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Epilogue is the fourth and last chapter of The Sonic and Crash Before Christmas written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Christmas Forever".


(Back at Cortex's Castle as the villains are cleaning up the mess Willie Wumpa Cheeks has done)

  • Nina: How long we have been cleaning for?
  • Cortex: An hour. I guess the scientists are giving out all the frozen water packs to the injured ones.
  • Eggman: Well i'm not hit.
  • N. Brio: Oh, i'm alive! What did i miss?
  • Cortex: N. Brio? I thought you were dead.
  • N. Brio: No i'm not. Look at your computer screen.
  • Cortex: Don't tell me that the world is ending. *check on his computer to find out that Willie is dead* What? The monster we made was dead and everyone is cheering for Sonic and Crash? No! That's impossible! I give up!
  • Eggman: Screw this! We didn't even catch all the Chaos Emeralds on time.
  • N. Gin: This is the worst day ever.
  • Dingodile: *throw all the burnt bread on the trash* I'm cooking another sandwich another day.
  • Eggman: Well Cortex, it has been a tough day for us. Until we meet again.
  • Cortex: *point his gun to Eggman* Next time if you fail me one more time, i will shoot you. You understand me?
  • Eggman: Yes. Carry on. *open the portal and jump into the Death Egg*
  • Nina: *kick the can* Stupid garbage. I don't know why your henchmen is leaving trash like this.
  • Cortex: Don't ask me. Blame it on them.
  • Fake Crash and Ripper Roo: *hyped down and play with the broken beds and cans*
  • Nina: Ugh, i'm going to bed.
  • Cortex: I would rather move to another island.

(Eggman return to the Death Egg from a portal as he catch up with Orbot and Cubot)

  • Orbot: Ah, Dr. Eggman, we were so worried about you.
  • Eggman: Brats, did you take care of the Death Egg while i was gone?
  • Cubot: Yes we did. We briefly went to Cortex's Castle to borrow a few sodas for you.
  • Eggman: Oh really? Cortex never asked me to check his fridge before midnight. Make sure you upload the flies for our next attack with Sonic.
  • Orbot: Aye aye doctor.
  • Cubot: Heading off to work.
  • Eggman: Metal Sonic, come here.
  • Metal Sonic: *land down and see Eggman* Yes master.
  • Eggman: How are the Badniks doing?
  • Metal Sonic: They're training well. I just created a bunch of weapons for them to use and shoot on the targets in shape of the blue hedgehog.
  • Eggman: Interesting. Make sure you get enough sleep for tomorrow's training with Nina.
  • Metal Sonic: I will. I'll teach Cortex's niece a lesson.
  • Eggman: I better make some new chemicals before bed.

(The next morning, Coco and Tails' gang wake up from a room on the motel)

  • Coco: Is it morning already?
  • Crunch: Most likely.
  • Knuckles: Let's go check what's up with Ebenezer's neon circus.
  • Tawna: Wait. What if Sonic and Crash didn't come back on time.
  • Tails: They will. They said that they will be back by morning.
  • Crunch: What do you mean? I thought they were already back before we went into the motel from yesterday.
  • Knuckles: How about we check back with Ebenezer to find out.
  • Crunch: Don't make me choke you like you did with Sonic one time.
  • Knuckles: We will.

(Back at Koala Carnival, the boxing match is being set up while Ebenezer is concern about Rilla Roo's absent)

  • Ebenezer: How long are the boys taking for Rilla Roo to come back?
  • Pasadena: I haven't seen them for a while. Not even Rilla Roo is back.
  • Ebenezer: Then what is going on around here?
  • Pasadena: No sign for the boys. Even Crash is not back yet.

(Coco and Tails' gang show up at the carnival)

  • Coco: Guys, we need to talk.
  • Ebenezer: What do you want?
  • Koala Kong: Can't you see we're having a moment?
  • Knuckles: Have you seen Sonic and Crash with Rilla Roo?
  • Koala Kong: He's not even back yet. The boys didn't even return too. I'm annoyed by this.
  • Tawna: If they're not back, we're going to find them on our own.
  • Park Drone #1: Hello Ebenezer, we just saw Sonic and Crash driving their way back to the circus.
  • Ebenezer: What? I've been safe!
  • Pasadena: It got to be them.
  • Park Drone #2: I heard that they brought a moose, a panda and a monkey with them.
  • Knuckles: That must be Rilla Roo. That's the one they're trying to look for.
  • Ebenezer: Wowzers! We finally found our member of the circus. Come outside.

