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Chapter 3 is the third chapter of The Nightmare Before MediEvil written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Monster Hunt".


(Back in the haunted woods, Sir Daniel, Jack, Sally and Kiya are still walking to find Zarok's castle around the area)

  • Jack: Now that we defeated the zombies, trolls and demon, we're off to stopping Zarok and Oogie Boogie.
  • Kiya: Sir Daniel told me his castle is somewhere around the woods.
  • Sally: Where did Zarok place his castle at?
  • Jack: We never been there. He's everywhere around the world. Maybe Sir Daniel knows.
  • Sir Daniel: We must got straight forward.
  • Kiya: Straight forward? Is that where Zarok is located in.
  • Sir Daniel: Yes. I been there once during my journey for decades.
  • KIya: How scary it is?
  • Sir Daniel: It is like the scariest castle i've ever been too.
  • Kiya: We went back in time once to defeat your nemesis.
  • Sir Daniel: That's right. I should have cut his head off in the first place.
  • Jack: Ooh, my tummy is growling.
  • Sally: We need a bar break.
  • Sir Daniel: Break the bar? Are you insane?
  • Sally: No. Why not take a break from walking and just go grab a drink and meal for dinner?
  • Kiya: You guys haven't ate in hours.
  • Jack: That's right. We were sailing through the seven seas and face the ghost pirates with a big kraken.
  • Kiya: There's a bar stop on the way. It's one minute ahead.
  • Jack: I knew it.
  • Sally: Let's go grab our meal before the fight.

(At the bar, a bunch of knights, goblins and elfs are eating at the bar with some of them getting their drinks. Sir Daniel, Jack, Sally and Kiya have a seat on the stand.)

  • Jack: Hello. We need a pack of cherry soda if you like.
  • Elf Bartender: Coming right up. *pour in the cups with cherry soda* 
  • Jack: I'm already liking this place so far.
  • Elf Bartender: Here you go. *give out the drinks to the gang*
  • Jack: You're very welcome.
  • Sir Daniel: *pour the drink to his armor*
  • Sally: It taste like a apple soda.
  • Kiya: I haven't taste those for centuries.
  • Jack: I never knew i would taste a fruit flavor on a soda.
  • Sally: I bet that Zarok guy is waiting for us to fight.
  • Sir Daniel: I am waiting.
  • Jack: Are you guys hungry?
  • Sally: Yes we are.
  • Kiya: We need to eat. We're here to take a bar break.
  • Jack: Give us a bunch of steak, fully grilled, extra salt with some lemon.
  • Elf Bartender: I'm on my way. *cook the steak*
  • Sally: This place has a kitchen.
  • Kiya: I wonder what's up with this guy?
  • Jack: Is he rushing to get the food done?
  • Elf Bartender: *done cooking the steak and give them to the gang* Here you go. This is what you asked for.
  • Jack: Alright. It's well done like a one pound burger. *eat the steak*
  • Sally: *eat the steak* Not bad.
  • Kiya: *eat the steak* Yummy.
  • Sir Daniel: *cut up the steak*
  • Jack: It doesn't taste like a little meat on the inside.
  • Kiya: It always does.
  • Jack: And i end up loving it in the first place.
  • Sir Daniel: *still cut up the steak pieces*
  • Kiya: What the? Daniel? You didn't even ate the whole steak?
  • Sir Daniel: No.
  • Kiya: I guess you're not hungry after all. Let me eat that steak for you. *eat Sir Daniel's steak* All better.
  • Jack: Thanks for the meal. I wish we would come back here someday if we like.
  • Elf Bartender: You're very welcome my friends. I hope you enjoyed that drink and meal of yours.
  • Kiya: *give a tip to the elf bartender* Here's a little tip. You need to make money as usual.
  • Elf Bartender: I'm a hard working bartender. My father used to own this place when i was a kid. Things has changed for the better.
  • Jack: Like a mighty soldier.
  • Sir Daniel: *hold his sword high*
  • Elf Bartender: You're a knight, right?
  • Sir Daniel: Yes i am.
  • Sally: Now we should continue our journey to stop Zarok and Oogie Boogie.
  • Elf Bartender: That Zarok is never a good sorcerer. What's a oogie in a boogie gotta do with him?
  • Sally: Uh? Never mind. We're off to the world.
  • Elf Bartender: Thanks again. See you soon.
  • Sir Daniel: Up and away!

