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Chapter 2 is the second chapter of The Nightmare Before MediEvil written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Skeleton Friends".


(Around the land of Gallowmere, Sir Daniel, Jack and Sally arrive at the haunted forest from warping out of a portal)

  • Jack: Ghost graciousness, so this is Gallowmere.
  • Sir Daniel: Uh huh.
  • Sally: It's all spooky. Look at the trees.
  • Jack: This is just like what our world used to look like.
  • Sally: Sir Daniel, do you know where your enemies are?
  • Sir Daniel: They're at the castle!
  • Sally: The castle. Where?
  • Jack: What kind of castle? Does it involve a dragon or something like a kraken?
  • Sir Daniel: No! The sorcerer!
  • Sally: So a sorcerer live on the castle.
  • Jack: We can't probably understand you. But in the meantime, let's go to the field to find what you're looking for.
  • Sir Daniel: Okay.

(The gang arrive at Scarecrow Fields while the Corn Killers sneak into the wheat field to spy on the gang)

  • Jack: Ooh, sharpy.
  • Sally: So Sir Daniel, is the castle around the fields?
  • Sir Daniel: No.
  • Jack: Are you seeing what i'm seeing?
  • Sally: I think we're being followed by those creeps.
  • Jack: What? We just got here!

(The mad farmers came with their angry faces and their pitchfork on their hands)

  • Jack: Oh no. This gotta be a riot.
  • Sir Daniel: *hold his sword to the mad farmers*
  • Sally: Break in cover. We're in for a fight.
  • Jack: Bring it on, angry people. *fight the mad farmers*
  • Sir Daniel: *slash the mad farmers*
  • Sally: *throw pumpkin bombs at the mad farmers*
  • Sir Daniel: Ah!! *cut the mad farmer's head off*
  • Jack: We got company.

(The corn killers came, chewing on their corns and spitting them on the ground, preying on the gang)

  • Sir Daniel: Uh oh.
  • Sally: They're gaining on us.
  • Sir Daniel: *run and slash the corn killers*
  • Jack: *push the mad farmer on the ground* Stay out.
  • Sir Daniel: *cut off the corn killers* You're mean.
  • Jack: Death waits in the cornfield. Pick your route carefully and do not linger in the corn.
  • Sir Daniel: *cut off a corn killer's head*
  • Scarecrows: *scream at the gang*
  • Sally: What are those scarecrows?
  • Sir Daniel: *kill all the scarecrows*
  • Jack: This is the worst place we've ever been too!

(The mecha imps came in smashing on the pumpkins and confronting the gang)

  • Sir Daniel: *hold his sword on the mecha imps*
  • Sally: Wow. What are those?
  • Jack: They're big. Sir Daniel, go ahead and kill those beasts up.
  • Sir Daniel: *jump and tries to kill the mecha imps*
  • Mecha Imps: *throw Sir Daniel to the ground and start shooting everywhere*
  • Sally: He's too weak to beat those imps.
  • Jack: I got this. I do this every Halloween. *open his mouth and roar at the imps*
  • Sally: Did it work?
  • Jack: I tried. They don't look scared to me. There is only one secret to get rid of those robots. *throw the pumpkin bombs at the mecha imps as the mecha imps explode with the bombs* Boom!
  • Sally: Oh my, i'm amazed.
  • Jack: That's how you end a encounter battle.
  • Sir Daniel: *kick the mecha imp's head on the dead corn killer* Ta da!
  • Jack: There you have it.
  • Sally: We still gotta keep going.
  • Sir Daniel: Alright. Follow me!
  • Jack: Alright knight, you're the leader this time.
  • Sir Daniel: Let's go. Ta ta daaaa!

(Back at Zarok's lair, Zarok and Oogie Boogie are watching Sir Daniel's gang walking in the Scarecrow Fields by a magic glass ball. Jaime then inform Zarok and Oogie Boogie with bad news.)

  • Jaime: Guys, we lost Fred.
  • Zarok: Where is Fred?
  • Jaime: That skeleton knight cut his hand off and kill him through the pond with his friends.
  • Zarok: No! *smash wall* He was so close on killing the skeleton.
  • Oogie Boogie: We should have train them before the battle.
  • Zarok: That skeleton won't live long to see the end of the light. I need new recruits.
  • Oogie Boogie: With your minions, i can sent one of my bugs to chase this beast.
  • Zarok: You have bugs? You're a floating blanket.
  • Oogie Boogie: I'm a ghost. Watch and learn. *take off his sheet and take out his flying cockroaches* My cockroaches, we all know that the skeleton knight has arrived in Gallowmere. Chase after that knight and bring me the girl. Also, i demand you to kill Jack Skellington for me.
  • Cockroaches. *salute*
  • Zarok: You do not fail us. Do you understand us?
  • Cockroaches: *bow*
  • Zarok: Um...okay? Go on. Fly off and capture the girl and kill the skeletons for us.
  • Cockraoches: *fly off to the sky*
  • Jaime: So long.
  • Oogie Boogie: Very soon. We'll be meeting again, Sally.

