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This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, they wouldn't say or do anything too bad in stories with this rating.

This is a brand new story I will be writing.


The Peanut Butter Lovers[]

  • Shaniqua-The Creepy Girl-She is a trilingual immigrant girl who likes stalking boys, and always rides around in a little kiddie car with her signature hot pink socks. She joined Total Drama Bathroom to drown herself in money.
  • Andy-The Dramatic Dork-He watched dramatic movies when he was two, and has been overly dramatic ever since. He also has memorized the dictionay so he could speak more dramatically, and he plays the bongos in his free time, much to everyone's annoyment. He joined Total Drama Bathroom so he could buy more movies.
  • RiRi-The Fashion Risk-Taker-RiRi has always gone to extreme risks just to be fashionable. Many people call her weird, but she doesn't care one bit. She joined Total Drama Bathroom so she could buy a rare pair of shoes.

The Silver Eagles[]

  • Byron-The Farm Person-Byron was raised on a farm, with a chubby cow as his only friend. He is extremely good at pig calling, and baking cookies made of straw. He joined so he could move to New York.
  • Cecelia-The Bossy Perfectionist-She is a Hispanic-American girl whose parents realized how intelligent she was when she was seven. She was enrolled in honor class, but the other students did nothing but have parties and fool around. She bossed everyone around, causing everyone to hate her. She joined to get money to be enrolled at boarding school, where hopefully, the students will be more sensible.
  • Josh-The Actor-He has acted in many movies, and although only getting minor roles, he feels as if he can do whatever he wants just because he has acted in movies. Although many girls are attracted to him, he acts rude to other boys. He joined so he could earn even more money.

The Buttercups[]

  • Chloryse-The Manicurist-She is an Italian-American girl who learned how to style hair when she was eight. Later in her life, she learned to be a makeup and nail artist. She joined to earn enough money to start her own salon.
  • Alvin-The Fame Loving Chipmunk-"Alvin and the Chipmunks" needed more money, so he joined. People laughed at the of a chipmunk joining a reality show, but he proved them wrong.


  • Guy: Alright then, ladies. When you filled out the server please just leave it on my desk, okay?

  • Guy 2: Hey, come on, Futaba.
  • Guy: Hey, there's no better way to become friends than to learn about each other.

  • Midori: Yuusuke.
  • Yuusuke: Yeah?
  • Midori: You think this is okay?
  • Yuusuke: Uh?
  • Midori: Take a look. Will you?
  • Yuusuke: Uh, don't tell me you actually fill this out?
  • Midori: Yeah.
  • Guy 3: Midori, you're the best. We appreciated.
  • Guy: Let's have a look then. Shall we, friend.
  • All: (Laughs)
  • Yuusuke: No way.
  • All: Huh?
  • Yuusuke: You can just forget it.
  • Guy 2: You can't keep it to yourself. That's not fair.
  • Yuusuke: There's no way you're seeing this.

  • Guy 2: Keep it to yourself. That's not fair. That's foul play.
  • Yuusuke: What are you talking about? I didn't see anything she wrote either? Huh?
  • Guy 2: Then, why is your nose bleeding?

  • Girl: Hey, at least we have the laundry room.

  • Girl: What the heck are you doing there?

  • Girl 4: Just wait until you'll take it a look at the bath they have here.
  • Girl 2: Hey, now we're talking.

  • Girl: But, we'll have to take turn the boys won't we?
  • Girl 2: Huh?
  • Girl 4: No need to worry. The girls get to go in first.
  • Girl 2: Oh, thank goodness.

  • Girl 2: Hey, come in. I can't wait to get in there.
  • Girl: Let's go.

  • Guy: Hey! Cut that out will ya!
  • Guy 2: Come on!
  • Guy 3: You're not getting up ahead of me!
  • Guy 2: He's right about that! Come here!
  • Yuusuke: Come back here! If you get caught! You're going to be in big trouble!
  • Guy: Ow! Hey!
  • Guy 3: I swear just to get peak on Sadori.

