Thomas & Emily to the Rescue!
Season 1, Episode 11
First Aired (CAN) 2011
First Aired (USA) 2011
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Thomas & Emily to the Rescue! is the eleventh episode of "Sodor High School: Thomas and Friends Tales".


As a reward for aiding someone in need, Sir Topham Hatt allows his daughter and Thomas to spend the day out on his boat.


Christmas was getting closer with each day that passed, the hallways were getting decorated with all different kinds of decorations and banners, while christmas music played over the speakers during the mornings.

"Isn't this great?" Percy asked Thomas and Emily. "I just love Christmas!"

"So do I," Emily smiled. "I've always enjoyed spending the holidays with my family..." She then fell silent, remembering that she would not be seeing her mother and father for the holidays this year.

"I know the feeling." Thomas piped up. "I enjoy spending the holidays with my family too. Although most years, it's just Annie, Clarabel and myself since my parents are away on business trips."

Emily looked over to Thomas and gave a small smile. "Thank you." she whispered.

Just then, James walked past. He waved to the three teens and walked off to the upstairs level. Percy was still very surprised by the sudden change in the red-haired boy's attitude.

"What happen to make him change his ways?" he asked.

Thomas and Emily winked to each other, for they knew the answer, but for the sake of Emily's safety, along with her family, they didn't say anything about it.

"Well, anyways" Percy continued, "I need to get some things from my locker, I'll catch up with you two later."

"Sounds good, Percy." Thomas smiled. "Catch you later!"

"You know it!"

While Percy went off to his locker, Thomas and Emily both walked over to the display case to see a golden trophy.

"Looks like our school's football team won the tournament again." Thomas chuckled quietly. "Like they almost always do."

Emily looked at the trophy with an admiring look. "If I could, I would join our school's team and help them win the games." She sighed quietly, "but I know my dad would never let me join the team."

"Maybe not right now," Thomas said in a kind way, "but who knows, maybe when he has been captured, then your father might let you join the football team, or any team of your choice. And if you do, I'll go to every one of your games and cheer you on."

"Thank you Thomas," Emily said happily, she was starting to blush at what Thomas said and turned away shyly. As did Thomas. The two teens only blushed for less than a minute, at around the time that Diesel came up to look at the trophy.

"I wish I could own something as important as this." he said aloud. "That I'd like a lot."

"Well, you would need to join a team first." Thomas said cheekily, wagging the index finger of his right hand. "And even then, you would need to win. But the bad news? You can't even own a trophy, it would belong to the whole entire team."

At that moment, the bell rang and the two teens had to leave. Percy dashed right past Diesel as he headed upstairs, leaving the devious black-haired boy to sulk over what Thomas had said to him.

"Those fools have no idea who they're messing with!" he grumbled, before looking back at the trophy in the case. "I could own a trophy as cool as that. Or maybe, I could own this trophy. I'm sure the school wouldn't miss it, plus they could always replace it."

So, once the hallways were empty, Diesel opened the case carefully and took the trophy out. Once it was in his hands, he placed it inside an empty rubbish bag, which was in his backpack and was to be used to clean out his locker. However now, he was using it to steal the team's trophy. Once he was at his locker, Diesel stuffed it inside his junk filled locker, closed it up, then he ran off to the Smelter's class.

Later on that day, once their classes were done, Thomas and Emily both went out for a bike ride through the countryside after taking the train to the junction. Once they were at a place with a nice view of the island, they laid their bikes down and went to admire the view. Thomas and Emily could both see the big harbour, and the ocean, from where they were.

"This was a great idea of yours Thomas." Emily smiled.

"Well, I do have my moments," The blue-haired boy chuckled.

It was then that the two of them heard a loud bike bell ringing, it was Diesel. He was racing past them with a big rubbish bag on the back of his bike.

"Thomas," whispered Emily, "look at the shape of the bag's contents. Doesn't that look like the trophy we saw this morning?"

Thomas looked and gasped. "It is!" he cried. "Diesel's taken the trophy!"

Unfortunately, Diesel had heard him and peddled away even faster.

"Why that little sneak..." seethed Thomas. "He's not going to get away with this. Come on Emily!"

The two teens climbed back onto their bikes and peddled after Diesel. Diesel was fast, even with the trophy weighing him down, and poor Thomas and Emily were using all the breath they had to catch up to him.

"Diesel, come back here with the trophy!" Thomas cried.

Diesel only laughed. "Forget it, this trophy is mine!"

"It's not!" Emily shouted. "It belongs to the school!"

Diesel simply ignored them and continued to peddle on. Thomas and Emily both charged after him, trying harder and harder to catch up to his rear tire, but it wasn't easy mind you.

"We could probably block him at the next intersection." Thomas panted to Emily.

