This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, they wouldn't say or do anything too bad in stories with this rating.

This is a brand new story I will be writing.


The Peanut Butter Lovers

  • Shaniqua-The Creepy Girl-She is a trilingual immigrant girl who likes stalking boys, and always rides around in a little kiddie car with her signature hot pink socks. She joined Total Drama Bathroom to drown herself in money.
  • Andy-The Dramatic Dork-He watched dramatic movies when he was two, and has been overly dramatic ever since. He also has memorized the dictionay so he could speak more dramatically, and he plays the bongos in his free time, much to everyone's annoyment. He joined Total Drama Bathroom so he could buy more movies.
  • RiRi-The Fashion Risk-Taker-RiRi has always gone to extreme risks just to be fashionable. Many people call her weird, but she doesn't care one bit. She joined Total Drama Bathroom so she could buy a rare pair of shoes.

The Silver Eagles

  • Byron-The Farm Person-Byron was raised on a farm, with a chubby cow as his only friend. He is extremely good at pig calling, and baking cookies made of straw. He joined so he could move to New York.
  • Cecelia-The Bossy Perfectionist-She is a Hispanic-American girl whose parents realized how intelligent she was when she was seven. She was enrolled in honor class, but the other students did nothing but have parties and fool around. She bossed everyone around, causing everyone to hate her. She joined to get money to be enrolled at boarding school, where hopefully, the students will be more sensible.
  • Josh-The Actor-He has acted in many movies, and although only getting minor roles, he feels as if he can do whatever he wants just because he has acted in movies. Although many girls are attracted to him, he acts rude to other boys. He joined so he could earn even more money.

The Buttercups

  • Chloryse-The Manicurist-She is an Italian-American girl who learned how to style hair when she was eight. Later in her life, she learned to be a makeup and nail artist. She joined to earn enough money to start her own salon.
  • Alvin-The Fame Loving Chipmunk-"Alvin and the Chipmunks" needed more money, so he joined. People laughed at the of a chipmunk joining a reality show, but he proved them wrong.
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