Toby's Traditions
Season 1, Episode 15
First Aired (CAN) 2011
First Aired (USA) 2011
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Toby's Traditiona is the fifteenth episode of "Sodor High School: Thomas and Friends Tales".


Toby tells his friends the story of when one of his brothers took one too many risks one Christmas long past.


It was Christmas day on the Island of Sodor. Inside the Billinton household, Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel had opened up all their presents that had been left by their parents. Emily also got some gifts from Thomas's parents, and even some from her own parents.

"That's so sweet of them," she said happily. Some tears appeared in her eyes, "Oh, how I miss them so much."

Thomas walked over towards the saddened dark green-haired girl and gave her a hug.

"Thank you Thomas. You always know how to cheer me up," she sobbed quietly.

After the hug, Thomas and Emily both cleared away all the wrapping paper while Annie and Clarabel moved all their new gifts back under the tree. They were expecting company that day, so they had to get everything ready.

At around noon, the visitors arrived. Who were they? They were Gordon, Henry, James, Percy, and Toby. Gordon wore a very cool looking blue jacket (one he always had), James wore a red leather jacket he got from his mother, Henry wore a light green sweater with several trees from a forest stitched on the front, Percy wore a dark green sweater which read 'Merry Christmas' on the front.

"My Mom made this for me," he said.

"Nice sweater Percy," smiled Henry. "My Mom made my sweater for me too."

As for Toby, the brown-haired boy wore an old jacket that was in light brown. He also had an old bell in his hand.

"Did your parents give you those things for Christmas?" Emily asked curiously.

"Not at all," Toby answered. "I've had these things for many years. It's a tradition for all the children or teenagers in my family to wear this jacket on Christmas day, just like our parents before us and so on. The bell, it's my own tradition that I started up when I was a kid."

"You ring that bell everytime you came over," called Thomas from the kitchen before walking out with a tray full of cups of hot coco. "It was your way of letting everyone know that it was Christmas."

"That is correct Thomas." Toby smiled.

"I'll admit that does sound pretty cool," Gordon stated coolly.

Emily sighed unhappily. She had plenty of traditions with her family, like roasting marshmallows over the fireplace and going outside to build a big snowman. Because Emily was no longer at her house, she felt that she couldn't go through with those traditions anymore.

"You started that tradition with the bell back in your old hometown a long time ago, am I right?" Percy asked.

"Correct you are Percy," Toby smiled.

"Where did you originally live Toby?" Emily asked.

"Well, I used to live in East Anglia, back when my dad used to work on an old tramway," Toby answered.

Once everyone was in the living room and seated, Toby began to tell Emily about his old home.

"My family and I used to live in the house my grandparents had built many years before. We've made some changes in the house over the years, but it was still a good home regardless."

"Then why did you leave it?"

"We had to move when the tramway closed up, and my dad's tram engine had been bought to help out on the Ffarquhar branch line," Toby answered. He then continued with his story, "besides my parents, myself, and my sister: Flora, we live with my two brothers, Jimmy and Marcus. Jimmy is kind hearted, but is a little shy at times, as for Marcus...oh my gosh, he lives for adventure and is never afraid to take risks when he's not suppose to."

"Like during your last Christmas in East Anglia, am I right?" Henry asked, having heard the story before.

"Yep, that's when he went on his worst adventure yet. I can remember it like it was yesterday... "

It was Christmas day, ten years ago in East Anglia, young Toby and his brothers had just gotten new snow sleds and couldn't wait to use them on the hill just outside of their house. He and young Jimmy had a grand time, but young Marcus was not enjoying himself.

"I want more excitement!" he grumbled. "This hill is much too small."

"I don't think it's small," said Jimmy. "I think it's perfect."

"You may think it's perfect," Marcus replied unhappily, "but it's not to me. I want to have more excitement. I think I might go over to the tallest hill in East Anglia."

