The Adventure Begins! is the 1st episode of the first season of The Pokemon Adventures of Spencer Twis.




  • Spencer's Dad


(Three boys are riding their bikes on a road)

Connor: Are you sure that we're heading to a roller rink?

Neil: Sure! At least, the name looked like it! SUPER ROLLERS!

Connor: Remember the time when you thought you found a chinese resturaunt, and it was really a martial arts school?

Spencer: I still haven't forgotten the sweaty guy who was...

Neil (interupting): Please don't make me remember that. Whoops, you did.

Connor: Hey, remember when we were playing Assassin's Creed and you...

(A shard of glass pops Spencer's tire. He crashes into the trees.)

Spencer: wooOOOOOaah... Hey, what's that?

(There is a glint of metal in the roots of a tree)

(Spencer picks it up)

Spencer: What is this...

(It looks like a wand, with a cord ending in a USB port attached to the bottom)

Neil: Hey Spencer! you got a flat tire! Good thing Neil brought tape and an air pump!

(Spencer shoves the device in his backpack)

Spencer: Ok! Coming!

(Later that day, in front of Spencer's house...)

Spencer: Neil! I can't beleive you mistook a strip club for a rollar skating park!

Connor: I will never forget that traumatic experience...

Neil: Hey! At least it wasn't another sweaty kung fu place!

Connor: It will take a hundred sweaty karate places to erase what happened there...

Spencer: See you later guys (goes inside)

(Spencer runs up to his computer and plugs the device in)

Spencer: Lets see what you do...

(An "open flash drive" window pops up. The flash drive is apparently named "OPNFLPQ")

Spencer: Hmm (opens it)

(There is one file named "OPNFLPQ.exe". Spencer scans it with Norton. It returns safe.)

Spencer: Here goes nothing (activates it)

(The tip of the device starts flashing)

(The flashing gets much more intense, illuminating the room, and everything starts vibrating)

Spencer: Eek! (hides in corner)

(Suddenly, the device releases a globe of translucent red energy, which expands past the room)

Spencer: (looks through window)

(The globe is expanding as far as he can see)

Spencer's Dad: (charges upstairs) What just happened?

Spencer: (looks at his computer, device has dissapeared) I really don't know...

(Twelve PokeBalls crash through the window, six landing in Spencer's hands and six landing in his dad's hands)

Spencer's Dad: What are these?

Spencer: They're PokeBalls. You can feel energy from one of them...

Spencer's Dad: I heard something outside...

(Spencer and his dad run outside to see PokeMon everywhere)

Spencer's Dad: What the...

(Suddenly, a Latios swoops down, cutting alot of flowers)

Spencer's Dad: I'll get the pistol! (Runs inside)

Spencer: Go! (Throws PokeBall. A Golett pops out)

Golett: Well, finally, someone turns on the lights...

Spencer: Wait, you can talk?

Golett: Of course I can! Who are you anyways?

Spencer: Spencer Twis, your trainer.

Golett: OK... So, why did you call me out?

Spencer: Well, can you give me ideas on how to calm down that Latios up there?

Golett: Well, it looks confused...

Spencer: OK... (loudly) Hey, Latios!

Latios: (looks at Spencer) What?

Spencer: Look, I know you came from who-knows-where and you're confused about this place. But I know all about it. I can teach you about. And we can start a new journey together.

Latios: I sense strength, courage, and generousity in you. (hovers close to Spencer) I will be your PokeMon. Guide me through this world. I have many questions. First one: who's that? (points at Golett with wing)

Spencer: He's Golett!

Latios: He's kind of... short.

Golett: Hey! I'm tall for Goletts!

Spencer: Okay, lets do this. (throws empty PokeBall at Latios)

(PokeBall rattles once, twice, a third time, then it makes the 'beep' sound)

Spencer: Yes! (Sends out Latios) Guess we're a family now. You wanna meet my friends?

Latios: Sure, why not?

Golett: Yah, why not?

(Spencer and Golett climb onto Latios' back and fly away)

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