(The gang walk outside as they saw Sonic and Crash's gang with the karts and driving on their way to the amusement park as they arrive by parking their karts together)

  • Hasty: Well hello there. You seem to have a nice circus with a bunch of silly animals.
  • Coco: Hasty?
  • Hasty: Coco.
  • Crunch: Welcome back Hasty. We haven't seen you for a very long time.
  • Sonic: We brought your precious friend back.
  • Rilla Roo: *make monkey sounds*
  • Ebenezer: Rilla Roo! It's you! We were so worried about you. Every time you ran off, we almost shred a drop in our hearts. You came back to us.
  • Sonic: It been a really long story.
  • Yaya: I didn't know you're hosting a circus.
  • Koala Kong: Forget the boxing match. How about we host a Christmas Party on our own?
  • Ebenezer: Good idea. Let's rock and roll!

(A Christmas party is now set up with neon lights all over Koala Carnival. The jelly people are invited with King Chicken peaking on the ground to eat mints with Chick and Stew reporting on the party.)

  • Chick: Breaking news, Rilla Roo is now back at the circus! We may expect a little delay on Koala Kong and Rilla Roo's match.
  • Stew: But we got a Christmas party on our own!
  • Chick: I hope you don't get your teeth yellow from all of that candy chewing.
  • Stew: Don't forget to brush your teeth afterwards. Otherwise, you would have to see a dentist. I'm just kidding. Do whatever you want!
  • Chick: Stew, this is for their own good.
  • Stew: I was just making fun.

(Sonic, Crash and the gang are having fun with the Christmas party with a food buffet added on the table)

  • Sonic: It feel so good to celebrate Christmas like this.
  • Aku Aku: Oh, Ebenezer, i almost forgot to tell you. The monster we face yesterday was Willie Wumpa Cheeks.
  • Ebenezer: What? How did he turn big and try to eat all the people at one?
  • Aku Aku: I didn't know he was mutated. Maybe Cortex was behind all of this.
  • Ebenezer: Silly Cortex, he'll never learn a lesson on his own.
  • Crunch: He always loses.
  • Pasadena: Such a sore loser. *laugh with her friends*
  • Hasty: I'm getting the hang of it. This is what friendship does.
  • Yaya: Friends stick together to the end.
  • Crash: *slurp on the Wumpa Whip*
  • Sonic: Hey Crash, don't go crazy on the Wumpa Fruit. You might get a brain freeze.
  • Crash: *get a brain freeze*
  • Everyone: *laughs*
  • Crash: *join in by laughing*
  • Park Drone #3: Ha ha ha. I wish i can get another one someday.
  • Park Drone #4: It'll freeze your mind.
  • Park Drone #3: What? *laughs*
  • Park Drone #4: *laughs*

(Everyone started to chill and laugh until the end of the day)


(In the present day, Sonic is done reading the story to Bobo)

  • Sonic: This is the end. They enjoy the party as long as the day ends on New Year. *close the book*
  • Bobo: Wow, that was a nice story.
  • Sonic: I didn't know Mario and Spyro were in it.
  • Aku Aku: What? You write it all down when you saw what is happening back at the Ice Cavern.
  • Sonic: I did? I don't remember seeing that at all.
  • Crash: *chew on the gem*
  • Sonic: If it wasn't for the rhynocs, i would smack the heck out of them.
  • Bobo: Can i get out now?
  • Sonic: Oh sure. *take the blanket off to see Bobo's feet tied up with chains*
  • Bobo: What the?
  • Sonic: Crash tied your feet up when you were listening. I'll do the breaking. *curl up as a ball and break the chains out of Bobo's feet*
  • Bobo: Oh boy, i'm free. *get off the bed and slip* Ouch, i'm hurt.
  • Aku Aku: We need some help.
  • Crash: *hold Bobo's hands*
  • Sonic: Let me help. *hold Bobo's feet and walk with the gang out of the room*
  • Bobo: I feel so dizzy. How long i was in here for?
  • Sonic: The whole night. Let's get you some breakfast at Papu Papu's temple.
  • Bobo: The whole night?! Why so long?!
  • Sonic: Take it easy there.
  • Bobo: That's so long!
  • Crash: He he he.
  • Aku Aku: You'll be okay.
  • Bobo: I didn't get enough sleep!
  • Sonic: Can someone give him a Wumpa Whip?


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