  • Guy: Heh, heh, heh. I'm so glad I came earlier to thrill this hole in the fence.

  • Guy: Holy. Oh. Holy. Oh. Holy.
  • Girl: Oh, it feels so good.

  • Guy 3: There she is.
  • Guy 2: Come on. Let me see. There's Futaba.

  • Guy 2: Aw.
  • Yuusuke: I mean it, guys. Get down from there.
  • Guy 3: Shut up. We know.
  • Guy 2: It's your turn next.
  • Yuusuke: Huh?
  • Guy: Ah. There she is now.
  • Guy 3: Midori just stepped in.
  • Yuusuke: What? Midori?
  • Guy: We know you're dying to get glimpsed of those boobs.
  • Yuusuke: Cut it out. Come on, guys, I don't want to. Stop it.
  • Midori: Huh? It's Yuusuke.
  • Guy: Hey.
  • Guy 3: Let me see.
  • Guy: That's my peep hole.
  • Guy 3: Out of my way.
  • Girls: Huh?
  • Boys: Ah. Whoa! Ah. Whoa! Ah! Whoa.
  • Girls: (Screams)

  • Boys: (Screams)
  • Guy 2: Hey, we're in the girls' bath water.
  • Guy 3: This is awesome.

  • Guy 2: Ah, I'm telling you.

  • Boys: Huh?
  • Girl: So, it's you again, huh?

  • Boy 3: You mean us boys can't take a bath anymore?

  • Girl: Are you with me, Mikoya?
  • Mikoya: Of course I am, big sister.
  • Guy: What are you talking about?
  • Guy 2: We're looking forward to getting in the water you've just bath in.
  • Girl: You guys are pathetic.
  • Girl 2: We're never gonna let you im.
  • Guy: Shut the hell up! I see what's going on here. And we're gonna settle this matter through time owner a canni oni tradation. One on one deal. Who's real ring leader?
  • Boys: It's Yuusuke.
  • Yuusuke: What? No way. It wasn't my idea.
  • Guy: So, you're gonna take on Futaba, then?
  • Yuusuke: Huh? Me?
  • Girl: Huh?
  • Guy: If takasaki loses, we'll leave quietly. What do you say to that then huh?
  • Yuusuke: Wait a minute.
  • Guy: You've got a problem?
  • Yuusuke: No. Of course not.
  • Guy: Okay, how about you, huh?
  • Futaba: I'll be glad to take him on. Whoever grabs the key first is the winner. After that, here's to be no more trouble over this, okay?
  • Futaba: I'm not losing to you.
  • Guy: Go!

  • Yuusuke: Okay, you asked for it.

  • Midori: Futaba, Yuusuke.

  • Midori: What should I do, Reika?
  • Reika: Just be quiet and see the results.

  • Girl: Show those losers who we really are.

  • Boys: Come on, Yuusuke, you're the best.
  • Girls: Come on, Futaba, you can do it. We're counting on you. Come on.
  • girl: Come on. Don't give up. You can do it. Whoo! We know you're gonna find it.
  • Yuusuke: I found it.

  • Yuusuke: No, you don't.
  • Girl: Come on, hurry.
  • Girls: Huh?
  • Yuusuke: Hooray. I got it. Huh? Hah.
  • Girl: He dropped it. Yeah! Grab it!

  • Yuusuke: Giver her a towel. Here you go.
  • Girl: Why don't you leave me alone?
  • Boy: In the contest, the girls win this won.
  • Girls: (Cheers)
  • Boy: That's it. Retreat, men.

  • Midori: I'm so sorry.
  • Girl: Hmm. I guess he's not that bad after all.
  • Midori: I love him.
  • Guy: Alright, get your butts in there too.
  • Boys: Whoa! Ah.
  • Boy: This water's freezing. Why is this happening to me?

  • Sun's Dad: Tomorrow we going on a 3 day field trip.