(Meanwhile, Sir Daniel, Jack and Sally leave the Scarecrow Fields and head into the haunted woods)

  • Jack: Those guys were beasts. I don't know why they are trying to hold pitchforks on us?
  • Sally: It's because we're undead and they hate us.
  • Sir Daniel: I killed them all.
  • Jack: We're suppose to be tourists, not strangers.
  • Sally: Every fierce one is a strange one my friend. You can roger on that.
  • Sir Daniel: Hey look, a friend of mine.
  • Jack: A friend is there waiting for you on the little rock stand?

(A information gargoyle is seen standing on the pillar as Sir Daniel, Jack and Sally catch up with the information gargoyle)

  • Information Gargoyle: Hello my friends. You seem to be lost or willing to find your lost souls.
  • Sally: We're not looking for any lost souls. We're looking to find where this Zarok guy is.
  • Information Gargoyle: I should speak very slowly.
  • Jack: Don't play dumb with us. We need some answers.
  • Information Gargoyle: Oh my. My bad. Zarok is planning to take over the world and he's already teaming up with a ghost made of bugs inside of his sheet.
  • Sally: That must be Oogie Boogie.
  • Jack: He's always alive.
  • Information Gargoyle: I suggest you guys to take this path where your enemies lie on the lair. Keep up the great adventure with you.
  • Sir Daniel: At your service Gargoyle.
  • Information Gargoyle: Don't give up. If you're ever lost, just come back to me.
  • Sir Daniel: I never get lost.
  • Information Gaygoyle: So long and safe travels. No demon will catch you with a little pinch of blood.
  • Jack: Don't stare eyes on us. I'm watching you.
  • Information Gaygoyle: Beat it.

(The gang walk into the beach where the ghost ship is standing in the sand)

  • Sir Daniel: Hey look, a ghost ship!
  • Jack: That look like some sort of pirate ship.
  • Sally: Most pirates are dangerous. They collect treasure and spread out wars.
  • Sir Daniel: Come on, maybe they're in there.
  • Jack: They were in the pirate ship the whole time? You didn't tell us they're pirates, or there is a bunch of wizards trying to change forms like a ghost.

(The pirate crew hold their cannons as they bomb at the gang with Sir Daniel using the shield to protect them)

  • Jack: The pirates caught us!
  • Sir Daniel: Run!
  • Pirate Crew: *run after Sir Daniel, Jack and Sally*
  • Jack: This is a very dangerous world! I thought it was going to be like Halloween Town. But this is torture!
  • Sally: There's more coming.
  • Jack: Oh no. We were just running.

(The pirate officers then chase the gang from running as Sir Daniel run back into the forest, but ended up stepping on the traps and kidnapped on the nets with his friends)

  • Sir Daniel: No!
  • Sally: Oh great Daniel. Now you got us into more trouble.
  • Jack: I didn't know this place has booby traps.
  • Ghost Ship Captain: *show up with his crew* Har har har. Look what we got. Strangers.
  • Jack: We didn't meant to step on your territory. We were looking for Zarok and Oogie Boogie.
  • Ghost Ship Captain: Like when the boogieman sleep at night? Ha! You're coming with us. Henchman, take them to the ship.
  • Sally: Oh no. We're too young to get into a sea shanty.

(Sir Daniel, Jack and Sally are held into the Ghost Ship as the Ghost Ship flies to the skies. While the pirates work, Sir Daniel's gang are tied up on a rope in the deck.)

  • Ghost Ship Captain: Sir Daniel Fortesque, it been ages since our last encounter.
  • Sir Daniel: No. Screw you. You can't get rid of my freedom and all of my skeleton friends. What's wrong with you?!
  • Ghost Ship Captain: I cannot understand you. But you're too weak for us.
  • Jack: I'm going to throw you a pumpkin bomb on your face!
  • Sally: I bet you and your crew never learn the spirit of Halloween.
  • Ghost Ship Captain: We never ever celebrate holidays. By the way, we are now exploring the seven seas. If one of you annoy me, you're executed and getting off me ship!
  • Jack: Oh make me. I'm the first one to get executed by the sharks.
  • Ghost Ship Captain: Beat me right. Get over here and come over to the deck!
  • Sally: Jack.
  • Jack: Don't worry Sally. I always face into traps and dangers during tricks and secrets.
  • Ghost Ship Captain: *grab Jack off the rope* You two stay. You're coming with me to face your death.
  • Jack: I hope the catfish skeletons bite your dust off.
  • Ghost Ship Captain: You owe me a penny then.

(The plank is set up for Jack as the ghost sharks swim in the water with the pirates chanting on the deck)

  • Ghost Ship Captain: You're leaving the poop deck, and now you're going to the plank!
  • Jack: You're making me stand on the piece of wood? Are we going to jump in the water or something?
  • Ghost Ship Captain: This is your execution. The ghost sharks are waiting for you to get eaten.
  • Jack: They look fierce. Maybe they're suffering to eat a bone.
  • Ghost Ship Captain: Get in there, matey.
  • Jack: I wouldn't take a chance if i were you.

