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Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, creations of a scientist known as John Utonium, are tasked with the protection of Townsville. Simultaneously, they must deal with understanding the real world as it is, not just as it should be, as well as taking on the crime that prevails over Townsville, specifically that of The Representative and figuring out who exactly is the 'higher power'. He's been experimenting on living beings, and it's imperative that he be captured before he does some real damage to Townsville.

Major Subplots[]


Main characters[]

  • Blossom - (22 episodes) The de facto leader of the Powerpuff Girls with a crush on Justin Bradley.
  • Bubbles - (22 episodes) The "joy and the laughter" of the group who abhors fighting and prefers coloring.
  • Buttercup - (22 episodes) The "toughest fighter" who loves to go on missions, and isn't pleased when a teammate comes late, or not at all.
  • John Utonium - (22 episodes) The scientists who created the girls in the first place, he shows very little care for them as humans and chooses to treat them as experiments.
  • Kathleen Keane - (22 episodes) The kindergarten teacher at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten with a rocky past with Utonium.
  • Elliott Meyer - (22 episodes) The mayor of Townsville who admits to having stolen the election to become a celebrity, and views the Powerpuff Girls as godsends.
  • Sarah Bellum - (22 episodes) The Chief of Staff to Elliott Meyer who has reservations about the girls, but is too busy covering for Meyer's incompetence to do anything about it.
  • Tyler Osborn - (22 episodes) Police captain of Townsville. He doesn't mind working alongside the Powerpuff Girls along as they handle the beat-down and he sticks to the investigation.

Recurring characters[]

  • Justin Bradley - (16 episodes) A teenager who volunteers at Pokey Oaks kindergarten. Blossom becomes smitten with him immediately, much to her sisters' dismay.
  • Melanie Reenie - (13 episodes) Elliott Meyer's special adviser who uses a special chemical mixture in her perfume to influence men to do her will.
  • Zachary - (12 episodes) Justin Bradley's best friend and bassist.
  • Lucas Neuwirth - (12 episodes) Townsville High School's resident bully and high ranking member of the Gangreen Gang. Code name: Ace
  • Desmond Callahan - (11 episode) A low-ranking member of the Gangreen Gang. Code name: Snake
  • Brooklyn Tanner - (9 episode) A low-ranking member of the Gangreen Gang. Code name: Lil' Arturo
  • David Wilson - (9 episodes) A relatively young reporter for the local news. His only goal is to get a scoop on the origin of the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Tom Seaton - (8 episodes) The press secretary for the Meyer staff who secretly works for The Representative.
  • Christopher Mills - (7 episodes) A young man who goes undercover with the Gangreen Gang for Melanie Reenie. Code name: Grubber
  • Zane Gedge - (7 episodes) A high-ranking police officer under Tyler Osborn and operative for The Representative.
  • Gina-Marie - (7 episodes) - Drummer for Justin Bradley's garage band.
  • Malcolm Jules/The Representative - (6 episodes) A former lawyer who serves no other purpose than to act as the Representative of a higher power, whoever that may be.
  • Priscilla Moore - (6 episodes) Justin Bradley's rich girlfriend who The Representative decides to use as a guinea pig in an experiment.
  • Gavin Emerson - (6 episode) An officer and data analyst for the Townsville Police Department.
  • Billy Williams - (6 episode) A low-ranking member of the Gangreen Gang. Code name: Big Billy
  • Reese Baum - (5 episode) A former colleague of John Utonium. She claims to know the identity of the higher power and a few other things about Utonium.
  • Xavier - (5 episode) The new leader of the Gangreen Gang. His motives are unclear, but it has something to do with the supernatural Book of Bakamin.
  • Jeremy Flint - (5 episode) A homeless man who has frequent run-ins with the Powerpuff Girls. He always eludes capture and is a source of comic relief.
  • Lacey - (3 episodes) One of Priscilla Moore's entourage.
  • Candace - (3 episodes) Another of Priscilla Moore's entourage.
  • Greg - (3 episodes) A defense lawyer working in Townsville.
  • Norman Lumpkins - (2 episode) A man who lives in the woods outside of Townsville. He owns the land and will protect it by any means necessary.
  • Grant - (2 episodes) An assassin working for the higher power.


