Chris says, "Last time on Total Drama Competition, the remaining team was formed into three teams. Team B was eliminated from the entire competition. Who will be eliminated in this episode of Total Drama Competition?"

The theme song plays.

Chris says, "I got a surprise for you guys."

Heather says, "Oh no. What is it?"

Chris says, "It's a merger surprise. You guys are merging."

Everyone cheers.

Chris says, "Ok. The challenge today is a log roll. You will be put into five groups of two. Those groups will do the log roll. The winner of that log roll goes to the final round where there will be all remaining players on the log. The last two players on the log will win immunity. Ok the pairs are Courtney and Alejandro, Justin and Katie, Heather and Mister Krabs, Jimmy and Jake, and Kowalski and Timmy. You will go in that order. First up is Courtney and Alejandro."

Courtney and Alejandro start rolling.

Alejandro falls off.

Chris says, "Courtney is going to round two."

Courtney says, "Yes. Good job Alejandro."

Alejandro smiles.

Chris says, "The next pair is Justin and Katie."

Justin and Katie start rolling.

Katie falls off.

Chris says, "Justin is moving on."

Justin says, "Good job Katie."

Katie smiles.

Chris says, "The next pair is Heather and Mister Krabs."

Heather and Mister Krabs start rolling.

Heather falls off.

Chris says, "Mister Krabs is moving on."

Mister Krabs says, "Yes."

Chris says, "The next pair is Jimmy and Jake."

Jimmy and Jake start rolling.

Jake falls off.

Chris says, "Jimmy is moving on."

Jimmy says, "Yeah. Nice try Jake."

Jake says, "Maybe if I had my booties I could have won."

Jimmy says, "Maybe."

Chris says, "The next pair is Kowalski and Timmy."

Kowalski and Timmy start rolling.

Kowalski falls off.

Chris says, "The last person moving on is Timmy. People moving on get on the log."

Courtney, Justin, Mister Krabs, Jimmy, and Timmy start rolling.

Justin falls off.

Courtney falls off.

Mister Krabs falls off.

Chris says, "Jimmy and Timmy win immunity. I got another surprise for you. Five people are going home."

Everyone says in shock, "What?"

Chris says, "You heard me. Go vote five people off."

The contestants vote.

Chris says, "The marshmallows go to Jimmy, Timmy, Courtney, Jake, and Katie. The other five of you are out."

Alejandro, Heather, Justin, Mister Krabs, and Kowalski walk down the dock of shame to the boat of losers.

The boat drives away.

Chris says, "See you next time on Total Drama Competition."

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