  • Akeno Shiranui: Nagasumi, get out of my way!

  • (Mawari Zenigata and Class President arrives)
  • Mawari Zenugata: Hey, what's going on over there?
  • Class President: It's Akeno! Are you okay?

[Nagaasumi and Akeno approach the Otowa Falls]
Akeno: In my line of work, I move frequently. That makes it difficult to make friends. I'm always the new transfer student. Most of the time, no one tries to get to know me, but sometimes there's the rare exception. Kind and thoughtful people, just like you, Nagasumi.
[Nagasumi notices her broad smile]
Nagasumi: Wow! So she actually can smile!
[Akeno turns to him]
Nagasumi: What?
Akeno: I owe you an apology. I doubted you at first. I thought the invitation might be some kind of trap you were setting for me, since you're involved with Sun.
Nagasumi: Hey, a trap? No way!
Akeno: I apologize for my suspicious nature.
Nagasumi: [laughs] You take your work pretty seriously.
Akeno: That I do, and I'm really sorry that it caused me to doubt your kindness, Nagasumi.
Nagasumi: Oh, it's no problem.

  • Kai: What's all this fuss? There's no fuss in the bath.

  • Kai: Well, of course I am. It's good bath manners. Let me teach you guys some. First, before you even get in the bath. You gonna rinse yourself off real good. Then, once you thirdly rinse off you gonna join nice leach leak of soap.Just remember no towels in the bath it isn't sanitary. And when you're done towel off and shampoo.

  • Mawari Zenigata: Don't tell me you try to pull something again, Nagasumi.
  • Nagasumi: Hey, what do you mean by again?

  • Akeno Shiranui: Sounds like you really steam yourself?
  • Sun Seto: Well, I try too at least.
  • Akeno Shiranui: If that's is even a case. Then, why don't we go test that steel right now.

  • Mawari Zenigata: I want to check out Sun's boobs, too. Sucks that she wasn't there.

  • Mawari Zenigata: Shut your trap!
  • Sun Seto: (off-screen) I don't know. If I'm ready for that thing. should we wait until we're little older?
  • Akeno Shiranui: (Off-screen) People usually start doing at our age.
  • Mawari Zenigata: That sounds like Sun and Akeno.
  • Nagasumi Michishio: It is. But, what are they talking about?
  • Sun Seto: If you want it do the bath? But what if everyone see us?
  • Akeno Shiranui: We do it later no ones in there.
  • Sun Seto: Will show me how?
  • Akeno Shiranui: Yes I got lots of experience. I'll teach you exactly what did you to your body.
  • Sun Seto: (Off-screen) Okay. I'm little nervious.
  • Akeno Shiranui: Don't be afraid. I'll be gentle.
  • Mawari Zenigata: What is it mean should be little older before doing?
  • Nagasumi Michishio: When she mean by all be gentle?
  • Akeno Shiranui: (Off-screen) I'll dripping on you a little at a time. To do your best hold on.
  • Nagasumi Michishio & Mawari Zenigata: Hit it on?
  • Nagasumi Michishio: Hommina, hommina, hommina, hommina, hommina, hommina...
  • Mawari Zenigata: Wait? you can tell me Akeno is one of those people?
  • Nagasumi Michishio: I never fought so but just what the heck is she on doing with Sun?
  • Mawari Zenigata: I don't think my nose to people's romance. But they doing on a field trip I'm gonna put on my foot down! I'm a member of disapement community after all! Who-The ke-Lu-Na!!