(Sir Daniel and Sally are still trying to get off the rope)

  • Sally: This rope is super tied. Sir Daniel, do you know where they place your sword?
  • Sir Daniel: Over there! In the weapon table!
  • Sally: It's far away. I can't watch Jack jumping off the ship.
  • Sir Daniel: Come on, get off. *his head pop off*
  • Sally: *scream*
  • Ghost Ship Captain: What is going on there? Who's screaming on me poop deck?
  • Jack: You know we're in big trouble.
  • Ghost Ship Captain: Focus on your task!
  • Sir Daniel: *call out a zombie hand as he get on the zombie hand*
  • Sally: *wink eye on Sir Daniel*
  • Sir Daniel: *walk with the zombie hand as he stop by a pirate officer*
  • Pirate Officer #1: What is going on there? *grab the zombie hand* Who left this rotten hand on the floor? That's nasty. *throw the zombie hand in the water*

(The zombie hand goes into the water as the fish monsters eat the zombie hand. The fish beasts show up, scaring off the fish monsters as they hear some noise from the pirates.)

  • Ghost Ship Captain: And now, we see the skeleton jumping off me ship.

(The fish beasts show up, scaring at the pirates as they came from the deck and into the bow)

  • Ghost Ship Captain: Intruder!
  • Pirate Crew #1: We must fight the fish beasts!
  • Jack: *punch a pirate crew*
  • Ghost Ship Captain: Why aren't you jumping?!
  • Pirate Crew #2: Ship fight!

(The pirate crew clashes with the fish beasts as Jack is about to face the pirate officers)

  • Ghost Ship Captain: Seize this guy.
  • Pirate Officer #2: Cut off the head.
  • Jack: *fight the pirate officers*
  • Sir Daniel: *jump his head around*
  • Pirate Crew #3: *slash the fish beasts* You're cooking me a fresh piece of salmon tonight!
  • Pirate Crew #4: *cut off the fish beast's head* Pow! You're fresh meat.
  • Jack: Don't worry Sally, i'm going to save you.
  • Ghost Ship Captain: *grab Jack's hand* Not so fast without me timber.
  • Jack: *break the ghost ship captain's hand*
  • Ghost Ship Captain: Ah! My hand! Grrrrr, you little undead skeleton.
  • Jack: *free Sally from the rope* I got you.
  • Sally: Where is Sir Daniel's head?!
  • Jack: His head came off?
  • Sir Daniel: *jump into his head* Ta da!
  • Jack: Oh boy, i thought you were dead.
  • Sir Daniel: My sword! *run to the fish beasts as he grab the sword to slash them all down*
  • Ghost Ship Captain: Do not let them get away! 
  • Jack: *hold a sword and slash the pirate officers*
  • Sally: *hold a sword to cut off the pirate officers' heads*
  • Sir Daniel: *cut off every fish beast*
  • Ghost Ship Captain: *put his arm back on* Sir Daniel, you are now mine.

(Underwater, a kraken full awaken and rise up in the surface, roaring at the ghost ship)

  • Ghost Ship Captain: In the name of Davy Jones' locker, what is that big beast?!
  • Kraken: *roar*
  • Pirate Crew #4: Kraken!
  • Pirate Officer #4: Run!
  • Kraken: *use the tentacles to attack the ghost ship*
  • Sir Daniel: Ah! *kill the fish beast*
  • Jack: That is one big squid.
  • Sally: We need to get out of here.
  • Ghost Ship Captain: I got the lady!
  • Jack: *block the ghost ship captain and fight* Don't you ever think about kidnapping my girl.
  • Ghost Ship Captain: Shiver me timbers, you are no match for my crew.
  • Jack: Even your ship is in danger all because of that kraken!
  • Ghost Ship Captain: This is our own fault.
  • Sir Daniel: *hold the cannons*
  • Pirate Crew #1: Fire in the hole!
  • Pirates: *bomb the cannonballs to the kraken*
  • Kraken: *roar in pain and break the ship's bow*
  • Ghost Ship Captain: My bow!
  • Jack: *slash the ghost ship captain*
  • Ghost Ship Captain: Ouch! It hurts!
  • Jack: *slam the ghost ship captain down*
  • Sally: *punch every pirate officer*
  • Sir Daniel: *slash all the fish beasts*
  • Ghost Ship Captain: My ship is a mess! You almost brought in a lot of trouble!
  • Sir Daniel: *jump and slash the kraken into the body*
  • Kraken: *roar in pain and crash to the ship*
  • Pirate Crew #1: The ship is breaking in half!
  • Ghost Ship Captain: No! My ship!
  • Sally: Ah! *cut the ghost ship captain's head off*
  • Ghost Ship Captain: Arrrr, rottens. I lose me head.
  • Sally: We need to find a boat to get out.
  • Jack: Take the back-up and let's go.
  • Pirate Crew #2: Don't let them get away! *chase after Jack and Sally*
  • Sally: Come on.
  • Sir Daniel: *block the pirates from passing through his friends*
  • Jack: Sir Daniel, come on.
  • Sir Daniel: Go on. I'll take care of this pirate business myself.
  • Jack: The ghost ship is about to break apart. *the ghost ship still cracks, leading him and Sally to head over to the boat*
  • Sally: We can't leave him dying with the others.
  • Jack: Trust me, it will pass. *break the rope with the boat and sail through the water*

(The ghost ship collapse into the water with the kraken falling into the ocean. All the pirates are shipwrecked into the water with their ghost ship captain.)

