Time Crisis 2 is a 1997 action film about VSSE agents Keith Martin and Robert Baxter who have been sent to find a missing agent named Christy Ryan. Who was last heard from while uncovering a deceptive plan by Neodyne Industries to launch a network of military satellites. As the world remains in trouble and as their fellow agent remains in danger, it's up to Keith and Robert to stop the threat and save the world from a hostile takeover disaster. A light gun arcade game adaption based on the film was developed by Namco, and was released for the arcade and the Sony Playstation 2 (which is compatible with the "Guncon" light gun).

Time Crisis 2

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Directed by
Michael Dempsy

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Produced by
Charles Tucker
Michael Dempsy
Horace Jackson

Neil Patrick Harris
Tiffani Thiessen
Brad Garrett
Jeff Coopwood
Baxter Volvroe

Samuel Punter
Music by
Danny Elfman
Distributed by
20th Century Fox
Release Date
April 18, 1997
Running timeg
103 minutes
United States
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  • During the shootout at the cafe in the beginning of the film, a lady and her son Jack gets caught in the crossfire and ducks and runs for cover. Jack is played by Arthur Terry, his mother is played by Mary Fomax.
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