  • (Akeno & Sun are going to the hot springs says "Women", Mawari Zenigata & Nagasumi Michishio sees them)
  • Sun Seto: So you were circle the bath just for this huh?
  • Akeno Shiranui: When I told her why we want it your mother was quite a pleased are you ready to do it? well--
  • Sun Seto: Ahh.
  • Mawari Zenigata: There only taking a bath and that's fine. But if we find doing anything else so, help I'll...
  • Nagasumi Michishio: Wait, I think maybe we should just leave them alone.
  • Mawari Zenigata: What? Why? You hope what are their saying too. Something's fishy is going on here?
  • Nagasumi Michishio: (Thoughts) Exactly, that's what am I afraid of could be a mermaid form in there I can let Mawari see them like that. come on, think. You see, Officer Mawari in today's modern world love contain them many different shapes. (Thoughts) What am I saying? But, I'm saying we should go bargin in there like that. would be a crime interrupting but love.
  • Mawari Zenigata: Ahh.
  • Nagasumi Michishio: Those two are in paradise right now. There are at even and there's case even I'm those who shine bright that any the others the young girls become a legend all ready.
  • Mawari Zenigata: You're not making sense and I'm give them this a butt now.
  • Nagasumi Michishio: No, don't wait!
  • Mawari Zenigata: Ahh! Hey, what's your deal?
  • Nagasumi Michishio: I need your eyes on me right now and nobody else.
  • Mawari Zenigata: Um, okay.
  • Nagasumi Michishio: (Thoughts) Uh, oh. that sound it almost like a...
  • Mawari Zenigata: (Thoughts) Wait maybe I'm jumping conclusions was that a really a...
  • Nagasumi Michishio & Mawari Zenigata: Confession.

  • Mawari Zenigata: Nagasumi, are you trying to tell me that you---
  • Sun Seto (Off-screen): Ahh.
  • Mawari Zenigata: EEEE!!!!
  • Akeno Shiranui: (off-screen) I'm going to tirp a little more on you now.
  • Sun Seto: (off-screen) Okay. I can hold it bad much longer.

  • Mawari Zenigata: I don't know what the heck are you we're doing here but here you're under arrest for it!
  • Nagasumi Michishio: Ah. (Gasp) (thought) Their not mermaid form?
  • Akeno Shiranui: We been here up to it in a opportune time.
  • Sun Seto: Ahh. no wise more out of here. Ahh.
  • Mawari Zenigata: To stop things from getting to hot! Maybe this will cool it off!
  • Akeno Shiranui & Sun Seto: Ahh.
  • Sun Seto: My-my legs.
  • Akeno Shiranui: I mean't my live it. I can hold on.
  • Nagasumi Michishio: No, don't!
  • Mawari Zenigata: Ahh!
  • Nagasumi Michishio: Mawari, will you let this one going as a favorite to me?
  • Mawari Zenigata: Ah. Are you sure?
  • Nagasumi Michishio: Thanks. And I'm sorry keep asking you no investigate ceter things.
  • Mawari Zenigata: But, no. It's okay.

  • Mawari Zenigata: Wait, that's it? What if we don't conversation from before?
  • Akeno Shiranui & Sun Seto: (panting)
  • Akeno Shiranui: Oh, vexi, you weren't second there she would it discovered.
  • Sun Seto: You got that right. Talking about cutting it close.
  • Nagasumi Michishio: Sun, Akeno are you okay?
  • Akeno Shiranui: (Off-screen) Get out of here!
  • Sun Seto: (off-screen) Ahh!
  • Nagasumi Michishio: Ahh. He, he, he.

  • Akeno Shiranui: You should it never let Mawari follow us in the first place.

  • Junpei: Hey, don't look! Stop cutting out! Darn it! Don't look at them!

  • Junpei: On second thought, maybe a tiny little peek won't hurt. I have to do it.

  • Junpei: Cause the feelings between men and women can not be contained.
  • Boys: Aah!
  • Girls: Aah!
  • Junpei: Aah!
  • Girls: Aah!
  • Kaede: (Gasps) Kousaka-kun!
  • Junpei: It's not what it looks like. We're wasn't trying to break the wall down! If you just listen do what I say. I'm sure we can... I...

  • Sensei: Kousaka, are you create it what you done?

  • Junpei: Koda, let's hurry up! Who are you mailing?
  • Koda: Um, my girlfriend.
  • Both: Ahh!
  • Boy: He said like is now. It was no big deal!
  • Junpei: But he told us, man.

