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(Mung Daal and Dukey has been Total Drama)

Video:Total Drama Dead Eliminations

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This is By:Phineasandferbfan2010


When you lose...[]

You get killed by a killer.

15 Survivors[]

  • Ed (TD)
  • Edd (TD)
  • Eddy (TD)
  • Nazz
  • Kevin
  • Courtney
  • Duncan
  • Johnny Test
  • Dukey' (TD)
  • Susan Test
  • Mary Test
  • Chowder
  • Flapjack
  • Mung Daal (TD)
  • K'nuckles

(P.S. There will be no teams)

Episodes (Including Elimanation)[]

  1. Welcome to the House of Dead (DOUBLE Eliminated:Chowder and Ed=Because they eat all the food)
  2. Night of the Thrilling Dead (Eliminated:Dukey=Because he's the DOG!)
  3. Blood Science (Eliminated:Mary Test=Because she hates BLOODY Science!)
  4. Finding Skull (Eliminated:Mung Daal=Because he can't find the skull)
  5. Blood is Sweet (Eliminated:K'nuckles=Because he drinks alot of blood pool)
  6. Haunted Castle is HERE (DOUBLE Eliminated:Flapjack and Johnny Test=Because Flapjack quit (for his pal, K'nuckles killed) and Johnny Test scared)
  7. 3 survivors killing action! (TRIPLE Eliminated:Courtney, Edd and Eddy=UNKNOWN)
  8. Final 3 Freedom (Double Eliminated:Duncan and Kevin)
  9. Battle:Final 2! (Winner:Susan Test, Runner-Up/Eliminated:Nazz (She not killed!) and the killer is CHEF?!?!?!)