The REAL Adventure Begins! is the 4th episode of the 1st season of The Pokemon Adventures of Spencer Twis.


(At the Team Enigma headquartes...)

Mysterious Figure: Now the boys are moving targets. I expect that you've hired some more... suitable, grunts.

Noved: Yes sir. I checked their backgrounds. One of them has Darkrai, one has Cresselia, the other three have Volcanoras. Just one thing: do we really need Latios? We have Mespirit, a trainer recently caught an Uxie, and we're close to getting an Azelf. I'd be a breeze to steal the Uxie.

Mysterious Figure: No. We've already tailored our plans to Eon Power. It would be expensive to change it, and you've already wasted enough of our budget. On that note, don't expect any more until I see a Latios.


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