Season 3 episode 1 of Nightwing & Batgirl.

Nightwing, Batgirl, Shining Knight and Winged Victory helped the King of England fight Kobra taskforces in a castle raid. They were able to defeat all of those quickly. They later saved the King. After that, the Kobra taskforces were banished from England.

"Now that's what I call a tower defense.", Nightwing said.

"I applaud your valiant efforts, Nightwing and Batgirl", Shining Knight told them.

The scene moves to Olympus. Circe lost the battle against Hippolyta, the battle on who will be the new warrior queen.

"And I proclaim Hippolyta, the new warrior queen!", Hera announced.

Circe was jealous and enraged.

"Are you alright,Circe?", Hippolya asked her.

"Yeah, I'm fine", Circe answered.

"No you're not. I can tell with the way you look.", Hippolyta said.

"I said I'm fine. I just need some time alone", she responded.

Hippolyta now left her. While Circe was at a fountain, she thought of an idea. She went to Ares' camp. She said she wanted to talk to him. Ares went near. Then suddenly, she used her magic to control Ares' mind.

"What can I do for you, mistress?", Ares asked, as he was now under Circe's control.

They vanished. They teleported to the Underworld, at Hades' throne. Circe told Ares to beat up Hades. Later, after Ares defeated Hades, Circe now turned him into another one of her allies.

"My mistress, the Underworld is at your service", Hades told her.

"Good. We will be gathering more of our allies and once we are done,you can now unleash the Underworld", Circe replied to Hades, smiling.

Now, Circe and Ares once again teleported. They are at Themyscira. There, Circe met Thrax. She used her magic to control him and his army's minds.

"What do you want us to do for you", Thrax asked her. He was now under Circe's influence as well.

"The other Gods have betrayed us and they declared war against us. They want to wipe all of us Greeks, until there's none of us left. It's either we wipe them, or we're getting wiped. Are you all with me?", Circe said.

"Yes,we are", everyone in Thrax's army responded.

"In three days, we'll march", she told them.

2 days later, Nightwing, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Steve Trevor fought Maxwell Lord and his army of robots when they tried to attack Gateway City Mall. They destroyed all of those robots. Then, they fought and defeated Maxwell Lord. Now,they sent him to jail. The scene moves to the three heroes staying on patrol at Gateway City PD. Later at night, they found another villain location. At Gateway City Hall. Someone just accused the mayor of being corrupt. It was Dr. Cyber. They stopped her rampage at the hall. Then, they cleared the Mayor from Dr. Cyber's accusations.

"The mayor spent less funds on technological advancements and hospitals", Dr. Cyber said.

"You will be temporarily placed on house arrest. Tomorrow, we will testify your charges against the mayor on trial at the Court", the police said.

"It's not our responsibilities anymore", Nightwing said.

"Now where am I going to get funds for the repair of my City Hall", the mayor said.

"I can handle that", Wonder Woman told the mayor. Now, the heroes left.

The next day, at Nightwing and Batgirl's headquarters, Wonder Woman received news from her mother, Hippolyta, who called her using a communicator.

"Diana, we need your help. The Amazons need its princess. Circe's unleashed her fury against us Amazons, and we lost. Now, she's heading to Olympus.", Hippolyta told her.

"Circe? No way! Don't worry, mother. We'll head there swiftly.", Wonder Woman replied.

"Thank you, daughter.", Hippolyta replied, now dropping the call.

Wonder Woman asked Nightwing and Batgirl to come with her and they immediately agreed. Now, they rode the Invisible Plane. On their way to Olympus, Wonder Woman called Steve Trevor.

"Steve?", Wonder Woman said.

"Hello, Diana. What's your business today?", Steve asked.

"Nightwing, Batgirl, and I are heading to Olympus. A war broke out, and our people need my help. Can you watch over Gateway City for me?", Wonder Woman asked.

"Oh. Greek princess stuff, I see.", Steve Trevor replied, "Of course, princess. I understand. It would be my pleasure."

"Thank you, Steve.", Wonder Woman said.

"Anything for you, princess. Be careful.", Steve Trevor replied.

"And you too.", Wonder Woman told him, as she dropped the call.

Later, they reached and dropped by Themyscira first, and when they got there, they saw a ravaged world.

A refugee told Wonder Woman, "Diana, a great war had torn this place apart and the Amazons lost. Please stop this war for us".

"We will. We promise", she replied.