"Oh no, you won't!" Diesel called devilishly, having overheard their conversation and peddled on past the traffic lights. "See you later, suckers!"

The lights suddenly changed to red, forcing Thomas and Emily to both brake as hard as they could. They came to a stop at the edge of the sidewalk as Diesel escaped to another street.

"Me and my big mouth," Thomas groaned and kicked the ground with his right foot.

"We may never catch up to that thief now," groaned Emily.

"Yes we will, Emily. We just need to peddle even harder."

Once the light had changed to green, Thomas and Emily raced on to catch up with Diesel, who was quite a ways ahead.

Diesel meanwhile was almost home free as he neared his hometown. That was until he saw Thomas and Emily chasing after him once more.

"I have to lose them." he thought to himself. Then he got an idea, "I'll take the hill, it's very steep and they'll never be able to catch me up there! Oh Diesel, you are one clever lad."

And so, Diesel peddled on towards the hill of his town, while Thomas and Emily followed. It was hard for the three teens, each one of them felt like they would slip back down to the bottom of the hill.

"Stop Diesel!" cried Thomas and Emily in unison

"Almost there..." Diesel muttered tiredly.

At last, Diesel reached the top of the hill and peddled down the other side with great speed. Maybe a little too much speed. He was out of control going down the other side, and worst still, the weight of the trophy was making things hard for him to stop. Up ahead, there was even more trouble. A bridge was currently under repair by the construction workers. It had a huge gap in the middle. This was quite obviously the worst sight Diesel would ever want to see.

"Oh no!" he cried.

The black-haired boy braked hard, but his bike just wouldn't slow down. The gap came nearer and nearer. Then, at the last possible moment, Diesel jumped off the bike, but he skidded along the road and slipped off the edge of the bridge. Luckily, he was able to grab hold of a metal pipe, while his bike and the trophy crashed into the river canal below.

"HELP!" shrieked Diesel loudly.

Thomas and Emily both soon arrived at the bridge and wasted no time in rushing to Diesel's aid.

"Thomas, you grab a hold of his left hand, I'll get his right." Emily stated.

Once they had a good grab of Diesel, they pulled as hard as they could, but they were feeling quite worn out after their long chase. Still, they continued to pull, bit-by-bit. Finally, the two teens pulled Diesel off of the damaged end of the bridge and back to safety.

"You're safe now Diesel," panted Thomas heavily.

"We did it," sighed Emily, also trying to catch her breath.

Lots of people had seen the rescue efforts, and were now cheering for Thomas and Emily, while Diesel sighed unhappily.

"Thank you Thomas. Thank you Emily," he groaned.

Later that night, Emily and Thomas both told Annie and Clarabel all about their brave heroics. The two sisters were quite impressed with what they did.

"The trophy is lost now," Thomas groaned, "We weren't able to save it."

"Never mind that, big brother," said Annie.

"You've saved Diesel, and you know that a life is far more important than some silly trophy," added Clarabel.

"I know that," he smiled. "And we actually did pretty good, wouldn't you agree with me Emily?"

"Yes indeed, despite almost being out of breath, we did the right thing."

"And you right to do so," said a new voice. Everyone looked to the door and noticed it was Sir Topham Hatt standing in the doorway. "I'm sorry for barging in like this, but I couldn't help but overhear what you said. And I have to say that I am proud of both of you, you did the most honourable thing today. You didn't waste a single second when the odds were against you. You two are a perfect example of regular everyday heroes."

"Thank you sir," said Thomas happily.

"Thanks daddy." Emily smiled.

"Sadly," Sir Topham Hatt sighed, "Diesel lost our trophy. That is very bad since I'll have to order a new one, which won't arrive until after the new year."

"Oh..." Thomas and Emily both felt sad.

But did Sir Topham Hatt even stop there? Not yet. The principal gave a smile, "in the meantime, I would like to give you both a reward for your bravery. How would you like a trip on the Topham Hatt special one-of-a-kind motor boat tomorrow morning?"

"Yes please!" Thomas and Emily shouted excitedly together, making Sir Topham Hatt smile some more.

The following next Saturday morning, the two teens took the morning express train to the dockyards. When Thomas and Emily both arrived near Brendam docks, they could both see a man with scruffy looking teeth and white beard washing the windows of a bait shop. Near the shop, in the water, was the boat Sir Topham Hatt had left for the two teens.

"This be a very nice boat you've got here," The man called to Thomas and Emily. "I wish I could ride with you, travel across the oceans once more. Alas, I'm retired now from sailing the open seas. But I do go on, name's Captain Salty."

"It's nice to meet you Captain Salty. I'm Thomas, and this is my friend Emily." Emily gave a cheerful wave of her right hand.

