"Three Men and a Comic Book" is an upcoming episode of The Simpsons: Springfield Animals. It is a remake of "Three Men and a Comic Book".


While attending a comic book convention dressed as his superhero alter ego Bartman, Bart sees the first issue of Radioactive Man for $100 at Comic Book Guy's Android's Dungeon. Since he does not have enough money to buy it, he decides to get a job. Bart performs back-breaking labor for Mrs. Glick, who gives him only fifty cents for all of his hard work.

When Bart sees Milhouse and Martin at the Android's Dungeon, he persuades them to pool their money and buy the comic book. Since none of them is willing to let the comic book out of his sight, they spend the night together in Bart's tree house. They get progressively more paranoid and Bart grows convinced Martin and Milhouse are conspiring against him as a thunderstorm approaches.

When Martin gets up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, Bart thinks he plans to steal the comic and ties him up. Milhouse tries to alert Marge that Bart has gone crazy, but Bart thinks he is making a move for the comic and tackles him. Milhouse falls over the side of the treehouse, but Bart catches him precariously by his sleeve. When a gale of wind takes hold of the comic, Bart is forced to decide between grabbing it and rescuing Milhouse. After Bart pulls Milhouse to safety, the comic blows out the door and onto the ground, where it is shredded by Santa's Little Helper and struck by lightning. The next morning, the three boys muse how their inability to share led to the comic's destruction.




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