Picture Title Chapter Number Original Publishing Date
File:S1e1.jpg The Assassination Sensation 1 Unknown
The Powerpuff Girls sneak out of the basement where John Utonium has been keeping them. He and Kathleen Keane follow, but not before Blossom saves Elliott Meyer from an assassination attempt and becomes a hero.
File:S1e2.jpg The Canine Design 2 Unknown
John Utonium fears what will happen to him with the girls in the spotlight, and Elliott Meyer wishes to use them to protect the city. Elsewhere, the 'higher power' has Malcolm Jules release three feral dogs with three specific target.
File:S1e3.jpg The Amoeba Junta 3 Unknown
Elliott Meyer holds a meeting in his office where Sarah Bellum suggests they test the girls against the Amoeba Boys. John Utonium and Tyler Osborn butt heads, and the girls are taken to the park to go against the Amoeba Boys.
File:S1e4.jpg The Crush Brush 4 Unknown
Blossom falls in love with Miss Keane's TA Justin Bradley and follows him to school, where she inadvertently saves him from a school bully. Meanwhile, John Utonium expresses emotion, and Malcolm Jules escapes jail.
File:S1e5.jpg The Full-Scale Fairytale 5 Unknown
Justin Bradley takes some time off, and Blossom fears that it may have been because of her, so she continues to follow him much to Buttercup's dismay. Meanwhile, Malcolm Jules picks up a test subject, and Sarah Bellum suspects Tom Seaton of wrongdoing.
File:S1e6.jpg The Forgone Seaton 6 Unknown
Blossom and Buttercup butt heads when the former arrives late to a robbery because she was following Justin Bradley. Their animosity continues when they are sent to capture Tom Seaton on the word of Melanie Reenie. Blossom discovers something upsetting about Justin.
File:S1e7.jpg The Intrusion Collusion 7 Unknown
Blossom, along with Bubbles, makes it her mission to find incriminating evidence against Priscilla Moore, but they are discovered during the intrusion, and Priscilla lets Justin know. Meanwhile, Elliott Meyer brings Melanie Reenie on as a special adviser, and Sarah Bellum suspects wrongdoing.
File:S1e8.jpg The Suspicion Disposition 8 Unknown
Justin Bradley goes after Blossom after finding out about the break-in, forcing Blossom to stretch the truth. Sarah Bellum reaches out to Tyler Osborn after suspecting Melanie Reenie of more illegal activity than she's been truthful about. Tyler Osborn hires David Wilson to investigate John Utonium.
File:S1e9.jpg The Grudge Nudge 9 Unknown
Blossom, over the phone, requests that Justin Bradley pretend that he know nothing about Priscilla Moore's battle suit while Bubbles and Buttercup question some old friends. Tyler Osborn find himself in an awkward situation at Elliott Meyer's office. John Utonium goes out on a date with an unexpected twist.
File:S1e10.jpg The Cut Rate Double Date 10 Unknown
The girls argue about their next move, and Blossom is not thrilled with Buttercup's suggestion to set up a double date with Justin Bradley, Priscilla Moore, and Zachary in order to gather information. Meanwhile, John Utonium finds out Melanie Reenie's secret and conspires with Tyler Osborn.
File:S1e11.jpg The Robbery Mockery 11 Unknown
Priscilla Moore disappears, battle suit and all, after the confrontation at the pizza parlor, and Blossom and Buttercup begins squabbling over leadership even while on mission. Meanwhile, Melanie Reenie and Sarah Bellum jointly present a plan to the Powerpuff Support Team on how to deal with the growing threat in Millennium Park.
File:S1e12.jpg The Suspension Tension 12 Unknown
Tyler Osborn gives Melanie Reenie temporary law enforcement privileges after she introduces Christopher Mills, a young man willing to go undercover with the Gangreen Gang, but only for Reenie. Meanwhile, the girls try to cope with their suspension from fighting crime while the Powerpuff Support Team watches worriedly.
File:S1e13.jpg The Property Devotee 13 Unknown