"It's nice to meet you both," Captain Salty replied. "Tell me though, where would ye be going?"

"We're just going out to relax out on the ocean," Thomas answered, gesturing out to the pounding waves of the sea. "We're not going anywhere specific."

Captain Salty gave a hearty laugh. "Sounds wonderful laddie, but I should advise ye to be careful out there. Especially if you're near Misty Island."

"Misty Island?" Emily asked. "I used to hear stories about that place from my mother, but I thought it was only a legend."

"It might be lass," Captain Salty said in a mysterious way, stroking his white beard. "I've never seen Misty Island meself, but many of my mates will say that they have, especially when the fog is lifted. They say that the locals that live there do things in many strange ways, they also talk in mighty strange ways too, at least that's what I've heard. There are lots of mysteries of Misty Island, and unless someone goes there one day, Misty Island will always be a mystery."

Thomas and Emily were silent after they heard that. They looked at each other for a moment, and then right back at Captain Salty as the man continued.

"There is an old tale of one person who went to Misty Island, and came back to tell of his trip there. That person got lost out on the ocean, and had no way of getting home. He shouted more than three times, but no-one came to find him. Then, he remembered the smoke signals."

"Smoke signals?" Emily asked.

"Arr lass, he used smoke signals to call for help, but for a long time, nobody could see him. That was until the mist rolled away, and only then did he he sent up three more smoke signals, and before he knew it, he was saved and brought back to Sodor to tell his daring tale. So ye careful out there."

"We will Captain Salty." saluted Thomas. "And thanks."

"Please, just call me Salty." Captain Salty winked at the two teens, and then walked away.

Thomas and Emily both walked over to the impressive boat, and once they were on board, they departed from the harbour and out to the open ocean. All day long, the two teens had the time of their lives. They even went fishing. Well, Emily did all the fishing, Thomas didn't want to do any of that.

"I'm not a big fan of fish," he said uncomfortably.

"Why is that Thomas?" Emily asked.

"It's because I'm allergic to fish. I got seriously sick one time when I was a young kid."

They also had a special picnic on the boat too, which had been prepared by both Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt. It was so relaxing on the boat that they soon took a small nap. When they woke up, it was already starting to get dark out, despite it being about four in the afternoon.

"Oh my goodness," Emily gasped. "How long have we been sleeping?"

"I don't know." Thomas answered. "But if I had to guess, I would say that we've been sleeping for a couple of hours. I'm sorry I didn't wake you up earlier."

"It's okay Thomas, I'm not blaming you for this." She paused and took in a deep breath to calm herself down from her short panic, "there's no need to worry, we just need to get that motor running again, then we can head off back to the docks."

Emily walked over to the motor and pulled on the cord, but there was a slight problem.

"It's not working!" she exclaimed, starting to sound worried now. "Thomas, we have a big problem!"

"Here let me give it a try, maybe we just need to pull on it a few times to get it working again." Thomas pulled on the chain a few times, but like before, the motor just would not start up. "Okay, now we can start worrying."

"It's broken!" Emily cried, "HELP! HELP!" she shouted. The dark green-haired girl shouted a few times, but not Thomas. "Why aren't you calling for help?"

"There's no one else out here," Thomas sighed sadly. "They're too far away to hear us."

"Then what are we suppose to do now?"

Thomas didn't answer her, for he didn't have a single idea. The two teens remained silent for a long time, while the waves pounded against their boat. The tossing waves made them feel very sleepy, and before long, Thomas fell asleep. Emily brought out one of the emergency blankets from the compartment and placed it on top of Thomas. She then wrapped herself in another blanket, and sat close by to Thomas.

"I'm sorry Thomas. I'm so sorry." Emily sobbed to herself. The poor dark green-haired girl cried for a few minutes before the tossing of the waves finally made her so tired that she fell asleep.

The waves pushed the boat all day and night long, but neither one of the teens noticed this because they were asleep. Emily was so frightened that she laid down next to Thomas. She started to feel better as she was close to someone, just like a child with a parent.

Neither teen woke up, until they felt a felt jolt. Thomas was the first to wake up in surprise.

"Wha...what just happened?" he asked in shock, before noticing that Emily was sleeping close by. "Was she really sleeping beside me?"

Getting up slowly, Thomas looked all around him, but all he could see was tall trees and mist.

"Where are we?" asked another voice. Thomas looked behind him and noticed that Emily was wide awake. "Thomas, did you get us here?"

"Uh, no I didn't. It was the waves, they brought us here." Then quietly to himself he muttered; "wherever the heck here is."

Thomas decided to not say anything to Emily about her laying beside him all night long, and neither did Emily. They had to be careful as they got off the boat, then after securing it to a dock, they set out to find help.

"This can't be the Mainland," said Thomas with a worried tone in his voice. "And it's not Sodor either."