(Sir Daniel, Jack, Sally and Kiya left the bar after drinking and eating from their break)

  • Jack: I wish i could have another bite of that steak.
  • Kiya: It's all grilled and fully cooked.
  • Sally: Which way did we take to get to Zarok's castle?
  • Sir Daniel: *use his sword to point at the way the gang went*
  • Jack: I thought we were lost. But i guess we were fully wrong on that.
  • Kiya: Alright. Now we can continue our search to find Zarok's castle.
  • Cockroaches: *land on the ground*
  • Sally: Eek! What is that?
  • Jack: They're cockroaches. They don't even bite. They crawl around and you step on them like a ant.
  • Kiya: What are they trying to do?
  • Cockroaches: *fly around*
  • Sally: *scream*
  • Kiya: They're flying everywhere.
  • Jack: Stupid roaches. Why won't they leave us alone.
  • Sir Daniel: *use the sword to cut a cockroach from chasing Jack*
  • Jack: They're after the girls.
  • Sally: Get this cockroach off me!
  • Sir Daniel: *smash a cockroach*
  • Kiya: Gross!
  • Sir Daniel: *slap a cockroach*
  • Kiya: Ew. The back look like it make me wanna puke.
  • Sir Daniel: *step on the cockroach*
  • Jack: That was nasty.
  • Sally: I would have vomit if i was a real human being.
  • Jack: There is no need to panic everyone. Those bugs were just messing around.
  • Kiya: Sir Daniel just killed them. We need to move on.
  • Jack: We can't leave without killing Zarok and Oogie Boogie.
  • Sir Daniel: Now you follow along and we get to Zarok's castle.
  • Jack: Leave the way Sir Daniel. No more breaks until the journey is over.

(The gang continue their journey to find Zarok's castle)

  • Jack: We went straight, then left. And continue to go left.
  • Kiya: We're in the middle of continuing our quest.
  • Jack: Does anyone has a map?
  • Sally: We sadly don't have one.
  • Kiya: Oh great. How are we going to get to the castle?
  • Sir Daniel: Oh hey! I found my friend!
  • Jack: The same guy? Wow.

(The gang catch up with the Information Gargoyle)

  • Information Gargoyle: Welcome back! How did the trip do for you?
  • Sir Daniel: Pretty good.
  • Jack: We went from fighting killers, fighting pirates and having a war with the zombies and trolls.
  • Information Gargoyle: You're almost to Zarok's castle, are you?
  • Kiya: Yes we are.
  • Information Gargoyle: Ooh, i didn't see you there. Where were you the whole time?
  • Kiya: I was searching for Sir Daniel all over the world. He was warped out of the world when that leech almost killed him.
  • Information Gargoyle: Oh my. That was not suppose to happen. Oh well, what can i do for you?
  • Sally: We need to get to Zarok's castle? Where is his castle? Where it's located at?
  • Information Gargoyle: You are almost there. Just keep going straight and you'll find his castle on the way to the woods.
  • Jack: We're just right in the woods. Thank you for all the information you just brought to us.
  • Information Gargoyle: If you're lost again, just come back to me and i'll show you the right directions to get into the castle.
  • Sally: Uh, hello? We already know the way to Zarok's castle. Sir Daniel is going to take us there.
  • Information Gargoyle: Oh well. Have a stay trip and remember, look like for deadly traps and spears on the way to the castle. There are sharp knifes on the wood like mouse traps.
  • Jack: That's a lot of spooky stuff for the go. Thanks once again and we're off. No more questions, i mean it.
  • Information Gargoyle: That's a comic relief to you, Jack Skellington!
  • Jack: How do you know my name?
  • Information Gargoyle: Sir Daniel just told me on his wise words.
  • Kiya: Let's just go already.
  • Information Gargoyle: Alright. I'm going to grab myself a midnight snack of spicy chicken wings.

(The gang finally made it to Zarok's castle)

  • Jack: Is this the castle we're looking for?
  • Sir Daniel: Yes! We made it at last!
  • Sally: Thank god. This is the place we're trying to look for.
  • Kiya: How do we get in? There's no key to open the gate.
  • Sir Daniel: I can't get in. I don't know how. It's like a fortress filled with mean bats alike!
  • Jack: There's no way. This gotta be a dead end's joke.