Against the wishes of the Tyler Osborn, The Powerpuff Support Team sends the girls out on a mission to investigate the attacks in the hills outside of Townsville, where they meet a rugged mountaineer named Norman Lumpkins who will do anything to protect his property. Meanwhile, Christopher Mills begins his infiltration of the Gangreen Gang while Melanie Reenie moves in with Utonium.
File:S1e14.jpg The Talker Stalker 14 Unknown
The girls return from defeating Norman Lumpkins united as a team and Blossom can even talk to Justin Bradley now that she saved his life. Tyler Osborn is still unsure about revoking their suspension and decides to test them with an easy assignment. Meanwhile, Christopher Mills discovers something supernatural about the gang's intentions at Millennium Park and Tom Seaton escapes jail.
File:S1e15.jpg The Nondescript Manuscript 15 Unknown
Tyler Osborn finally lets the Powerpuff Girls in on the investigation on Malcolm Jules and the higher power hoping to discover some new information, but even the search for Tom Seaton leads to a dead end. Meanwhile, Christopher Mills run into trouble at the museum when the gang takes a guard hostage and Desmond Callahan insists that he must be killed.
File:S1e16.jpg The Invitation Perturbation 16 Unknown
With the search for Malcolm Jules and Tom Seaton at a standstill, Justin Bradley suggests restarting the search for Priscilla Moore. Justin asks Blossom to prom in order to provoke Priscilla's jealousy and bait her back to Townsville, but Blossom is unsure she can keep her feelings in check. Meanwhile, Christopher Mills risks his life to find out more about the supernatural aspect of the gang.
File:S1e17.jpg The Betrayal Portrayal 17 Unknown
Christopher Mills finds himself at the mercy of the Gangreen Gang, so Melanie Reenie and Sarah Bellum race against time to save him. Meanwhile, Bubbles and Buttercup prepare to take Priscilla Moore down while Blossom tries to find a way out of going to prom with Justin Bradley. Knowing that her usefulness and immunity are gone, Melanie Reenie leaves Townsville.
File:S1e18.jpg The Pyrrhic Lyric 18 Unknown
On the day before the Townsville High School prom, Blossom still hasn't given Justin Bradley an answer, and Gina-Marie of all people gives Blossom the pep talk she needs to accept Justin's proposal. Meanwhile, an old colleague of John Utonium, Reese Baum, comes to Townsville, claiming to know the identity of the higher power and willing to trade it for Chemical X. Also, the Gangreen Gang begins it's final stage of preparations.
File:S1e19.jpg The Princess Distress 19 Unknown
Priscilla Moore doesn't disappoint when she crashes the Townsville High School prom with the total annihilation of the Powerpuff Girls on her mind, and when Priscilla snaps and targets Justin Bradley, Blossom fights to protect the man she loves. Meanwhile, Sarah Bellum and Tyler Osborn discuss whether to accept the threat of demonic activity in Townsville as real.
File:S1e20.jpg The Relationship Ego Trip 20 Unknown
The Powerpuff Support Team bring their focus in on Tom Seaton, who has been surprisingly careless in keeping himself hidden in the last few days, and tension rises when the girls find that the Gangreen Gang mean business. Reese Baum tells the PST that they have 24 hours to give her the Chemical X or she leaves, taking the information with her.
File:S1e21.jpg The Preparation Frustration 21 Unknown
Tyler Osborn learns that the Gangreen Gang have set up at Millennium Park with an impenetrable bubble surrounding them. With a summoning imminent, John Utonium trades the vial of Chemical X to Reese Baum in order to learn how to prevent the summoning.
File:S1e22.jpg The Invocation Termination 22 Unknown
Armed with a counter-spell, Tyler Osborn and the Powerpuff Girls break through the barrier and it becomes a race against time to stop the summoning and save the hostages, which includes Justin Bradley. Meanwhile, John Utonium is taken to an abandoned observatory by Reese Baum to meet the higher power face to face, but Reese shows her true colors by betraying John.

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