My interpretation of the story's main character, Sinon and Kirito, however it replaces as AU characters to avoid conflict any media broadcasts. (original art credit to rightful artist)

This story takes place after the invasions of The Patriots of New Agency, where the economic increases over 90%, but the population decrease over 50% due the having money, nature pollution, terrorism, nuclear weapon, and highest criminal rating. September Phelps—the latest in a ninth generation of Blaze, living in the hospital, and the and the irregular magical weapon—the metropolis that holds the world's last crystal, beneficial to his country's military, political, and economic standing. Because of its increasingly apparent industrialization in contrast to neighboring nations and the ensuing political tensions, The Patriots of New Agency has isolated itself from the rest of the world behind a magic barrier maintained by the king/emperor. At one time, all countries leaving them due to fighting over them. They thus pooled their resources into weapons and warfare, granting them firearms along with swords and magic, becoming modern and advanced in only their military power, and in consequence, left regressive in their cultural and societal aspects, affecting their standards and quality of life. More to come.

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