  • Ghost Ship Captain: Shame on you! Shame on all of you! You broke my ship! How are we going to find treasures and gems?! *get caught by one of the kraken's tentacles* Yo!
  • Jack: Ha ha ha! So long suckers! You have a mobile ship, you can swim now!
  • Sally: We'll never forgive you!
  • Jack: Ho ho ho. It's time to sail to the beach and search for Zarok and Oogie Boogie! *sail to the ocean*

(Far from the ocean, Jack and Sally are still sailing on the boat)

  • Jack: How long is this ride for?
  • Sally: We been sailing for an hour. Every time you sail a boat, you get to your destination for many hours. That's how it works.
  • Jack: What? We shouldn't take the ghost ship if it weren't for the mean pirates trying to torture us all. *see a shield on the water* Oh my. *grab the shield* What's this? Somebody must drop off a shield in the middle of the ocean. Wait a minute, is that Sir Daniel's?
  • Sally: We forgot about him!
  • Jack: Oh no. What have i done? I left him back at the ship. Maybe he's still fighting the pirates in the water.
  • Sir Daniel: *his body come into the boat*
  • Sally: Ah! It's a living zombie skeleton!
  • Jack: That's no zombie skeleton. It's his body. I wonder where his head go.
  • Sally: Don't tell me it got crushed when the ship sink into the bottom of the sea.
  • Siren: *show up with Sir Daniel's head* Hey! You left this skeleton head in the water! *throw Sir Daniel's head to Jack*
  • Jack: *grab Sir Daniel's head* You're welcome lady siren!
  • Siren: Don't you ever leave those items into our sea kingdom ever again. I'm watching you. *swim back in the water*
  • Jack: *put Sir Daniel's head back on his body* So Sir Daniel, how are you feeling? Did the mermaids try to bite you?
  • Sir Daniel: *his head is upside down as he twist his head back by looking at his friends* Oh my, where am i? Is that my shield?
  • Sally: We found it in the water. You got drowned in the ocean when the ghost ship crashed.
  • Sir Daniel: Oh my. I thought i was sinking in.
  • Jack: Where did your sword go?
  • Siren: *throw a sword on the boat*
  • Sir Daniel: *grab the sword* Got it.
  • Jack: Pretty good for a skeleton knight.
  • Sally: So where are we heading next?
  • Jack: We'll probably stop by a beach and continue our quest.
  • Sally: Didn't we already been to one where we were captured by those ghost pirates?
  • Sir Daniel: It was another beach. Now we're going to a new one.
  • Jack: Sir Daniel is right. It will take hours to get to land.
  • Sally: We might stop by on a spooky island.
  • Jack: Who knows?

(Back at Halloween Town, Zero is sniffing through the tombstones and sniffing through the rust grounds. He smell at the door as Lock open up to see Zero.)

  • Lock: Oh look, it's a puppy.
  • Zero: *bark*
  • Barrel: Can we keep him?
  • Shock: It's a ghost. It belonged to someone we just met and left.
  • Lock: I know. Why can't we get him back to his original owner?
  • Shock: The owner just left. Just keep the dog in.
  • Lock: *grab Zero* You're safe with us.
  • Zero: *bark*

(Inside of Lock, Shock and Barrel's house, Zero is playing with a yarn as Lock, Shock and Barrel try to create a sharp-looking mouse trap on the table)

  • Lock: If any mice come near our house, we'll kill it with the special trap.
  • Shock: Just a little cut of cheese and the rodent will eat it until the metal strap it.
  • Barrel: I think you made a good point there Shock.
  • Shock: After that, we'll go trick or treating for candy.
  • Lock: We should steal candy for Halloween.
  • Barrel: Who cares if some parents want the kids to take only one. We can take as many as we want.
  • Shock: Every parent will scream when we take all the candy.
  • Lock: That would be dope.
  • Barrel: I'm going to eat on every chocolate after midnight.