  • Junpei: That's dangerous! What are you think you're doing?!

  • Mizuno: Huh? What about your contact?
  • Sumiyoshi: Don't worry about it. Let's go.
  • Junpei: What's Sumiyoshi's problem? Huh?
  • Teen: So dead.
  • Boy: Seriously.
  • Akari: What the hell are you doing you pervert?
  • Junpei: What? Well, what you doing here?
  • Akari: I was taking a break after exam. and wait what you doing here, Kousaka-senpai?
  • Junpei: I was just...

  • Junpei: Sure. Well, till next time.
  • Akari: Hey, wait just a minute there.
  • Kaede: Kana-Chan! Something is coming and it looks really fast!
  • Kanako & Kaede: (Screams)
  • Nagi: Hey, everyone, what a coincidence.
  • Kaede: So you came too, Senpai?
  • Nagi: I see. So everyone expect for Kaede for keeps their distance my non tatoo gang also came along!

  • Mizuno: Wow! Their are the real deal.
  • Old Man Ichinose: Nagisama...

  • Kanako: Why you...!
  • Nagi: Aah!
  • Old Man Ichinose: (Grunting) Boobs! Nagisama!
  • Nagi: You idot! What are you doing?!
  • Kanako: I just can stand this!
  • Teen: It's almost kind of relaxing.
  • Boy: I'll take that.
  • Akari: Humans are such idots.
  • Junpei: Hey, guys! Cut it out!
  • Kaede: Whoa!
  • Junpei: Mizuno!
  • Kanako & Nagi: (Screams) Oh! Whoa! Huh?
  • Kotone & Akari: Huh?

  • Kaede: Wait did Kosaka just-

  • Old Man Ichinose: Nagisama! It's something happens to your body! Before very. I'll disembow myself from make a mist to my master!

  • Nagi: Damn you, Kanako! Thanks to your ruffhousing my zipper on my suitsuits gotten stuck!

Chowder: WHOA, THAT WAS Close!
Mung Daal: You said it. Now let's skedaddle before those hounds --
Schnitzel: [Gasps] R-Radda!!
Mung Daal : Schnitzel, what are you talking about?
Schnitzel: Rad-da!
Mung Daal: What? What do want me to look at? [Gasps] Ew! It's Endive! Oh, my lord! Oh, what is she, what is she doing?!
Chowder: Mung, what -- what -- who -- who -- why -- where, when, how, espadrille! It's like some horrible accident! I can't look away!
Mung Daal: Oh, if only I had a camera!
Schnitzel: Radda, radda.
Mung Daal: Thanks, Schnitzel. Good thing you carry this high-powered camera everywhere you go. [Camera shutter clicking]
Ms. Endive: [gasps] No! [Growling]
Mung Daal: Hey, guys, I wonder what Endive will say when she finds out we captured her dirty secret on film?
Both: Humina, humina, humina, humina, humina, humina.
Mung Daal: What -- take more pictures? Schnitzel, this zoom lens is great!
Ms. Endive: [Growling] MUNG! [Breathing heavily]
Mung Daal: [Chuckles nervously]
Ms. Endive: Give me that camera!
Mung Daal: We'll give you this camera if you let us in your pool.
Ms. Endive: Never! Give me that camera!
Mung Daal: Woman, you will let us take a dip in your pool, or we'll show these pictures to everybody.
Ms. Endive: You wouldn't dare.
Mung Daal: Try me.
Ms. Endive: No, forget it! I-I-I'm calling your bluff!
Mung Daal: [Sighs] I didn't want to have to do it this way, Endive -- really didn't. Everyone to the farmers' market!!
Ms. Endive: [Gasps] no! no! no! No! no! no! no! no! no! [Gasps] my reputation will be ruined! Aah! Get back here! No! No! no! no! No! No! no! No! Wha?
Mung Daal: Blah, blah, Endive, blah, blah, blah! Check it out!
Gazpacho: Mm-hmm. And what are we looking at? Mama, no! [Gags] [vomits] I'm all right. I'm not all right! [Vomits violently] That Ms. Endive, she's disgusting! And that picture of her is gross too. Bada bing, I've got a million of 'em!
Ms. Endive: [Breathing heavily]
Mung Daal: Well, hello, Endive.
Ms. Endive: Give it to me!
Mung Daal: Unh-unh-unh-unh, I told you -- I'll let you have it when you allow us into your pool.
Ms. Endive: I will never allow grubby cretins like you to frolic in my pool! Never!
Mung Daal: Well, you leave me no choice. Endive pictures! Embarrassing Endive pictures! Get your Endive pictures right here! See what everyone is talking about!
Ms. Endive: Okay, fine! I will allow you to use my pool just this once. But in ever want those pictures seen by anyone ever again!