Now, they went back to the Invisible Plane and went to Olympus. They are shocked to see all the things that are happening. The Underworld has been unleashed and Wonder Woman saw her mother Hippolyta and her army regrouped, but at the losing end of the battle. Then, Circe came at them.

"Circe! You again?!", Wonder Woman told exclaimed, as she was enraged.

The three tried to fight her, but dark magic wrapped around them. They've been forced to watch the war helplessly. But Batgirl observed something. While Ares and Zeus, and Apollo and Hades were fighting, she noticed that Ares and Hades' eyes were green. She suspected they are under Circe's spell, as well as Thrax. She told Wonder Woman that Ares, Hades, and Thrax were under control of Circe's magic. Wonder Woman broke free from dark magic wrapped around her, then freed Nightwing and Batgirl.

"Hey, Circe. Come and face us", Wonder Woman told her.

Circe shot magic blasts but she deflected those using her armlets. Nightwing and Batgirl fought her magic creatures. The Olympian army are battling Thrax and his army. Then later, Hippolyta came to Circe and helped Wonder Woman in battling her.

"Like mother, like daughter. I apologize for I'm about ruin your moments with each other", Circe told them, as she battled them.

Nightwing and Batgirl helped Zeus and Apollo battle Hades and Ares. With his metal pole, Nightwing hit Ares and Hades at the side of their heads. It worked. Both of them are snapped out of Circe's control.

"What's happening?", Hades asked.

"Circe put both of you under a spell. And we snapped you out of it. She placed you under her control", Batgirl said.

"What? I am gonna talk to Circe. Brother, you can now send your friends home", Zeus said, as he was shocked upon hearing it. Now, Hades and his Underworld creatures disappeared.

"I desire war. My body thrives from it. It is my lifeblood. But this is not anymore my fight. I no longer have causes to fulfill in this battle.",Ares said.

Zeus now talked to Circe and told her to stop.

"What if I don't?", Circe responded. A huge thunder struck and everyone was shocked.

"You dare challenge me!!", Zeus told her.

"Okay, Lord Zeus. I give up", Circe said.

Then, Thrax and his army were out of Circe's control. Now, Zeus told Ares to put her in cuffs, and he did. But, Circe, using her magic, disappeared.

"Wait? Where'd she go?", Ares said, shocked.

"No way", Hippolyta said.

"Mother, why did she wage war on Olympus?", Wonder Woman asked her mother.

"Diana, she lost on our battle for the new warrior queen of Olympus. She felt really bad. I guess she sought revenge. I hope you and your companions bring her back here", Hippolyta answered and asked her daughter.

"All for you, mother", Wonder Woman responded.

Now, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman said their final goodbyes to everyone in Olympus. Then, they went to the Invisible Plane and flew away. Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman had another conversation.

"How's my princess?", Steve Trevor asked.

"The warrior princess led her army to victory, by default.", Wonder Woman answered.

"What do you mean.", Steve asked.

"Zeus ordered Circe to stop her attack. However, she vanished out of sight using her magic.", Wonder Woman replied.

"You managed to hold your own against the powerful sorceress Circe. That's still impressive.", Steve complimented her.

"Alright. I'll take that.", Wonder Woman said. Steve Trevor smiled.

Meanwhile, Circe vanished from Olympus and made her way to Gateway City. There, she encountered Cheetah.

"Cheetah.", Circe said, raising an eyebrow. "Why are you in front of me? You have no business seeing me, as I recall."

"Not until now.", Cheetah replied.

"What do you mean?", Circe asked.

"I have a proposition for you.", Cheetah answered.

"And what is it?", Circe asked, curious.

"Despite all our differences, we have one thing in common. I'm pretty sure you know what that is.", Cheetah replied.

Circe looked interested.

"We've failed countless times against a common enemy.", Cheetah continued.

"Wait. Just moments ago, I lost against Wonder Woman and lost my place in Olympus. Did you somehow secretly spy on me?", Circe asked.

"Oh, no, you're mistaken. My statement was merely a coincidence.", Cheetah replied, "Anyways, I'm looking to form an alliance. Together, we can gather all of the Wonder Woman's most formidable foes. United, we will be able to take her down, and make a name for ourselves. What can you say about that?", Cheetah asked.

"This sounds very promising. Count me in.", Circe agreed.

Characters:Nightwing, Batgirl, Shining Knight, Winged Victory, the King, Hippolyta, Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Ares, Hades, Amazons, refugees, Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, police, Olympian warriors, Thrax, Thrax's army

Villains: Kobra taskforces, Circe, Maxwell Lord, Dr. Cyber

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