Total Drama Aftermath Tonight is a spin-off-ish series about what the 'former' contestants got into after Total Drama World Tour. Click here for a complete look at the show.

After the Season 3 finale of Total Drama, the former contestants used the remains of the million dollars Ezekiel took with him when he fell into the volcano to turn buy the abandoned film lot from Season 2 and turned into a TV station called TDBC (Total Drama Broadcasting Company) where they shoot many TV shows and movies made by and featuring the 24 teens and some other folk. This show mainly premises on Leshawna hosting a variety/talk version of the Aftermath shows Geoff and Bridgette did during Seasons 2 and 3, only with animated celebrity guest stars (e.g., Brainy Smurf, Mickey Mouse, Frankie Stein, etc.) plus we also see some crazy and awkward crisis happen backstage. There will be 13 episodes per season.


Season 1 (after TDWT)

Season 2 (during TDROTI)

Season 3 (during TDAS)

Season 4 (during TDPI)

Season 5 (during The Ridonculous Race)


  • Leshawna - the host of the show, as chosen by Bridgette.
  • Gwen - Leshawna's co-host and sidekick
  • Katie and Sadie - Gwen's assistants.
  • Trent - Gwen's ex-boyfriend, the head of the TDAT band.
  • Dawn - a friend of Gwen's. She often appears on the show, but mostly backstage. She would take her place when Gwen when compete in TD:AS.
  • Bridgette - Leshawna's friend and boss.
  • Geoff - Bridgette's boyfriend and assistant
  • Annette - Bridgette's mother.
  • Harold - Leshawna's production assistant
  • Cody - head of the writing staff


  • In case you haven't guessed it yet, this is a parody of Muppets Tonight, but also references moments in other Muppet shows.


  • Chris and Blaineley's past moments: Sierra, and sometimes a different character, shows the viewers videos of the first TV appearances of Chris McLean, and sometimes Blaineley.
  • Truth or...: Selected characters are asked questions at the risk of being severely injured if they lie. This segment is changed every Aftermath, with a different item appearing each time. Example: "Truth or Anvil," where an anvil falls on the contestant if they lie.
  • Storybook High: The castmates play 1950's high school student versions of characters from famous fairy tales and nursery rhymes.
  • Untitled Office parody: A sketch that's a parody of both versions of The Office.
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