(Zarok watch the heroes trying to get in to the castle by a magic glass ball)

  • Zarok: Ha ha ha. They won't get in.
  • Oogie Boogie: They just killed the cockroaches and pass by the gate.
  • Zarok: They're not in the gate. There's no way they can go pass by the gate.
  • Oogie Boogie: Look like they won't be sorry for themselves.

(Sir Daniel tried using a sword to get into the castle)

  • Sir Daniel: I can't get into the castle.
  • Jack: Use your head.
  • Sir Daniel: *take his head off and throw it into the castle by breaking into the window as his head land on the inside of the castle, but caught by a bunch of fazguls*
  • Sally: How is Daniel doing?
  • Jack: He was suppose to let us in.
  • Kiya: His head is taken off! That's why he has no hands or legs on his head.
  • Jack: Darn it. There gotta be another way. I know. How about i place that pumpkin bomb and stick into the gate to make it explode like a pie.
  • Sally: I see your point there.
  • Jack: *place a pumpkin bomb on the gate* This should work.
  • Kiya: Stand back!
  • Jack: What the?
  • Kiya: *grab Jack out of the way with Sally and Sir Daniel's body as the pumpkin bomb explode the gate*
  • Jack: Alright. Now we can go in.
  • Kiya: Let's teach that sorcerer a lesson.

(The gang made it into Zarok's castle as Zarok is informed about the heroes heading into his castle)

  • Zarok: No! They're in my castle.
  • Oogie Boogie: Jack Skellington and his friends made it.
  • Zarok: I lost my friends. I can't lose everything. We have nothing left to lose.
  • Oogie Boogie: Call in your guards.
  • Zarok: You mean a fazgul? I'm calling them in! *hold the staff to make a announcement* Attention all Fazguls* The heroes have break into the castle. Get rid of the heroes and cut off Sir Daniel's head!

(The fazguls rush over to the hallway where they see Jack, Sally, Kiya and Sir Daniel's body on their way)

  • Jack: The guards spotted us.
  • Sally: All we can say, let's fight! *fight the fazguls*
  • Jack: *throw pumpkin bombs at the fazguls*
  • Kiya: *punch every fazgul*
  • Sir Daniel: *his body slash the fazguls*
  • Jack: *break the fazgul in half*

(The fazguls brought in Sir Daniel's head to Zarok's gang)

  • Zarok: Well well well. If it isn't my old buddy Sir Daniel Fortesque.
  • Sir Daniel: You fool! I know you tried to bring in your henchmen just to trick me!
  • Zarok: Say hello to my new group.
  • Oogie Boogie: Hello little Skeleton.
  • Lock: You're missing a eye.
  • Shock: Did you lose your right eye?
  • Barrel: What's up with your teeth?
  • Sir Daniel: I'm going to cut you for a new mask!
  • Zarok: *hold Sir Daniel's head* You'll never live to see your lover. Isn't it Kiya?
  • Sir Daniel: How are you even alive?! I thought i killed you many decades ago.
  • Zarok: It been a long story. Someone has been using my spellbook to use it for dark magic and to dominate all of Gallowmere.
  • Sir Daniel: I killed him too. You won't find out who is responsible for releasing the demons from the underworld.
  • Zarok: There is no paradise, there is no underworld and there is no heaven!
  • Oogie Boogie: Kids, take his head to the lab.
  • Lock: Aye aye Mr. Oogie Boogie.
  • Oogie Boogie: Just like when the boogie man sleep.
  • Zarok: I will be seeing your friends at the final battle.
  • Sir Daniel: My body is alive and i hope my body cut you for a rib.
  • Zarok: Little fool. This is my world, not yours.

(Sir Daniel is taken to the lab with Lock, Shock and Barrel)

  • Lock: What can we do with this poor guy's head?
  • Shock: We'll smash him!
  • Barrel: Wait. Why are you going to smash his head without the body attracted to it?
  • Lock: There's no point.
  • Shock: Can we just kill him?
  • Lock I know what we can do for torture.
  • Barrel: Kill Sir Daniel Fortesque?
  • Lock: I wanna do it!
  • Barrel: Let's draw straws!
  • Shock: Zarok said we should work together.
  • Barrel: Three of a kind.
  • Lock: Birds of a feather.
  • Lock, Shock, and Barrel:

Now and forever!

