Ton-chan II the Carracosta

Carracosta is Azusa's sixth Pokemon she caught prior to Full Moon's Full Pokemon Journey. He debuted as a Tirtouga and was given the nickname "Ton-chan II" by Azusa, after they had a pet pig-nosed turtle named Ton-chan at the Light Music Club room.

He was confirmed male which was briefly mentioned by Azusa, he is very gentle around people and likes to swim in water, Azusa uses him for looking underwater.

Ton-chan II, as a Tirtouga

In one episode, Azusa shielded Ton-chan and got hit by Gourgeist's Dark Pulse, seeing this shocked Ton-chan and got angry seeing Azusa that he evolved into Carracosta and learned Giga Impact which he used to defeat Team Rocket and caused Team Rocket blasting off.

Ton-chan II's known moves are: Surf, Rock Polish, Stone Edge and Giga Impact, and his ability is Sturdy.

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