Rigby gathers Mordecai's Gang are gonna have revenge, the Rape, the Missionary Position, and the Ejaculates to kill CJ.


  • (This episode begins at Anthony's Underground Good Guy Base)
  • Rigby: Hey, Anthony, what are you doing?
  • Anthony: I'm working on something else.
  • Rigby: What is it?
  • Anthony: This is a time-stop watch you see here. By pressing this switch, you can freeze time around you. By pressing this switch, you can freeze time around you.
  • Rigby: Freeze time? You say? Whoa, how you do it?
  • Anthony: See? It stopped, didn't it? The time, that is.
  • Dan Zembrovski: To see if this mysterious power was actually real, We tested it again and again. We have to see if it can stop time for objects and living organisms We have to see if there's any risk involved. And then we concluded, that this power was, without a doubt, the real deal. We could care less why, who or from where someone could get this and give it to us. If we have this power we can get all the revenge we could possibly want.
  • Anthony: Well, I'm been working on with a injecting.
  • Rigby: What is it?
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