(Back at Zarok's castle, Zarok is filling up his staff for magic power as Oogie Boogie set up the potions with Jaime taking care of the leech)

  • Zarok: While the staff is charging up, we'll check how Sir Daniel and his pesky friends are doing. I hope they crash through the quest.
  • Oogie Boogie: Your potions sir.
  • Zarok: You don't call me sir. Look what we got here. A bunch of magic potions. Sharp.
  • Jaime: How are the cockroaches doing?
  • Zarok: No sign of them. Also, they just left an hour ago.
  • Jaime: Those little bugs don't respond to us, but it take a little more time to get the message back.
  • Zarok: Oogie Boogie, do you mind recruiting more members on our team?
  • Oogie Boogie: There was this group of trick-or-treaters like that to trick around every last day of Halloween and steal all the candy twas the night before trick or treating.
  • Zarok: Where are the trick-or-treaters? I want to see them.
  • Oogie Boogie: You're not pushing me to see them, are you?
  • Zarok: You're going to recruit them. Maybe they can help out on stopping Sir Daniel if the bugs failed to impress me from their kill.
  • Oogie Boogie: How can i contract them?
  • Zarok: My little smoke of spirit will help. Watch and learn. *throw a dark smoke into the ground*
  • Jaime: Whoa! You're going to burn down the whole castle.
  • Zarok: Just watch and see for yourself.

(Back at Lock, Shock and Barrel's house, a mouse walk from the hole and search for a little touch of cheese. As the mouse got into the cheese, the mouse got hit by the mouse trap.)

  • Lock: Gotcha!
  • Shock: You killed a mouse over the cheese? It should have been a mint.
  • Lock: That's how smart i am. Even for a trick or treater.
  • Barrel: That's sharp.
  • Zarok: *show up as a smoke spirit* Hello kids. You are here to listen to the announcement of Lord Zarok.
  • Lock: Who are you? How did you find out location?
  • Zarok: I am Zarok! Do i have to say it again for myself?
  • Shock: What kind of lord are you?
  • Zarok: I am a sorcerer. You know my nemesis Sir Daniel Fortesque. The human turned skeleton knight of Gallowmere?
  • Lock: Sir Daniel? Gallowmere? Oh wait. I think we saw him with Jack Skellington and Sally.
  • Zarok: You saw them? Where did they went?
  • Barrel: They just went off to Gallowmere. I open a portal for them.
  • Zarok: Interesting. You brought them to Gallowmere. You know what? I live in Gallowmere.
  • Lock: How come?
  • Zarok: *open a portal to the kids' house as he walk into their house* This portal lead to sorcerer.
  • Shock: Nice dress.
  • Zarok: It's a robe! What kind of attire do you think i have?
  • Shock: I thought you were a sorceress.
  • Zarok: I've never been married.
  • Oogie Boogie: *in Zarok's castle* Hurry up Zarok. Just take the kids and let's go.
  • Shock: Who's that with you?
  • Zarok: Uh, nothing. It's just a floating sheet of bed bugs.
  • Lock: Is that Oogie Boogie?
  • Oogie Boogie: *show up from the portal* Surprise! It's me.
  • Lock: Oogie Boogie!
  • Shock: You're back. I thought you were dead.
  • Oogie Boogie: It been a long story. Get in here.
  • Zarok: Kids these days. I was beaten up by a bunch of poor people in my youth.
  • Lock: Can we keep the dog?
  • Zarok: The ghost dog? Bring it in.

(Lock, Shock, Barrel, Zero, Oogie Boogie and Zarok jump back into the portal to the castle where they see Jaime in the dungeon)

  • Jaime: Welcome back.
  • Zarok: Jaime, meet whoever these names are?
  • Oogie Boogie: Ugh. You just went there. It's Lock, Shock and Barrel.
  • Lock: Do you have candy?
  • Jaime: No. I hate candy.
  • Lock: Why not?
  • Jaime: My species don't eat these kind of sugar. They make you go crazy like Sir Daniel.
  • Zarok: We're already planning to get rid of Sir Daniel and his friends. Even Jack and Sally are there.
  • Oogie Boogie: That's right. There's no sign of the cockroaches yet. They still haven't gone back.
  • Shock: Ew. We saw one in our bed last week.
  • Oogie Boogie: No ghost is afraid of bugs. Or those wasps that stung you back.
  • Zarok: The heroes won't get away with this. I will be ready to execute them and the rest of Gallowmere.

(Back in the ocean on the boat, Jack Skellington build a fishing rod and fish the rod on the water while Sir Daniel is cleaning his sword and Sally cleaning the shield)