  • Kitty: What?
  • Red: What?
  • Kitty: What?
  • Red: (laughing)
  • Kitty: What are you laughing at?
  • Red: Just life. it's a hoot.
  • Kitty: Well, I don't know what's in that orange juice, but I'm gonna pour myself a glass.
  • Hyde: Red, what I want to know is, what did Pam mean?
  • Red: Not here. Toyota! This is the only place that's safe. Look, if I was a single man, what we saw today would be, like, a reward for a lifetime of disappointments. But I'm not. So it's just another disappointment.
  • Hyde: For you, maybe. I saw 'em. I don't care who knows it.
  • Red: You better care, cause if kitty finds out, I'm taking you down with me. En I take people down, they stay down. Just ask north korea.
  • Hyde: But I have so many questions. I mean, I've been flashed before. But it was always followed with either, "get " or "there's a 2-drink minimum," but, "hi, boys"? It has me reeling. Oh, maybe she was coming on to us.
  • Red: She wasn't coming on to us. She was coming on to me. She heard about my war record. I'm a hero.

  • Hyde: Red.
  • Red: Toyota!
  • Hyde: Did you see that look she just gave us? Was that, "please don't tell anyone you saw my boobs"? Or, "please come over and see my boobs again"?
  • Red: Do you have to keep saying that word? Let's just call them... them. " this the last time we ever talk about it. From here on out, it never happened.
  • Hyde: But, Red.
  • Red: Steven, I have been to war. I have seen a lot of things in my life. And there only three things that I was gonna keep secret until the day I die. This is number four. And five.

  • Red: Alright, I admit. That we saw Pam's... them. But it's not like we planned it.
  • Steve: Although our timing couldn't have been better.
  • Jackie: Oh, I think you mean "worse," steven.
  • Hyde: No, I'm pretty sure I meant "better."
  • Kitty: Red, how could you?
  • Red: Kitty, we just opened the door, and there she was. What was I supposed to do, rip the eyes out of my head?
  • Pam: Oh, don't feel bad, you guys. This isn't the first time my body has caused a fight. One time I caused a riot on a topless beach in venezuela. Imagine what you saw, only all tanned and oiled.
  • Steven: Huh. (Jackie smacks him) She told me to.
  • Bob: Well, I hate to let the cat out of the bag and then leave, but looks like that's exactly what we're gonna do.
  • Pam: Enjoy your fight.
  • Jackie: I can't believe you saw my mother topless and didn't tell me about it right away. Now I know.
  • Kitty: I am so mad, I can't even stand to look at you.
  • Red: And yet you do. Because your eyes work. you see my problem? All right. all right. we're going.

  • Jackie: I am gonna march right in that room and tell my mother there are consequences to her topless actions.
  • Kitty: And that she needs to start wearing pantyhose. This isn't las vegas.

  • Jackie: What do you think he meant Whoopsy doozy?
  • Kitty: Not here. Toyota.

  • Kitty: What are you two doing out here?

  • Red: We.. We we're just... trouble.