Toby had heard Marcus and stepped in front of his own brother. "Sorry, but you're not going there Marcus," he said wisely. Toby was clearly the wisest of all his brothers. "Mom and Dad have told you that that hill is much too dangerous to go down."

"Open your eyes Toby!" Marcus argued. "You have to start taking risks sometime in your life. Why not start now?"

"Marcus, if you go up on that hill, then being punished by our parents will the least of your problems. You could seriously hurt yourself going down that hill. If you want excitement, why not build ramps on our hill?"

"Ugh! Fine...!" Marcus huffed crossly.

And that's exactly what he went and did. Marcus build some ramps on the hill. Everytime he went down the hill, he would fly off the ramps and land a short distance down the hill. Toby and Jimmy both gave his ramps a try and thought they were fun, but Marcus didn't find it fun at all. He thought they were lame.

"Those are small bumps," he groaned. "I want bigger bumps!"

"You keep that up and you'll up getting hurt!" called Toby from up the hill, just before he went down it again.

"Toby is right you know Marcus!" added Jimmy, just as he himself slid down the hill.

Marcus heard them, but he didn't care. He wanted thrills and excitement and he wasn't going to let his brothers stop him.

"I warned him everytime," Toby narrated to his friends. "Unfortunately, Marcus continued to ignore me."

"He didn't really try going down the steepest hill in East Anglia, did he?" asked Emily.

"You just had to ask," joked James, because he knew exactly what would happen next.

"Just wait my friend, you'll soon find out..."

Young Toby and young Jimmy both decided it was probably best to keep an eye on young Marcus, for they didn't want him to escape from the yard. Everytime Marcus tried to get out, Toby and Jimmy both would go and stop him every single time.

"Sorry, Marcus," said Toby firmly, "but I'm afraid you're not going anywhere."

"Sorry brother." added Jimmy apologetically.

"Just you wait," Marcus grunted, while being pulled back into the yard by his siblings. "I'll get out to that hill. You guys will see!"

Saying he was going out was easier said than done. Marcus made multiple attempts, but was never successful...that was, until young Flora, who was only a year younger than her brothers, came out to talk with them.

"Can I play with you guys too?" she asked sweetly.

"Of course you can," said Toby kindly, and then looked back to where Marcus was suppose to be...only to discover that his brother had disappeared. "Now where is Marcus?"

"He got out!" cried Jimmy as he looked to the gate.

Toby looked and sure enough, the gate was open, which meant only one thing, Marcus had escaped. That momentary distraction had cost both him and Jimmy. Toby smacked his forehead and groaned unhappily.

"He's gone off to that hill! Flora," Toby looked back to his sister, "go inside and tell Mom and Dad. We'll try to catch up with Marcus."

"Okay dokey Toby!" Flora nodded as she turned and ran back inside the house.

Toby and Jimmy both ran out of the backyard, and ran as fast as their legs could carry them to the tallest hill of East Anglia. Both of the brothers soon arrived to the hill, and who should be at the top, but their own brother; Marcus.

"Wow!" Marcus gasped in amazement. "Now this is what I'm talking about. It's tall and it's got plenty of ramps too." He then noticed his two brothers down below and decided to taunt them. "Look at me now Jimmy and Toby, cause the next time you see me is when I'm coming down the hill."

"Marcus!" Toby called. "If you fly down that hill, you'll get seriously hurt!"

"Listen to Toby this time!" called Jimmy. "He's..."

"He's just being a scaredy cat!" Marcus shouted back, interrupting Jimmy. "I'll show you both..." He then saw his parents and Flora running over towards the hill. "Man, things have just gotten all the more interesting."

"Marcus!" Toby's father called. "Come down here this instant!"

Marcus sighed. "Alright then, I'm coming down..."

"Not that way! Daddy meant walk slowly down the hillside!" Flora panicked.

"Too late!" called Marcus as he jumped onto his sled and started flying down the hill.

"That is so foolish." commented Annie bluntly.

"He really should've listened to you Toby," added Clarabel. "You always do know best."

