Leornarisun V. Crooked is the main villain in two Disney films, Tina the Teenage Mermaid and Rosie the 17 year old Angel. He is a Enchanter who plots to rule the entire universe after the socerers of Qairoperz exiled him out of the universe he is seen in a banished realm where he is to live their for eternity and is vengeful and bitter about his defeat and wants payback. While seeing a vision of Tina and Rosie wanting to marry the two princes the sly and devious Leornarisun hatches up a plan to get revenge and rule the entire universe by using the mergirl and female angel duo for his own gain. He first sends his two minions Dreafor and Xerutaur to persuade the two into being in his plan and thus the plot begins. He is more evil than Percival C. McLeach, Professor Ratigan, Scar, Jafar, Hades, Frollo, and Horned King. He is Maleficent's brother.

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