"Then where are we?" Emily quizzed. "You don't think we're stranded on a lonely island forever, do you?"

"I don't think so."

Although Thomas was saying that, he didn't sound too convincing.

"Maybe it would be a good idea if we look around and see if we can get some help," suggested Emily.

Thomas agreed to the idea, and so they walked on through the mist, very slowly and carefully considering the potential danger they could encounter. As the two teenagers walked along, they heard some strange noises from all around them.

"Who's there?" Emily shouted.

No one answered, and no one came into view, so they continued on. At one point, while walking through a rocky valley, Thomas and Emily both had to run through the area while rocks fell all around them, nearly resulting in them getting crushed by some of the rocks a number of times. Then they came to a wide open valley.

"Hello?!" Emily shouted.

"Hello?" a voice called back.

"HEY!" Thomas shouted.

"HEY!" another voice called back.

"What do you know?" Thomas chuckled weakly. "It's an echo valley."

Just then, they heard some loud whistling, like it was a set of steam locomotive whistles.

"Hello?" Thomas called.

The whistles echoed throughout the valley, but once again, no one appeared.

Both teenagers continued onwards, until they came up to a set of log cabins. Nearby, were a set of Logging Loco engines, sitting next to a very large sawmill.

"Well at least we know there are people here," said Thomas.

"Let's go see if they can help us." Emily suggested.

They started to walk to the cabins, but stopped when they heard a low deep voice call out; "Who's there?" Thomas and Emily both jumped in surprise as a tall man came walking out of one of the cabins. He was looking serious and angry.

"I do not like people trespassing on my property," The man said gruffly.

"It's okay uncle Ferdinand," called a voice from behind the two teens. "They are-"

"-friends of ours," said another voice.

Thomas and Emily were surprised to see two other teens, younger than them, about 13-years old from their best guesses, walking past and walking up to the tall man.

"Who are you?" The man, who they called 'Uncle Ferdinand', asked.

"I'm Thomas, and this is my friend Emily." Thomas stated, gesturing to himself and then Emily.

"Who are you?" Emily asked kindly.

"I'm Bash." said the first teen.

"And I'm Dash." said the second teen.

"And I'm their uncle, Ferdinand." said the man, sounding a little more friendly now. "And we would like to welcome you to Misty Island."

"Misty Island?" Emily asked. "You mean, this is Misty Island?"

"That's right!." said the two teens at once.

"Hey now, that's what I usually say boys." Both boys looked up to their uncle and chuckled meekily. Ferdinand sighed, then turned his attention back to the two other teens. "Tell me, how did you both get here exactly?"

Emily was still feeling a little nervous, so Thomas told Bash, Dash and their uncle of how they came to Misty Island.

"Well, " said Ferdinand, chuckling a bit, "at least you made it to shore, most people are not so lucky."

"I guess so," Emily said after a while, before remembering something. "Uh, could you help us repair our motor so we can go back to Sodor?"

"Sorry." said Bash. "But we don't-"

"-know anything about motors." continued Dash. "We only know-"

"-how to operate the machines here," Bash concluded.

Thomas and Emily were both dismayed to hear that.

"I'll see what I can do about your motor," offered Ferdinand kindly. "In the meantime, if you both would like, you can stay here with us and lend a hand with some of the logging operations."

"Oh thank you, that's so nice of you," said Emily in a sweet way.

"And if you'd like-" Bash continued.. "-we'll show you-"

"-all of the machines of Misty Island." added Dash.

"Sure," Thomas smiled. "I've always wanted to see how logging machines worked, so this will be the perfect chance for me to learn about them." Then he looked over to Emily. "That is, as long as that's okay with you Emily."

"It's okay with me. It all sounds pretty interesting to me." The dark green-haired girl nodded.

Back on the Island of Sodor, inside Sodor High School's main office, Sir Topham Hatt was just leaving his office when the nearby phone rang. He answered, and found it was Annie and Clarabel on the other end. The two girls sounded both frantic and upset.

"Yes? Speaking. What?! They never returned? Hmm...I understand then. I'll go and look for them. Good-bye." Sir Topham Hatt hung up.

"Who was it Sir?" Mister Percival asked, whilst packing his suitcase.

Sir Topham Hatt looked dead serious. "My daughter and Thomas did not return from their boat ride last night. They are lost at sea!"


  • Thomas
  • Emily
  • Percy
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Mr. Percival
  • Diesel
  • Captain Salty (Debut)
  • Bash and Dash (Debut)
  • Ferdinand (Debut)
  • James (non-speaking cameo)
  • Diesel 10 (mentioned)
  • Lady Hatt (mentioned)
  • Dalton (mentioned)
  • Andrea (mentioned)



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