  • Sally: How long is this ocean for?
  • Jack: It been a long ocean. We're starving to death.
  • Sir Daniel: I never been hungry.
  • Jack: Lucky you. We need to find some food in the water.
  • Sally: That food in the water you're looking for is a swarm of fish.
  • Jack: What kind of fish?
  • Sally: Salmon? Maybe.
  • Jack: A catfish would work out well.
  • Sally: Catfish? Ew. No one would catch a catfish under the water.
  • Jack: Mind as well catch a killer whale then?
  • Sally: It make no sense to catch a deadly whale in the water.
  • Jack: Oh well. Then we're never going back.
  • Sir Daniel: Yeah yeah. We're all doomed in the middle of nowhere.
  • Jack: Ooh, i'm about to catch a fish.
  • Sally: Catch it.
  • Jack: *hook the fishing net and catch the fish skeleton* Ta da.
  • Sally: It's plain empty.
  • Jack: Ouch. That gotta hurt. *throw the fish skeleton back in the water* We got nothing to eat.
  • Sir Daniel: I could eat a bone in 30 seconds.
  • Jack: But wait. There is more. Sir Daniel, give me your head. I want to know where we're heading.
  • Sally: Why won't we use binoculars?
  • Jack: We don't have those in our house. His head is the only one i can use to check. *take Sir Daniel's head out and use him as a binocular* Let me see. A short island? Nah. Ooh, we found a beach. Which means we found land!
  • Sally: Land?
  • Jack: We found land! Sir Daniel, give us a big swim!
  • Sir Daniel: *put his legs in the water and row it fast to make the boat row faster into the beach*

(The boat made it to land as Sir Daniel, Jack and Sally made it into land on the beach)

  • Jack: Ah, we find a place with sand, grass and rocks.
  • Sally: We're not in the same place anymore.
  • Sir Daniel: Can i get my head back?
  • Jack: Oh sure. Not without a body. *put Sir Daniel back into his body* Perfect.
  • Sir Daniel: Not kooky as a vampire.
  • Jack: There are only a few places left til we arrive at Zarok's castle.
  • Sally: Let's go. We don't have time left.
  • Sir Daniel: *grab his sword and shield and catch up with Jack and Sally*

(Back at Zarok's castle, the gang is watching Sir Daniel, Jack and Sally walking into the woods on a magic glass ball)

  • Zarok: So they did survive the ocean, huh?
  • Oogie Boogie: Very well. Skeletons and ragdoll.
  • Zarok: I'm going to bring a army from stopping the heroes from getting into my castle.
  • Oogie Boogie: If you say so.
  • Zarok: At last, i will summon a bunch of undead zombies into the ground! *grab his staff and spread magic all over the land*

(The magic is spread through every tombstone as the zombies break into their graves and crawl out of the ground to walk into the woods. Zarok praise for the zombies for getting out of their gravestones.)

  • Zarok: Zombies, you may hunt for the heroes. Jaime, bring in the trolls.
  • Jaime: How about i lead the way. I can help them out.
  • Zarok: You make sure the trolls keep in touch on searching for the heroes if they go the wrong way.
  • Jaime: Trust me Zarok. I can do it.
  • Zarok: Do not fail me. I warned you.
  • Jaime: Trolls, let's go.
  • Trolls: *run after Jaime*
  • Lock: Is he going to be okay?
  • Zarok: Oh yes Lock. He will be just fine. As long those skeletons don't cut him off.
  • Shock: What about his wings?
  • Zarok: Nothing will effect his wings.
  • Barrel: And his head?
  • Zarok: Don't say that.

(Sir Daniel, Jack and Sally are walking into the haunted woods, but see a bunch of dead skeletons on the ground and river)

  • Jack: Oh my, this gotta hurt.
  • Sally: This world is really giving me the creeps.
  • Sir Daniel: It sound scary to me.
  • Jack: What do you mean it sound scary to you?
  • Sir Daniel: Oh no! Look!
  • Jack: Oh jolly rancher.

(A group of zombies walk into the woods to see Sir Daniel, Jack and Sally)

  • Zombie #1: What are you doing here?
  • Zombie #2: You cannot past.
  • Zombie #3: Get out of the way.
  • Jack: Zombies.
  • Sir Daniel: Oh no.
  • Sally: We're dead. I can talk to them. Hello my fellow zombies. We do not mean any harm in your path.
  • Zombie #4: The ragdoll is mine. *grab Sally*
  • Sally: Ah, Jack!
  • Jack: Leave my girlfriend alone! *throw a pumpkin bomb at the zombies*
  • Zombie #1: Get them!
  • Sir Daniel: *use his sword to slash down the zombies*
  • Sally: *take the zombie hand and hit against one of them*
  • Sir Daniel: *slice the zombies up*
  • Jack: *tear the zombie apart* They're mean! They want to eat us! This isn't like what Halloween Town used to be.
  • Sir Daniel: *cut the zombies' heads off*
  • Jack: Get out of the way. We're here to stop Zarok.
  • Zombie #1: I got Zarok on your face. *punch Jack*
  • Jack: Ow.
  • Sir Daniel: *get attacked by zombies* Help me!
  • Sally: I'm coming Sir Daniel! *jump and punch every zombie to save Sir Daniel* Are you okay?
  • Sir Daniel: *his head pop out*
  • Sally: Let me fix you. *put Sir Daniel's head back on his body* All better.
  • Sir Daniel: I'm perfect.

