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Poster for The Orb of Time

The Orb of Time is a four-part Family Guy fanfic by LDEJRuff and the movie finale of the first season of his Brian and Vinny fanseries.


When an old foe of Stewie's steals the Orb of Time from Heaven and rewrites history to a time in which New Brian dies and Vinny's owner Leo still lives, it's up to Brian and Stewie to recruit some reinforcements, and to revive a couple dogs related to the Griffin family, to retrieve the Orb and bring time back to the way it was.

Links to the fanfic

  1. Part I: Recruit
  2. Part II: Remember
  3. Part III: Return
  4. Part IV: Reclaim


If New Brian had shared Brian's fate in FG1206 (2).png
If New Brian had shared Brian's fate in FG1206.png
  • A couple scenes rewritten are edited from FG1206 - "Life of Brian", but are edited to have New Brian die instead of Brian.