"I know, and that's what Jimmy was going to say too, but Marcus was all set on flying down the hill," Toby stated grimly. "Back then, he didn't want to listen to anyone but himself, he thought that he knew best."

"Clearly that's not true is it?" asked Emily.

"That's correct Emily. It was not true, and Marcus was due to find out the hard way..."

There was no turning back now. All anyone could do was watch and hope that Marcus came to the bottom of the hill safely. As for young Marcus, he was having the time of his life.

"Now this is fun!" he cheered happily.

Marcus bounced over the many bumps on the hill, slid past trees and dodged big rocks.

"Whew!" he gasped, just as he passed another rock. "That was too close for comfort!"

"Marcus!" Young Jimmy called out. "Stop your slid and walk down slowly!"

Marcus didn't respond back to his brother, he was having far too much fun. His fun was going to come to a terrible end however, whether Marcus wanted it to or not. A giant rock stood in his path and Marcus was getting WAY too close to it.

"Time to turn around." he said quickly.

Marcus turned his sled, but it was only then he started to worry. His sled was still too close to the rock, so he couldn't avoid it. Marcus's sled smashed right into the rock with a bang. Poor Marcus flew off and landed on the snow hard. He was still going down much too fast, he bounced over bumps and small rocks in his path.

He didn't think it was fun now.

At last, Marcus reached the bottom of the hill, and as expected, he was badly hurt. Toby, Jimmy, Flora, and their parents all ran over to see if he was okay.

"We warned you not to go that hill," said Toby crossly. "Why didn't you just listen to us?"

Marcus didn't reply.

"Stand back Toby," said his father. "I'll take him to the hospital."

Marcus's father picked up the injured boy and carried him off back to the car. Once they were both in the vehicle, they drove off to the hospital.

An hour later, Toby's father returned from hospital with some news on Marcus's current condition.

"Marcus is okay, but he'll be in the hospital for the next few days," he said. "Do you want to go see him?"

Everyone agreed to, so after getting their light brown jackets on, they got into the car and went off to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, they could see what kind of damage had been done. Marcus had bruises all over, he had a black eye and he had a cast on his right leg.

"Ouch," he muttered, trying to make a joke, which was rather weak.

"You're lucky Marcus," said young Flora unhappily. "It could've been worse...MUCH worse!"

"I know," he groaned. "But I didn't think that..."

"The problem with you is that you don't think!" shouted Toby angrily. "You never consider what could have happened. That was something you should've been doing tonight!"

Toby shook his head crossly and walked out of Marcus' room.

"He's really mad at you," said Jimmy, stating the obvious. "And you know what? I can't blame him. You really should've listened."

"Yeah, I know that now," Marcus groaned.

"You actually said that?" Emily asked. For as long as the dark green-haired girl has been attending Sodor High School, she had never known Toby to ever say such things or even yell at anyone.

"Yeah I did, my dear Emily," Toby answered. "I was really mad at Marcus. I gave him enough warnings not to go up that hill, but he wouldn't listen to me."

"Not the brightest bulb I'd say," muttered Gordon.

"Does he still do that to this day?" Emily asked Toby.

"No, he does not. He knows now that it's dangerous and foolish to try something like that again. I think he learned that lesson just before he hit that rock, because sometime afterward..."

An hour later, young Toby walked back into the room in a much calmer mood. Surprisingly, young Marcus was the only one in there.

"Where is everyone?" The young brown-haired boy asked.

"They went to get something to eat," Marcus answered. "They will be back in a little while."

Toby pulled up a chair and sat down next to his brother's bed.

"Look Toby, I know I should've listened to you," Marcus began. "You were right all along; that hill was too dangerous to go down."

"Then why didn't you listen to me?"

"I guess my need for excitement got the better of me," Marcus answered glumly. "Now I wish we were at home...sliding down our hill."

"What? No ramps?" Toby joked.

"No ramps," Marcus chuckled quietly. "I don't want ramps anymore. I'll stick to sliding down the hill with nothing in our path."

