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The original theme is Crappy Stories by Green Day.

The Canadian television system aired their shows at the same time of Americans due to the unfair treatment of Canadian television to American television. Fox finally aired TMZ in Canada on CBC Celebrity, the Canadian E! The Canadians produced Maple Leaf Studios which worked with Teletoon


Owen hosts Total Drama Crap, because in this show the teens are way older, and are now at the age of 23. Most of them anyways. Chris died after a challenge so threatening that the country of Canada sentenced McCleen to death. Now it's the year 2030, the teams are going mad. The Stanky Turds and the Peeinators battle it out. As they come to Total Drama Island, and Crap is left behinds

TMZ Tragedy[]

CBC Celebrity talked about the death of what Total Drama Island used to be. Izzy's changed her name a numerous amount of times already. Owen and Izzy are cheaper by the dozen with 12 kids only at 23. McCleen is remembered for his challenges in TDT (Total Drama Trouble). It included running from a live filled illegal KK-28 rifle gun that was completely filled. The contestants that got killed are Harold, Cody, Beth, Justin, Geoff got killed before Bridgette becaused they can't stop making out, and Lindsay finally was stupidly last to die, busy worrying about Tyler dying. McCleen and Chef faced a death sentence, and Total Drama Crap had a contract that now says we are responsible to whatever happens to you, which made contestants safe.

How come Heather wasn't the first one to die[]

Heather should've been the first to die, but we don't write the scripts. The idiots that started the stupid show wrote it.


Chris McCleen

Age: 37

Drunk Host on TDI, TDA, TNTD (TNT Drama Bomb), TDD (Total Drama Death), TDT