La, la, la, la, la, la


La, la, la, la, la, la


Kill Sir Daniel Fortesque, lock him up real tight

Throw away the key and then turn off all the lights

  • Shock:

First, we're going to set some bait inside a nasty trap and wait

When he comes a-sniffing, we will snap the trap and close the gate

  • Lock:

Wait! I've got a better plan to catch this big sharp armor body

Let's pop him in a boiling pot

And when he's done, we'll butter him up!

  • Lock, Shock and Barrel:

Kill Sir Daniel Fortesque, throw him in a box

Bury him for 100 years, then see if he talks

  • Shock: Then Mr. Oogie Boogie Man...
  • Lock and Shock: ...can take the whole thing over then.
  • Lock and Barrel: He'll be so pleased, I do declare.
  • Lock and Shock:

That he will cook him rare


  • Lock:

I say that we take a cannon, aim it at his door and then

Knock three times and when he answers, Sir Daniel Fortesque will be no more!

  • Shock:

You're so stupid! Think now

If we blow him up to smithereens, we may lose some pieces

And then Zarok will beat us black and green

  • Lock, Shock, and Barrel:

Kill Sir Daniel Fortesque, tie him in a bag

Throw him in the ocean, then see if he is sad

  • Lock and Shock:

Because Mr. Oogie Boogie is the meanest guy around

If I were on his boogie list, I'd get out of town

  • Barrel:

He'll be so pleased by our success

That he'll reward us too, I bet

  • Lock and Barrel: Perhaps he'll make his special brew.
  • Lock and Shock: Of snake and spider stew.
  • Barrel: Mmm.
  • Lock, Shock, and Barrel:

We're his little henchmen and we take our job with pride

We do our best to please him and stay on his good side

  • Shock: I wish my cohorts weren't so dumb.
  • Barrel: I'm not the dumb one.
  • Lock: You're no fun.
  • Shock: Shut up!
  • Lock: Make me!
  • Shock:

I've got something, listen now! This one is real good, you'll see

We'll send a present to his door

Upon there'll be a note to read

Now, in the box we'll wait and hide until his curiosity

  • Lock, Shock, and Barrel:

Entices him to look inside

And then we'll have him! One, two, three!

Kill Sir Daniel Fortesque, beat him with a stick

Lock him up for 100 years, see what makes him tick

Kill Sir Daniel Fortesque, chop him into bits

Mr. Oogie Boogie is sure to get his kicks

Kill Sir Daniel Fortesque, see what we will see

Lock him in a cage and then throw away the key...!

  • Sir Daniel: *get locked in a cage* Help me!
  • Lock: Aw, is this poor little Sir Daniel Fortesque stuck in a cage? Have a little friend on your taste. *use a scorpion on Sir Daniel*
  • Sir Daniel: Ah! Stop crawling on me.
  • Barrel: Are these two having fun together?
  • Shock: I hope you have a good time staying in your cage.
  • Sir Daniel: I will cut you for this if i have my body back!
  • Lock: You'll never trick or treat with your friends ever again.

(Back with Jack's group, they are still fighting the fazguls as the boiler guards came in for help)

  • Boiler Guard #1: Hurry comrades, tear these guys apart!
  • Boiler Guard #2: *smash the ground*
  • Jack: Look out below!
  • Sally: Oh no. This is bad. This is really bad.
  • Kiya: We're crushed.
  • Sir Daniel: *his body block the boiler guards from smashing the heroes*
  • Kiya: I don't how long his body is going to block those big guys out.
  • Jack: We won't be able to win.
  • Sally: Well this sucks!
  • Boiler Guard #3: Trap them!
  • Fazguls: *use the cages to trap Jack, Sally, Kiya and Sir Daniel's body*
  • Jack: Oh no! We're trapped!
  • Sally: Thanks a lot Jack.
  • Jack: Don't blame me. Blame on Zarok's actions.
  • Boiler Guard #4: You're all going to be sent to Zarok's lair.
  • Kiya: This is the lair. You didn't know?
  • Boiler Guard #1: His lair is all the way to the top. You're all going and that's final.
  • Jack: As a king, you cannot take my orders away from me.
  • Boiler Guard #2: Come on, grab the guys and report to Lord Zarok.
  • Fazguls: *bow down and get the cages out to take the heroes to Zarok*

(The heroes were taken by the fazguls and boiler guards and meet Zarok and Oogie Boogie in the lair)

