike. King Peregrin sit on his throne to see the four heroes standing in court)

  • Peregrin: By the glory of Gallowmere, you show no fear to others in my kingdom!
  • Sir Daniel: King Peregrin. It is a honor to see you. A lot of people have been talking a lot about you lately in London.
  • Peregrin: Silence. There is no need for far-walkers like you to talk.
  • Kiya: You must be King Peregrin.
  • Peregrin: That's right. I rule this land for heroes and knights alike, not strangers like you.
  • Jack: Hold it there. We can help. We were warped out of our world by a evil sorcerer.
  • Peregrin: There is no sorcerer or monster in here! We were attacked once by the forces of Zarok. Were you working for him?
  • Sally: No. That sorcerer that kicked us out was a friend of him.
  • Sir Daniel: You can't put the blame on us.
  • Peregrin: I suggest you guys going to prison for a very long time.
  • Sir Daniel: Prison?!
  • Jack: We can't end up in prison. That's bad luck for us.
  • Peregrin: Bad luck isn't going to help you strive your life to the world. You try to threaten us with your weapons.
  • Sir Daniel: Weapons? I see you use weapons. I am a hero myself.
  • Peregrin: When i first thought of monsters coming to Gallowmere, we feel threaten as demons and mutants coming out from the ground to throw axes on our castle walls.

(A human knight looking like Sir Daniel walk through a crowd to see the heroes confronting with King Peregrin as his close relative came by)

  • ???: What are those?
  • ???'s close relative: Strangers from the other side.
  • ???: Who could it be?
  • ???'s close relative: They must be working with someone else outside of Gallowmere like Camelot.

(King Peregrin is about to order his guards to take the four heroes to the prison room)

  • Peregrin: With all that said, take them to where they belong.
  • Guard #1: Yes King Peregrin.
  • Sir Daniel: No Peregrin. You have to understand us.
  • Jack: Don't just lost us without integrity.
  • Guard #2: Let's go!
  • Guard #3: Such a pretty lady for a saloon.
  • Kiya: Oh back off. *hit the guard.
  • Everyone: *shocked*
  • ???: Oh my.
  • Peregrin: Take them out. We got work to do.
  • Sally: When we get out. We'll teach you with perseverance.
  • Guard #4: Move along!
  • Peregrin: My work here is incomplete.

(Sir Daniel, Jack, Sally and Kiya are locked into the prison cell with the guards standing)

  • Guard #1: Welcome to your new room.
  • Sir Daniel: No. We can explain. We're from the-
  • Guard #2: Don't you think about changing your past and changing your future.
  • Jack: We're actually from another world, but we came from the future to inform you about Keli.
  • Guard #1: Keli?!
  • Kiya: He's the big bad in Gallowmere. He just invaded our world earlier.
  • Guard #1: You don't mention this guy in our kingdom!
  • Sally: We didn't mean to mention the guy out.
  • Guard #1: He was a traitor and coward to Gallowmere. He even brought out a demon one day to steal all the bread in the bakery.
  • Jack: So i'm guessing the guy was poor just like Zarok when he was a kid.
  • Guard #2: Beat it to yourself. We don't need sorcerers and lords to our world.
  • Guard #3: Hey boys. Come over to the food stack. They're selling stacks of steak at the kitchen.
  • Guard #1: Wow. They better be cooking that steak on well-done like we did with the hamburger.
  • Guard #2: Good luck prisoners. You don't deserve hero rights.
  • Guard #1: Let's go those steaks. *leave with his guards*
  • Sir Daniel: Screw you! When i'm president, i'm deporting you under the bridge.
  • Jack: Don't be too harsh and hasty about it Dan. We can escape. We still have hope left.
  • Kiya: We're done for. This is where we ended up.
  • Sally: I hate this cage. It look like a dead end for outsiders.
  • Sir Daniel: My sword is gone! They took it away from me.
  • Jack: We'll get your sword back, then build a time capsule to escape through the past and head back to the past to stop your arch-nemesis.
  • Kiya: This remind me a lot of my childhood when we have to deal with all of that slavery during the ages of Egypt.
  • Jack: I feel embarrassed after giving all those kids tricks with monsters inside of the present when we played Christmas mixing with Halloween together.
  • Sally: It's too late. I thought it would be the end of our lives.
  • Jack: We'll have to go through all the escaping.
  • Sir Daniel: No sword, no exit, no justice!
  • Kiya: I'll just sit and see all the empty prison cells standing toward us.


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