Fan Fiction

Time Crisis:Global Offensive (abbreviated as TC:GO) is an online & Offline first-person shooter developed by Valve Corporation,Bandai NAMCO,Activision and Hidden Path Entertainment, This Game Are Sixrth Installment After Time Crisis 5 (2012).


In 2012 The war Beetween Palestina & Israel Occur Again . In a bold and desperate move to cripple Israel before the US military reinforce them, Free Palestinian Army troops mount a surprise and desperate invasion of the Israeli heartland. FPA forces in Gaza (led by Asma Haniyah) strike north into Tel Aviv while FPA forces from the West Bank launch a suicide attack  to Jerusalem.

Israeli armored units, artillery, and air forces inflict severe losses on advancing FPA forces. FPA troops march on the city, despite Israeli use of vacuum imploder to slow them, and a series of bloody battles are fought inside the city limits, culminating in the Free Palestinian capture of Jerusalem, and the seat of Israeli government in Tel Aviv. Israel offers a conditional surrender which includes the mass exodus of all Jews in Palestine.

Remaining Israeli forces refuse to surrender and fall back to the South Pole. The Israeli military command structure declares itself the Israeli government in exile, and keeps up struggling to retake their "rightful homeland" in secret.

But in 2016 War Happen Again. this War Happen Because Israelis Have A Grundge Since 2012's losses In First Plaestine & Israeli War. But This Time Ariel sharon is Not alone For Facing Force From Palestinian & World. This Time he's Got Company From Legendary Mercenary Named "Wild Dog" He & Wild Dog Become Friends & Making A Underground Terrorist Organization named "Urban covert Team" & Trying to Dominate the World

Factions In Time Crisis:Global Offensive[]

  • United Nation (Friendly)
  • Interpol (Friendly)
  • Navy Seal Teams (Playable)
  • GIGN (Playable)
  • SAS (Playable)
  • Spetsnaz (Friendly , Playable)
  • GSG9 Der Bundespolizei (Playable)
  • SWAT (Playable)
  • Special Datacement 88 (Friendly)
  • Kopassus (Friendly)
  • Forsvarets Spesialkommando (friendly)
  • Singapore Armed force (Friendly
  • JW GROM (Friendly)
  • Joint Task Force 2 (Friendly)
  • Germany SEK (Friendly)
  • Special Boat Service  (Friendly)
  • Federal Bureau of investigation (Playable ,Friendly)
  • VSSE Agents  (Friendly,Playble)
  • 707th special mission battalion (Friendly)
  • USMC (Playable)
  • FSB (Friendly,Playable)
  • DEA (Friendly)
  • US Green Beret (USA Army force)
  • DGSE (Playable)
  • MI6 (Friendly)
  • KSK Germany (Playable,Friendly)
  • HRT: Hostage Rescue Team.  (Friendly)
  • Korps Commandotroepen (Friendly)
  • Islamic States Of indonesia (Enemy)
  • Mexican Army (Enemy)
  • North Korean Army (Enemy)
  • People Liberation army (Enemy)
  • Mossad (Enemy , Playable)
  • Medellín Cartel (Enemy , Playable)
  • The Red Rio (Enemyl)
  • The Red October (Enemy)
  • Israel Defense Force (Enemy , Playable)
  • NATO (Enemy,Playable)
  • The Last Templar (Enemy)
  • The Black Ops (Enemy,Playable)
  • Mexican Drug Lord (Enemy)
  • CIA (Enemy , Playable)
  • Yakuza (Enemy)
  • Somalian Pirate (Enemy ,Playable)
  • Urban Covert Team (Enemy)
  • Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (Basque Separatist)
  • Preußische Demokratische Republik (Enemy_
  • Galaxy Girls (Enemy ,Playable)
  • New Yugoslavia (Enemy)
  • North Korea special Operation Force (Enemy , Playable)
  • Taliban (Friendly)
  • Free Syrian Army (Friendly,Playable)
  • HAMAS/PLO (Friendly, Playable)
  • MI5 (Friendly)
  • Al-Qaeda (Friendly)
  • Nazi Germany (Friendly)