  • Zarok: Hello there my friends. It seem that you were all captured by my minions.
  • Jack: What are you? A sorceress?
  • Zarok: I'm Zarok the Sorcerer. My friends called me a necromancer and a mad magician.
  • Sally: You look like a failed magician to me.
  • Zarok: I have been to many wars. I killed them all with my army and conquer Gallowmere during my reign until that skeleton knight show up to kill my fate.
  • Oogie Boogie: If it isn't Jack Skellington and Sally. Ho ho ho, it been ages.
  • Sally: What are you doing here?
  • Jack: How are you even alive?
  • Zarok: The magic spells brought him back to life. I can bring back any monster i want. The next big thing we're planning to do is take over the whole planet. Not just Gallowmere. All of the universe.
  • Oogie Boogie: Then we will burn down Halloween Town and the rest of the holiday towns in the world. All the bugs in my body will be happy to see their new homes in the burned towns.
  • Kiya: Ew. You keep those bugs in your body?
  • Oogie Boogie: I have every bug in my soul sheet. *show his bugs in his body*
  • Kiya: You're creepy! What's wrong with you?!
  • Oogie Boogie: I'm the Boogie Man. That's what everyone calls me.
  • Zarok: No more people making fun of us. Now it is the time to end Gallowmere on a high note.
  • Jack: You can't destroy Gallowmere without our beloved Halloween Town!
  • Zarok: There is hate around the world. This is only the beginning of society. Future events will lead to a decimation and the end of our lives. The Hall of Heroes won't be here to save you.
  • Sally: Sir Daniel's body is with us. Ha ha. You won't find out where his real head is.
  • Zarok: We just saw his head already before you guys were sneaking into the gate.
  • Sally: What?
  • Jack: Oh boy. Here come the harder part.
  • Zarok: Take the heroes to lab.
  • Boiler Guard #1: Yes boss. *take the heroes to the lab*
  • Jack: We'll mess with you later.
  • Zarok: This is only the start of your fate.

(Jack, Sally, Kiya and Sir Daniel's body are sent into the lab as they are placed into their cages by the fazguls and boiler guards)

  • Jack: You let us go this instant!
  • Boiler Guard #1: I hope you enjoy your new home in the castle.
  • Sally: Wait, is that the trick or treaters?
  • Lock: *laugh*
  • Shock: Look who's here.
  • Jack: Thank goodness, Lock, Shock and Barrel. You're here to rescue us.
  • Barrel: Are we here to rescue you? Never in a trillion of years. *laugh*
  • Sally: This isn't funny. You release us right now or i tear you a new box.
  • Lock: We thought you were going to stop your enemies. Look like you're going to be trap with us.
  • Kiya: Oh no. How are we going to get out?
  • Barrel: Never. You look like punching bags to me.
  • Boiler Guard #2: Okay. Quit messing around and let's go.
  • Boiler Guard #3: I need to prepare some rat soup for the knights. *his boiler guard group left the lab*
  • Kiya: Oh Poor Sir Daniel. His head is right on the table.
  • Sir Daniel: *his head jumps* Kiya!
  • Kiya: Don't worry Sir Daniel. Your body is still with us.
  • Sir Daniel: *his body wave as his head jump* Those kids will pay me a sword. There's no way out.
  • Jack: I hope Zero is doing okay with the group.
  • Lock: Oh, we have Zero with us. *hold Zero*
  • Jack: Zero!
  • Zero: *depressed*
  • Lock: Who's a little ghost dog? Who's a little ghost dog.
  • Jack: You put Zero down or i'll cut you a hand!
  • Shock: That was kinda mean.
  • Barrel: Let's teach this dog some manners.
  • Sally: No.
  • Kiya: This is really starting to get on my nerves.
  • Barrel: Does he chew on a bone?
  • Lock: Every dog chew on a bone.
  • Jack: Oh boy. We're never getting out of this cage.
  • Sir Daniel: *his head move the cage*
  • Shock: I wonder what does he eats.
  • Lock: Dog food? How about a little crab leg.
  • Barrel: No. Dogs can't eat poisonous food.
  • Kiya: You're not listening. We want out!
  • Sir Daniel: *his head move the cage and fall to the floor as the cage breaks*
  • Lock: What the?
  • Sir Daniel: *his head jumps*
  • Shock: His head is getting away.
  • Barrel: Grab the hammer! This is what we learned from the song.
  • Lock: *grab the hammer and try to hit Sir Daniel on the floor*
  • Sir Daniel: *his head dodge the hammer hit and knock out a few items on the shelf*
  • Lock: Uh oh.
  • Barrel: Zarok is not going to like the mess we made.
  • Shock: The head is heading to the display.
  • Sir Daniel: *his head knock out a display of the sword and shield*
  • Kiya: The sword and shield just fell off. Now it's his chance to make us escape.
  • Sir Daniel: *his body grab the sword and unlock the cage as his body break out of the cage and put his head back on*
  • Jack: Oh look, he assemble his parts all together.
  • Sir Daniel: *hold his shield and sword* I shall avenge.
  • Lock: Uh oh.
  • Sir Daniel: Ah! *break everything from the lab*
  • Lock: Run!
  • Shock: Run for your lives!
  • Sir Daniel: *cut off a axe on the wall to block the door*
  • Barrel: That axe look like it's going to crack on us.
  • Sir Daniel: *use the rope and tie the kids up*
  • Lock: We lost.
  • Shock: I want some candy!
  • Barrel: This stinks.
  • Sir Daniel: *lock the kids in the cage and release Jack, Sally and Kiya*
  • Jack: Thank you very much.
  • Sally: You're our hero.
  • Sir Daniel: Wait. There's more. *release Zero from the cage*
  • Jack: Zero, how could we ever lose you?
  • Zero: *cuddle on Jack's hand*
  • Sally: Shame on you kids.
  • Lock: Don't shame us. Shame the skeleton knight.
  • Sir Daniel: Hey, what did i do wrong?
  • Kiya: Ignore him Danie. Right now, let's go stop Zarok and Oogie Boogie before they conquer all of Gallowmere.