"Once you're better," Toby said with a smile on his face, "we'll do that, okay?"

"You got it. Oh, and Toby...did you bring..."

"Our bells?" Toby finished as he pulled out a couple of bells out of his backpack. "I brought them with me."

He handed Marcus his bell, then Toby pulled out his bell. Then very quietly, they rang their bells, it was their way of saying 'Merry Christmas'.

"Ever since that day, Marcus never tried to take risks again. Nowadays, he actually tries to prevent risks from happening. He often uses the story of his downhill run as an example to tell other kids and teenagers, and to hopefully prevent accidents like that from ever happening again." Toby narrated, finishing his story.

"That's good to hear," smiled Emily. "So where are your brothers now?"

"Marcus is hanging out with Jimmy," Toby answered. "While they are much older now, they're currently sliding down a small hill not too far from our house using the snowboards they got from our parents. I guess you could say that it's another tradition of ours."

A little later after helping to wash some of the dishes, Emily came back into the living room, only to find Percy, James, Annie, and Toby roasting marshmallows in the fireplace.

"Is something wrong Emily?" Percy asked.

"No, nothing's wrong, it's just...I used to roast marshmallows over the fireplace when I was a young girl."

"Really?" asked James before smiling. "Well then come over here. There's plenty of marshmallows to go around and cook."

"I think it's everyone's tradition to roast marshmallows over the fireplace," said Annie. "It's funny, because Clarabel, Thomas, and I have been doing that since we were young."

"Really? Speaking of Thomas, where is he?"

"Last time I saw him, he, Henry, and Gordon were going outside with Clarabel," answered Toby. "I think they're making a snowman out there."

Emily was surprised. "A snowman?"

The dark green-haired girl walked out of the living room, and looked out the kitchen window to see what was going on outside. There, Emily could see Thomas and Clarabel making a snowman. Gordon and Henry were both making snow angels in the...well, snow. Emily immediately grabbed her coat and hat, then after getting her boots on, she walked outside.

"Oh, hi Emily," Thomas called. "Have you come out here to help us build this snowman?"

"Um, yeah," Emily answered uneasily. " big is your snowman going to be?"

"It's going to be as tall as Thomas," smiled Clarabel, who was rolling another snowball up right now. "Or maybe even bigger than him."

"Well we got enough snow out here, so let's see of how big this snowman will really be."

For the next seven minutes, Thomas, Clarabel, and Emily all worked together, rolling up snowballs until they were ready, then they all worked together to put another snowball on top of another. Annie came out a few minutes later with pieces of coal, a carrot and an old top hat.

Toby and James both came out to look at the snowman.

"Not a bad snowman," James said happily.

"It's one of the best snowmen we've ever build," said Clarabel.

"I'll say," Henry agreed as he and Gordon both walked over.

Emily was staring at the snowman. She smiled at first, but then tears appeared in her eyes and her lips quivered. Before long, the dark green-haired girl turned and ran back inside the house, she didn't want anyone to see her cry.

"Emily?" Very quickly, Thomas ran back towards the house and went after her.

"What was up with that?" James asked in confusion...yet felt bad for the dark green-haired girl.

Thomas meanwhile ran up to Emily's temporary room where he found her. She was sitting on her bed and crying into both of her hands.

"I'm sorry Thomas," Emily sobbed, "I know it must be annoying for you to see me cry all of the time."

"Don't say that Emily," he said kindly, "I honestly know how you're feeling right now."

Thomas walked over to the dark green-haired girl and wrapped his arms around her. Emily immediately burst into fresh tears at that moment and cried all over Thomas's shirt.

"I miss my parents so much," Emily sobbed. "This just isn't the same for me."

"I know, it's okay," Thomas whispered calmly into Emily's ear.

The dark green-haired girl cried until there were no more tears.

"Thank you so much Thomas," she said quietly. "You are such a wonderful friend."