(Jaime and the army of trolls show up to break down the trees as he saw Sir Daniel, Jack and Sally fighting the zombies)

  • Jaime: Kill them.
  • Trolls: *roar and run after the heroes*
  • Sir Daniel: Stand back! *use his shield to block the trolls*
  • Jack: Oh no, trolls? You got to be kidding me?
  • Troll #1: Ha ha ha. You look tasty.
  • Jack: Not without my skin. *punch a troll*
  • Jaime: Sir Daniel, we meet again.
  • Sir Daniel: What do you want?
  • Jaime: It seem you escaped out of your coffin prison. Now, i'm going to slice you up like a orange. *fight Sir Daniel*
  • Sir Daniel: *dodge every punch from Jaime*
  • Jaime: Get over here. I'm not done messing with you yet.
  • Sally: You leave him out of this.
  • Jaime: *grab Sally* You're coming with me. *fly in the sky*
  • Sally: *scream for help*
  • Jack: Sally!
  • Sir Daniel: *run after Jaime*
  • Jaime: So long boys. You won't live enough to see the end of the world.
  • Sir Daniel: *trip over a log* My feet!
  • Jack: *slide down to the ground* What's up with the ground hill?
  • Kiya: *show up by throwing a spear at Jaime*
  • Jaime: *roar and crash to the tree*
  • Sally: *fall*
  • Sir Daniel: *save Sally*
  • Sally: Oh Daniel.
  • Jack: It seem you saved my girlfriend, didn't you?
  • Kiya: Daniel!
  • Sir Daniel: Kiya? *give Sally to Jack*
  • Kiya: *hug Sir Daniel* Daniel, i'm so glad it's you. I have been looking all over for you.
  • Sir Daniel: I'm alive. What could you been thinking?
  • Jack: Hello, we're friends of Sir Daniel Fortesque.
  • Kiya: What have you done with Sir Daniel?
  • Sally: We didn't do any harm to him. We were just helping him try to find Zarok.
  • Kiya: Zarok? He done all of this to get rid of him? I also saved your ragdoll friend.
  • Sally: I'm Sally by the way.
  • Jack: I'm Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King.
  • Kiya: You're the Pumpkin King. Where are your pumpkins?
  • Jack: I was called by one. I am more of the Skeleton King you know.
  • Troll #2: We found them!
  • Troll #3: They're trying to escape. Capture them!
  • Kiya: Trolls.
  • Jack: We gotta run again!

(Sir Daniel, Jack, Sally and Kiya are running from the trolls as Jaime get off from the tree and fly after them)

  • Jaime: You won't get away with this you son of creeps.
  • Jack: We'll find a cave to hide in.
  • Sally: We'll be caught in seconds. There's no way to hide.
  • Sir Daniel: There's a big tree we can hide in.
  • Jaime: *land down to block the heroes from running* Boo!
  • Sally: Ah!
  • Trolls: *run after the heroes*
  • Jack: Dead meat.

(The wizards and knights arrive to the rescue)

  • Wizard #1: Stop the trolls!
  • Trolls: *fight after the wizards and knights*
  • Jack: What's going on?
  • Sally: Where did the wizards and knights come from?
  • Knight #1: You're safe from those trolls.
  • Jaime: You are dinner.
  • Sir Daniel: *fight Jaime*
  • Jack: *jump and throw pumpkin bombs at Jaime*
  • Jaime: *roar*
  • Kiya: We'll get rid of the trolls.
  • Troll #1: *roar*
  • Kiya: *punch the troll*
  • Troll #2: *throw rocks at the knights*
  • Wizard #2: *use a magic spell on each troll*
  • Kiya: Zarok is behind this attack.
  • Sally: Sir Daniel has been talking about him during our quest.
  • Jaime: *roar and smash the ground*
  • Sir Daniel: *jump and slash Jaime*
  • Jaime: *roar and throw Sir Daniel to the tree* You're not going anywhere on the tip of the iceberg.
  • Sir Daniel: Ow.
  • Jack: *throw a pumpkin bomb at the trolls*
  • Wizard #3: You see no fate. *move the rocks over the trolls*
  • Trolls: *get hit by the rocks*
  • Jaime: You're not messing with me.
  • Sir Daniel: *hold his sword to Jaime*
  • Jaime: You got one eye and i'm gonna eat one of them.
  • Jack: *use a rope on Jaime's head* Oh not so fast.
  • Jaime: Gah! Get off my head!
  • Jack: I'll make you a big course meal.
  • Jaime: *use his fingers to cut the rope*
  • Jack: Uh oh. This one wasn't tied enough.
  • Jaime: You're going to pay the consequences til your death.
  • Jack: *roar at Jaime*
  • Jaime: Ha. You call that a roar?
  • Sir Daniel: *use the sword to cut off Jaime's wings*
  • Jaime: No! My wings!
  • Jack: You well deserved.
  • Sir Daniel: Ha ha.
  • Jaime: Gosh darn it! *smash ground* I can't fly anymore.
  • Jack: Say hello to my little friend *throw a pumpkin bomb at Jaime*
  • Jaime: *the pumpkin bomb go into his body* Oh you got to be kidding me. *explode*
  • Sir Daniel: *continue to slash more trolls*
  • Kiya: *use a sword on the trolls*
  • Sally: We better keep going.
  • Knight #2: Go on my friends. We'll take care of this troll business.
  • Jack: Maybe we can end the battle for you. *throw many pumpkin bombs to the trolls*
  • Trolls: *explode with the pumpkin bombs*
  • Knight #3: Wow, i can't believe it. What are you?
  • Jack: I am the Pumpkin King.
  • Knight #3: All hail to the Pumpkin King!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Sir Daniel: *bow down*
  • Kiya: By the way. Your other skeleton has saved you from the attack.
  • Wizard #3: Kiya?
  • Kiya: You saw me back at the festival.
  • Wizard #3: The tragedy happen when we all first heard.
  • Kiya: We all heard.
  • Sir Daniel: I was there.
  • Jack: We all got rid of the trolls and whatever this demon monster is.
  • Sally: You just killed it.
  • Jack: We should all continue our journey to stop Zarok and Oogie Boogie.
  • Wizard #4: Zarok is alive? He's up to no good.
  • Kiya: Sir Daniel killed him 500 years ago. No matter how he returned, we better get on our backs and save Gallowmere again once and for all.
  • Jack: At least we're helping out.
  • Wizard #1: I see you there. We'll continue to protect Gallowmere while you guys are off saving the world.
  • Sally: Glad to do business.
  • Sir Daniel: Make way to Zarok's castle!
  • Kiya: It's about time.
  • Jack: Let's go. There's no stopping on our feets.
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Wizard #1: My friends. We must return to the town.
  • Knight #2: The mayor must be waiting for us to come over to dinner back at the town.
  • Wizard #2: I'll say we lead the way.