(At the lair room, Zarok charge up his staff as he is about to hold it against the sky)

  • Zarok: At last, it is now the time to take over the world.
  • Oogie Boogie: You're not going to throw that staff up to the sky.
  • Zarok: I'm not gonna throw it. I'm gonna hold it and use the power to turn the sky into dark.
  • Oogie Boogie: The sky is already dark. It's night!
  • Zarok: Whatever. Pure darkness is the answer to take over all of Gallowmere.

(Jack, Sally, Kiya and Sir Daniel break into the door to confront Zarok and Oogie Boogie)

  • Jack: Stop right there!
  • Zarok: You're back? I thought you were locked in.
  • Sir Daniel: I got my body back and now, we're here to fight.
  • Zarok: Unbelievable2. You're stronger than i thought.
  • Oogie Boogie: How about a little game of dice! *throw two dices on the floor*
  • Kiya: What is that suppose to mean? *the two dices pop out smoke, making her and her friends cough*
  • Zarok: Kill them.
  • Sir Daniel: *escape the smoke and cut Oogie Boogie in half*
  • Oogie Boogie: No!
  • Sir Daniel: Uh oh.
  • Oogie Boogie: *put himself back* Destroy the knight.
  • Zarok: *shoot dark beams at Sir Daniel*
  • Sir Daniel: *cut off the dark beams*
  • Zarok: *power blast on the gang*
  • Jack: Dodge! *dodge with his friends from the power blast*
  • Zarok: You almost destroy my castle.
  • Kiya: Leave it to me. *fight Zarok*
  • Zarok: What a brave strong woman you are.
  • Kiya: *kick Zarok*
  • Zarok: Out. Son of a mummy.
  • Sir Daniel: *hold his sword on Zarok*
  • Zarok: *laser eyes on Sir Daniel*
  • Sir Daniel: Ouch.
  • Jack: Whoa. How can he shot lights on his face?
  • Kiya: That must be the lasers.
  • Zarok: Oogie Boogie, release the guards.
  • Oogie Boogie: Aye aye Boss. *release the boiler guards and fazguls with the leech monster*

(The guards of Zarok came to clash with Sir Daniel's group)

