Back at St. Canard, Stegmutt, who was grabbing Liquidator's arm for Liquidator to not to go up to the surface again, while Minnie, Alice, Wendy, Olivia, Lilo, Kairi, Amy, Kilala, Susan, Namine, Viper, and Rapunzel tried to calm Liquidator down.

"But, Stegmutt, you don't understand!" Liquidator explained.

"Oh yes I do." Stegmutt added. "But I can't believe you disobeyed me and my rules again! Why you rescue a electronic rat from drowning for going up to the surface again?"

"Because, he did it." Minnie said.

"He really did save his life." Alice told to Stegmutt.

"And it was a fantastic adventure." Wendy explained.

"But he really need to stay in the sea palace." Stegmutt explained.

"But, Stegmutt!" Liquidator sobbed.

"No, Buts! You're grounded for saving a rat's life and going up to the surface agian!" Stegmutt shouted.

"But, Stegmutt, Liquidator's not grounded! He's not grounded." Olivia scold Stegmutt.

"Let me handle this." Stegmutt added to Olivia as he saying, "Liquidator, you have been grounded for the rest of lives! Now go to your room!"

"I can't go to my room!" Liquidator cried.

"You're not going anywhere to the surface now! You know, they're barbarians!" Stegmutt added.

Liquidator gasped in surprised, but he got angry and yelled, "NO THEY'RE NOT!! IF YOU ARE GOING TO GROUND ME FOREVER... YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE THE KING EVER, AGIAN!!!

"What did you SAY?!!" Stegmutt growled.

"GET OUT!!!" Liquidator screamed.

"GO TO YOUR ROOM!' NOW!!!'" Stegmutt screamed in angry tone, as Liquidator leaves, crying.

Minnie, Alice, Wendy, Olivia, Lilo, Kairi, Amy, Kilala, Susan, Namine, Viper, and Rapunzel gasped in horror as they begin to cry and run away in tears.

"Girls! Where are you going?!" Bushroot called.

"Wait! Please! It was ascendant! Stop! Come back!" Morgana yelped.

"What happened?" Stegmutt gasped in shocked.

"You ground Liquidator, and then the Twelve Princesses run away from us, and it's our fault!" Bushroot said in the panic tone.

"What?! They're gone?!!" Stegmutt gasped in fear, "Oh no, Minnie? Alice? Wendy? Olivia? Lilo? Kairi? Amy? Kilala? Susan? Namine? Viper? Rapunzel? Girls! Where are you?!" He called.

"We have to find them." Morgana added.

"Yeah, before Steelbeak does." Bushroot said, "Split up! C'mon!" He and Morgana split up to find the princesses.

Stegmutt sighs as he says, "Liquidator, I... I was wrong. Please come out."

"GO AWAY!! I HATE YOU!!" Liquidator says, crying and sobbing.

Stegmutt sits on the throne and said to himself, "What have I done? WHAT have I done?"

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