(The knights and wizards head back to the town. Back at Zarok's castle. Zarok has heard of the loss of Jaime as his henchmen mourn the death of Jaime.)

  • Zarok: It seem that Jaime has passed away from a pumpkin explosion.
  • Oogie Boogie: It's a shame. The Pumpkin King must be responsible for this.
  • Zarok: Sir Daniel and his group are heading into our castle. They can't teach us a lesson when we have the strongest gates that block the way from coming.
  • Oogie Boogie: I'll give them a bigger nightmare. You watch me coming.
  • Zarok: How so? I was the one that brought you back to life.
  • Oogie Boogie: You're going to watch me in my name. *throw Zarok in the chair*
  • Zarok: Hey! What's wrong with you?
  • Oogie Boogie:

Well, well, well, what have we here?

Zarok, huh?

Ooh, I'm really scared!

So you're the one everybody's talkin' about?

Ha, ha, ha, ha!

You're jokin', you're jokin'!

I can't believe my eyes!

You're jokin' me, you gotta be,

This can't be the right guy!

He's ancient, he's ugly;

I don't know which is worse!

I might just split a seam now

If I don't die laughing first.

When Mr. Oogie Boogie says

There's trouble close at hand,

You'd better pay attention now

'Cause I'm the Boogie Man!

And if you aren't shakin',

There's something very wrong!

'Cause this may be the last time

You hear the Boogie Song!


  • Lock: Woah.
  • Oogie Boogie: Woah.
  • Shock: Woah.
  • Oogie Boogie: Woah.
  • Barrel: Woah.
  • Oogie Boogie and Chorus: I'm (he's) the Oogie Boogie Man!
  • Zarok:

Release me now or you must face

The dire consequences

The monsters are expecting me

So please, come to your senses

  • Oogie Boogie:

You're jokin', you're jokin'!

I can't believe my ears!

Would someone shut this fella up?

I'm drownin' in my tears!

It's funny, I'm laughing;

You really are too much.

And now, with your permission,

I'm going to do my stuff...

  • Zarok: What are you going to do?
  • Oogie Boogie:

I'm going to do the best I can. *roll dices*

Oh, the sound of rollin' dice

To me is music in the air

'Cause I'm a gamblin' Boogie Man

Although I don't play fair.

It's much more fun, I must confess

When lives are on the line

Not mine, of course but yours, old boy,

Now that'd be just fine.

  • Zarok: Release me fast or you'll have to answer for this heinous act!
  • Oogie Boogie:

Oh brother, you're somethin'!

You put me in a spin! You aren't comprehending

The position that you're in.

It's hopeless, you're finished

You haven't got a prayer

'Cause I'm Mr. Oogie Boogie,

And you ain't goin' nowhere!

  • Zarok: *increase his powers and break out of his trap* Enough!
  • Oogie Boogie: Ho ho ho, what are you going to do now?
  • Zarok: I'm going to hunt for Sir Daniel and Jack Skellington myself.
  • Oogie Boogie: I should be the star of this show.
  • Zarok: This isn't no show. You're in my castle and you'll regret my rules on the lair.
  • Oogie Boogie: If we lose, you'll be dead and the castle will be taken over by my bugs.
  • Zarok: We make a deal. Our army will grow big when we get rid of the heroes.
  • Oogie Boogie: You'll be playing my games after the battle.
  • Zarok: Screw it.


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