An episode of Total Crossover Island.


For the challenge, the contestants must fight the bosses in Donkey Kong Country Returns in the order they are fought in the game: Mugly, the Scurvy Crew, Stu, the Mole Train, Mangoruby, Thugly, the Stompybot 3000, and Tiki Tong.

Memorable quotes

Chris: Oh, THAT had to leave a mark.

Zim: Come, hideous tank beast! Feel the wrath of-
(Thugly rams Zim into the wall)
Zim: You could have at least let me finish my-
(Thugly rams into Zim a few more times before retreating)
Zim: Yeah... run... run, you big hideous... yeah, I'm gonna just lie down now... (faints)

Matt: So, if the pattern continues to repeat, only going faster in each color state, we should be able to predict when...
Yakko: And he wonders why he can't get a date for Valentine's Day.
Matt: I heard that.