  • Zarok: Enjoy the seal of your fate.
  • Sir Daniel: *fight Zarok*
  • Jack: *throw pumpkin bombs at the fazguls*
  • Leech Monster: *shoot lasers everywhere*
  • Sally: *try to punch a boiler guard*
  • Boiler Guard #1: Look what we have here. *hold Sally*
  • Sally: Let go of me!
  • Boiler Guard #2: It's a little ragdoll.
  • Kiya: *throw spiders at the boiler guards*
  • Boiler Guard #2: *drop Sally and cover his eyes from the spiders* Spiders! Get them off me!
  • Kiya: *hold Sally* Gotcha.
  • Sally: Thank you very much.
  • Oogie Boogie: I got pets for you! *throw the bugs on Jack*
  • Jack: Ah. Get off me!
  • Oogie Boogie: Enjoy these bugs while you can.
  • Sir Daniel: *try to slash Zarok*
  • Zarok: *hold the staff to use the force on Sir Daniel*
  • Sir Daniel: Help me!
  • Zarok: How are you liking the force?
  • Sir Daniel: I'm gonna get you.
  • Zarok: You're down! *move Sir Daniel to the ground*
  • Sir Daniel: Ouch. My back.
  • Oogie Boogie: *throw dice bombs at Jack*
  • Jack: Wow. First pumpkin bombs, now dice bombs?
  • Oogie Boogie: You said it. Say goodbye! *throw more dice bombs*
  • Jack: *dodge the dice bombs* Trying to keep up and not get hit by the tricks.
  • Sir Daniel: *slash all the fazguls*
  • Leech Monster: *glare at Sir Daniel*
  • Sir Daniel: *use the shield to dodge from the leech monster shooting lasers*
  • Leech Monster: *shake head*
  • Sir Daniel: *cut the leech in half*
  • Zarok: No! My pet! *use the staff to shoot power balls at Sir Daniel*
  • Sir Daniel: *use the shield to block the power balls*
  • Zarok: You're not even trying. No one breaks my trident.
  • Jack: *kick Oogie Boogie*
  • Oogie Boogie: *punch Jack* Boom! You got hit.
  • Sally: *hold Oogie Boogie* You're off the sheet.
  • Oogie Boogie: Ah!
  • Zero: *growl at Oogie Boogie*
  • Oogie Boogie: Get this dog away from me.
  • Zero: *bark*
  • Jack: Sir Daniel, a little help?
  • Sir Daniel: *run and slash Oogie Boogie*
  • Oogie Boogie: Ugh. Have a little of this. *take off his sheet, revealing himself with a whole lot of bugs*
  • Kiya: Ah! What is that?!
  • Sir Daniel: He's made of bugs with the soul attracted to it.
  • Oogie Boogie: *the bugs transform into a giant demon head by roaring*
  • Jack: We made a monster out of him.
  • Zarok: I did not expect to see that transformation come out of nowhere.
  • Oogie Boogie: You will face to see the face of my bugs!
  • Jack: This guy is going to be hard to defeat.
  • Sally: It's like someone put nightmare fuel on that beast.
  • Sir Daniel: *try to cut up Oogie Boogie*
  • Zarok: You can't defeat his bugs. *push Sir Daniel*
  • Sir Daniel: Hey.
  • Zarok: Any last words?
  • Sally: Leave him alone. *take off her hand and throw it to Zarok*
  • Zarok: *get hit by Sally's hand* Ouch. What was that?
  • Sir Daniel: *slash the sword on Zarok*
  • Zarok: Ah!
  • Sally: *put her hand back* And that's how it's done.
  • Kiya: You did it Sir Daniel, you killed Zarok.
  • Oogie Boogie: What have you done?!
  • Jack: We're about to get rid of you now.
  • Zarok: So, even from the shackles of death my old enemy pursues me! You're too late now. I already my army has risen from the grave! You will never leave this necropolis... Ha, ha, ha! *transform into a beast and roar*
  • Kiya: Not again.
  • Jack: He look like a tyrannosaurus rex mixed with a demon.
  • Zarok: You have come to die!
  • Jack: Here we go again.
  • Sir Daniel: *fight Zarok*
  • Zarok: *punch Sir Daniel: Ooh, did i hurt you a little?
  • Kiya: *throw toxic bombs at Zarok*
  • Zarok: Ugh, the toxic. It hurts!
  • Oogie Boogie: *spit bugs out of his mouth as the wasps fly after the heroes*
  • Sally: Not these bugs again.
  • Sir Daniel: *cut the wasps*
  • Kiya: *throw toxic bombs at the boiler guards*
  • Zero: *growl at the bugs*
  • Oogie Boogie: Ha ha ha ha ha. I hope you enjoy my grubs.
  • Sir Daniel: *try to cut Oogie Boogie*
  • Zarok: *grab Sir Daniel* You're not going anywhere.
  • Sir Daniel: Hey, get your hands off me!
  • Jack: Leave him alone! *throw a pumpkin bomb at Zarok*
  • Zarok: *get hit by the pumpkin bomb* Ouch.
  • Sir Daniel: *slash Zarok*
  • Zarok: Ugh. Curses.
  • Oogie Boogie: *roar*
  • Sally: Stay in cover.
  • Kiya: The bugs are scary as the sorcerer's skull.
  • Zarok: You're going to hell.
  • Sir Daniel: *cut Zarok's belly*
  • Zarok: No! My belly!
  • Oogie Boogie: Don't worry Zarok. I got the rest of the gang.
  • Jack: Say goodbye to your sorcerer. *throw a pumpkin bomb at Oogie Boogie*
  • Oogie Boogie: Uh oh. *explode with the pumpkin bomb and bugs*
  • Zarok: My summon!
  • Jack: Ha. I think you're going to lose this round.
  • Zarok: None shall defeat the mighty Zarok! So prepare to die all of you! *breathe fire on the heroes*
  • Jack: There's the fire!
  • Sir Daniel: *use the shield to block the fire*
  • Zarok: Impossible.
  • Sally: There is one way on defeating him.
  • Kiya: How about we shrunk him?
  • Sally: No. He's already big enough to turn him small. Maybe Sir Daniel can cut his head like he did to the enemies.
  • Kiya: Sir Daniel, give him a lift!
  • Sir Daniel: *run after Zarok*
  • Zarok: Oh no you don't.
  • Sir Daniel: *jump and slash Zarok as Zarok fire blast all over the castle*
  • Zarok: This isn't over.
  • Sir Daniel: *cut Zarok in half*
  • Zarok: Ughh. Curse you, Sir Knight. I am finally defeated. Yet if I am to fail, then all shall perish! You are doomed, Fortesque! You will never leave this domain! Ha, ha, ha!
  • Sir Daniel: *cut Zarok's head off*
  • Jack: The castle is about to break apart.
  • Sally: It's gonna crack.
  • Kiya: Wait. We can't leave the kids.
  • Jack: Kiya, no!
  • Sir Daniel: Jack, this is for their own good.