Thomas just smiled. He held out his right hand and Emily grabbed it with her right hand. He helped his friend onto her feet, then they both walked off downstairs to where their friends were waiting.

"Are you okay Emily?" Toby asked.

"You seemed really upset when we were outside," Henry added.

"Yeah, I'm okay now," Emily answered. "I'm sorry if I worried any of you."

"It's okay Emily," Annie and Clarabel both said in unison.

"We're all just glad to know you're okay," said Percy.

Emily smiled, and then looked over to Gordon, Henry, and Toby. "I think it's about time I told you all why I'm always here."

So for the next few minutes, Emily told Gordon, Henry, and Toby about Diesel 10's return, and about her moving in with Thomas and his sisters.

"And that's pretty much it," Emily said after a while. "Ever since then, I've been living here in the guest room. Just promise me you won't tell anyone else."

"Don't worry Emily," Toby said kindly. "My lips are sealed."

"So are mine," Henry added, raising his right hand up in a solemn promise-like way.

"This is a promise I will keep," said Gordon seriously.

"Thank you so much," Emily smiled gratefully.

"I don't know about you guys," said Thomas finally, "but I am hungry, who's ready for dinner?"

"I am!" everyone in the room cried in unison.

"I think my stomach agrees with you there, little Thomas," Gordon grinned.

After dinner, Gordon, Henry, and James all left for home while left Percy and Toby both stayed to help clean up and talked with their friends for a bit until they were ready to go back to their houses.

"Thanks again for the great Christmas dinner Thomas," Percy said happily, patting his full stomach. "It was great!"

"Best turkey yet," added Toby.

"You're welcome Percy and Toby," Thomas replied.

"Are you guys going to be okay going home?" Emily asked.

"Oh yeah, we'll be okay," Toby answered.

After about a minute of getting dressed into their winter gear, the two teens were ready. They walked out of the house, but before they left, they called out; "We'll see you in the New Year!"

"See you in the new year!" Thomas and Emily both called out in unison.

The two teens watched from the doorway as their friends headed for their own houses.

"I know I've said this to you before Thomas," Emily said quietly as she and Thomas both went back inside. "But you have such wonderful friends."

"They're your friends too," Thomas whispered kindly.

Just before they walked back into the living room, they noticed something small and green hanging from the doorway.

"Is that a...?" Emily began, knowing exactly what that thing was.

"Mistletoe," Thomas finished. "When did Annie and Clarabel put that up?"

"I don't know, I don't remember seeing them put that up," Emily stated, before growing nervous. "You know it's...uh, tradition to..."

"Yeah..." Thomas was blushing at this time and so was Emily. "I know what that means."

"But if you don't want to kiss under it, then..." Emily didn't get to finish, cause it was then that Thomas kissed her.

Sadly, it was not on the lips. Thomas had kissed her on the right side of her face. Emily was quiet for a few seconds, then she kissed Thomas on the right side of his face.

"Merry Christmas Emily," said Thomas.

"Merry Christmas Thomas," replied Emily.

The dark green-haired girl walked out of the kitchen and headed off upstairs to her room. Thomas went outside to turn off the Christmas lights, then he headed off for the upstairs level too. Emily was already asleep in her bed and holding onto one of her teddy bears. Thomas just smiled as he watched her drift off to sleep.

"You're one of my best friends too Emily," he whispered quietly. "I'll always be there for you. Always."


  • Thomas
  • Emily
  • Percy
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Toby
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Holden Family (Debut; flashback)
    • Flora
    • Mr. Holden
    • Mrs. Holden
    • Jimmy
    • Marcus
  • Sir Topham Hatt (mentioned)
  • Diesel 10 (mentioned)
  • Lady Hatt (mentioned)
  • Dalton (mentioned)
  • Andrea (mentioned)
  • Mrs. Avonside (mentioned)
  • Mrs. Stanier (mentiomed)



  • This serves as the Christmas episode of the series.
  • Edward is the only "Steam Team" member to not appear in this episode.
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