(While the castle is breaking apart, Kiya rush to the lab to free the trick or treaters)

  • Lock: I thought you were going to betray us.
  • Kiya: Come on. The castle is gonna break and we can't leave without you.
  • Barrel: Glad you can come.
  • Shock: What happen to Zarok and Oogie Boogie?
  • Kiya: They're dead. Right now, we need to find a way out of the castle.
  • Everyone: *Sir Daniel, Sally and Jack enter the lab*
  • Jack: Kiya, come on. We can't leave without you.
  • Kiya: Use the time machine to get us out.
  • Sir Daniel: No way. That's going to take us back in time.
  • Kiya: Trust me. It will work. Just because you use a machine doesn't mean you're going back in time.
  • Sir Daniel: Fine. Get the portal ready.
  • Jack: This is actually a thing?
  • Sally: They just predict the future.
  • Kiya: *activate the portal* Get in.
  • Lock: Here we go!
  • Sir Daniel: Up and away!

(The gang enter the portal as the castle collapses. Sir Daniel and the gang made it back to the town where their friends are waiting for him to come back.)

  • Hamilton: Sir Daniel, you're alive.
  • Sir Daniel: Sure i am. I got rid of that Zarok monster again.
  • Hamilton: Wait, who are those guys?
  • Jack: I'm Jack Skellington. This is Sally, Lock, Shock and Barrel. We're friends of Sir Daniel Fortesque.
  • Madam Jo-jo: Kiya, what brings you here?
  • Kiya: Just to inform you everyone. Zarok is finally defeated. All of his actions are no longer solved in this world.
  • Jack: We also got another enemy like Oogie Boogie. He's also dead as well.
  • Hamilton: Interesting. Let's all have a Halloween party together!
  • Jack: Wait. We need to bring everyone from Halloween Town there. Maybe they will come if they're friendly enough.
  • Madam Jo-jo: What is this Halloween Town you asked?
  • Jack: It's where i was raised in. Does anyone has a portal device to open a portal to Halloween Town?
  • Hamilton: I do.
  • Madam Jo-jo: I see your point.
  • Kiya: Let's get some tools together and let's get working.


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